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Earl Vince and the Valiants
Fleedwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac Musical group (Musical group or band)
Fleetwood Mac (Musical group or band)
Fleetwood Mac (Musical quintet)
Fleetwood Mac video
Fleetwood Mack
Flettwood Mac
Green's Fleetwood Mac
Mac Fleetwood
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
began 1967-07
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bramlett, Bekka (hasMember)
Brunning, Bob (hasMember)
Buckingham, Lindsey (hasMember)
Burnette, Billy (hasMember)
Campbell, Mike (hasMember)
Finn, Neil (hasMember)
Fleetwood, Mick (hasMember)
Fleetwood, Mick (see also from)
Green, Peter (hasMember)
Kirwan, Danny (hasMember)
Mason, Dave (hasMember)
McVie, Christine (hasMember)
McVie, John (hasMember)
Nicks, Stevie (hasMember)
Spencer, Jeremy (hasMember)
Vito, Rick (hasMember)
Walker, Dave (hasMember)
Welch, Bob (hasMember)
Weston, Bob (hasMember)
> Tuti Frutti
1968-06-07/1968-06-09: Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USA
1970–08–06: Kiln House Tour: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA
1978-08-30: Live in Baton Rouge: LSU Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
1980-05-30: Regret: Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH, USA
1997‐09‐30: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA
2 Originals of Fleetwood Mac
2003‐05‐15: HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY, USA
25 Years: The Chain
50 Years – Don’t Stop
Affairs of the Heart
Albatross (at the BBC)
Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
Albatross (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
Albatross / Man of the World
All Over Again
Allow Me One More Show (alternate original mix)
Alternate Fleetwood Mac, The
Alternate Mirage
Alternate Tango in the Night, The
Although the Sun Is Shining
Angel (4/2/79 version)
Angel (5.1 mix)
Angel (live at St. Louis, 11/5/79)
Angel (rehearsal version)
Another Woman (live)
As Long as You Follow (2002 remaster)
Baby Don’t You Want to Go (Sweet Home Chicago)
Baby Please Set a Date
Bad Loser
[band introduction]
Bare trees
Beautiful Child (10/9/78 version)
Beautiful Child (5.1 mix)
Beautiful Child (alternate version)
Beautiful Child (demo)
Beauty and the Beast (Blues Jam)
Bee‐I‐Bicky‐Bop Blue Jean Honey Babe Meets High School Hound Dog Hot Rod Man
Before the Beginning - 1968–1970 Rare Live & Demo Sessions
Behind the mask
Believe Me
Believe My Time Ain’t Long (version 1) (live), I
Believe My Time Ain’t Long (version 2) (live), I
Bermuda Triangle
Best of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, The
Best of the Original Fleetwood Mac, The
big ball, The
Big Boat, The
Big Boot, The
Big Love (extended mix)
Big Love (extended remix)
Big Love (extended version)
Big Love / Gypsy / Landslide / Commercials
Big Love (House on the Hill dub)
Big Love (House Upon the Hill mix)
Big Love (live, 1997)
Big Love (piano dub)
Big Love (remix/edit)
Big Love / You and I, Part I
Black Jack Blues
Black Magic: The Best of the Early Years
Black Magic Woman (live)
Black Magic Woman: The Best of Fleetwood Mac
Black Magic Womann
Black Magic Women
Bleed to Love Her (5.1 mix)
Bleeding Heart
Blood on the Floor
Blow by Blow
Blue Letter (5.1 mix)
Blue Letter (early take)
Blue Letter (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Blue Letter (single version)
Blue Monday (jam)
Blue Suede Shoes
Blues Collection, The
Blues in B Flat Minor
Blues Jam at Chess
Blues Jam in Chicago, Volume One
Blues Jam in Chicago, Volume Two
Blues With a Feeling
Blues Years, The
Bo Diddley
Bobby’s Rock
Book of Love (5.1 mix)
Book of Love (early version)
Book of Miracles (instrumental)
Born Enchanter
Boston Blues
Boston Box, The
Boston Live
Bright Fire
Brown Eye
Brown Eyes (5.1 mix)
Brown Eyes (with Lindsey & Peter Green) (9/20/78 version)
Brushes (Never Going Back Again) (outtake)
Buddy‘s Song
Butter Cookie (Keep Me There) (early demo)
Buzz Me Baby
Can’t Afford to Do It
Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave
Can’t Go Back (5.1 mix)
Can’t Hold On
Can’t Hold Out Anymore, I
Can’t Hold Out (live), I
Can’t Live Without You
Can’t Stop Lovin’ (live)
Can’t Stop Lovin’ My Baby
Can't Stop Loving Her (live in concert 1970), I
Can’t Walk Out of Here (The Ledge)
Caught in the Rain
Chain (5.1 mix), The
Chain (alternate mix), The
Chain (demo), The
Chain (instrumental), The
Chain (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour), The
Chain (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982), The
Chain (live at Wembley, 6/20/80), The
Chain (Selections From 25 Years), The
Chain (UNKLEsounds edit), The
Child of Mine
Christine McVie (Interview)
City, The
Classic albums.
Closing My Eyes
Cold Black Night (take 1–6)
Cold Dust Woman
Collection Gold
Collection, The
Come (5.1 mix)
Come a Little Bit Closer
Come Back Baby
Come On Baby (Never Forget)
Come Softly to Me
Comin’ Home
Coming Home
Coming Your Way (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
Coming Your Way (take 6)
Complete Blue Horizon Sessions: 1967–1969, The
Cool Water (5.1 mix)
Cool Water (Agua Fresca)
Crazy About the Blues
Crazy About You (Can't Hold Out Much Longer) (live in concert 1970)
Crazy About You (Can't Hold Out Much Longer) (studio/live 1970)
Crazy ’Bout You Baby
Crazy for My Baby
Crutch and Cane
Crutch and Kane
Crystal (5.1 mix)
Crystal (early version)
Dance, The
Danny’s Chant
[data track]
Dead Shrimp Blues
Dealer (rehearsal), The
Death Bells
Deja De Molestar (Stop Messin’ Round)
Derelict, The
Destiny Rules (5.1 mix)
Did You Ever Love Me
[disc 2 intro]
Do (edit), I
Do You Give a Damm for Me?
Do You Give a Damn for Me?
Do You Know
Docter Brown
Doctor Brown
Doesn’t Anything Last (acoustic duet)
Doesn’t Anything Last (early demo)
Don't Ask Me
Don’t Be Cruel
Don't Give Up
Don’t Go Please Stay
Don’t Know Which Way to Go (live)
Don’t Let Me Down Again
Don’t Stop (5.1 mix)
Don’t Stop (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Don’t Stop (live at Wembley, 6/27/80)
Don’t Stop (LP version)
Don’t Stop (outtake)
Don’t Want to Know (5.1 mix), I
Don’t Want to Know (early take), I
Down at the Crown (studio/live 1970)
Down Endless Street
Dragonfly / The Purple Dancer
Dream, The
Dreamin’ the Dream
Dreams (5.1 mix)
Dreams (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Dreams (live at Wembley, 6/20/80)
Dreams (Mingus Rude edit)
Dreams (outtake)
Dreams (Overdub With Narration)
Dreams (take 2)
Dust My Blues (live)
Dust My Broom
Earl Gray
Early Morning Come
Early Years, The
Emerald Eyes
Empire State (5.1 mix)
Empire State (early version)
Encore Jam (live)
English rose
Essential Fleetwood Mac, The
Evenin’ Boogie
Evening Boogie
Everybody Finds Out (5.1 mix)
Everyday I Have The Blues (1)
Everyday I Have The Blues (2)
Everywhere (12″ version)
Everywhere (2004 Dance Mix)
Everywhere (dub)
Everywhere (extended version)
Everywhere (remastered LP version)
Everywhere (Summer of Love edit)
Everywhere (Vincenzo Remix)
Evil Woman Blues
Extended Play
Eyes of the World (5.1 mix)
Eyes of the World (alternate early version)
Eyes of the World (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Family Man (bonus beats)
Family man Down endless street.
Family Man (extended guitar remix)
Family Man (extended guitar version)
Family Man (extended vocal remix)
Family Man (I’m a Jazz Man dub)
Family Party (bonus beats)
Farmer’s Daughter, The
Fast Talkin' Woman Blues
Fast Talking Woman Blues
Fighting for Madge
Fireflies (alternate version)
Fireflies (demo)
Fireflies (remix, edit, mono)
Fireflies (remix, edit, stereo)
Fireflies (single version)
First Train Home
Fleetwood Mac: 1969 To 1972
Fleetwood Mac (deluxe)
Fleetwood Mac in Chicago
Fleetwood Mac Kulttuuritalolla.
Fleetwood Mac live 1970.
