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Bart D. Ehrman
Bart D. Ehrman (American academic)
Bart D. Ehrman (Amerikaans filoloog)
Bart D. Ehrman (US-amerikanischer Religionswissenschaftler)
Bart Ehrman
Bart Ehrman (filologo statunitense)
Ehrman, Bart
Ehrman, Bart D.
Эрман, Барт
بارت إيرمان
바트 D. 어만
アーマン, バート・D
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Holmes, Michael William (1950-...)
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松田, 和也 (1963-)
2 Clement — an Early Sermon
Abgeschrieben, falsch zitiert und missverstanden wie die Bibel wurde, was sie ist
Acts of John, The
Acts of Paul and Thecla, The
Acts of the Apostles, The
Acts of Thomas, The
After the New Testament: The Writings of the Apostolic Fathers
Afterlife of Jesus, The
Ancient Judaism
Anti-Jewish Use of the Old Testament, The
Apocalypse of Peter, The
Apocalypses in Early Christianity
Apocalyptic Teachings of Jesus, The
Apocalypticism and the Apocalypse of John
Apocryphal Gospels, The : texts and translations
Apologetics in Early Christianity
Apostle Paul, The
Apostolic Fathers and Proto-Orthodoxy, The
Apostolic Fathers as a Collection, The
Authority in the Early Church
Barnabae epistula.
Barnabas and the Opposition to the Jews
Beginning of Jewish-Christian Relations, The
Beginnings of Normative Theology, The
Beginnings of the Canon
Beginnings of the Gospel Traditions, The
Bible, The : a historical and literary introduction
Birth of Christianity, The
Birth of the Gospels, The
Book of Hebrews and the Rise of Christian Anti-Semitism, The
Book of Revelation, The
Causes of Christian Persecution, The
Christian Reactions to Persecution
christianismes disparus la bataille pour les Écritures apocryphes, faux et censures
Christianities of the Second Century
Christianity and the Conquest of Empire
Christianity in late Antiquity, 300-450 C.E. a reader
Christianization of the Roman Empire, The
Christians Who Refuse to Be Jews
Christians Who Would Be Jews
Church Manual — The Didache of the Apostles, A
Church Structures in Early Christianity
construction de Jésus aux sources de la religion chrétienne
Controversies of Jesus, The
Coptic Gospel of Thomas, The
Copyists Who Gave Us Scripture, The
Cristianos perdidos : Los credos proscritos del Nuevo Testamento
Death and Resurrection of Jesus, The
Deeds of Jesus in Their Apocalyptic Context, The
Deutero-Pauline Epistles, The
Development of Church Offices, The
Did Jesus exist? the historical argument for Jesus of Nazareth
Didachī tōn dōdeka apostolōn
Didymus the blind and the text of the Gospels
Diversity of Early Christian Communities, The
Diversity of Early Christianity, The
Do We Have the Original New Testament?
Doctrinal Problems in the Early Church
Doctrine of the Trinity, The
¿Dónde está Dios? : el problema del sufrimiento humano
Earliest Gospels, The
Earliest Traditions About Jesus, The
Early Christian Apologists, The
Early Christian Creeds
Early Christian Gnosticism — an Overview
Early Christian Mission, The
Early Christians and Their Literature, The
Early Gnostic Christianity — Our Sources
Early Life of Jesus, The
Early Persecutions of the State, The
Epistle of Barnabas, Papias and Quadratus, Epistle to Diognetus, The Shepherd of Hermas
Evangelio de Judas, El
evolutie van de Bijbel, De : wie veranderde de tekst van de Bijbel en waarom?
