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Association Internationale des Instituts de Recherches Forestières
International Union of Forest Research
International Union of Forest Research Institutes
International Union of Forest Research Institutions
International Union of Forest Research Organisations
International Union of Forest Research Organizations
International union of forestry experimental organizations
International Union of Forestry Research
International Union of Forestry Research Organisations
International Union of Forestry Research Organizations
International Union of Forestry Research Organizations Section 41, Forest Products
International Union of the Forestry Research Organisations
International Union of the Institutes of Forestry Research
Internationale Union Forstlicher Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalten
Internationaler Verband Forstlicher Forschungsanstalten
Internationaler Verband Forstlicher Versuchsanstalten
IUFRO (International Union of the Forestry Research Organisations)
Mezhdunarodnyĭ soi︠u︡z lesnykh issledovatelʹskikh organizat︠s︡iĭ
União Internacional de Organizações de Pesquisas Florestais
Unión Internacional de Institutos de Investigación Forestal
Unión Internacional de Organizaciones de Investigación Forestal
Union internationale des instituts de recherche forestière
Union Internationale des Instituts de Recherches Forestières
Union internationale des organismes de recherches forestières
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International Union of Forest Research Organizations (see also from)
International Union of Forestry Experimental Stations (see also from)
Mezinárodní unie lesnických výzkumných organizací (see also from)
Międzynarodowa Unia Leśnych Organizacji Badawczych (see also from)
10e congrès, Zurich 1948 : Comptes rendus.
Accessibility of mountain forests (S 3.06-01) : topic: planning methods for access development in mountainous forests : proceedings of IUFRO-Workshop, [Fribourg], August 28th-September 3rd, 1988, [with excursion in] Canton Wallis, Switzerland.
Agroforestry for rural needs : workshop proceedings
Air pollution and forest decline : proceedings of the 14th International Meeting for Specialists in Air Pollution Effects on Forest Ecosystems, International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Project Group P2.05, held at Interlaken, Switzerland, 2-8 October, 1988
Arid land resource inventories : developing cost-efficient methods : an international workshop, November 30-December 6, 1980, La Paz, Mexico : desarrollo de metodos eficientes en costos
Comparison of forest water and energy exchange models
Contractual and regulative provisions related to the promotion of timber processing in transnational forest industry projects in developing countries
Country representation to IUFRO's International Council 1996 - 2000
Determinations of the forests' allowable cut in various countries of the world
Documentation of investigations and tests carried out on tropical woods by the Federal Research Center for Forestry and Forest Products : contribution to the meeting of IUFRO working party P 5.01.01 at the XVI. IUFRO-congress 1976 in Oslo
Drittes IUFRO-Buchensymposium
Energy from forest biomass : XVII IUFRO World Congress Energy Group proceedings
Experimental design and analysis in forest research.
financing forest sector research
Forest codes of practice : contributing to environmentally sound forest operations : proceedings of an FAO/IUFRO Meeting of Experts on Forest Practices, Feldafing, Germany, 11-14 December 1994
Forest history international studies on socio-economic and forest ecosystem change : report no. 2 of the IUFRO Task Force on Environmental Change
Forestry legislation
Forestry serving urbanised societies abstracts ; IUFRO European regional conference in collaboration with EFI, Copenhagen, August 27 - 30, 2002
Forests in sustainable mountain development : a state of knowledge report for 2000
Forests, water, and people in the humid tropics : past, present, and future hydrological research for intergrated land and water management
Forstgesetzgebung : Bericht der IUFRO Arbeitsgruppe S4.06-04 : report of the IUFRO Working Party : rapport du Groupe de travail IUFRO
Forstgesetzgebung : Bericht der IUFRO-Arbeitsgruppe S4.08-03 : report of the IUFRO Working Party S4.08-03 : rapport du Groupe de travail IUFRO S4.08-03
Forstpolitische Maßnahmen zur Förderung von Investitionen in Entwicklungsländern Beitr. d. Arbeitsgruppe 4.06.2 zum XVI. IUFRO-Kongreß 1976
From theory to practice : gaps and solutions in managerial economics and accounting in forestry : international symposium, Prague May 13-15, 1999
Geschichte der Waldnutzung und der Forstwirtschaft in gebirgigen Regionen
Growth and yield estimation from successive forest inventories proceedings from the IUFRO conference, held in Copenhagen, 14 - 17 June 1993
Histoire de l'exploitation et de l'économie forestière en régions de montagne
History of forest utilization and forestry in mountain regions : Symposium an der ETH Zürich, 3.-7. September 1984
Informaciones de International Union of Forestry Research Organizations
Integrating forest information over space and time IUFRO conference 13 - 17 January, 1992, Canberra, Australia
International directory of woody plant physiologists
International Union of Forestry Research Organizations news
International Union of Forestry Research Organizations research series
Inventorying and monitoring endangered forests
IUFRO annual report
IUFRO-Kongress Verhandlungen
IUFRO news
IUFRO occasional paper (Online)
IUFRO occasional papers
IUFRO research series.
