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Coil (Musical group or band)
Coil / Time Machines
Coil vs. ELpH
ELpH vs. Coil
began 1982 until 2004-11-13
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Balance, John (hasMember)
Breeze, William (hasMember)
Brown, Ossian (hasMember)
Christopherson, Peter (hasMember)
Edwards, Tom (hasMember)
Gosling, John (hasMember)
Hyde, Danny (hasMember)
McDowall, Drew (hasMember)
Stapleton, Cliff (hasMember)
Thighpaulsandra (hasMember)
Thrower, Stephen (hasMember)
York, Michael J (hasMember)
2002-04-07: München, Germany
2002-04-13: Glauchau, Germany
2002-10-26: Łódź, Poland
2002-10-27: Prague, Czech Republic
2nd Son Syndrome (early)
2nd. Sun Syndrome
Absolute Elsewhere (tone/sample overlay edit)
Accident Insurance
Acid Jam 2
Acid Jam 3
Acid Jam (Part 4)
Air Gallery, London, 1983-08-24 (CSO 1)
Airborne Bells / Is Suicide a Solution?
Airborne Bells (no bells)
Airline 1
Airline 2
Algerian Basses
All the Pretty Little Horses
Alternative Theme From Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex
Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves), I
Am the Green Child, I
Amber Rain
Amethyst Deceivers (version 2)
Amsterdam Electronic Music Festival Live 2002-06-07
Anal Staircase (A Dionysian mix), The
Anal Staircase (A Dionysian remix), The
Anal Staircase (early), The
Anal Staircase (Relentless mix), The
Anarcadia (All Horned Animals)
…And the Ambulance Died in His Arms
Angelic Conversation (instrumental), The
Angelic Stations
Animal Are You?
Another Brown World / Baby Food
Ape of Naples / The New Backwards, The
Apology, An
Aqua Regalia (early)
Aqua Regis / Panic / Tainted Love
Aqua Regis (take #1)
Aqua Regis (take #2)
Are You Shivering?
Ascension / Enochian Calling / Angelic Stations
Assassins of Hakim Bey (remix 1)
Assassins of Hakim Bey (remix 2)
Astral Disaster Sessions Un/Finished Musics
At the Heart of It All
Attack of the Sennapods
Auto-Asphyxiating Hierophant, The
Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers
Avatars (alternative mix), The
AYOR (extra version)
AYOR Master (It’s in My Blood)
Baby Food
Babylero (early)
Backwards / Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil
Backwards (New Orleans alternate mix)
Bad Message
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Barcelona Aural Backdrop, The
Batwings (A Limnal Hymn)
Be Careful What You Wish For
Bee Has the Photos (1)
Bee Has the Photos (2)
Bee Has the Photos (3)
Bee Stings
Beginning Is Always the End, The
Black Antlers (Where's Your Child?) (version 1)
Black Gold
Blood From the Air (alternate mix)
Blood From the Air (early instrumental)
Blue Rats (Blue Cheese mix)
Blue Theme (alternate version)
Box Theme (alternate version)
Boy in a Suitcase (demo)
Boy in a Suitcase (full version)
Broken Aura (excerpt)
Broken Love
Broken Wheel, The
Captain Bart Welcomes You Aboard Flight 23
Cardinal Points (early)
Careful What You Wish For
Carvers and Gilders (Chaostrophy)
Cathedral in Flames (early version)
Cave of Roses
Chaostrophy (demo)
Chaostrophy (Pre-original)
Chatter IV
Cher Interlude
Chickenskin (early)
Children of a Black Sun
Circles of Mania (alternate mix)
Circles of Mania (early)
City Hall, Dublin, 2004-10-23 (CSO 14)
Coil presents black light district : A thousand lights in a darkened room
Coil Presents Time Machines
Coil Reconstruction Kit Disc One (CSO 15), The
Coil Reconstruction Kit Disc Two (CSO 16), The
Cold Cell in Bangkok, A
Colour Sound Oblivion
Consequences of Raising Hell, The
Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil (CSO Goat Soup mix)
Contains a Disclaimer
Contaminated Apples: 1986–1991 Appendices
