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Laurence Rosenthal
Laurence Rosenthal (American composer)
Laurence Rosenthal (Amerikaans componist)
Laurence Rosenthal (amerikansk komponist)
Laurence Rosenthal (amerikansk kompositör)
Laurence Rosenthal (compositeur, chef d'orchestre et pianiste)
Laurence Rosenthal (direttore d'orchestra e compositore statunitense)
Laurence Rosenthal (US-amerikanischer Komponist für Filmmusiken)
Rosenthal, Laurence,
Лоуренс Розенталь
لورنس روزنتال (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
CIC vidéo
Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
Graham, William A. (1926-2013)
Graham, William A. (1933-)
Ketchum, Charles
McNeely, Joel
O'Toole, Peter (1932-2013)
Petrie, Daniel (1920-2004))
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
Soul, David
Steadman, Robert (1944-2010)
Unsworth, Geoffrey (1914-1978)
Wallis, Hal B. (1898-1986)
Warner home video France
Wayne, John (1907-1979)
Wojsz, Katarzyna
Zerbe, Anthony (1936-)
$10, 000.00 Check
21 hours at Munich
3. Juni 1899
30,000 M.P.H.
“Accident”, The
Alexander (3 min 15 s)
Alpine Innocence / Paul and Tatiana
Am the Haitian Flag, I
Anastasia (1986)
Andromeda Rescued
Andromeda Shackled
Argos Destroyed
Argos Is Doomed
Arrest at Dawn
Arrival in Zurich
Arrivals at the Hotel
Assassination Attempt / The Caesars
Assault and Impact
At the Columbus Statue
At the Opera
Awards, The
Bad Deal
Barcelona 1917: Ballerina in Bondage
Barcelona 1917: Boulevards of Barcelona
Barcelona 1917: Lead for Breakfast
Barcelona 1917: Picasso and Diaghilev
Barcelona 1917: The Contessa
Barcelona 1917: The Dressing Room
Barone Russo
Battle at the Fort
Bear Man / To the Cave / In the Garden / Tiger Fight / Dead Tiger
Bel Air Mansion
Benediction (original version), The
Benito & Claretta
Benito's Letter
Betrothal, The
Bible et un fusil, Une
Bible on Bed
Bible (Original Version), The
Big Night on the Town
Billy the Kid
Blood for Blood
Blue Guest-Room, The
Boniface Escapes
Bordello, The
Bourne Identity, The
Boyhood of Perseus
Braddock’s Cage / The Humanimals
Brady on the Stand
Brady’s Death
Brady Will Prosecute
Brass target
Braves (alternate), The
British East Africa 1909: African Port
British East Africa 1909: Discovery of the Oryx, Sacrifice
British East Africa 1909: Meto
British East Africa 1909: Talking With Teddy
British East Africa 1909: The Masai Elders
British East Africa 1909: Two New Friends
Brown Awakened
Brown's Arrival
Bruno Crashes
Bruno's Funeral
Bubo Arrives / The Quest
Bubo the Dive Bomber
Buffalo Hunt (from The Return of a Man Called Horse), The
Buffalo Spirit Gone
Burn-Out / World Champion
Captured Rik
Carlos as confessor
Cathedral (1 min 03 s)
Challenger 2
Chaos in the Corridors
Charmian's Villa
Chat by the Window
Chernak dead
Chez la Mère Catherine Café
Ching, I
choc des Titans
cible étoilée
Claretta's Villa; Edda Returns
Clash of the Titans / Andromeda Rescued
Collectors, The
Come Sit With Us
Come to Supper
Comedians / Hotel Paradiso, The
Comedians. Selections
Confrérie de la rose
Constellation / End Title, The
Constellation / The End, The
Constellations – End Title (LP version), The
Cue 1
Cue 10
Cue 10B
Cue 11
Cue 12
Cue 12C
Cue 12D / 13
Cue 14
Cue 15
Cue 15A
Cue 16
Cue 16A
Cue 17
Cue 2
Cue 3
Cue 4
Cue 5
Cue 6
Cue 7
Cue 8
Cue 9
Curse Ended / The Dancing Girl
Dark Forces
Death of the Chief
devil's daughter
Disembarking / Jones Arrested
Dockside Band
Dog soldiers
Doing Up
Doll and Ladder
Dreams and Omens
Driver Prepares / Shirley in Flames, A
Drummond Arrives
Drummond Departs
Dubov's Rage
Duce; Bruno's Baby, Il
Duvalier Drums / The Market
Easy money (James Signorelli)
Edda and the Children
Edda Embarks
Edda Rebels / Astia Road
Edda's Boyfriend
Edda's Fear / Sharing Secrets
Elk Woman
Embarrassing Moments and Happy Surprises
Embassy Interior
End Credits : Shows 1 & 2
End Title
End Titles
Epilogue: Helen and Annie
Eudoxia (4 min 19 s)
Family Farewell
Fantasy Island
Farewell, The
Fdr Speaks
Ferry on Lake Lucerne, The
Field of the Dead
Fight in the Swamp / Fanfare, The
fille du diable
Firing Squad
First Date
Fishing Village
Flaming Spear
Flower Shower / Bruno & Gina
Fonda Raceway / Shirley's First Win
Forest Murmurs / Dr. Moreau’s Zoo / Moreau Explains
forgotten, The
Fork in the Road
Fraulein Bridge / Highway / Slap Bridge
French Children, The
Friendly Neighbors
Fulfill Your Destiny (chorus)
Garage, The
George M!
