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Kremer, M.
Kremer, Michael,
Kremer, Michael R.
Kremer, Michael Robert
Michael Kremer (American economist)
Michael Kremer (Amerikaans econoom)
Michael Kremer (amerikansk ekonom)
Michael Kremer (amerikansk økonom)
Michael Kremer (économiste américain)
Michael Kremer (US-amerikanischer Ökonom)
1994 fl
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Acemoglu, Daron
Angrist, Joshua
Berndt, Ernst R.
Bettinger, Eric
Blanchard, O
Blanchard, Olivier
Bloom, Erik
Broadbent, Ben
Brookings Institution / Economic Studies
Brookings Institution Affiliation (see also from)
Center for Global Development Washington, DC Affiliation (see also from)
Chamon, Marcos
Chen, Daniel
Cutler, David
Duflo, Esther
Duflo, Esther (1972-)
Dupas, Pascaline
Easterly, William
Friedman, Willa
Fung, Winnie
Glennerster, Rachel
Glewwe, Paul
Gugerty, Mary Kay
Harvard University
Harvard University / Department of Economics
Harvard University Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Ilias, Nauman
International Monetary Fund. Research Dept
Jayachandran, Seema
Kremer, M
Kremer, M.
Kremer, Michael
Kremer, Michael R
Kremer, Michael R.
Leino, Jessica
Levy, Dan M.
Maskin, E
Maskin, Eric
Maskin, Eric S.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Mehta, Paras
Mian, Atif
Miguel, Edward
Morcom, C.
Morcom, Charles
Moulin, Sylvie
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Olken, Benjamin A.
Onatski, Alexei
Pritchett, Lant
Robinson, Jonathan
Robinson, Jonathan (2008 fl)
Snyder, Christopher M.
Stock, James
Thomson, Jim
Thornton, Rebecca
Vermeersch, Christel
Weltbank Affiliation (see also from)
Williams, Heidi
Advance market commitments: a policy to stimulate investment in vaccines for neglected diseases
Advance market commitments for vaccines against neglected diseases: estimating costs and effectiveness
Advanced Purchase Commitments for a Malaria Vaccine: Estimating Costs and Effectiveness
Antiquities: Long-Term Leases as an Alternative to Export Bans
Are Educational Vouchers Only Redistributive?
Asian Growth and African Development
Being surveyed can change later behavior and related parameter estimates
better way to spur medical research and development, A
biological model of unions, A
Can having fewer partners increase prevalence of aids?
Contracting for health: evidence from Cambodia
Coping with poverty
Creating Markets for New Vaccines - Part I: Rationale
Creating Markets for New Vaccines - Part II: Design Issues
Deworming and development: asking the right questions, asking the questions right.
Does favorable tax-treatment of housing reduce equipment investment?
Economic transformation, population growth, and the long-run world income distribution
Education as Liberation?
effect of changing sexual activity on HIV prevalence., The
Elephants: Reply
Empathy or Antipathy? The Consequences of Racially and Socially Diverse Peers on Attitudes and Behaviors.
Encouraging Private Sector Research for Tropical Agriculture
Estimating the Impact of the Hajj: Religion and Tolerance in Islam's Global Gathering
Expanding Educational Opportunity on a Budget: Lessons from Randomized Evaluations
Globalization and international public finance
Good policy or good luck? Country growth performance and temporary shocks
How much does sorting increase inequality?
illusion of sustainability, The
Improving Education in the Developing World: What Have We Learned from Randomized Evaluations?
Incentives for research on neglected disease
Incentives in markets, firms and governments
Incentives to learn
Incentivizing Innovation: Adding to the Tool Kit
Income distribution dynamics with endogenous fertility
Integrating Behavioral Choice into Epidemiological Models of the AIDS Epidemic
Long-Term Educational Consequences of Secondary School Vouchers: Evidence from Administrative Records in Colombia
Many children left behind? textbooks and test scores in Kenya
Missing in Action: Teacher and Health Worker Absence in Developing Countries
Mosquitoes: The Long-term Effects of Malaria Eradication in India
Nudging Farmers to Use Fertilizer: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Kenya
Nudging farmers to utilize fertilizer: theory and experimental evidence from Kenya
O-ring theory of economic development, The
Odious Debt: When Dictators Borrow, Who Repays the Loan?
on how to improve world health
Outside Funding and the Dynamics of Participation in Community Associations
Outside Funding of Community Organizations: Benefiting or Displacing the Poor?
Outside funding of community organizations: benefiting or displaying the poor?
Patent buy-outs a mechanism for encouraging innovation
Patent buyouts: A mechanism for encouraging innovation
Peer effects and alcohol use among college students. -
Peer Effects in Drug Use and Sex among College Students.
Peer Effects, Teacher Incentives, and the Impact of Tracking: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Kenya
Pharmaceuticals and the developing world
Population growth and technological change: One million B.C. to 1990
price of life, The
Promoting Innovation to Solve Global Challenges: Opportunities for R&D in Agriculture, Climate Change, and Health
Randomized evaluations of educational programs in developing countries: Some lessons
Research on schooling: What we know and what we don't - A comment on Hanushek
Retrospective vs. prospective analyses of school inputs: the case of flip charts in Kenya
Saving and growth: A reinterpretation; A comment
School Governance, Teacher Incentives, and Pupil-Teacher Ratios: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Primary Schools
School meals, educational achievement, and school competition evidence from a randomized evaluation
Searching for prosperity
Spring cleaning: rural water impacts, valuation and property rights institutions
Strong medicine, 2004:
Teacher Incentives
Two essays on economic growth
Using randomization in development economics research: a toolkit
Vouchers for private schooling in Colombia: Evidence from a randomized natural experiment
Wage inequality and segregation by skill
What works in fighting diarrheal diseases in developing countries? a critical review
When Is Prevention More Profitable than Cure? The Impact of Time-Varying Consumer Heterogeneity
Why are drugs more profitable than vaccines?
Why are worker cooperatives so rare?
World Bank vaccine commitment, A
Worms: education and health externalities in Kenya
Young workers, old workers, and convergence. -
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Thesis (A.B., Honors)--Harvard University, 1985