Convergence, New York, 2001-08-18 (CSO 3)
Copenhagen 2002
Coppice Meat, The
Corybantic Ennui
Cosmetic 1
Cosmetic 2
Cosmic Disaster
Crumb Tune (master)
Dark Age of Love (Balance), The
Dark Age of Love (Marc), The
Dark River (demo)
Dark River (early)
Dark River / Null Tributary (full version)
Disco Hospital (unedited)
Dismal Orb
DK Gorbunova, Moscow, 2001-09-15 (CSO 4)
Don’t Get It, I
Don’t Want to Be the One (instrumental), I
Don’t Want to Be the One (unissued mix 2), I
Dream Photography
Dreamer Is Still Asleep – The Somnambulist in an Ambulance, The
Drip Drop
Echoing Green, The
Egyptian Apology Mix, An
Egyptian Bases
Egyptian Basses 1993
Either His or Yours (early version)
ELpH Outtake
Elves (master)
Elves (take 5)
Emergency, An
Enochian Calling II
Ergot (original demo of Godhead≈Deathead)
Escalation (different mix)
Everything Keeps Dissolving
Exploding Frogs
Extra sensual perception
Fidget (Further Back and Faster)
Finite Bees
Fire of the Green Dragon
Fire of the Mind
First Dark Ride 3
First Dark Ride 4
First Dark Ride (Hippie Cult Leader 1)
First Dark Ride & Protection Remixes
First Dark Ride (The Hills Are Alive 1)
First Five Minutes After Death (early), The
First Five Minutes After Death (“From the Picture Press”), The
First Five Minutes After Violent Death, The
Flex, Vienna (+ Prague), 2002-10-29 (CSO 7)
For Us They Will
Free Base Chakra
Further Back and Faster (alternate mix 1)
Further Back and Faster (alternate mix 2)
Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex +2, The
Gimp (Sometimes), The
Glowworms/Waveforms / Obsidian Monarch (full version)
Going Up
Gold is the metal with the broadest shoulders
Golden Hare With a Voice of Silver, The
Golden Hole
Golden Section (early), The
Green Child, The
Greensleeves Take I (...Of Free Enterprise)
Greensleeves Take II (...Of Free Enterprise)
Guide for Beginners: A Silver Voice, A
Guide for Finishers: A Golden Hair, A
Halliwell Hammers / The Sleeper / Windowpane (Minimal mix), The
‘Hammersmith’ Deceivers
Heaven’s 98 Horror mst
Heaven’s Blade- 98 Jams
Heaven’s Blade (inst) 1993
Heaven’s Blade (John Balance vox demo)
Hellbound Heart, The
Hellraiser Theme
Hellraiser Themes
Her Friends the Wolves
Here to Here (Double Headed Secret)
Hidden Hydrology: Coil’s ‘Lost Rivers’ Studio Sessions 1995–1996
Higher Beings Command
Hills Are Alive, The
His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi Elite (original mix)
His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi Elite (take #1 – early version)
Homage to Sewage
Horse rotorvator
How to Destroy Angels II
Hundred Thousand Dollar Altar, The
Improvisation (edit)
In Memory of the Truth
In My Blood
International Dark Skies
Is Suicide a Solution? (guitar treatment)
It’s in My Blood
Jhon’s House Tune From GM Guide – Protection
Journey to Avebury
Kusnir Jazz
Lake View
Last Amethyst Deceiver, The
Last Rites of Spring, The
Light Shining Darkly
List of Wishes, A
Live at Fano (Il Violino E La Selce) - July 28 2002
Live at Paris La Locomotive 2004-05-23
Live at the Barbican 2002
Live Box
Live Five
Live Four
Live in New York City
Live One
Live Three
Live Two
Loco, Paris, 2004-05-23 (CSO 11), La
London’s Lost Rivers (take #1)
London’s Lost Rivers (take #2 rough vocal track)
Lorca Not Orca
Lost Rivers of London (take #1)
Love’s Secret Demise
Love’s Secret Domain (early instrumental)
Love’s Secret Domain (vocal demo)
Love to Sleep, I
Lowest Common Abominator
Macro dub infection
Magnetic North
Main Title
March of More Time (master) 1993
March of Time (extra version), The
Mayhem Accelerator (full)
Mayhem Accelerator, Part 1
Meaning What Exactly?