Gifts for the Yellow Hands
Glass of Water
Golden Dancer
guerriers de l'enfer
gunfight, A
Haitian Flag
He Come Into His Manhood Today (Finale)
Head of Thetis / Pegasus in the Net, The
Heart Like A Wheel
Hercules Rising / Malfunction / Trapped / One Rocket Lost
Hick's Rage
Hicks Accepts
Hilltop, The
His first sail
His New Office / The Squadristi
Holocaust, The
Home to Milan
How Bad Things Are / She Bought You a House
Hurt and Pain / You Be the Head of This Family
In the line of duty, the FBI murders
In the Mirror
In the Night Watches
In the Phone Booth
Incident at the bank
Invisible / Joppa
Invitation to Nigeria / On His Knees
Ireland, 1916: A Terrible Beauty
Ireland, 1916: Fight in the Bakery
Ireland, 1916: Maggie
Ireland, 1916: The Uprising
Ireland, 1916: Welcome to Ireland
island of Dr. Moreau, The
"It Is My Wish" (chorus)
It's Over, Piccola
Jack Loses
Jason and Marie
Joppa (original version)
Journey Home, The
Julio's Honeymoon
Jungle Pursuit
Justice or Revenge / The Lovers
Keys (Film Version), The
kissing place, The
Kitty Kat Club
Knife, The
Kraken, The
Last Embrace, The
Last of Webber / End Title (Mara’s Theme), The
Last Supper; Milan
Let Her Come
Lion's Den
log of the Black Pearl, The
Lord of the Marsh, The
Lounge Lizard
Lovers, The
lunar en el sol, Un
Madame l'Ambassadrice
Magic Sword, The
Magic Weapons
Magiot Asleep
Magiot's Death
Main title (2 min 04 s)
Main Title (alternate version)
Main Title: Helen Alone
Main Title (Original)
Main Title (Revised)
Main Title / The Chauffeur
Main Title / The Jungle
Main Title: The Return of a Man called Horse
Man and Beast
Man of La Mancha
Man Out Of Time
man who captured Eichmann, The
Manhattan Splinter
Mara’s Theme / The Man From Switzerland
Maria and Andrew
Maria and Friend / After Dinner / Doctor’s Study
Martha / Port-au-Prince
Martha's Car
Masks of evil
Massacre (original LP version), The
Matteotti Murdered
Maybe It's Time for Me
Medusa Temple / Two Headed Dog
Meet Joseph Asagai / Asagai Departs
Meetings with Remarkable Men
mémoire dans la peau
Memories of Big Walter / In My House There Is Still God
Merry Christmas, Jack
Meteor #1 / The Meteor #2 / 30,000 MPH, The
Meteor #3, The
Meteor Band March / Meteor End Credits
Meteor (end title suite)
Meteor Main Title
Military Band
Miracle en Alabama
miracle worker, The
Mit Dynamit und frommen Sprüchen
Mohawk River
Monty's Triumph
Moreau’s Death
Morgan Haunted by His Memories (original LP version)
Mountain, The
Murder on flight 502
Music for the piano
Music in the Park
Musique pour piano
Mussolini, la historia desconocida
Mussolini, the untold story
Nervous Tea Party, The
New House, The
New Tsarevich (1 min 14 s)
Next Morning
Night Cap / Questionable Judgment
Night Threats
No Mercy (chorus) (unused)
Northern Italy, 1918: Arriverderci Indy
Northern Italy, 1918: Deserters
Northern Italy, 1918: Love and War
Northern Italy, 1918: Romantic Adventures
Northern Italy, 1918: Spaghetti
Northern Italy, 1918: The Bridal Gown
Nothing but Class
Off to Capri / Bruno & Papa
Off to Detroit
Olympus (chorus)
On the Beach / More Questions
On wings of eagles
Opération Attila
Operation Jones
Operation Rescue
Operation Smack
Ordinary Man
Overture in C ; [for orchestra. Score]
Packing / Willie Is Gone!