Fleetwood Mac (Live from the KISW FM broadcast, Seattle Washington, 3/10/1972)
Fleetwood Mac - Live in Boston
Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits
Fool No More (take 1–8), A
For Duster (The Blues) (jam session)
For Your Love
Future games
Get Like You Used to Be (live 1975 FM broadcast)
Ghost, The
Go Insane (live, 1997)
Go Your Own Way (5.1 mix)
Go Your Own Way (early take)
Go Your Own Way (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Go Your Own Way (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Go Your Own Way (live at Wembley, 6/22/80)
Go Your Own Way (outtake)
Go Your Own Way / Silver Springs
Gold Dust Woman #1 (outtake)
Gold Dust Woman 2
Gold Dust Woman (5.1 mix)
Gold Dust Woman (early demo)
Gold Dust Woman (early take)
Gold Dust Woman Featuring
Gold Dust Woman (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Golden superstars
Gone Into the Sun
Good morning America dreams of freedom and peace
Goodbye Angel (Mirage outtake)
Goodbye Baby (5.1 mix)
Got a Mind of My Own, I
Got It In for You, I
Got the Blues, I
Got to Move (live in Boston)
Got to Move (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
Gothenburg 1969
Great Balls of Fire (live)
Greatest Hits Live
Green Manalishi (live 1975 FM broadcast), The
Green Manalishi (Shortened version)
Green Manalishi (with the Two Prong Crown) (live), The
Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) / World in Harmony, The
Green Manalishi (with the Two Pronged Crown), The
Green Shadows
Gypsy (5.1 mix)
Gypsy (early version)
Gypsy (Gitana)
Gypsy (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Gypsy (video version)
Hang on to a Dream
Hard Feelings
Has Anyone Written Anything for You?
Have a Good Time
Have to Laugh, I
Have You Ever Loved a Woman (live)
Heart of Stone
Held My Baby Last Night, I
Hell Hound on My Trail
Hellhound on My Trail (take 1)
Heroes Are Hard to Find (single version)
Hey Baby
Hi Ho Silver
Him and Me
Hit Collection
Hits of Fleetwood Mac, The
Hold Me (5.1 mix)
Hold Me (early version)
Hold me [sound recording]
Hollywood (Some Other Kind of Town)
Homeward Bound
Homework (live)
Honey Boy Blues
Honey Hi (10/11/78 version)
Honey Hi (10/18/78 version)
Honey Hi (5.1 mix)
Honey Hush
Horton’s Boogie Woogie (take 1)
Horton’s Boogie Woogie (take 2)
How Blue Can You Get?
Hungry Country Girl
I’d Rather Go Blind
(I’m a) Road Runner
I’m Coming Home to Stay
I’m on My Way
I’m So Afraid (5.1 mix)
I’m So Afraid / Commercials
I’m So Afraid (early take instrumental)
I’m So Afraid (early version)
I’m So Afraid (live 1975 FM broadcast)
I’m So Afraid (live, 1997)
I’m So Afraid (live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 10/17/75)
I'm So Afraid (live at St. Louis, 11/5/79)
I'm So Afraid (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
I’m So Afraid (live at Wembley, 6/20/80)
I’m So Lonely and Blue
I’m Worried
I’ve Lost My Baby
If I Loved Another Woman
If It Ain’t Me (GK edit) (demo)
If You Be My Baby
If You Let Me Love You (live)
If You Want to Be Happy
If You Were My Love (outtake)
Illume (9-11) (5.1 mix)
Immediate single anthology, The
Improvisation (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
In Chicago 1969
In Concert 1982
In the Back of My Mind
Instrumental (live)
Intergalactic Musicians Walking on Velvet
Interview with Jeremy Spencer by Martin "Jet" Celmins at Shakedown Records HQ, Camden, London, 19 February 2002
Intro / Lazy Poker Blues
Intro (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Intro (live at Wembley, 6/26/80)
Intro / The Chain / Dreams / Gold Dust Woman / Commercials
Isn’t It Midnight (alternate mix)
It’s Alright Now
It’s You I Miss
It Takes Time
Jailhouse Rock
Jam #2
Jenny Jenny (live)
Jenny Lee
Jeremy’s Contribution to Doo Wop
Jewel Eye Judy
Jewel-Eyed Judy (live in concert 1970)
Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
John McVie (Interview)
Juliet (run‐through)
Jumpin’ at Shadows (live)
Jumping at Shadows (live in Boston)
Jumping at Shadows: The Blues Years
Just Crazy Love
Just the Blues
Keep a Knocking (live)
Keep Me There (instrumental)
Keep Me There (with vocal)
Keep On Going
Kiln house
King Speaks, The
King Speeks (Narrative), The
Kiss and Run
Know I’m Not Wrong (1/23/79 version), I
Know I’m Not Wrong (10/10/78 version), I
Know I’m Not Wrong (11/2/78 version), I
Know I’m Not Wrong (11/3/78 version), I
Know I’m Not Wrong (4/25/79 version), I
Know I'm Not Wrong (5.1 mix), I
Know I’m Not Wrong (8/13/79 version), I
Know I’m Not Wrong (demo – Lindsey’s song #1), I
Korkealta ja kovaa : rokkikuvia 70-luvulta
Lady From the Mountain (demo)
Landslide (5.1 mix)
Landslide (Analog mix)
Landslide (early version)
Landslide (live 1975 FM broadcast)
Landslide (live Album version)
Landslide (live at Omaha, 8/21/80)
Landslide (remix)
Landslide (String mix)
Last Night
Lay It All Down
Lazy Poker Blues (live)
Leather and Lace Live
Leaving Town Blues (take 5)
Ledge (3/13/79 version), The
Ledge (5.1 mix), The
Lemon Squeezer
Let Me Down Again
Let Me Go
Let’s Dance
Life Becoming a Landslide
Like Crying Like Dying
Like It This Way, I
Like It This Way (live)
Lindsey’s Song #1 (I Know I’m Not Wrong)
Lindsey’s Song #2 (That’s All for Everyone)
Little Child of Mine
Little Lies (12″ version)
Little Lies (dub)
Little Lies (extended version)
Little Lies (live)
Little lies Ricky
Live at BBC, London, January 1970
Live at Oklahoma City
Live at the BBC
Live at the Boston Tea Party, Part One
Live at the Boston Tea Party, Part Three
Live at the Boston Tea Party, Part Two
Live at The Marquee
Live in Boston: Remastered, Volume One
Live in Boston: Remastered, Volume Three
Live in Boston: Remastered, Volume Two
Live in Boston, Vol. 1
Live in Boston, Vol. 2
Live in London 1968
Live in London '68
Live in the Studio: Trodd Nossel Studios 1975
Live on Westwood One
Live… Rumours Tour, LA 1978
Live USA
Lizard People
London Live ’68
Lonely Without You (live in concert 1970)
Long Grey Mare
Long Tall Sally (live)
Looking Back On
Looking for Somebody (at the BBC)
Looking for Somebody (live)
Looking for Someone
Lost Broadcasts, The
Love in Store (5.1 mix)
Love in store Can't go back
Love in Store (early version)
Love in Store (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Love Is Dangerous
Love It Seems
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Love shines
Love That Burns: The Blues Years
Love That Woman (alternate original mix)
Loved Another Woman (live), I
Loved Another Woman (take 1–4), I
Loved Another Woman (take 5–6), I
Loving Kind (live)
Madge Sessions No. 1, The
Madge Sessions, No. 2, The
Madison Blues (version 1) (live)
Madison Blues (version 2) (live)
Magic Collection, The
Make Me a Mask
Man of Action
Man of the Workd
Man of the World (1998 Remaster)
Man of the World (at the BBC)
Man of the World (early version)
Man of the World (live)
Man of the World (single version)
Man of the World / Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
Månndass morrnar : Tankar inför en ny vecka med Markus von Martens, Lunnaholm.
Mean Mistreatin’ Mama
Mean Old Fireman (take 1–2)
Mean Old World (demo)
Men of the World: The Early Years
Merry Go Round (take 1)
Merry Go Round (take 2)
Mic the Screech
Mic the Screecher (jam session)
Mick Fleetwood (Interview)
Mighty Cold
Mighty Long Time
Miles Away
Mind of My Own, A
Miranda (5.1 mix)
Miss Fantasy
Mission Bell
Monday Morning (early take)
Monday Morning (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Morning Rain
Mr. Wonderful
Mujer De Magia Negra (Black Magic Woman)
Murrow Turning Over in His Grave (5.1 mix)
Muy bien, parte 1
Muy bien, parte 2
My Baby’s a Good ’Un
My Baby’s Gone (live)
My Baby’s Good to Me
My Baby’s Skinny
My Baby’s Sweet (live)
My Baby’s Sweeter
My Dream
My Heart Beat Like a Hammer (take 1)
My Heart Beat Like a Hammer (take 2)
My Heart Beats Like a Hammer
My Little Demon
Mystery Boogie
Mystery to me
Mystified (alternate version)
Mystified (instrumental demo)
Need Religion, I
Need You, Come On Home to Me, I
Need your love so bad : 28 classic blues tracks.
