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Kreator (Musical group or band)
began 1982 until 1985
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Blackfire, Frank (hasMember)
Cangelosi, Joe (hasMember)
Fioretti, Roberto (hasMember)
Giesler, Christian (hasMember)
Nuclear Assault
Petrozza, Mille
Petrozza, Mille (hasMember)
Pungent Stench
Reil, J.
Reil, Jürgen "Ventor" (hasMember)
Tormentor (see also from)
Trzebiatowski, Jörg "Tritze" (hasMember)
Wulf, Michael (hasMember)
Yli-Sirniö, Sami (hasMember)
1985–1992 Past Life Trauma
Absolute Misanthropy
After the Attack
Against the Rest
Agents of Brutality (Live)
Album "Enemy of God" 5.1 Mix incl. Animated Video Lyrics, The
Alive Again
All of the Same Blood
Amok Run (demo version)
Ancient Plague, The
Armies Of Hell ("End Of The World Demo" bonus track)
Army of Storms
As the World Burns
As We Watch the West
At the Pulse of Kapitulation: Live in East Berlin 1990
Awakening of the Gods / Coma of Souls (live)
Awakening of the Gods (live at Summer Breeze Open Air Germany 2006)
Behind the Dying
Behind the Mirror
Better Tomorrow, A
Bitter Sweet Revenge
Black Sunrise (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Blind Faith
Bomb Threat
Bone Breaker
Bonebreaker ("End Of The World Demo" bonus track)
Brain Seed
Bringer of Torture
Catholic Despot
Cause for conflict
Celestial Deliverance
Children of a Lesser God
Choir Of The Damned (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Chosen few
Civilization Collapse (Music Video)
Coma of Souls / Endless Pain
Coma of Souls (intro Only)
Coma of Souls (live at Summer Breeze Open Air Germany 2006)
Command of the Blade
Conquerers of the Ice – The Making of Phantom Antichrist
Corpses of Liberty
Crisis of Disorder
Cry War ("End Of The World Demo" bonus track)
Death Becomes My Light (demo)
Death Is Your Saviour
Death to the World (demo)
Demon Prince
Depression Unrest
Destroy What Destroys You
Don’t Trust
Dr. Wagner (Part 1)
Dr. Wagner (Part 2)
Dr. Wagner, Part 3 (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Dr. Wagner (Part 4)
Drum Solo
Dying alive : Live in Oberhausen 2012
Dying Race Apocalypse Video Clip
Dying Victims
Dystopia Animated Video Clip
Earth under the sword (Japanese bonus track from "Gods of violence")
End of the World
Endless Pain / Terrible Certainty
Enemy of God (live)
Enemy of God Revisited
Enemy of God - Video Clip - Extended Terror Version
Enemy Unseen
Europe After the Pain
Europe After the Rain (live)
Europe After the Rain (Remix)
Everlasting Flame
Extrem Agression
Extreme Aggression (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Extreme Aggressions (live)
Extreme Agression
Fallen brother (live from Chile)
Fatal Energy
Few, the Proud, the Broken, The
Flag of hate (live from London)
Flag of Hate / Tormentor
For The Hordes EP
From Flood Into Fire (live)
Future King
Ghetto War
Gods of Violence (demo)
Golden Age
Hail to the Hordes
Hallucinative Comas
Harvesting the Grapes of Horror
Hate Inside Your Head
Hidden Dictator
History 1982 - 2001
Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
Hordes of Chaos (demo version)
Hordes of chaos (live from Masters Of Rock)
Hordes of Chaos (Promotional video)
Hordes of Chaos (video Clip)
Ich zahl' nicht mehr! - Heavy
Impossible Brutality Video Clip
Impossible to Cure
In the name of satan a tribute to Venom
into the light, ...
Intro - Choir of the Damned
Intro (demo)
Intro: Dr. Wagner, Part 3
Intro: Mars Mantra
Intro: The Patriarch
Intro / The Pestilence / Impossible Brutality
Iron Destiny (demo)
Isolation (edit)
Karmic Wheel
Kreator at the pulse of kapitulation live in East Berlin 1990
Kreator Live at the "Rockpalast" Bootleg
Lambs to the Slaughter
Leave This World Behind (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Limits Of Liberty (Bonus Track)
Lion with Eagle Wings (demo)
Live Antichrist
Live At Dynamo Open Air 1998
Live in East Berlin
Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory
Living in Fear
Lost (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Love us or hate us : The very best of the Noise years 1985-1992
Lucretia (My Reflection)
Making of... Enemy of God
Making of) Hordes of Chaos, (The
Making of...Impossible Brutality
Making of Live Kreation
Mars Mantra
Material World Paranoia
Men Without God
Mental Slavery
Messenger From Burning Hell ("Blitzkrieg Demo" bonus track)
Mind on Fire
Murder Fantasies
No Escape
No Reason to Exist
Number of the Beast, The
One Evil Comes - A Million Follow
One of Us
Out of the Dark... Into the Light
Passage to Babylon
Past life trauma Kreator - MCMLXXXV - MCMXCII
Patriarch, The
People of the Lie
Pestilence, The
Phantom Antichrist (Backstage Video)
Phantom Antichrist (edit)
Phantom Antichrist (rehearsal session)
Phobia (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Pleasure to kill - Flag of hate
Pleasure To Kill (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Progressive Proletarians
Radical Resistance (demo version)
Reconquering the Throne