Palais Royale & End Title, The
Patience / Jones as Cook
Pegasus / To the Marsh
Peking 1910: An American Thanksgiving - A Chinese Adventure
Peking 1910: Indy Is Ill
Peking 1910: The Long Night of Dr. Wen Ch-Iu
Peking 1910: West Meets East
Peter's theme
Peter's Wedding (55 s)
Peter the Great
Petit Pierre
Philipot and Jones
Phonograph, The
Pills, The
plot to kill Hitler
Police Arrive, The
Preparation for the Ordeal
Prepare for Realigning Peter the Great
Priest / Ogou Fè (Traditional) / Ecstasy, The
Princeton 1916: Princeton Days
Princeton 1916: The Senior Prom
Princeton 1916: Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout
Procession Drums
Prologue and Main Title (LP version)
Quest (alternate version), The
Qui aimera mes enfants
Raceway Montage
Rachel Breaks Down
Rachele Weeps
Rachelle's Greif
Rainway Track, The
raisin au soleil
Raisin in the Sun / Requiem for a Heavyweight, A
Raven’s Sacrifice
Real Maria / End Credits, The
Realigning Peter the Great / Realigning Hercules
Red Door, The
Red Roadster, The
Refuge, The
Religion Prologue (alternate)
Rencontres avec des hommes remarquables
Requiem (2 min 12 s)
Return Of A Man Called Horse/Inherit The Wind, The
Return of a Man Called Horse (Main Title)
Return to Italy
Rev. Brown Prays
Rev. Brown’s Sermon
revanche d'un homme nommé cheval
Riks Routed, The
River Styx, The
Rodzynek w słońcu
Rooster Cogburn
Royal Palace
Russians Arrive, The
Satan's school
Scandale à Hollywood
Schani and Kathi
Schani's Jubilee
Semper Fi
Setting the Stage
Shank's Pony / Cemetery
She Folded Her Napkin
Shirley's Back
Soft Side, The
Sophia and Alexis
Stand Up, Walter Lee
Star et le milliardaire
Stebbins Boy, The
Stebbins Posts Bond
Suite Part 1 (Pilot)
Suite Part 2 (Pilot)
Suite Part 3 (Pilot)
Summer Days
Sun Vow: The Sweat Lodge – Morgan’s Vision The Sun Dance (original LP version), The
Sweat Lodge, The
Swimming Pool / Ministry
Szaleństwa Iris
Tartars (2 min 01 s)
Theme From Fantasy Island
Theme From Logan’s Run (TV Series)
Thin Dog
Things Are Looking Up
Three Signatures / New Track Record
To the Garden House
To the House of Pain (alternate version)
To the House of Pain / Funeral Pyre
Tontons Macoute, The
Torna El Grinta
Train, The
Training for War (original LP version)
Training Montage
Transformation of Calibos
Trapeze Waltz, The
Treadstone 71
Tree Climbing
Trocadero, The
Tsar and Tsaritsa (37 s)
Valois bank
Veteran's Day Fanfare / Veteran's Day Fanfare
Vienna 1908: Indy and the Princess
Vienna 1908: Outfoxing the Fox
Vienna 1908: Skating in the Prater
Vienna 1908: Sophie's Chamber
Vienna 1908: The Poetry Lesson
Vierge Marie, Priez Pour Moi
Villa Torlonia
Violence in the Bell Tower
Visitors From the Country
Vittorio and Mama; Bombs at Night
Voodoo Temple, The
Voyage Home, The
We Follow the North Star
Weapon and the Disguise, The
Wedding Tarantella
Wedding, The
Welcome to Berlin
Welcoming Committee, The
Who'll stop the rain
Wild Goose Chase
Wrecked Car / Connie Crashes, The
Yellow Hands in Despair, The
Young Chief – The New Life, The
Young Indiana Jones chronicles. Indy's jazz
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Mexico 1916)
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Peking 1910 / An American Thanksgiving / A Chinese Adventure, The
Young Indiana Jones chronicles. Young Indy
Zamach na życie Hitlera
Zeus Commands the Gifts (chorus)
Zeus’s Judgment (Chorus) (unused alternate version)
Тайна личности Борна
Хроніки молодого Індіани Джонса
کمدین‌ها (فیلم ۱۹۶۷)
Contributed to or performed: 
[Untitled] (Moderato)
1. IV. 1927 b [Untitled]
10. XII. 1925 [Untitled]
13. III. 1927 [Untitled]
14. II. 1926 [Untitled]
14. IV. 1927 [Untitled]
19. II. 1927 [Untitled]
1923 [Untitled]
2. I. 1927 [Untitled]
20. X. 1926 [Untitled]
22. III. 1926 [Untitled]
22. III. 1927 [Untitled]
23. X. 1926 [Untitled]
26. IX. 1926 [Untitled]
26. X. 1926 [Untitled]
31. X. 1926 [Untitled]
6. I. 1927 [Untitled]
7. XII. 1925 [Untitled]
Afghan Melody
Alas, Lorraine / Au Revoir
All‐Time Top 100 TV Themes
Allegretto, un poco pesante
Allegro ma non troppo
Always Stay at the Ritz, I
Ancient Greek Dance
Ancient Greek Melody
Arabian Dance
Armenian Melody
Armenian Song