Need Your Love So Bad (live), I
Need Your Love So Bad / Stop Messin' Around
Need Your Love So Bad (USA version)
Need Your Love So Bad (version #1, takes 1, 2 & 3)
Need Your Love So Bad (version #2 (remake), take 3)
Need Your Love So Bad (version #2 (remake), take 4)
Need Your Love So Bad (version #2 (remake), takes 1 & 2)
Need Your Love (take 1), I
Need Your Love (take 2), I
Need Your Love Tonight
Never Forget (5.1 mix)
Never Forget (6/29/78 version)
Never Going Back Again (5.1 mix)
Never Going Back Again (acoustic duet)
Never Going Back Again (early demo)
Never Going Back Again (instrumental)
Never Going Back Again (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Never Going Back Again (live 1980 Tusk tour)
Never Make Me Cry (2/8/79 version)
Never Make Me Cry (4/17/79 version)
Never Make Me Cry (5.1 mix)
Never Make Me Cry (Mono)
Night at the Marquee, A
Night Watch
Nights in Estoril
No Phace To Go
No Place to Go
No Question Asked
No Questions Asked
Not Make Believe
Not That Funny (5.1 mix)
Not That Funny (5/19/79 version)
Not That Funny / [drums solo]
Not That Funny (live at St. Louis, 11/5/79)
Not That Funny (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Not That Funny (single remix)
Nothing Without You
October Jam No. 1
October Jam No. 2
Oh Baby (Live in Boston)
Oh Daddy (5.1 mix)
Oh Daddy (early take)
Oh Daddy (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Oh Daddy (outtake)
Oh Diane (5.1 mix)
Oh Diane (early version)
Oh Diane [sound recording]
Oh Well (1969)
Oh Well: Greatest Hits Live
Oh Well (live 1975 FM broadcast)
Oh Well (live at Wembley, 6/20/80)
Oh Well! (Live in Boston)
Oh Well (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
Oh Well (Part 1) (live)
Oh Well, Part 1 (original Mono version)
Oh Well, Part 2
Oh Well, Part I
Oh Well--Parts 1 and 2 (mono)
Oh Well, Pt. 1
Oh Well, Pt. 2
Oh Well, Pt. I (mono)
On We Jam (live)
One More Night
One More Time (Over & Over)
One Sunny Day
One Together (live in concert 1970)
Only Over You (5.1 mix)
Only Over You (alternate version)
Only You (Live in Boston)
Ooh Baby
Ooh My Love (demo)
Open the Door
Opus Collection
Original Album Classics
Original Album Series
Original Fleetwood Mac, The
Out on the Road (12/19/78 demo – That’s Enough for Me)
Outrage (instrumental)
Over My Head (5.1 mix)
Over My Head (early take)
Over My Head / I’m So Afraid
Over My Head (live 1975 FM broadcast)
Over My Head (single version)
Over & Over (4/2/79 version)
Over & Over (5.1 mix)
Over & Over (live at St. Louis, 11/5/79)
Paper Doll
Peacekeeper (5.1 mix)
Peacekeeper (live from AOL sessions)
Peacekeeper (live on Jay Leno April 23, 2003)
Peggy Sue Got Married
Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac
Pious Bird of Good Omen, The
Planets of the Universe (early demo)
Please Find My Baby
power of love soft rock classics, The
Preachin’ the Blues
Preaching the Blues
Prove Your Love
Psychedelic Send‐Up Number
Purple Dancer (studio/live 1970)
Purple Dancer, The
Put a Candle in the Window (run‐through)
Race with the devil
Ramblin’ Pony
Rambling Pony No. 2 (alternate original mix)
Rattle Snake Shake
Rattlesnake Shake (live in Boston)
Rattlesnake Shake (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
Rattlesnake Shake / Underway
Ready Teddy
Red Hot Jam (take 1)
Red Hot Jam (take 2)
Red Hot Mama (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
Red Hot Mamma
Red Rover (5.1 mix)
Remember Me
Revenge of the killer B's.
Rhiannon (5.1 mix)
Rhiannon / Commercials
Rhiannon (Dashka remix)
Rhiannon (early take)
Rhiannon (live 1975 FM broadcast)
Rhiannon (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Rhiannon (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Rhiannon (live at Tucson, 8/28/80)
Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win) (single version)
Rock dreams
Rock Me Baby
Rockin’ Boogie
Rollin’ Man
Rosebud Film, The
Rumours Outtakes
Rumours (super deluxe)
Running Through the Garden (5.1 mix)
Sad Angel
Safe Harbour
Sands of Time (single version)
Sandy Mary (live)
Sara (3/10/79 version)
Sara (5.1 mix)
Sara (edit)
Sara (Lazy Maid version)
Sara (live at Tucson, 8/28/80)
Sara (single version)
Save Me a Place (10/10/78 2nd version)
Save Me a Place (10/18/78 version)
Save Me a Place (5.1 mix)
Save Me a Place (live at St. Louis, 11/5/79)
Save Me (single version)
Say Goodbye (5.1 mix)
Say You Love Me (5.1 mix)
Say You Love Me (early version)
Say You Love Me (live at Wembley, 6/26/80)
Say You Love Me (single version)
Say You Love Me / You Make Loving Fun / Commercials
Say You Will (5.1 mix)
Say You Will (live from AOL sessions)
Say You Will (live on Jay Leno April 24, 2003)
Say You Will (single remix cold)
Say You Will (single remix fade)
Searching for Madge
Second Hand News (5.1 mix)
Second Hand News (early take)
Second Hand News (outtake)
Second Time, The
Selections From “25 Years: The Chain”
Sentimental Lady (single version)
Seven Wonders (dub)
Seven Wonders (early version)
Seven Wonders (extended version)
Shady Little Baby
Shake Your Money Maker (live)
Shake Your Moneymaker
She’s Changing Me
Show‐Biz Blues: 1968 to 1970, Volume 2
Show Me a Smile
Show Promo
Showbiz Blues
Shrine ’69
Silver Girl (5.1 mix)
Silver Heels
Silver Spings
Silver Springs (5.1 mix)
Silver Springs (early take)
Silver Springs (live from Warner Brothers Studio, Burbank, CA, 5/23/1997, edit)
Silver Springs (outtake)
Simply the Best
Sister of the Moon
Sisters of the Moon (11/12/78 version)
Sisters of the Moon (5.1 mix)
Sisters of the Moon (Christine Piano demo)
Sisters of the Moon (edit + Extra Reverb)
Sisters of the Moon (Full version With Extra Lyrics)
Sisters of the Moon (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Sisters of the Moon (live at Wembley, 6/22/80)
Sisters of the Moon (remix)
Sisters of the Moon (single version)
Skies the limit
Smile at You (5.1 mix)
Smile at You (outtake)
Somebody Had Their Head Kicked in Tonight
Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight
Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonite
Someday Soon Baby
Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight
Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonite
Something Inside of Me (live)
Something Inside of Me (take 1)
Something Inside of Me (take 2)
Something Inside of Me (take 3)
Sommer-Hits-Album, Das
Song #1 (I Know I’m Not Wrong) (alternate)
Song #3 (Walk a Thin Line)
Song Bird
Songbird (5.1 mix)
Songbird (demo)
Songbird (instrumental, take 10)
Songbird (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
Songbird (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Songbird (live at Wembley, 6/27/80)
Songbird (LP version)
Songbird (outtake)
Songbird (Version 1)
Songbird (Version 2)
Sooner or Later
Soul Dressing (instrumental)
South Indiana (take 1)
South Indiana (take 2)
Spare Me a Little (live 1975 FM broadcast)
Spare Me a Little of Your Love
Special Kind of Love (demo)
spirit of the 60s [sixties], The
Spirit of Woodstock days of love and peace
Stand Back (live)
Stand on the Rock
Station Man (live 1975 FM broadcast)
Station Man (live in concert 1970)
Station Man (single version)
Station Man (studio/live 1970)
Steal Your Heart Away (5.1 mix)
Stop Messin’ Around
Stop Messin’ Round (take 1–3)
Stop Messin’ Round (take 4)
Stop Messin’ Round (take 5)
Stop Messin’ Round (takes 1, 2 & 3)
Stop Messing Around
Stop Messing ’round (live)
Storms (11/30/78 version)
Storms (5.1 mix)
Storms (6/2/79 version)
