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Good Rats
Good Rats Musical group (Musical group or band)
Good Rats (Musical group or band)
The Good rats
began 1964
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brenna, Mike (hasMember)
Crane, Eric (hasMember)
Deale, Schuyler (hasMember)
Franco, Joe (hasMember)
Gatto, John (hasMember)
Haenlein, Ted (hasMember)
Kottke, Lenny (hasMember)
Kulick (Bruce; 1953-....; see also from)
Kulick, Bruce (hasMember)
Marchello, Gene (hasMember)
Marchello, Mickey (hasMember)
Marchello, Peppi
Marchello, Peppi (hasMember)
Marchello, Stefan (hasMember)
Ratchford, Dan (hasMember)
Ryan, Denny (hasMember)
Smiraglia, Dan “The Man” (hasMember)
Stapleton, Frank (hasMember)
300 Boys
Advertisement In The Voice
Almost Anything Goes
Anybody Got the Time
Back To My Music
Bed and a Bottle
Birth comes to us all
Blue Collar Rats: The Lost Archives
Boardwalk Slasher
Boom Boom
Cherry River
City Liners
Coo Coo Coo Blues
Could Be Tonight
Cover of Night
Crazy Wild and Angry
Dear Sir
Does It Make You Feel Good
Don't Hate the Ones Who Bring You Rock 'n' Roll
Downtown USA
Evil Little Boy
Family Portrait
Feelin’ Good Again
Fireball Express
Football Madness
For the Sake of Anyone
Fred Upstairs & Ginger Snappers
From rats to riches
Get It Right
Glad to Have You Back (Beethoven)
good rats, the
Gotta Get Back
Great American Music Halls
Here’s to You Rock and Roll (recorded live at My Father’s Place)
Hobo, The
Hollywood Ending
Hour Glass
Icy Cold
If You Stay by Me
Injun Joe
Joey Ferrari
Just Found Me a Lady
Juvenile Song
Let Me
Livin’ for Number One
Local Zero
Lost in the Lights
Love on the Beach
Major Minor Chords
Man on a Fish
Mean Mother
Money in the Bank
Mr. Mechanic
My Back Is Achin' (And My Mind Is No Better)
New York Survivor
Oh So Good
On My Way to School
Ordinary Man
Papa Poppa
Phil Fleish
Ratcity In Blue
Reason To Kill
Rock and Roll Point of View
Room, The
Satan’s Choir
School Days
She’s Magic
She’s Stayin’ Home Tonight
Soldiers of the Avenue
Stop, Look and Listen
Street Mutts
Taking It to Detroit
Tasty Seconds
That Ain’t Right
Thunder Rocks My Soul
Tight Pants
Tough Guys
Truth Is Gone, The
Victory in Space
We Are the Good Rats
Winners Never Lose
Writing the Pages
Yellow Flower
Yes or No
You’ll Never Get It
You're Still Doing It
Young Girls Never Tell
Contributed to or performed: 
Deep Ear
Turds on a Bum Ride Vol. 3
WBAB Homegrown Album
WPDH Rock ’n’ Roll, Volume I & II