Renewal (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
Replicas of Life
Riot of Violence
Ripping Corpse (live)
Ruin of Life
Satan Is Real (demo)
Satan's Day ("Blitzkrieg Demo" bonus track)
Scenarios of violence
Sculpture of Regret
Second Awakening
Servant in Heaven - King in Hell
Side by Side
Slave Machinery
Some Pain Will Last (live)
Son of Evil
Soul Eraser
State Oppression (Bonus Track)
Storm of the Beast
Storming With Menace
Stream of Consciousness
Stronger Than Before
Suicide In Swamps (Bonus Track)
Suicide Terrorist
System Decay
Take Their Lives
Terrible Certainity / Reconquering the Throne
Terrible Certainty / Out of the Dark... Into the Light
Terror Prevails: Live at Rock Hard Festival, Part 2
Terror Zone
Terrorzone (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
To the Afterborn (demo version)
Tons of Bonus Material
Tormentor ("End Of The World Demo" bonus track)
Total Death
Totalitarian Terror
Toxic Trace
Twisted Urges
Under a Total Blackened Sky
Under the Guillotine
United in Hate (demo)
Unknown Track
Unseen Scenes
Until Our Paths Cross Again (rehearsal session)
Victory Will Come (alternative version, demo)
Violence Unleashed
Violent Revolution (live)
Voices of the Dead
Voices of transgression a 90's retrospective
Voices of Transgression: A 90s Retrospective
War Curse
Warrior Heart
We Give You Pain (Live 1989)
Whatever It May Take (Live At Dynamo Open Air / 1998)
When Death Takes It’s Dominion
When the Sun Burns Red
Willing Spirit
Winter Martyrium (live)
Winter Martyrium (Rare Version)
Winter Maryrium
Witching Hour
Wolfchild (demo)
World Anarchy
World Beyond
World War Now (demo)
World Without Religion (demo version)
You Are the Government
Your Heaven My Hell (rehearsal session)
Zero to None
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Hits Hard'n'Heavy
100 Hits Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
12 Years in NOISE: Metal & Beyond...
30 Years of Nuclear Blast
Alle gegen Alle
Alle gegen Alle: A Tribute to Slime
Best of Rock
Big Teutonic 4 - Part 2, The
Big Teutonic 4 - Part II, The
Big Teutonic 4, The
Blast! presents 103/2013
Built to Blast, Volume 1
Compilation Hard Rock 53
Compilation Rock Hard 40
Compilation Rock Hard 60
Cover It Up, Vol. 1
Crossing All Over!
Crossing All Over! Volume 4
Crossing All Over! Volume 6
Crossing All Over! Volume 7
Darkness Is Thy Kingdom: A Journey Into Dark-Metal Sounds, Volume 2
Doomsday News
Doomsday News III - Thrashing East Live
Doomsday News III: Thrashing East Live
Essentials of Metal & Gothic, The
Extreme Noise
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 3: 1984-85
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 4: 1986-87
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned: Liberty City Hardcore
Great Metal Covers, Volume 19
Heavy Metal Rebellion: 10th Anniversary Fan Edition
Hellfest 2013
Heroes of Steel
Ich zahl' nicht mehr!
In the Name of Satan
Iron Destiny / Breaking the Law
John Sinclair: Dark Symphonies / Angst über London
Kerrang! Metal Klassix
Knuckletracks IV
KnuckleTracks LII
KnuckleTracks XXXV
Kreator / Legion of the Damned
Legacy 03/12
Legacy 04/01
Legacy 2006/04
Like a Taste of Sin!
Live at Wacken 2008
Live at Wacken 2011
Man in Black / Warrior Heart
Masters of Rock 2006
Media Markt Collection: Rockin’ the Hard Way
Metal Anthems
Metal Anthology 90
Metal CD, Volume 3
Metal Hammer #167: Trash: Back to Skool!
Metal Hammer: Living Legends
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 4
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 87
Metal Hymns, Volume 11
Metal Meltdown
Metal Museum, Volume 8: Thrash Metal, The
Metal Top 50
Metalliliitto 1999
Monsters of Metal: The Ultimate Metal Compilation Double DVD
Mystic Art, vol. 16
New Industries
Nuclear Blast: Wacken 2013
Planet Metal 6
Power Files, Chapter 37
Power of Metal: Symphonies of Steel
Psychosonic!, Volume 47
Pure Noise
Rautakanki 2
Razor: Defenders of the Faith II
Return of... Twisting Your Knobs Till You Scream, The
Rock Hard Classix
Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 050
Rock Hard: 9 rare Songs von 9 Legenden
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 15
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 28
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 8
Rock Legends: The Ultimate Collection
Rock S'Cool: A Spanking Good Song Collection!
Sounds Waves 1
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 107
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 11
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 63
This Is Thrash
Thrash 'em All
Thrash Patrol
Thrashing East
Tribute to Iron Maiden, A
Tribute to Judas Priest: Legends of Metal, A
Tribute to Judas Priest: Legends of Metal, Volume II, A
Tribute to Venom, A
Ultimate Face-Melting Summer Blast 2013, The
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 100
Voodoo Rock Machine Vol. 6
W:O:A Full Metal Juke Box Vol. 4 - Preview 2008
Wake-Up Call for the '90s: Epic/Associated Hard Rock Sampler, A
Zillo Festival Sampler 1999