Storms (demo With Mick Fleetwood)
Straight Back (5.1 mix)
Straight Back (original album version)
Straight Back (original vinyl version)
Stranger Blues (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
Sugar Daddy (5.1 mix)
Sugar Daddy (early take)
Sugar Mama (take 1)
Sugar Mama (take 2)
Suma’s Walk a.k.a. Can’t Go Back (outtake)
Suma’s Walk aka Can’t Go Back (outtake)
Summer power package
Sun Is Shining (live), The
Sun Is Shinning, The
Sunny Side of Heaven
Sweet Girl
Sweet Home Chicago
Sweet Little Angel
Talk to Me Baby
Talk With You (demo)
Talkin’ to My Heart
Tallahassee Lassie
Tango in the Night = タンゴ・イン・ザ・ナイト
Tango in the Night (deluxe)
Tango in the Night (demo)
Teen Beat (Mirage outtake)
Teenage Darlin’
Teenage Darling (live)
Tell Me All the Things You Do (instrumental)
Tell Me All the Things You Do (live in concert 1970)
Tell Me All the Things You Do, Part 1
Tell Me All the Things You Do, Part 2
Tell Me All the Things You Do (studio/live 1970)
Tell Me From the Start
Tell Me You Need Me
Temporary One (live)
That Ain’t It
That’s All for Everyone (10/20/78 version)
That’s All for Everyone (5.1 mix)
That’s All for Everyone (remix)
That’s Alright (5.1 mix)
That’s Alright (alternate take)
That's Enough for Me (5.1 mix)
That’s Enough for Me (9/29/78 version)
That’s Enough for Me (live at Wembley, 6/21/80)
(That’s What) I Want to Know
That’s Wrong
Then play on
These Strange Times
They Play On
Think About It (outtake)
Think About Me (2/18/79 version)
Think About Me (5.1 mix)
Think About Me / Save Me a Place
Think About Me (single version)
This Is the Rock
Thoughts on a Grey Day
Thrown Down (5.1 mix)
Tiger (live)
Total chill out a serene collection of jazz, popular & classical music
Transmission Impossible
Transmissions 1967–1968
Trinity (Bare Trees outtake)
Trying So Hard to Forget (live)
Tune Up
Tusk (1/15/79 demo)
Tusk (1/23/79 outtake mix)
Tusk (2/1/79 outtake)
Tusk (5.1 mix)
Tusk (6/4/79 USC version)
Tusk (7/19/79 version)
Tusk / Go Your Own Way / Outro
Tusk (live at St. Louis, 11/5/79)
Tusk (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
Tusk (Mono)
Tusk Outtakes & Demos
Tusk “Stage Riff” (1/30/79 demo)
Tusk (USC intro mix)
Tutti Frutti (live)
Twist and Shout
Underway (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
[unknown] (live: 1993: Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame)
Vaudeville years of Fleetwood Mac 1968 to 1970., The
very best of Fleetwood Mac, The
Vierzig Jahre Rock Pop
Vintage Mac
Vintage Years Live, The
Walk a Thin Line (3/13/79 song #3)
Walk a Thin Line (4/6/79 version)
Walk a Thin Line (5.1 mix)
Warm Ways (5.1 mix)
Warm Ways (early take)
Watch Out for Me Woman
(Watch Out for Yourself) Mr. Jones
Watch Out (take 1)
Watch Out (take 2)
Way I Feel, The
Welcome to the Room... Sara
What a Shame
What Makes You Think You’re the One (2/24/79 version)
What Makes You Think You're the One (5.1 mix)
What Makes You Think You’re the One (live at St. Louis, 11/5/79)
What's the World Coming To (5.1 mix)
When I See My Baby
When I See You Again
When It Comes to Love
When the Sun Goes Down
When Will I Be Loved
When You Say
Where We Belong (demo)
Where You Belong
Who's the New Girl?
Whole Lot of Loving
Whole Lotta Love
Why Did You Go Away
Why (live 1975 FM broadcast)
Willie and the Hand Jive (live)
Wimbledon-Hits 1992 die Lieblingshits der Tennisweltstars ; [Originalalbum zur RTL-Plus-Wimbledon-Übertragung]
Winds of Change
Wine Whiskey and Women
Wish You Were Here (5.1 mix)
Wish You Were Here (alternate version)
Without You
Woman of 1000 Years
Woman That I Love (live), The
Wonder Why, I
Words in a Tangle
World in Harmony (alternate take)
World in Harmony (alternative take)
World in Harmony (live: The Cue club, Gothenburg, Sweden 2 Nov ’69)
World in Harmony (version 2) (live)
World Keep On Turning, The
World Keeps on Turning, The
World’s in a Tangle
World Turning (5.1 mix)
World Turning (early version)
World Turning (live 1975 FM broadcast)
World Turning (live, 1977 Rumours World Tour)
World Turning (live at Wembley, 6/22/80)
Worried Dream (live)
Worried Dream (take 1)
Worried Dream, The
Worried Mind
You and I, Part 1
You and I, Part I & II (full version)
You Got Me Drooling
You Make Lovin' Fun (Trailmix remix)
You Make Loving Fun (5.1 mix)
You Make Loving Fun (live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA October 21–22, 1982)
You Make Loving Fun (live at Wembley, 6/20/80)
You Make Loving Fun (outtake)
You Need Love (demo)
You Never Know What You’re Missing
You’re a Mean Mistreater, Mama
You’re So Evil
You’re the One
Zeit der Sehnsucht
Contributed to or performed: 
’70s Classic Rock
(Why Nobody Comes) Back to Mine
10 Great Artists - 10 Great Songs
10 Great Artists 10 Great Songs
10 Rock Stars - 3
100 60s Hits
100 Car Classics
100 Essential Tracks: Love Songs
100 Essential Tracks: No1 Hits
100 Essential Tracks: Rock Hits
100 Greatest Acoustic Songs
100 Greatest Classic Rock Songs
100 Greatest Love Songs
100 Greatest Summer Songs
100 Hits American Woman
100 Hits Blues Ballads
100 Hits Blues Rock
100 Hits El cóndor pasa
100 Hits Groovy Times
100 Hits Kings of Beats
100 Hits of the 70’s
100 Hits One Way Ticket
100 Hits Only You
100 Hits Rock 'n' Roll
100 Hits Rock On
100 Hits Taxman
100 Hits The House of the Rising Sun
100 Hits: 60s
100 Hits: 60s Originals
100 Hits: Drivetime Anthems
100 Hits: Great British Songs
100 Hits: Love
100 Hits: Number 1s
100 Hits: Peace & Love
100 Hits: Power Ballads
100 Hits: Rock Jukebox
100 Hits: Summer
100 Hits: Sunday Morning Songs
100 Hits: The Best Rock Album
100 Hits: The Best Rock and Power Ballads Album
100 Hits: The Best Seventies Album
100 Hits: The Best Sixties Album
100 Hits: The Best Soft Rock Album
100 Huge Hits of the 60s & 70s
100 Lovehits
100 mayores éxitos de los 80, Los
100 No. 1 Hits
100 Pophits
100 Rock Hits
100 Years of the Blues
100% Blues & Soul
100% Hits: The Best of '97
100% Rock Classics, Part 2
1000 Klassiekers - De Eindejaarstop Van Radio 2
1000 Klassiekers Radio 2 - De Absolute Top, Volume 3
1000 Klassiekers: De Eindejaarstop Van Radio 2 Vol. 2
101 canciones de E.G.B., Las
101 Dinner Party Songs
101 Jukebox Hits
101 mejores baladas del universo, Las
101 mejores canciones del planeta Tierra, Las
101 Power Ballads
12 Inch Dance: 80s Pop
12 Inch Dance: 80s Remix
16 British Top Hits of the 60s
1960s Hit-Makers
1970's Rock, Volume 4
1970s Rock, Volume 1
1980s Classic Rock
1998 GRAMMY Nominees
20 Super Hits of the Century: The 60s
20 Tubes de vos 20 ans : 1977, Les
200 Fab Sixties Favourites
21 Great Songs by 21 Great Artists
25 Jaar Pinkpop
25 Jaar Popmuziek: 1969/1970
25 Jaar Popmuziek: 1973/1974
25 Jaar Top 40 Hits, Deel 1: ’65–’68
25 Jaar Top 40 Hits, Deel 4: ’77–’80
25 Jaar Top 40 Hits, Deel 6: '85-'88
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll, Volume 2: 1969
25 Years: Greatest Hits
30 Jaar Radio 3 FM 1985-1995
30 Jahre Top Ten Hits Die 60er!
30 Years of Number 1's, Volume 5: 1965-1969
32 Mega Masters
40 ans, les nocturnes Georges Lang
40 Jaar Top 40: 1967-1968
40 Jahre: The Very Best of Love Rock & Pop Songs
40 Years of Top Ten Hits
45 Classic No 1’s
48 Number One Hits
50 Jaar Radio Veronica: The 60’s
50 Sixties Tracks: Rare & Obscure
60 Blues Guitar Greats
60 From the Sixties
60 Number Ones of the Sixties
60's Collection, The
60s Jukebox: The Ultimate Collection
60s Summer Album, The
70 Hits of the 70s
70's Soft Rock
70’s Party Mix
70er Rock (Der Sound Einer Generation!)