Meet Murder My Angel (instrumental)
Melkweg, Amsterdam, 2004-06-03 (CSO 12)
Melotron Song (Amber Rain demo)
Metal in the Head
Minor Catastrophe (demo), A
Moon’s Milk (In Four Phases) (bonus disc)
Moon’s Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull, Part One
Moon’s Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull, Part Two
Mothership and the Fatherland (Part 2), The
Moulin Blanc
Music for Commercials
Musick to Play in the Dark, Volume 1
Musick to Play in the Dark, Volume 2
Mutek, Montreal, 2003-05-29 (CSO 10)
Nasa Arab 2
Nasa Arab (Aural Circumcision)
Nasa Arab (extended)
Natural Gas
Nature Is a Language – The Test
Neither His nor Yours
Never (edited version)
new backwards, The
New Dark Age of Love
New Forms, Den Haag, 2002-06-07 (CSO 6)
No New World (alternate version)
…Of Free Enterprise
Oh No There’s Another (Things Happen)
Omlagus Garfungiloops
On Balance
Original Amber Rain (demo)
Original Chaostrophy
Original Wild Garlic Memory, The
Ostia (early)
Ostia (Massimo’s version)
Ostia (The Death of Pasolini), A
Ostia (vocal demo)
Paint Me as a Dead Soul
Panic (alt mix 1 – cello)
Panic (alt mix 2 – guitar)
Panic / Tainted Love
Panic (take #1 – vocal)
Panic (take #6)
Panic (take #7 – guitar 1)
Panic (take #9 – bass 2)
Paranoid Inlay
Penetralia (early instrumental)
Penetralia II (T2 + T3 remix 1)
Penetralia II (T2 + T3 remix 2)
Poison Tree
Pope Held Upside Down (original mix)
Pre-Original Chaostrophy
Princess Margaret’s Man in the D’Jamalfna
Protection 2
Protection 3
Protection II
Queens of the Circulating Library
Queer Wolf
Radio Westin
Rarities, Volume 1
Ravenous (early)
Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night
Red Queen
Red Scratch
Red Slur
Red Weather
Refusal of Leave to Land (early)
Remote Viewer, The
Remote Viewing 1 (excerpt)
Remote Viewing 2 (Sketchwork)
Remote Viewing 3
Remote Viewing 4
Remote Viewing 5
Remotely (2) / Philm #1
Remotely (3) / Philm #1
Restitution of Decayed Intelligence I, The
Restitution of Decayed Intelligence II, The
Restless Day
Road Surface
Rosa Decidua
Rose Up at the Dawn of Day, I
S Is for Sleep
S.W.B.P., The
Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage 1
Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage 2
Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage 3
Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage 4
Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage 5
Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage 6
Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage 7
Scatology Demos
Scatology Sessions
Scope (demo)
Sea Priestess (early mix), The
Second Son Syndrome
Selvaggina, Go Back into the Woods
(Selvagina), Jesi, 2004-06-11 (CSO 13)
Sewn Open (Rehersal 5.XIII.83)
Sex With Sun Ra, Part One (Saturnalia)
Sex With Sun Ra, Part Two (Sigillaricia)
Sick Mirrors (version)
Sick Rose, The
Sicktone (demo)
Side Effects of Life, The
Silence & Secrecy (section) (live at Magenta Club, London 5.XII.1983)
Siminon Master Backwards (Swanyard demo)
Simon (extra long)
Sipping Birdsong Through Bedsprings
Sleeper II, The
Slip in the Marylebone Road, A
Slur (early)
Slur (vocal demo)
Snow (Answers Come in Dreams I / Driftmix / As Pure As?), The
Snow (Answers Come in Dreams II), The
Snow (As Pure As? / Answers Come in Dreams / Driftmix), The
