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Congressional Printer United States
G.P.O. (i.e. U.S. Government Printing Office)
Government Printing Office (Spojené státy americké)
Government Printing Office (U.S.)
Government Printing Office (United States)
GPO (i.e. U.S. Government Printing Office)
GPO (United States)
Public Printer United States
Spojené státy americké Congressional Printer
Spojené státy americké Government Printing Office
Spojené státy americké Public Printer
Spojené státy americké Superintendent of Public Printing
U.S. Government Printing Office
United States Congressional Printer
United States. Government Printing Office
United States Office of the Superintendent of Public Printing
United States Office Superintendent Public Printing
United States Public Printer
United States Superintendent of Public Printing
US Government Printing Office
Location / Nationality: 
United States District of Columbia Washington
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Language material
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account of government document bibliography in the United States and elsewhere, An
Annu. rep. U.S. Gov. Print. Off.
Annual report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution showing the operations, expenditures, and condition of the Institution for the year ending
Annual report of the U.S. Government Printing Office
Biennial report to Congress on the status of GPO Access
Books on East Asiatic music in the Library of congress printed before 1800.
Calendar of the correspondence of George Washington, commander in chief of the continental army, with the officers
case of Great Britain as laid before the Tribunal of Arbitration, convened at Geneva under the provisions of the treaty between the United States of America and Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain, concluded at Washington, May 8, 1871., The
case of the United States, to be laid before the Tribunal of Arbitration, to be convened at Geneva under the provisions of the treaty between the United States of America and ... the Queen of Great Britain, concluded at Washington, May 8, 1871, The : (Alabama Claims).
Catalog of press Braille books provided by the Library of Congress, 1931-1948
Catalogue of early books on music before 1800
Catalogue of opera librettos printed before 1800
Central and Western Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
Congressional serial set
Congressional series of United States public documents
Cooperative cataloging manual for the use of contributing libraries.
District of Columbia, its rocks and their geologic history, The
FAR (Title 48, CFR)
federal acquisition regulation system (Title 48, CFR), The
Government Printing Office style manual
GPO Access
GPO annual report
GPO-PIA joint research bulletin.
History and present condition of the newspaper and periodical press of the United States : with a catalogue of the publications of the census year
History of the Library of Congress.
history of U.S.A. copyright law revision from 1901 to 1954., The
Index of international standards
Journal of the siege of York-Town : unpublished Journal of the Siege of York-Town in 1781 operated by the General Staff of the French Army, as recorded in the hand of Gaspard de Gallatin and translated by the French department of the College of William and Mary
Layouts for flat-bed, rotary, and web press imposition.
Library of congress printed cards : How to order and use them.
Linguistic areas in Europe: their boundaries and political significance.
List of available publications of the United States Department of Agriculture
manual of style, A
Miscellaneous documents
Monthly catalog of United States Government publications
Monthly depository invoices
nemic fauna of the slime flux of the Carolina poplar., The
new typeline, The : a newsletter for U.S. Government Printing Office employees.
OSHA regulations, documents, and technical information
Our Cities : Their role in the national economy. June 1937
Public papers of the presidents of the United States
Public printer's annual report
Regulations for the U.S. Military Academy, at West Point, New-York
Report of the Inquiry on cooperative enterprise in Europe, 1937.
Seals and other devices in use at the Government Printing Office
Senate documents
Serial number set
Sheep bound set
Specimen book and catalogue; showing faces of the body and job types, borders, ornaments, brass rule, cuts, etc., now in stock in the job room of this office.
Specimens of type faces in the United States Government Printing Office
Standard ink sample book.
strategic vision for the 21st century, A
Style manual : 2000
Style manual (abridged)
Style manual of the United States Government printing office
Subject bibliographies of government publications : a compilation of books, reports, and pamphlets available from the U.S. Government Printing Office at the time of their publication
Summary of FRUS ...
Superintendent of Documents publications catalog
Switzerland : A commercial and industrial Handbook.
Tentative condensed classification of printing industry techniques.
Tentative specifications for bond and ledger papers and classified tabulation of tests on samples submitted by paper manufacturers.
Theory and practice of bookbinding.
Theory and practice of composition.
Theory and practice of lithography.
Theory and practice of presswork.
Tide tables.
Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations and modifying documents from the Federal Register
Training of apprentices in the United States Government Printing Office.
Transcript of discussions with departmental representatives on library binding problems.
Tylenchus pratensis and various other Nemas attacking plants.
Typography and design.
U.S. Congressional serial set
U.S. Gov. publ. mon. cat.
U.S. government books
U.S. Government Printing Office annual report
U.S. government publications
United States congressional serial set
United States government books
United States government information, for sale by the Government Printing Office.
United States Government Printing Office annual report
United States Government publications monthly catalog
US government books
What every federal publisher should know about the publishing process