70er: Alle Hits!, Die
70s Love Album, The
70s Songs
70s: The Collection
72 Golden Hit Classics
72 Golden Pop Memories
80 Smash Hits of the 80s
80's: Simply the Best Eighties
80’s Giga Hits Collection
80s Classics: The Collection
80s Dancefloor: The Collection
80s Verantwoord Powered by Rob Stenders
80s: Part 2, The
Absolument 80 : Les plus grands tubes internationaux
Absolute 80s Unwind
Absolute Acoustic Rock
Absolute Hits 60s
Absolute Soft Rock Classics
Absolute Summer Hits
Acoustic 70s
Acoustic Freeway
Acoustic Love Songs
Acoustic Rock
Acoustic: The Collection
Acura/ELS Surround® Premium Audio System Demonstration Disc
Ain't Nothin' but the Blues
Ain’t Nobody’s Business
Air Guitar Heaven
Alias: Soundtracks Season 1
All Blues - The Finest In Blues
All by Myself, Volume 2
All the Breaks: The 300 Most Essential Drum Breaks of All Time
All Time Greatest Blues Songs, The
All Time Greatest Love Songs of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, Volume III, The
All Time Greatest Pop Hits of the Last 3 Decades, The
All Time Greatest Rock Songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, The
All Time Greatest Rock Songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, Vol 2, The
All Time Greatest Rock Songs, Volume 1, The
All Time Greatest Rock Songs, Volume 2, The
All You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Rock, Volume Two
Alle 40 goed: Instrumentals
Alles Live!
Alltime Greatest Hits of the 60's
Alltime Greatest Rock Ballads of the 70s 80s & 90s, The
Alone With the Blues
Alternative 60s: From Woodstock to Vietnam
Always 18 Timeless Hits, Volume 2
AM Gold: 1976
AM Gold: 1977
American Anthems II
American Anthems: All Time Classics
American Classics
American Highway
American Road Trip
American Rock Classics
Anthology, The
Aral MusicCollection No. 12: You Got It
Aral MusicCollection No. 7
Arbeidsvitaminen, Volume 2
Arcade Hot 100
Around Midnight
Ars Longa Vita Brevis
Art of Sysyphus Extra Berlin, Volume 1, The
Artist’s Choice: Elvis Costello
Aspen Classic, Volume 1
At Least the Sky Is Blue / Where I Go / Here I Go / Fantasy / Where There Is Rain / Dreams (Psychemagik remix) / Keep Falling in Love / Beyond / Apples & Pears / Keep on Rolling / Suddenly / Right Down the Line / Africa (Heard From Outside the Club) / VII Babies / Maddy / Night Drive / Down in Flames / Can’t Hear My Eyes
Audio Collection, Volume 1, The
Audiophile Recordings, Vol. 03
Awards 1989, The
Baby Boomers Greatest Hits of the 60s & 70s Vol 1
Back to Blues
Back to the 60s: 60’s Mania 2
Back to the 80’s Live: De Hits uit de Jaren ’80: The Long Versions Live
Back to the Sixties
BackPack 80's: Engtanzfete
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD2)
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD3)
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD4)
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD5)
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD6)
Bar Guru Bar: The Music
Bayern 1 – Die Oldie‐WM
Beginner's Guide to Blues Music
Believe, I
Best Air Guitar Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Album Tracks: Classic Rock
Best of 1980–1990, Volume 4, The
Best Of Blues - Vol. 1, The
Best of Bootie 2007
Best of British
Best of British Rock, The
Best of British: 50 Golden Years of British Popular Music
Best of Heartbeat, The
Best of Rock
Best of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Live, The
Best of Rock Legends, The
Best of Rock, Volume 3, The
Best of Rock: More Giants of Rock and More Classic Songs
Best of Rock: Pop in the 90s, Volume 3, The
Best of Rock: The Ultimate Collection
Best of Soundstage
Best of Super Stars
Best of the Best Air Guitar Albums in the World… Ever!, The
Best of the Blues, Vol. 2, The
Best of wea Originals, Volume 2, The
Best of Westcoast, The
Best of Woodstock and Flower Power, The
Best of.. Artists & Groups, The
Best of.. Groups, Volume 2, The
Best Pub Album, The
Best Rock Anthems… Ever!, The
Best Rock Ballads in the World… Ever! Volume 2, The
Best Rock Ballads in the World… Ever!, The
Best Singles of All Time, The
Best Singles of All Time, Volume 2
Best Sixties Album in the World …Ever!, The
Best Sixties Album in the World... Ever! IV, The
Best Sixties Album in the World... Ever! Volume 2, The
Beste Uit 2500 X Top 40, Het
Beste Uit De Instrumentale Top 100, Het
beste uit de top 100 aller tijden volume 3, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden Editie '98, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie '94, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie '97: Long Versions, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie '98, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie ’93, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie ’95, Het
beste uit de top 60 van de jaren 60, Het
beste uit radio1 classics 100 volume 2, Het
Big Ball, The
Big Boat, The
Big Brother Is Watching
Big Chill Classics, The
Big Rock
Biggest Thing Since Colossus, The
Billboard #1s: The ’80s
Billboard Top Album Rock Hits 1982
Birthday Rock
Black, White & Blues
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 10
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 9
Blue Horizon Story, Volume 1: 1965-1970, The
Blue Moon: 16 Songs of Loving You... Missing You...
Blues & Soul Masters
Blues & Soul, The Definitive Collection
Blues Album
Blues Album, The
Blues Album: 36 Classics, The
Blues and Rock Ballads Vol.1
Blues Avenue: ...from past to present
Blues Ballads 2
Blues Ballads, Volume 1
Blues Blues Blues
Blues Brother Soul Sister
Blues Brother Soul Sister Classics
Blues Busters
Blues Collection, The
Blues Corner: The Best of Blues
Blues Experience, The
Blues for Lovers
Blues Guitar Box 2, The
Blues Jam at Chess
Blues Jam in Chicago
Blues Jam in Chicago, Volume 1
Blues Story
Blues Story n°2 Le Blues Anglais
Blues: The Essential Album
Body Talk: Just For You
Body Talk: Magic Moments
Body Talk: Moonlit Nights
Body Talk: The Language of Love 1965-1995: Only You
Boots Rock Collection, Volume 1
Born to Be Wild
Born Under Saturn
Box of Rock
Braun MTV Eurochart Legends: 80’s & 90’s, Volume 1, The
Bravo Hits 3
Brit Awards 2012
Brit Awards 2015
Brit Blues Volume 2
Brit Pop
British Archive Series: Blues for Collectors, Volume 4
British Beat 1963–1970
British Blues Breakers
British Blues Invasion
British Invasion
British Rock Legends
Bugged Out Mix, A
Burning Heart
Buzz Me (live)
Cabrio Classics
Cabrio Classics II
California Dreaming: The Cream of L.A.’s Seventies Rock
California Dreams
California Story
California Take It Easy (disc 1)
Candlelight Top 100
Capital Gold Guitar Legends
Capital Gold: Blues Legends
Capital Gold: British Legends
Capital Gold: Just Great Songs
Capital Gold: Legends II
Capital Mix
Casey Kasem Presents America's Top 10 Through the Years: The 70s
CD+G: A New Dimension
Champions of Music
Chart Show Ultimate Blues, The
Chart Show: Rock the Nation, Volume II, The
Chesterfield Music Box - Blues Edition
Children of the Revolution
Chill Out: Music to Relax To...
Classic ’70s Rock: 30 Super Hits
Classic 80s Pop
Classic Americana
Classic Cuts Presents 80’s Night: The Ultimate DJ Collection
Classic Drive: Back to the 80’s
Classic Driving Rock
Classic Driving Songs
Classic Hits
Classic Pop
Classic Rock
Classic Rock #090: Lost Treasure
Classic Rock #109: 100% Live
Classic Rock #118: Maximum Overdrive
Classic Rock 80's
Classic Rock Collection, The
Classic Rock Les Classiques De Marc Ysaye 70s
Classic Rock: 1969–1970
Classic Rock: 1974–1975
Classic Rock: 1978-1979
Classic Rock: Guitar Legends
Classic Rock: Les classiques de Marc Ysaye
Classic Rock: Rock Renaissance
Classic Rock: Shades of Rock
Classic Rock: The Collection
Classic Rock: Ultimate Guide to Rock Anthems
Classic Rock: We Will Rock You
Classic Soft Rock: More Than a Feeling
Classic Soft Rock: Summer Breeze
Classic Years: 1968, The
Clive's Test Tracks
Collection Georges Lang, Volume 2, La
Come Dancing / And That Says a Lot (Panned, Right) / Prove Your Love
Come Together / Tusk / Stop Bajon / Groove Me / [unknown] / Armagideon Time / I Want Your Love (version) / Justice Tonight (dub) / Nah Run Weh / Sleng Teng Version/Under Me Fat Thing / Bo's Bounce / Jungle Obsession / Day Tripper / Ungewa Pt.2 (Way Out Guiana) / Kamphopo / Magic Carpet Ride / Yellow Fly / Hippie Hippie Hourrah / Let the Sunshine In / She's a Lady
Complete College Classics Collection, The
Coronation Street: Magical Memories
Countdown: 40th Anniversary
Countryfile: The Album
CQC 40 Clásicos Originales Del Rock
Crawling Up a Hill: A Journey Through the British Blues Boom 1966-71
Crystal Visions… The Very Best of Stevie Nicks
DAD: The Collection
Daily Express Hits of the Decades: 1960s
Daily Mirror: Let's Get Away
Dark Side of the Radio: The Complete Radio Shows, Volume 8: 1993 Westwood One - Superstar Concert Series: Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame 1993
Decade of Pop - The 60's, A
Deejay 25
Definite 60's, Volume 3
Didn't Know They Still Made Records Like This, I
Dig You
Discobar Galaxie: Inside the Soundsystem
Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats?