Fact and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code
Fact and Fiction in the Gospels
First Martyrology — Polycarp, The
First Peter and the Persecution of the Early Christians
Forged : writing in the name of God : why the Bible's authors are not who we think they are
Forgeries in the Name of Paul
Forgery and counterforgery : the use of literary deceit in early Christian polemics
Formation of the New Testament Canon
From Jesus to Constantine: A History of Early Christianity
Gesù non l'ha mai detto : millecinquecento anni di errori e manipolazioni nella traduzione dei vangeli
Gnostic Gospel of Truth, The
Gnostics Explain Themselves
God's problem how the Bible fails to answer our most important question--why we suffer
gospel of Judas, The : from codex Tchacos
Gospel of Peter, The
Gospel text of Didymus, The ; a contribution to the study of the Alexandrian text
Greco-Roman Context, The
Hatanshita kami kirisuto
Historical Criteria — Getting Back to Jesus
Historical Jesus — Solutions and Methods, The
Historical Jesus — Sources and Problems, The
History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon
How Jesus became God : the exaltation of a Jewish preacher from Galilee
Importance of Interpretation, The
Infancy Gospels
Interpretation of Scripture
Introduction to the Apostolic Fathers
Jesus and Roman Rule
Jesus, apocalyptic prophet of the new millennium
Jesus before the gospels : how the earliest Christians remembered, changed, and invented their stories of the Savior
Jesús, el profeta judío apocalíptico
Jesus im Zerrspiegel die verborgenen Widersprüche in der Bibel und warum es sie gibt
Jesus in His Context
Jesus, interrupted
Jesús no dijo eso : los errores y falsificaciones de la Biblia
Jesus the Apocalyptic Prophet
John — Jesus the Man From Heaven
Klīmentos pros Korinthious
Last Days of Jesus, The
Last Hours of Jesus, The
Letter of 1 Clement, The
Letter of Polycarp to the Philippians, The
Letter to Diognetus — an Apology, The
Letters of Ignatius, The
Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication
Lost Christianities the battles for Scripture and the faiths we never knew
Lost gospel of judas iscariot a new look at betrayer and betrayed
Luke — Jesus the Savior of the World
Many Faces of Jesus, The
Mark — Jesus the Suffering Son of God
Martyriou tou hagiou Polykarpou
Matthew — Jesus the Jewish Messiah
Misquoting Jesus
More Historical Criteria
Naśladowcy Jezusa : prawda i fałsz - Piotr, Paweł i Maria Magdalena
Netsuzōsareta seisho
New Testament — an Overview, The
New Testament Canon, The
Noncanonical Gospels
Nowy Testament : historyczne wprowadzenie do literatury wczesnochrześcjańskiej
One Remarkable Life
Oral and Written Traditions About Jesus
Oral Tradition in Early Christianity
Orthodox Corruption of Scripture
Other Gospels, The
Other Sources
Other Teachings of Jesus in Their Apocalyptic Context
Papias — an Early Christian Interpreter
Pastoral Epistles, The
Paul and the Crises of His Churches — First Corinthians
Paul, Jesus, and James
Paul — Our Earliest Christian Author
Paul’s Letter to the Romans
Paul — The Man, the Mission, and the Modus Operandi
Pauline Epistles, The
Pauline Ethics
Persecution of the Christians, The
Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene the followers of Jesus in history and legend
Petr, Pavel a Marie Magdalena : [Ježíšovi následovníci v dějinách a legendách]
Prawda i fikcja w "Kodzie Leonarda Da Vinci"
Problem of Pseudonymity, The
problema de Deus porque sofremos?, O
Prophet of the New Millennium, The
Pros Fillippisious epistolai
Przeinaczanie Jezusa : kto i dlaczego zmieniał Biblię
Religious World of Early Christianity, The
Rise of Christian Anti-Judaism, The
Rise of Christian Anti-Semitism, The
Rise of Christian Liturgy, The
Rise of Early Christian Orthodoxy, The
Ritual in the Early Church
Role of Pseudepigrapha, The
Scholars Look at the Gospels
Secret Gospel of Mark, The
Shepherd of Hermas — an Apocalypse, The
Šifra mistra Leonarda : pravda a smyšlenky
Some of the Other Gospels
Still Other Doctrinal Disputes
Still Other Words and Deeds of Jesus
text of the fourth Gospel in the writings of Origen, The
Thomas' Gnostic Teachings
Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code a Historian Reveals What We Really Know about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Constantine
Use of Authorities in the Early Church, The
Use of Scripture in the Early Church, The
Verdades y mentiras de El Código da Vinci : por el autor del bestseller Tergiversando a Jesús
Victory of the Proto-Orthodox, The
When Did the Canon Get Finalized?
Ztracené evangelium Jidáše Iškariotského : nový pohled na zrádce a zrazeného
Исус то није рекао
إساءة اقتباس يسوع
성경 왜곡의 역사
キリスト教成立の謎を解く : 改竄された新約聖書
Contributed to or performed: 
Chapter 1: "The Beginnings Of Christian Scriptures"
Chapter 2: "The Copyists Of The Early Christian Writings"
Chapter 3: "Texts Of The New Testament"
Chapter 4: "The Quest For Origins"
Chapter 5: "Originals That Matter"
Chapter 6: "Theologically-Motivated Alterations Of The Text"
Chapter 7: "The Social Worlds Of The Text"
Conclusion: "Changing Scripture"
Misquoting Jesus
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Includes abstract
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Princeton Theological Seminary, 1985