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Sangharakhitta (Bikshu)
Sangharákshita (Bhikshu)
Sangharakshita (Bikshu)
Sangharakshita (Bikshu Sthavira)
Sangharákshita (Dharmachari Amritavajra)
Sangharakshita (Maha Sthavira)
Sangharakshita, Urgyen
Urgyen Sangharakshita
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Language material
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Lingwood, D. P. E. (Frueherer Name; other identity, same person)
Lingwood, Dennis P. E. (other identity, same person)
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Amis de l'ordre bouddhiste occidental (see also from)
Duḥkhī, Kr̥shṇa Maharjana
Indian institute of culture Basavangudi, Bangalore, Inde
Kāludāyī, Bhikshu (1904-1999)
Richard, Christian (1960-...)
Surena, Śākya
Vidyadevi, 1962-
Ambedkar and Buddhism
Bhikshu Kāludāyī Mahāsthavira smr̥tigrantha
Bodhisattva ideal, The : wisdom and compassion in Buddhism
Buddha’s teaching on Mettā, The
Buddha-Wort das Schatzhaus der "heiligen Schriften" des Buddhismus, Das ; eine Einführung in die kanonische Literatur
Buddhadharma - Einheit und Vielfalt des Buddhismus
Buddhas Meisterworte für Menschen von heute Satipaṭṭhāna-Sutta
Buddhism and blasphemy : Buddhist reflections on the 1977 blasphemy trial
Buddhismus, Weltfrieden und Atomkrieg
Buddhistische Praxis Ethik, Meditation, Weisheit
budismo en occidente, el
Budismo : introducción a la filosofía, la meditación y la práctica de la tradición budista
Crossing the stream.
diez pilares del budismo, Los : la base de la filosofía y la ética orientales
drama of cosmic enlightenment, The : parables, myths, and symbols of the White lotus sutra
drei Juwelen Ideale des Buddhismus, Die
drei Kleinode eine Einf. in d. Buddhismus, Die
Einführung in den tibetischen Buddhismus
essential Sangharakshita, The : a half-century of writings from the founder of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
eternal legacy, the
Flame in darkness : the life and sayings of Anagarika Dharmapala
Great Buddhists of the twentieth century
guide to the buddhist path, A
history of my going for refuge, The : reflections on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Western Buddhist Order
inconceivable emancipation, The : themes from the Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa
Introducción al budismo tibetano : la más misteriosa rama de la espiritualidad oriental
Kaludayee Mahathero
Kāludāyī Mahāsthavira smr̥tigrantha
Know your mind : the psychological dimension of ethics in Buddhism
Lidské osvícení : setkání s ideály a metodami buddhismu
Living with kindnessthe Buddha’s teaching on Mettā
Meaning of orthodoxy in Buddhism, a protest
meaning of orthodoxy in buddhism, the
Mensch? Gott? Buddha Leben jenseits von Gegensätzen
Menschliche Erleuchtung eine Begergnung mit den Idealen und Methoden des Buddhismus
Mind, reactive and creative
path of the inner life, The
rainbow road, The : from Tooting Broadway to Kalimpong, memoirs of an English Buddhist
religion of art, The
sangha, La
Sehen, wie die Dinge sind der achtfältige Pfad des Buddha
Setkání s ideály a metodami buddhismu
stream of stars, A : reflections and aphorisms
survey of Buddhism, A : its doctrines and methods through the ages
Survey of buddhism, by Bhishku Sangharakshita. [2nd edition.], A
Survey of Buddism, by Bhikshu Sangharakshita, A
ten pillars of Buddhism, The
thousand-petalled lotus, The : an English Buddhist in India
three Jewels, an introduction to modern Buddhism., The
Tibetan buddhism
Una panorámica del budismo su doctrina y sus métodos a lo largo de la historia
Ven. Kaludayee Mahathero
Vision and transformation : an introduction to the Buddha's noble eightfold path
Wegweiser Buddhismus Ideal, Lehre, Gemeinschaft ; [Lesebuch]
Wegweiser BuddhismusIdeal, Lehre, Gemeinschaft
Who is the Buddha?
Wisdom beyond words : sense and non-sense in the Buddhist Prajnaparamita tradition
wprowadzenie do buddyzmu