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Larsen, Elizabeth Brown
Larsen, Libby
Libby Larsen
Libby Larsen (American composer and educator)
Libby Larsen (Amerikaans componiste)
Libby Larsen (amerikanische Komponistin und Musikpädagogin)
Libby Larsen (compositrice)
Reece, Elizabeth Brown
Reece, Libby
20e eeuw
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Adam, de Saint-Victor -1146
Betinis, Abbie (co-author)
Briscoe, James R. (co-author)
Brunelle, Philip (1943-)
Carpenter, Bridget
Cleveland, Douglas (co-performer)
Hampl, Patricia (1946-)
Larsen, Libby
Library of Congress. Carolyn Royall Just Fund
Library of Congress. Music Division
Library of Congress. Recording Laboratory
Oxford University Press
Revzen, Joel
Sexton, Tom (1940-)
University of Minnesota
Zinman, David (co-performer)
79 fossil gestures
Ancient places
And another thing
Aubade, flute
Barn dances
Barnum's bird
Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers
Birth project
Black birds, red hills
Black roller
Blessed be the tie that binds
Blue Third Pieces: I. Deep Blue
Blue Third Pieces: II. Salt Peanuts
Brandenburg for the new millennium
Bright angel American works for clarinet and piano
By a departing light. Adrift! A little boat adrift!
By a departing light. Bind me--I can still sing
By a departing light. By a departing light
Canticle of Mary
Celestial fire
Chanting to paradise
Choral welcome
Cold, silent snow
Collage : Boogie
Concert piece, bassoon, piano
Concert piece, tuba, piano
Concertino, steel drum, instrumental ensemble
Concertos, trumpet, orchestra
Contemporary anthology of music by women
Cowboy songs
Dance mix
Dancing solo
Deep summer music
Donal Oge
Downwind of roses in Maine
Dreaming blue. Color duet
Eleanor Roosevelt
Encircling skies. Weigh me the fire
Eric Hermannson's soul. There's not a dress like that in all of Nebraska
Fanfare and alleluia
Fanfare for the women
Fanfare: strum
Fantasy on "Slane"
find my feet have further goals, I
Four on the floor
Free, fearless, and female
Full moon in the city
Gavel patter
Ghosts of an old ceremony
Ghosts of old pianos
Gulfstream American chamber music
Holy roller
In a winter garden
Instrumental music. Selections
Invitation to music
Is God, our endless day
It Am, I
just lightning, I
Kathleen, as she was
Konzerte, Marimba Orch (1992)
Late in the day
Licorice stick
Love after 1950
Love songs
Lover’s Journey: I. In the Still Garden, A
Lover’s Journey: II. St. Valentine's Day, A
Lover’s Journey: III. Will you, nill You, A
Lover’s Journey: IV. Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?, A
Margaret songs
Me (Brenda Ueland)
Mephisto rag
Missa Gaia: I. Introit: Within the Circles of Our Lives
Missa Gaia: II. Kyrie: Mother, Sister, Blessed, Honored
Missa Gaia: III. Gloria: Pied Beauty
Missa Gaia: IV. Credo: Speak to the Earth and It Shall Teach Thee
Missa Gaia: V. Benediction: Eagle Poem
Monk's oboe
Mrs. Dalloway. Sally! Sally Seaton!
My Antonia
My candle burns
On a day of bells
Orchestra music. Selections
Overture for the end of a century
Overture: parachute dancing
Peculiar case of Dr. H.H. Holmes
Penta metrics
Pieces, wind instrument, guitar. Canti brevi
Pieces, wind instrument, guitar. Presto-digital
Prelude on "Veni Creator Spiritus"
Psalm 121
Quartet, violins (2), viola, cello
Reasons for loving the harmonica
Ring of fire
Ringeltänze. Welcome yule
Rodeo Queen of Heaven
Romance du soir
Saraband, guitar
Settling years. Beneath these alien stars
Seven ghosts. Salute to Louis Armstrong
Since Armstrong
Sinfonien Nr. 1
Sinfonien Nr. 2
Sinfonien Nr. 3
Sinfonien Nr. 4
So blessedly it sprung
Solo Symphony (Symphony no. 5): I. Solo-solos
Solo Symphony (Symphony no. 5): II. One Dancer, Many Dances
Solo Symphony (Symphony no. 5): III. Once Around
Solo Symphony (Symphony no. 5): IV. The Cocktail Party Effect
Some pig ; an opera based on Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Sonata in one movement
Sonata, viola, piano
Song concerto
Song-dances to the light
Song without words
Songs from letters
Songs of light and love
Songs of Youth and Pleasure: I. Song for a dance
Songs of Youth and Pleasure: II. Pluck the fruit and taste the pleasure
Songs of Youth and Pleasure: III. Kisses
Songs of Youth and Pleasure: IV. Hey Nonny No!
Songs. Selections
Songs, unaccompanied
Sonnets From the Portuguese: I. I Thought Once how Theocritus Had Sung
Sonnets From the Portuguese: II. My Letters!
Sonnets From the Portuguese: III. With the Same Heart, I Said, I'll Answer Thee
Sonnets From the Portuguese: IV. If I Leave All for Thee
Sonnets From the Portuguese: V. Oh, Yes!
Sonnets From the Portuguese: VI. How Do I Love Thee?
Spell on me that holy hour
Suite, piano
Sweet and sour nursery rhymes
Symphonies, no. 1. Fresh breeze
Symphonies, no. 4. Beauty alone
Symphonies, no. 5. Cocktail party effect
Symphonies, no. 6
Symphony "Water Music": I. Fresh Breeze
Symphony "Water Music": II. Hot, Still
Symphony "Water Music": III. Wafting
Symphony "Water Music": IV. Gale
To a long loved one
toda la eternidad, De
Today, this spring
Tom Twist
Trio in four movements
Trios, piano, violin, cello
Try me, good king
Up where the air gets thin
Vocal music. Selections
Wait a minute--
What the monster saw
When I am an old woman
will sing and raise a psalm, I
With love and hisses
Works. Selections
Yellow jersey
Contributed to or performed: 
Paulus: Symphony in Three Movements / Larsen: Symphony "Water Music"
Thesis (M.A.)--University of Minnesota