Dommelsch Bier Volume One ROMANTIC
Don't Stop the 80's, Volume 3: The Ballads
Don’t Worry Be Happy: 46 Feelgood Songs
Donna's Top 200 Allter Tijden, Volume 4
Donna's Top 2000, Volume 3
Donna’s Top 200 Aller Tijden, Volume 2
Double Platinum: Greatest Hits of the 60's & 70's
Dreams in Rock, Volume 1
Drive 3
Drive Time 4
Drivin’ with Johnnie Walker
Driving Anthems: The Ultimate Driving Album
Driving Rock
Driving Rock Ballads
Driving Songs
Driving Songs: The Ultimate Collection
Easy '80s
Easy Like Sunday Morning
Easy Listening
Easy Livin' - Rock of the Seventies
Eddie Stobart Trucking Songs
Eighteen Rock Classics
Eighties Album, The
Electric 80's
Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks
Elite Rock Collection
Embarcadero / Baby / Flakes / Acquaintances / Nakayama B1 Madness / Africa (Rune Lindbæk edit) / Cutlass Cruiser / The Tower / Dreams (Gigamesh edit) / Labyrinth / Johnny & Mary / New Jerusalem / Take It Easy / One More Time / Yeah / Valparaiso / Moon Turn Tides / Bless the Rains (LNTG Epic Journey) / Go 4 That (LNTG edit) / Face Down in the Gutter of Your Love
Eric Clapton and Friends
Essential Soft Rock Collection, The
Essential: One for the Lads
Essential: Summer Breeze
Even More Than a Feeling
Everything ’80s
Fab Sixties, The
Fargo Year 2: Songs From the Original MGM/FXP Television Series
Favorite Love Songs
Feel Like Making Love
Feel So Good
Feel the Adventure
Feeling The Blues Volume 2
Feelings 18
Feels Like Heaven
Female Touch 2, The
Female Touch, The
Festivals - The Collection
Fetenhits: 70’s Best Of
Fifty Number One’s of the 60’s
Final Countdown, The
Finest Masterpieces in Pop & Rock, Volume 1, The
Finest Masterpieces in Pop & Rock, Volume 2, The
Fleetwood Mac & Peter Green
Fleetwood Mac Family Album, The
Fleetwood Mac in Chicago
Fleetwood Mac Tour 97
Flower Power Daze
Flower Power, Volume 2
Folk Favorites of the '60s and '70s
Force, The
Ford Escort. The First 30 Years
Forever Gold
Forever Rock, Volume 2
Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack (special collector's edition)
Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack (special collector’s edition)
Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack (special collectors' edition)
Four Decades of Folk Rock
Freeway, LA
Freewheeling, Part One
From the Heart
Geniesser Lounge - Biker Delights
Geschichte der Pop Musik
Get Ready, Here Come the ’70s
Giants of Rock: Live
Girls Night Out
Gloryland: World Cup USA 94
Gold and Green
Gold Rock Ballads
Golden Days of British Rock
Golden Groups of the Sixties
Golden Love Songs, Volume 6: Need Your Love So Bad
Golden Presto Print Collection - Volume XI
Golden Sixties!
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Morning Vietnam, Volume 1
Good Times "KULT" Die 60 besten Kulthits
Good Times, Volume 2: Rock & Pop 1955-1985
Gorilla vs. Bear Modern Yacht Rock 2019 Summer Mix
Gorilla vs. Bear Modern Yacht Rock II Summer 2017 Mixtape
Gorilla vs. Bear Modern Yacht Rock III Summer 2018 Mixtape
Got the Blues 2, I
Got the Blues, I
Got the Blues, Volume 1, I
GRAMMYS: 50th Anniversary Collection, The
Grande Blues di Repubblica, Il
Great Stars and Their Greatest Songs
Greatest Eighties Album, The
Greatest Ever! 60s Flower Power (The Definitive Collection)
Greatest Ever! Soft Rock
Greatest Hits From the Past, Volume 1
Greatest Hits of the 60's
Greatest Hits of the 60’s
Greatest Hits of the 70s
Greatest Hits of the Millennium: 60's, Volume 2
Greatest Hits of the Millennium: Extra
Greatest Love, Volume III, The
Greatest Seventies Album, The
Groovy Kind of Love, A
Ground-Breaking Blues
Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 2
Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Volume 2
Guitar Anthems
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Guitar Heroes: Rock the Night Away
Guitar Kings
Guitar Rock
Guitar Rock: 1970-1971
Guitar Rock: Monsters (disc 1)
Guitar Rock: The Late '70s
Hail, Britannia
Halloween Songs
Happy Songs
Happy Together
Haruki Murakami Soundtracks III
Haynes DAD: Ultimate Guide to Rock
Haynes Dad: Ultimate Guide to Rock MK II
Haynes Rock: Ultimate Guide to Classic Anthems
Haynes: Ultimate Guide to the 60s
Heart Rock Cafe
Heart Rock: Rock für’s Herz, Volume 6
Heartaches: 20 Songs of Love
Heartbeat Lovesongs
Heartbeat Number 1s
Heartbeat: Love Me Tender
Heartbeat: Moments
Heartbeat: The 60’s Gold Collection
Heartbeat: The Official 10th Anniversary
Held My Baby Last Night, I
Herinnert u zich deze nog?! Top 100
Hidden Treasures
Hifi Visionen: Best of Oldies
Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD 13
Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD 3
Hifi Visionen: Pop-CD 4
Highs of the Seventies
Hippy Lullabies
History of Pop 1967-1969, The
History of Rock, Volume 12, The
Hit Giganten: Best of Flower Power, Die
Hit Z Road, Volume 2
Hit-Giganten: Best of 60s, Die
Hit-Giganten: Best of 70s, Die
Hit-Giganten: Flower Power, Die
Hit-Giganten: Instrumental Hits, Die
Hit‐Giganten: Legenden, Die
Hits Album 6
Hits Album 6, The
Hits Album 7
Hits Album 7, The
Hits Album 8
Hits Album 8, The
Hits Album, Volume 10, The
Hits Explosion, The
Hits of the 80s, Volume 1
Hits of the Screaming Sixties: 14 Original No One U.S. Hits
Hits of the Sixties
Hits Tape 6, The
Hol dir den Beat zurück, Vol. I
Hot Rock
Hypnotized Gypsy (Plies)
Hypnotized: The Ultimate FM Collection 1967–76
I, Tonya
I'm a Freak, Baby... A Journey Through the British Heavy Psych and Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-72
I’m Every Woman
I’m Worried
Immediate Blues Anthology, The
Immediate Collection, The
Immediate Pleasure
Immediate Singles Collection, The
Immediate Singles Collection, Vol. 1, The
In the Mood for the Blues
incontournables des années 80, Volume 1, Les
Instrumental Memories ...Are Made of This
Instrumental Moods
Interstellar Overdrive
Is This Love
ISO50 Music Exclusive
It Never Rains in Southern California
It Was a Big Thing
It's a Warnerful World
It’s Called Rock
Itchycoo park
Jim Beam: The Best of 40 Shots of Rock, Volume 2
Jon Savage’s 1969–1971: Rock Dreams on 45
Jumping at Shadows
Just The Blues
Keep Calm & Head to London
Keep On Running
kennt jeder Rock'n Roll Millionenseller, Die
Knuffelrock 10
Knuffelrock 2014
Knuffelrock 7
Komen Eten 2
Kuschelrock 12
Kuschelrock 27
Kuschelrock Special Edition: Feelings of the Seventies
Larry präsentiert: Hit Tornado '90 - '91
Last Night
Leather & Lace: The Second Chapter
Legendary Popsongs
Legends II
Legends III
Legends, Volume 8
Legends: Get It On
Legends: Ultimate Rock Collection: Get It On
Legends: Ultimate Rock Collection: We Will Rock You
Let's Go to San Francisco
Let's Jazz & Blues
Liebe deine Nächste!