As if the Stormy Years had Passed
Assyrian Women Mourners
Atarnakh, Kurd Song
Best of Science Fiction
Best of the West
Bokharian Dervish, Hadji Asvatz Troov, The
Caucasian Dance (Allegro con brio)
Chant from a Holy Book
Christmas Eve
Clash of the Titans
Death of a Salesman / Rashomon
Dervish Chant and Dance (Andante con moto)
Dervish Dance (Allegro ma non troppo)
Dervish Dance (Andante con moto. Poco marciale)
Dervish Dance (Con moto. Il ritmo marcato assai)
Dervish Dance (Moderato. Pesante)
Dervish Dance (Pesante)
Easter Hymn
Easter Hymn and Procession in the Holy Night
Easy Money
Essene Hymn
Essentuki Prayer, The
For Professor Skridlov
Fragment No. 1
Fragment No. 2
Fragment No. 3
Fragment No. 4
Fragment No. 5
Fragment No. 6
Great Prayer, The
Greek Melody
Greek Round Dance
Greek Song
Harriet Sedley
Hindu Melody
Holy Affirming, Holy Denying, Holy Reconciling
How Can You Kiss Those Good Times Goodbye?
Hymn for Christmas Day, No. 1
Hymn for Christmas Day, No. 2
Hymn for Easter Thursday
Hymn for Easter Wednesday
Hymn for Good Friday
Hymn No. 1
Hymn No. 10
Hymn No. 2
Hymn No. 3
Hymn No. 4
Hymn No. 5
Hymn No. 6
Hymn No. 7
Hymn No. 8
Hymn No. 9
Hymn to Our Endless Creator
Imagine That
In the Very Next Moment
Initiation of the Priestess, The
Inside the Actor's Studio Profile
Joyous Hymn
Katzapsky Song (Andante marciale)
Kurd Melody
Kurd Melody for Two Flutes
Kurd Melody from Isfahan
Kurd Shepherd Melody
Kurd Shepherd's Dance
Kurdish Song (Allegretto con moto)
Kurdo-Greek Melody (Allegro ma non troppo)
Logan's Run
Long Ago in Mikhailov
Marry the Girl Myself
Maybe It's Time for Me
Moorish Dance (Allegro con brio)
Music for the Piano Volume I: Asian Songs and Rhythms
Music for the Piano Volume II: Music of the Sayyids and the Dervishes
Music for the Piano Volume III: Hymns, Prayers, and Rituals
Music for the Piano Volume IV: Hymns from a Great Temple and other Selected Works
Night Procession
Oriental Melody
Oriental Song
Orthodox Hymn for a Midnight Service
Orthodox Hymn from Asia Minor
Persian Dance
Persian Dervish (Moderato. Poco rubato)
Persian Dervish (Pesante)
Persian Song
Pity for One's Self
Prayer and Despair
Prayer and Procession
Prayer for Mercy
Prayer of Gratitude
Preen Beguine
Proposal Duet / Listen, Cosette
Putty in Your Hands
Putty in Your Hands (reprise)
Reading from a Sacred Book
Rejoice, Beelzebub!
Religious Ceremony
Resurrection of Christ, The
Return from a Journey
Revoir (reprise)
Sayyid Chant
Sayyid Chant and Dance
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Alla breve. Moderato)
Sayyid Chant And Dance (Andantino. Molto cantabile ed espressivo)
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Lento non troppo)
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Lento. Poco rubato)
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Liberamente)
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Librement)
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Moderato)
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Poco rubato)
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Quasi recitativo. Con moto)
Sayyid Chant and Dance (Rubato)
Sayyid Dance
Sayyid Dance (Alerte)
Sayyid Dance (Allegro con brio)
Sayyid Dance (Allegro ma non troppo)
Sayyid Dance (Andantino. Poco marciale)
Song of Ancient Rome
Song of the Aisors
Song of the Fisherwomen
Song of the Molokans
Star Wars and More: The Best of John Williams
Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 6: Remote Control
This Is… Science Fiction
Tibetan "Masques", No. 1
Tibetan "Masques", No. 2
Tibetan Melody
Tibi Cantamus, No. 1
Tibi Cantamus, No. 2
TV Themes, Volume 3
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Vespers Hymn
Western Collection
Whiteside's Prayer
Whiteside's Prayer (reprise) / Finale
Why Does the Whole Damn World Adore Me?
With This Ring
Women's Prayer
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Volume 1, The
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Volume 2, The
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Volume 3, The
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Volume 4, The
Thesis (M.M.)--Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, 1951