Snow EP, The
Snow Falls Into Military Temples
Snow (Out in the Cold), The
Sodoma Atomicus
Solar Lodge
Something – Higher Beings Command
Sonar Aural Backdrop
Sonar, Barcelona, 2000-06-17 (CSO 2)
Song of the Week
Sound of Musick, The
sound of progress, The
Soundtrap (piano part)
Spastiche (basic)
Spastiche – The Night’s Alive (master)
Spastiche (Trumpo)
Spoiler (LP version), The
Spring Equinox: Moon’s Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull
Static Electrician (bass mix)
Static Electrician (Symphonic)
Stealing the Words
Stolen and Contaminated Songs
Strange Birds
Studio Chatter I
Studio Chatter II
Studio Chatter III
Summer Solstice: Bee Stings
Summer Substructures
Sun Ascension
Swelling of Leeches (original mix)
Synth (1-time-loop 1996 BLD sessions)
Tainted Love (Sleazy vocal)
Tattooed Man (The Dark Age of Love)
Teatro Delle Celebrazioni, Bologna, 2002-04-06 (CSO 5)
Tectonic Plates
Teenage Lightning 1
Teenage Lightning (10th birthday version)
Teenage Lightning 2 (demo)
Teenage Lightning 2005
Teenage Lightning (early)
Tenderness of Wolves (demo), The
Tenderness of Wolves (early instrumental)
Test Early mst, The
Theme From Blue I
Theme From Blue II / The Hills Are Alive
Theme From Gay Man’s Guide for Safer Sex
Theme From Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex Reconstruction
Themes for Derek Jarman’s Blue
Things Happen (early)
Things We Never Had
Time Machines (excerpt)
Tiny Birds (Sound of Progress remix)
Tiny Golden Books
Titan Arch (alternate mix)
Titan Arch (demo)
Titan Arch (early)
Tom’s Radio Weston
Triple Sons and the One You Bury
Triple Sun Introduction
Triple Sun [Nonimx]
Tunnel of Goats I
Tunnel of Goats II
Tunnel of Goats III
Tunnel of Goats IV
Tunnel of Goats IX
Tunnel of Goats V
Tunnel of Goats VI
Tunnel of Goats VII
Tunnel of Goats VIII
Tunnel of Goats X
Tunnel of Goats XI
Tunnel of Goats XII
Tunnel of Goats XIII
Tunnel of Goats XIV
Tunnel of Goats XV
Tunnel of Goats XVI
Tunnel of Goats XVII
Tunnel of Goats XVIII
Ü pel (Insense Offering)
Ubu Noir (early version)
Un-Earthly Red, An
Unearthly Red, An
Unhappy Rabbits
Universe Is a Haunted House / Blue Chasms, The
Universe Is a Haunted House, Part I, The
Universe Is a Haunted House, Part II, The
Unnatural History: Compilation Tracks Compiled
Unnatural History II: Smiling in the Face of Perversity
Unnatural History III: Joyful Participation in the Sorrows of the World
Unquiet Rest
Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser: The Consequences of Raising Hell, The
Untitled Instrumental #6 [DAT #30] (5 takes from the BLD sessions 1995–1996)
Untitled Piano Piece
Untitled Sketchwork #2 (BLD sessions 1996)
[untitled] [Suicide tag in reverse]
Vagonka, Konigsberg, 2002-09-29 (CSO 8)
Various Hands (original mix)
Video Recorder
Wait, Then Return
Warning From the Sun (For Fritz) / Amethyst Deceivers (live), A
Warning From the Sun / The Universe Is a Haunted House, A
What Kind of Animal Are You?
Wheal / Keelhauler, The
Wheel (demo), The
Wheel (early version – sparser mix), The
Wheel (remix), The
Wheel / The Wheal, The
Where Are You?
Where Even the Darkness Is Something to See
Where’s Your Child (Mood Change remix)
White Rainbow, A
Who by Fire (early)
Who by Fire (vocal demo)
Who’ll Fall?
Who’ll Tell?