Liebe Ist.. zu zweit bei Oldies zu träumen
Lifetime of Romance: Young Love
List, A
Listen to the Music
Little Blues in Your Soul, A
Live Rock
Lo Mejor De Caiga Quien Caiga
Long Tall Sally
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies
Lost in Music
Lost Mixes: Rare Rock Mixes
Love & Affection
Love Generation, The
Love Hurts
Love in the 60s
Love Song, The
Love Songs
Love Songs to Make You Feel Good
Love Songs: The Collection
Love Story: Over 7 Hours of Great Lovesongs
Loved Another Woman, I
Lovin' You
Lullabies for Little Dreamers
Made in England: The British Pop Anthology
Madison Blues
Magic 80s
Magic Bus: Summer of Love
Magic Mysteries
Magic: The Album
Magic: The Collection
Making of the Greatest British Rock Albums, The
Man Of The World
Man of the World - The Anthology 1968-1988
Marquee: 30 Legendary Years, The
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Red, White & Blues
Massive Hits! Sixties
Mastermix 221
Mastermix Classic Cuts 85: Drive Time
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 108: 80s 12″
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 134: 80s
Mastermix Classic Cuts: The Sixties Box
Masters of Rock
Maximum Rock
Me gusta conducir
Media Markt Collection: The 60s
Media Markt Collection: The 80s, Volume 2
Media Markt Collection: The 80s: Maxi‐Versionen
Mega 70's
Mega Gold 50'60'70'80'
Mega Oldies Box (disc 6)
Meilleur de la musique, Le
Middle of the Road
Midnight Funk: WYEP New Music Sampler
Miles of the 60s
Milestones: 20 Rock Operas
Millennium Classic Rock Party
Millennium Gold
Million Sellers 11 - The Sixties
Ministry of Sound: Chilled 60s
Ministry of Sound: I Love 80s
Ministry of Sound: Legends
Mobilee 100 - Anniversary Bonus
Molten Metal
Moments of Love
Monsters of Rock Live
Monsters of Rock Live, Disc 2
Moods 2: A Contemporary Soundtrack
Moods 3
Moods: A World of Emotions
More Hits of the 60's
More Than a Feeling
Most Relaxing Album in the World… Ever!, The
Most Wanted Love
Mr Music No. 9 – 1988
Mr Music Nr 9 – 1988
Mr Music Plus: Number Eleven
Mr Music Plus: Plus 3-93
Munich City Nights, Volume 40
Museum, Volume 4, Het
Music Legend Collection 'Rock'
Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 21
My Love Depends on You
Natural Acoustic
Natural Blues Album, The
Natural Woman, A
Need Some Air, I
Need Your Love, I
Největší hity 80. let, Volume 1
New Pure Moods
Night Songs
No More Doggin’
No. 1 Eighties Album, The
No. 1 Hits 1968, The
No.1 70's Rock Album, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 60's, Volume 8, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 60s (Digital Collection), The
No.1 Eighties Album, The
No.1 Rock Album, The
Nothing but the Blues
NOW 100 HITS 80s
NOW 100 Hits Car Songs
NOW 100 Hits: Classic Rock
NOW That’s What I Call 20th Century
NOW That’s What I Call 60s
NOW That’s What I Call 70s
NOW That’s What I Call Driving Rock
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1987
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1988
Now That’s What I Call Music! 84
Now That’s What I Call Rock Ballads
Number One Collection, The
October 10, 1969
Office Party
Oh What a Year! 1965-1969
Ohrwürmer Woodstock Generation
Old Grey Whistle Test, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: 40th Anniversary Album, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: America, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: Blues, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: The Anthems, The
Oldie Collection, Volume II, The
Oldies 1 Classic Rock (Radio FFN)
Oldies 10: Beat of the 60’s
Ones on 1
Only Love 1985 - 1989
Only Love: 1975-1979
Only Rock 'n' Roll 1975-1979: 20 Pop Hits
Only Rock 'n' Roll 1985-1989
Only Rock ’n’ Roll 1975-1979: #1 Radio Hits
Open Top Cars: New Frontiers
Original Hits: Sixties
Original Swinging 60s
Paint the Sky With Stars
Party Mix: Power Ballads, The
Party Mix: Swinging 60s, The
Party Time! 50 Classic Party Tracks
Party: The Collection
Peace & Love '60: 1968-1
Peace & Love Generation, The
Peace & Love: The Woodstock Generation
People’s Record, The
Perfect Blues Collection, The
Perfect Day
Perfect Love II, A
Peter Green Collection, The
Piano Love Songs
Piano Rock
Platin, Volume 3: Das Album der Megastars
Platin: The Very Best Of, Volume 2
Platinium 80
Platinum 80s
Platinum 80s Rock
Platinum Rock
Platinum: The Best Hits Selection
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 3: 1960-1969
plus belles voix du monde, Les
Pop Classics, Volume 2
Pop Classics: 28 Classic Tracks
Pop Decades: 70s
Pop Giganten: Hits der 70er, Vol. 2
Pop Giganten: Hits der 80er, Volume I
Pop History
Pop in the 90's Volume 3
Pop Music Sampler
Popular Music's Golden Hit Parade, Volume 6, 1968-69
Power Ballads: The Collection
Power of Love Soft Rock Classics - 1971-1979, The
Power of Love, The
Power of Love: 1977–1981, The
Power of Love: 1982–1985, The
Power of Love: 1986–1987, The
Power of Love: 1990–1992, The
Power of Love: Breathless, The
Power of Love: Stolen Moments, The
Power of Rock, The
Power Rock: 35 Rock Classics
Pre Historie 1969, De
Pre Historie 1987, Volume 3, De
Pre Historie 1988, Volume 2, De
Precious Moments
Precious Moments Vol 1
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, April 2003
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, August 1997
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, February 1998
Promo Only: Platinum Series
Psychedelic Sixties, The
Pure Blues
Pure… Blues
Pure... Chillout
Pure… Guitar Heroes
Pure… Psychedelic Rock
Q Rhythm and Blues
Radio Berlin 70er & 80er Doppelpack, Der
Radio Caroline Calling: Rock Flashback
Radio Days
Radio Saigon
Radio Saigon, Volume 3
Rare Rock Collection: 98 KZEW Rock Against Aids
Ready Steady Go! The Number One Sixties Album, Volume II
Real… Blues: The Ultimate Collection, The
Reborn to Run: The 35th Anniversary of Mustang
Red Hot Jam
Relaxing Album, The
Relaxing Songs
Remember The 60's (Volume 1)
Remember The 60's (Volume 2)
Remember the 60’s, Volume 4
Remember The 70's (Volume 6)
Remember Woodstock
Remember Woodstock '69, Volume 4
Respect: A Century of Women in Music
Retro Gold
Return to Fantasy
Revenge of the Killer B's, Volume 2
Revolution of the 60's, The
Revolutions in Sound: Warner Bros. Records - The First Fifty Years
Revolutions in Sound: Warner Bros. Records: The First Fifty Years
Rhiannon (Dashka remix)
Rhino Instant Party: More ’70s Rockadelic
Rhythm & Blues
Ride Like the Wind: The Smooth Sound of Rock
Rock - Road Trip - The Ultimate Collection
Rock 'n' Roll Experience 1
Rock & Romance Collection
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Volume 5: 1998-1999
Rock Anthems
Rock Ballads
Rock Ballads: The Collection
Rock City Nights
Rock Classics
Rock Classics - The Best Live
Rock Classics 2
Rock Classics: Rock Album, Volume 1
Rock Classics: The Ultimate Rock Anthems
Rock Collection: Classic Rock, The
Rock Collection: Legendary Rock, The
Rock Collection: Night Rock, The
Rock Collection: Rock Dreams, The
Rock Collection: Rock Heroes, The
Rock Collection: Rock Passion, The
Rock Collection: Rock Stars, The
Rock Collection: Soft Rock, The
Rock Collection: The Heart of Rock, The
Rock Diamonds
Rock Dreams
Rock E X P L O S I O N
Rock Giants, Volume 1
Rock Guitar Legends
Rock Guitar Legends Vol2
Rock Legend
Rock Legends
Rock Legends: The Ultimate Collection
Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages: Gibson Guitar Greats
Rock on Route 66, Volume 2
Rock Paintings: CD+G Sampler
Rock Party, The
Rock Platinum
Rock Shots: All the Time Greatest Rock Songs
Rock Songs: The Best of 50 Years
Rock the Planet: 80's Lite Rock
Rock the World
Rock: The Greatest Rock Hits
Rock: The Train Kept A Rollin’
Rock’mantique Top 100, Vol. 3
Rockin' on the North Circular, Volume 1
Roll & Tumble Blues: A History of Slide Guitar
Rolling Stone Collection: 25 Years of Essential Rock, The
Rolling Stone Presents: Blues
Romantic Collection: Golden 80s
Rosamunde Pilcher: Zeit zum Träumen
Royal, The
Schmuse Oldies Vol. III
Schmuse-Hits, Volume 1
Schmuse-Hits, Volume 5
Schmusehits 2
Schmusesongs, Volume 1
Seventies Album, The
Seventies Anthems
She Needs Some Loving
Side A (intro) / Sun Trails / Tasogare / Seven / Slowyazi / You / Sarra / What You Won’t Do for Love (slowed) / Smoothride / Show Me How / Plastic Love / I Can Treat You Better / Fools / Hit n Run / Hall & Oates / Silver Springs (Roxanne Roll rework) / The Rains (Down in Africa) / Bittersweet Romance (Monoteq & Grisha Gerrus remix) / L.A. Night / Dreams / Veil / Cruise / I’m in Love / I’m Not in Love / Right Down the Line