IUFRO Working Party 7.02.09 Phytophthora diseases of forest trees
IUFRO world congress, ...
IUFRO world ser.
IUFRO world series.
Kontenrahmen für Forstbetriebe
Législation forestière
Mesures des biomasses et des accroissements forestiers : comptes-rendus de la réunion qui s'est tenue du 3 au 7 octobre 1983 à Orléans, France
methodenvergleich der forstlichen standorts und vegetationskartierung
Methodology of forest insect nad disease survey in Central Europe : proceedings
Newsletter (International Union of Forestry Research Organizations)
Perceptions and attitudes of the population towards forests and their social benefits : social origins and research topics of studies conducted in Germany, Austria and Switzerland between 1960 and 1995 : analyse des enquêtes sélectionnées et des articles dans les principales revues forestières de l'Allemagne, l'Autriche et la Suisse entre 1960 et 1995
Proceedings of the International IUFRO S. 4.02 and S. 6.04 Symposium, May 14-16, 1990
Proceedings of the IUFRO joint meeting of working parties : Vancouver, Canada 1978.
Proceedings, symposium IUFRO, Subject Group S 6.05 : remote sensing incl[uding] aerial photography
Research management for the 1990s : proceedings of the IUFRO Technical Session Program : Subject Group S6.06, September 3, 1992, IUFRO Centennial Meeting, Eberswalde-Berlin, Germany
Silviculture and the conservation of genetic resources for sustainable forest management : proceedings of the symposium of the North American Forest Commission, Forest Genetic Resources and Silviculture Working Groups, and the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Quebec City, Canada, September 21, 2003
Simpósio sobre Exploração, Transporte, Ergonomia e Segurança em Reflorestamentos : 05 a 10 de abril de 1987, Curitiba-Paraná-Brazil
Statistical methods, mathematics and computers : proceedings of the Meeting of IUFRO S4.11-00, held at IUFRO Centennial Meeting, Berlin/Eberswalde, August 30-September 4, 1992
Structure of tropical rain forests
Symposium on Effects of Forest Land Use on Erosion and Slope Stability : proceedings of a symposium
Symposium on Forest Products Research International--Achievements and the Future, 22-26 April 1985, CSIR Conference Centre, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa
Thinning and mechanization; IUFRO meeting, Royal College of Forestry, Stockholm, Sweden, September, 1969.
Thinning mechanization in the Pacific Northwest, 1973
Tropical silviculture
Tropical trees : the potential for domestication and the rebuilding of forest resources
Tropical trees : variation, breeding, and conservation
UNEP and IUFRO international workshop in cooperation with FAO in developing large environmental data bases for sustainable development ..., Nairobi, Kenya, 14-16 July 1994 [sic] : proceedings
Upgrading wood quality through drying technology : proceedings of the IUFRO International Wood Drying Symposium, July 23-28, 1989, Seattle, Washington, USA
World directory of forest pathologists and entomologists
XIV. IUFRO-Kongress, München, 4.-9. September 1967 : Verhandlungen
XV IUFRO Congress : proceedings