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K.A. Nilakanta Sastri (Indiaas historicus (1892-1975))
K. A. Nilakanta Sastri (Indian historian)
Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Aiyar Nilakanta Sastri
Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Nilakanta Sastri
Nīlakaṇṭa Cāstiri, K. A.
Nīlakaṇṭa Cāstiri, Kē. Ē.
Nilakanta Sastri, K. A.
Nilakanta Sastri, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah
Nilakanta Sastri, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Aiyar
Nilakanta Sastri, Kallidaikurichi Alyah Alyar
Nilakanta Shastri, K.A.
Nilakantasastri, K. A.
Nilakanṭha Sāstrī, K. A.
Nīlakaṇṭha Śāstrī, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah
Sastri, K. A. N.
Sastri, K. A. Nilakanta
Sastri, K. A. Nilakantha
Sastri, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Aiyar Nikalanta
Sastri, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Aiyar Nilakanta
Sastri, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Nilakanta
Śāstrī, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Nīlakaṇṭha
Sastri Nilakanta, K. A.
Shastri, K.A. Nilakanta
نیل کنٹھ شاستری, کے۔اے۔
க. அ. நீலகண்ட சாத்திரி
நீலகண்ட சாஸ்திரி, கே. ஏ
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Language material
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Bhāratīya Itihās Parishad
Champakalakshmi, Radha (1932- ))
Indian History Congress
Sherwānī, Hāroon Ḵẖān
Srinivasachari, G.
Subrahmanya Sastry, Sadhu
Tambimuttu, E. L.
Tirumalai Tirupati Devasthanam
Venkataramanayya, N.
ராமன், கே. வி (1934-....))
Age of the Nandas and Mauryas
Cōl̲arkaḷ, 2007- :
Cōl̲arkaḷ nūr̲r̲ukkum mēr̲paṭṭa paṭaṅkaḷkoṇṭatu
Cōlas with over 100 illustrations and one in colour, The
comprehensive history of India
Cultural contacts between Aryans and Dravidians
Culture and history of the Tamils. K. A. Nilakanta Sastri
Development of religion in South India.
Dravidian literatures.
Epigraphia Carnatica
Foreign notices of South India; from Megasthenes to Ma Huan.
fouilles d'Arikamédou, Podouké, exécutées... de 1941 au 15 mars 1945...
geographical encyclopaedia of Ancient and Medieval India, The : based on Vedic, Puranic, Tantric, Jain, Buddhistic literature and historical records
Gleanings on social life from the Avadānas.
great liberal; speeches and writings of Sir P. S. Sivaswami Aiyar., A
Historical method in relation to problems of south Indian history
History of South India, A : from prehistoric times to the fall of Vijayanagar
India A historical survey, K. A. Nilakanta Sastri, G. Srinivasachari.
India: what can it teach us?
International law and inter-state relations in ancient India
Junūbī Hind kī tāriḵẖ zamānah-yi mā qabl tārīḵẖ se Vijyah Nagar ke zavāl tak
Lectures on factors in Indian history
Life and culture of the Indian people : a historical survey
Mauryas & Satavahanas , 325 B.C.-A.D. 300
New light on the Indus civilization
Oriente poliano studi e conferenze tenute all'Is. M.E.O. in occasione del VII centenario della nascita di Marco Polo, 1254-1954
Origin of the Çailendras
Paṇḍait Tamil Eluttukkal
Pāṇḍyan Kingdom; from the earliest times to the sixteenth century, The
Professor K. A. Nilakanta Sastri felicitation volume; [in commemoration of his 80th birthday.
Report on the inscriptions of the Devasthanam collection with illustrations
Sangam age, The
Sangam literature: its cults and cultures
Sources of Indian history with special reference to South India
South India and South-East Asia : studies in their history and culture
South Indian influences in the Far East
South indian portrait bronze from Sumatra, A
Śrīvijaya, Candrabhānu and Vīra-Pāṇḍya
Studies in Cōḷa history and administration
Tamil merchant-guild in Sumatra, A
جنوبی ہند کی تاریخ : زمانۂ ماقبل تاریخ سے وجیہ نگر کے زوال تک
சோழர்கள் நூற்றுக்கும் மேற்பட்ட படங்கள் கொண்டது