Silence is Golden
Silent Moments
Simply Love
Simply the Best
Simply the Best 70s
Simply the Best 70s Hits
Simply the Best Guitar Album
Simply the Best of the 60's
Simply the Best of the 80’s
Simply the Best Rock
Simply the Best Superstars
Simply the Best: Superstars & Legendäre Hits der 70er, Volume 2
Singers & Songwriters 1980-1983
Singers And Songwriters 1977 - 1979
Singers and Songwriters: 1975-1979
Singers and Songwriters: 1976-1977
Singers and Songwriters: 1978-1979
Singers and Songwriters: 1979-1989
Singers and Songwriters: 1980-1982
Singers and Songwriters: Mid-'70s
Singers and Songwriters: The Classics
Sixties Album, The
Sixties Album: The Album of the Decade, The
Sixties Apocalypse
Sixties Box: Mastermix, The
Sixties Hits
Sixties Power Ballads
Sixties Summer Love
Sixties Top 100
Sixties Top 100, Volume 2
Sixty Sensational Sixties Hits, Volume 2
Slow Van Toen 3, Die
Slow van Toen, Die
Smash Hits Car‐aoke
Smash Hits Love Songs
Smooth 70's
Smooth 70s
Soccer Rocks The Globe
Soft Rock
Soft Rock Anthems
Soft Rock Ballads
Sold Out (The Ultimate Selection of Live Performances)
Someday Baby
Songs 2: Best of Westcoast
Songs 3 - Von Folk bis Hip Hop
Songs from the 70's: All Time Greatest Hits
Songs of Aloha
Songs: The Very Best of Acoustic: The Collection
Sony Music Box: Rock
Sound Of Hit Music vol. 2 part 1, The
Sounds Like Summer
Sounds Nice Volume 2
Sounds Nice, Volume 2
Sounds of the 70’s
Sounds of the 70s: 1977
Sounds of the 70s: More Hits From 1976
Sounds of the Eighties: 1980
Sounds of the Eighties: 1980–1982
Sounds of the Eighties: 1987
Sounds of the Eighties: The Late '80s, Take Two
Sounds of the Eighties: The Rockin' Eighties
Sounds of the Eighties: The Rolling Stone Collection 1986–1987
Sounds of the Seventies: 1976
Sounds of the Seventies: 1977
Sounds of the Seventies: FM Rock
Sounds of the Seventies: FM Rock II
Sounds of the Seventies: FM Rock IV
Sounds of the Sixties: 1969
Sounds of the Sixties: Blues and Rock
Sounds of the Sixties: Hard to Find Hits
South Indiana (take 1)
South Indiana (take 2)
Southern Smoke, Volume 27: Disturbin' tha Muthafuckin' Peace! (Hosted by Ludacris & Field Mob)
Spirit of the 60’s: 20 Fab Hits, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1968, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1969, The
Spirit of Woodstock - Days of Love and Peace
Stand by Me: The Ultimate Nostalgic Anthems
Stereoplay Highlights CD 11
Stereoplay Highlights CD 17
Stereoplay Highlights CD 38
stereoplay, CD 25: Yesterday’s
stereoplay, CD 60: Yesterday’s
Steve Wright in the Afternoon: The Oldies
Still Got the Blues
Stop Messin’ ’Round
Story of the White Blues, The
Strange and Beautiful
Studio Brussel - De Tijdloze, Vol. 2
Summer ’88
Summer in the Sixties
Summer of Love Album - 24 Sixties Anthems
Summer of Love Goes on Sixties, The
Summer of Love Ibiza
Summer of Love, The
Summertime Blues
Sun Is Shining, The
Sunday Best 3
Sunday Morning Collection
Sunny Afternoon
Sunny Afternoon: The Sound of 60’s - Part 5
Sunshine Sounds Inspired by the West Coast
Super ’70s
Super 70’s Rock
Super Hit‐Cocktail
Super Hits Of The Sixties
Super Love Hits
Super Oldies Collection
Super Saver Greatest Hits
Super Sixties
Superhits Collection
Superhits of Rock 1965-79
Superhits of the Sixties - The Ultimate Collection
Superstars in Digital
Superstars of the 80s
Superstars of the 80s Shake It Up
Sweet Dreams: 18 Songs zum Kuscheln und Träumen
Sweet Dreams: 36 traumhafte Popsongs
Swinging 60s
Swinging Sixties
swingpaleis volume 3, Het
Talk to Me Baby
Talkin' Shit
Teenage Rebels! - Spirit in the Sky
Temperature Is Rising (100.2°F)
Terry Wogan: The Collection
Testament van de Eighties
Testament van de Sixties
That Loving Feeling
That Loving Feeling, Volume VII
Themes & Dreams
Themes & Instrumentals
These Dreams
This Must Be the Place / Everywhere
Thomas Gottschalk präsentiert: 50 Jahre Rock! Let's Have a Party - Klassiker und Hits!
Throwback Chillout
Tijdloze Vol 2, De
Time 100: The Music of Our Lives 1960-1980
Time Life Loves the ’80s
Time Life Music - Rock Classics: Milestones
Time Life Music - Rock Classics: Raised on Rock
Time Life Music – Rock Classics: Roots of Rock
Times of Our Lives: 1965-1970
TM Century PrimeCuts 518P
TM Century: GoldDisc 102
TM Century: GoldDisc 104
TM Century: GoldDisc 157
Too Slow to Disco
Top 100 Allertijden 1997
Top 2000 Editie 2013
Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970
Top 40 Hitdossier 1977-1978
Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988
Top 40 Hitdossier 1989-1990
TOP 40 Hitdossier 70s
Top 40 Hits of All Time, Volume 4
Top 40: Rock
Top des Sixties, Le
Top Gear
Top Gear 2
Top Gear 3: Rock Ballads
Top Hits '88, Volume 2
Top Hits U.S.A. T147
Top Hits U.S.A. T154
Top of the Pops 1968
Top of the Pops: 1964–1969
Top of the Pops: 1985–1989
Top of the Pops: Year by Year Collection 1964 - 2006
Topcollectie '60, De
Topcollectie ’60, Volume 2, De
Total Chill-Out
Total Relaxed
Tour of Duty 2: More Golden Popclassics From the 60's
Tour of Duty Gold
Tour of Duty: The Golden Popclassics From the 60's
Trigger Happy TV 3
Turn Back the Hands of Time: More 60s
Turning Point
TV Ad Songs
Twenty Number Ones
Typisch Zestig!
Ultimate 60’s: 60 Classic Tracks of the Decade
Ultimate 60s
Ultimate 60s Collection, The
Ultimate 80’s Ballads, The
Ultimate Acoustic Songbook, The
Ultimate Baby Boomer's Collection, The
Ultimate Blues Box, The
Ultimate Blues Collection, The
Ultimate Coffeehouse
Ultimate Collection: Classical - 100 Hits, The
Ultimate Collection: Love, The
Ultimate Collection: Rock - 100 Hits, The
Ultimate Drive
Ultimate Easy Album, The
Ultimate Eighties, The
Ultimate Eighties: The Album of the Decade, The
Ultimate Gold Collection, The
Ultimate Guitar Legends
Ultimate Love Songs Collection: All My Love
Ultimate Love Songs Collection: Feelin' Good
Ultimate Love: 60 Romantic Classics
Ultimate Moods Album, The
Ultimate Rock
Ultimate Rock - Great Rock Music
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection: Love Hurts, The
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection: These Dreams, The
Ultimate Rock Collection: Gold and Platinum, The
Ultimate Seventies
Ultimate Seventies: 1976
Ultimate Seventies: 1977
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Synthie Pop Hits aller Zeiten, Die
Veronica TOP 1000 Allertijden: Editie 2013
Very Best of 1960s, The
Very Best of Blues Brother Soul Sister, The
Very Best of Blues Guitar, The
Very Best of Heartbeat, The
Very Best of Legends II, The
Very Best of Legends, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1987-88, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1988-89, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1990-91, The
Very Best of Pure Moods, The
Very Best of Rock 1965-70 (grön), The
Very Best of the 80's, Volume 3
Very Best of the 80’s, Volume 5
Very Best of the Blues, The
Very Best of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, The
Very Best TV Ad Songs, The
VH1 Classic: The Cuts
Voice of Peace, Volume 2, The
Voix en or, Volume 4, Les
Vragen staat vrij
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 7
WDR 200 (Die Hits der besten Bands)
WDR 200: Die Hits der besten Alben
WDR 4: Ab in die 70er
We Love the Sixties
We Will Rock You
WEA Proc 90053, Volume 53 - June 1990
WEA Starforce on CD II
When Blues Met Rock
When I Met You
Where the Blues Was Born
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
While My Guitar Gently Weeps II
While My Guitar Gently Weeps III
While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Volume 2
White Boy Blues
White Roots 2
Whole Burbank Catalog, The
Women & Song: 18 Hits From The World's Greatest Female Artists
Woodstock Generation
Woodstock Generation, The
Woodstock Memories
Works, The
World of Greatest Pop-Hits of The 60's, The
World’s Best Dad: 60 Ultimate Rock Classics
World’s Greatest, The
World’s Greatest: The Ultimate 3CD Collection, The
Worldstar Session, Volume 1
Worldstar Session, Volume 2
Worldstar Session, Volume 3
Wow That Was the 60’s
WYEP New Music Sampler: Swingin' Tunes
Yacht Rock
You Make Lovin' Fun / Jam on It
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 10