Windowpane (12″ mix)
Windowpane (Astral Paddington mix)
Windowpane (demo)
Windowpane (minimal mix)
Windowpane (Razormaid Digital mix)
Windowpane / The Snow
Winter Solstice: North
Wir Click Wir
Wormsongs: Unreleased Studio Experiments, Early Takes & Soundscapes
Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window
Wraiths and Strays (From Montreal)
Wraiths and Strays of Paris, The
Wrim Wram Wrom
Wrong Eye / Scope
Wur Click 98 Lo Chords
Wur Click 98 Tk3 -Voxbits
Wur CLK Wir 1993
Wur CLK Wir 1998 mst vox
Ydrogeios, Thessaloniki, 2002-10-05 (CSO 9)
Contributed to or performed: 
…Maid! How Slow Can You Go? #4
[unknown] / The Sleeper
Ambient Groove, Volume 3, The
Anything That Flies
AP Presents: Industrial Strength Machine Music
Baptism of Fire
Beast 666, The
Black Box: WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 Years
Black Box: Waxtrax! Records: The First 13 Years (A Limited Edition Sampler)
Born Again Pagans
Brain in the Wire
Caged Birds
Cash Cow: The Best of Giorno Poetry Systems
Chaos in Expansion
Clorax Hurd
Closer (Unrecalled)
Coma Dives
Computer Music Journal Sound Anthology, Volume 24, 2000
Core: A Conspiracy International Project
Dark Age of Love (demo)
Dark Start
Decadent & Symmetrical
Devastate to Liberate
Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse, A
Downward Spiral (A Gilded Sickness), The
Earthen: A Cold Spring Sampler
Easy Listening for Iron Youth: The Best of NON
Ecuación de las estrellas
Electric Sewer Age Present Coil / Aural Rage
Electrocity, Volume 3
Elephant Table Album: A Compilation of Difficult Music, The
Emre: Dark Matter
England’s Hidden Reverse
Eraser (Baby Alarm remix)
Eraser (Reduction)
Expansión naranja
Fight Is On, The
First Dark Ride
Gave Up (Open My Eyes)
Halliwell Hammers (2), The
Halliwell Hammers (3), The
Halliwell Hammers, The
Hate People Like Us
How to Destroy Angels
How to Destroy Angels (Zos Kia remix)
How to Destroy Angels II
How to Destroy Angels II (Lumb mix)
Hysteron Proteron Jewel
If It Wasn’t Wolves, Then What Was It?
If You Can’t Please Yourself, You Can’t Please Your Soul
Lactamase: The Closure
Lichttaufe 2
Lumb’s Sister
Macro Dub Infection, Volume One
Melancholy Mad Tenant, The
Mondo Ambiente, El
Mutek 03
Myths 4: Sinople Twilight in Catal Huyuk
New Blockaders / Coil / Vortex Campaign, The
Not Alone
On Balance
On Balance (5.V.82)
Opium Hum
Otology: The Brainwashed 7″ Singles Compiled
Out There: A Thread Through Time
Pathological Compilation
Philm (Sleeper mix by COH)
Portable Altamont, The
Post-Punk Legacy, The
Predator / Prey
Pyre: A Cold Spring Sampler
Remotely / [unknown]
River of No Return
Rough Trade Shops: 25 Years
Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 2004
Sewn Open (Rehersal 5.X.1983)
Silence and Secrecy (section)
Songs for a Child: A Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini
Space Daze
sR:ample ::: A Source Research Recordings Sampler
Stealing the Words
Stealing the Words (3.VIII.82)
Succour: The Terrascope Benefit Album
Swinging Reflective, The
Swinging Reflective: Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy, The
Synaptic Research
Terra Serpentes
Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room, A
Total - Volume One
Total, Volume 1
Treat the Gods as If They Exist
Treatment of the Dead: A Cold Spring Sampler
Trials of Eyeliner: The Anthology 1979 / 2016
Truth (version)
Truth (version) (8.X.83)
Tyr: Myth - Culture - Tradition, Volume 2: Bonus CD Sampler
Untitled (edit.)
Vértigo de lodo y miel
We Have Always Been Here
Wire 20 Years 1982–2002: Audio Issue, The
Wire Tapper 6: Special Edition, The
Worship the Glitch
X-Rated: The Dark Files
X-Rated: The Electronic Files