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Firth, Fred
Fred Frith
Fred Frith (anglický hudebník)
Fred Frith (anglický hudobník)
Fred Frith (britischer Musiker)
Fred Frith (English musician, composer and improvisor)
Fred Frith (gitarist uit Engeland)
Fred Frith (polistrumentista e compositore inglese)
Frith, Fred
Frith, Jeremy Webster
Фрит, Фред
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Allen, Orlando (co-performer)
Art Bears (isMemberOf)
Bacon, Bill (co-performer)
Baker, Ginger (co-performer)
Bang, Billy (co-performer)
Baron, Joey (co-performer)
Beinhorn, Michael (co-performer)
Blegvad, Peter (co-performer)
Born, Georgie (co-performer)
Bossi, Matthias (co-performer)
Bova, Jeff (co-performer)
Brailey, Jerome (co-performer)
Buckethead (co-performer)
Cameron, Matt (co-performer)
Carson, Lori (co-performer)
Cooper, Gary "Mudbone" (co-performer)
Cooper, Lindsay (co-performer)
Cora, Tom (co-performer)
Cosa Brava (isMemberOf)
Cultreri, Cliff (co-performer)
Cutler, Chris (co-performer)
Dara, Olu (co-performer)
Death Ambient (isMemberOf)
Denio, Amy (co-performer)
Didkovsky, Nick (co-performer)
Dieng, Aïyb (co-performer)
Drouet, Jean-Pierre (1935-)
Duck and Cover (isMemberOf)
Dunbar, Lowell “Sly” (co-performer)
ECM Records GmbH
Evans, Guy (co-performer)
Eye, Yamataka (co-performer)
Fier, Anton (co-performer)
Fred Frith Guitar Quartet (isMemberOf)
Fred Frith Trio (isMemberOf)
French Frith Kaiser Thompson (isMemberOf)
Frisell, Bill (co-performer)
Frith, Christopher D. (1942-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Frith, Fred (1949-...)
Frith, Fred (1949-)
Frith, Simon (1946-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Glenn, Jordan (co-performer)
Goebbels, Heiner (1952-...)
Goebbels, Heiner (co-performer)
Greaves, John (co-performer)
Hampton, Michael (co-performer)
Harth, Alfred 23 (co-performer)
Hayward, Charles (co-performer)
Hellborg, Jonas (co-performer)
Henry Cow
Henry Cow (isMemberOf)
Henry Cow (see also from)
Hodgkinson, Tim (co-performer)
Hoopes, Jason (co-performer)
Horvitz, Wayne
Horvitz, Wayne (co-performer)
Humbert, Nicolas
Issartel, Fabienne
K films vidéo
Kaiser, Henry (co-performer)
Kato, Hideki (co-performer)
Kihlstedt, Carla (co-performer)
Kramer, Amanda (co-performer)
Krause, Dagmar (co-performer)
Laswell, Bill (co-performer)
Leigh, Geoff (co-performer)
Lewis, George (co-performer)
Lewis, J.T. (co-performer)
Lindsay, Arto (co-performer)
Lussier, René (1957-)
Lussier, René (co-performer)
Maher, Fred (co-performer)
Malherbe, Didier (co-performer)
Massacre (isMemberOf)
Massacre (Trio de rock progressif)
Massacre (Trio de rock progressif) Trio de rock progressif (see also from)
Material (isMemberOf)
Miller, Mark E. (co-performer)
MMM quartet (see also from)
Moore, Anthony (co-performer)
Mori, Ikue (co-performer)
Moss, David (co-performer)
Mother Gong (isMemberOf)
Naked city
Naked City (isMemberOf)
Naked city (see also from)
Norman Conquest, The (co-performer)
Noyes, Charles K. (co-performer)
Orchestrova (see also from)
Oswald, John
Parkins, Zeena (co-performer)
Penzel, Werner
Quine, Robert (co-performer)
Racy, Ali Jihad (co-performer)
Reichel, Hans (co-performer)
Rodgers, Nile (co-performer)
Sclavis, Louis (1953-)
Shaheen, Simon (co-performer)
Shakespeare, Robert “Robbie” (co-performer)
Skeleton Crew (isMemberOf)
Skopelitis, Nicky (co-performer)
Slapp happy
Slapp happy (see also from)
Smyth, Gilli (co-performer)
Stewart, Mark (co-performer)
Stipe, Michael (co-performer)
Stotzner, Ernst
Suso, Foday Musa (co-performer)
The Art bears
The Art bears (see also from)
The Golden Palominos (isMemberOf)
The Other minds
The Other minds (see also from)
Thompson, Richard (co-performer)
Threadgill, Henry (co-performer)
Tone Dogs (isMemberOf)
Williamson, Harry (co-performer)
Worrell, Bernie (co-performer)
Zane, Billy (1966-)
Zorn, John (1953-...)
Zorn, John (1953-)
Zorn, John (co-performer)
Absent Friends
Absinthe Memories (For Phil Minton)
Accidental: Music for Dance, Volume 3
After Dinner
Ahead in the Sand
Akelei (Im Garten der Grosseltern)
Alienated Industrial Seagulls
Alle planmässigen Ziele werden erreicht
Allegory: I
Allegory: II
Allegory: III
Allies: Music for Dance, Volume 2
Almighty Home at Last
Almost Yes Unless
Another Ship Moves In
Armen Seelen
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not - Electric Guitar Quartet / A, The
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not - Electric Guitar Quartet / B, The
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not - Electric Guitar Quartet / C, The
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not - Electric Guitar Quartet / D, The
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not - Electric Guitar Quartet / E, The
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not - Electric Guitar Quartet / F, The
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not - Electric Guitar Quartet / G, The
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not - Electric Guitar Quartet / H, The
as Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not, Part 3, The
As Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What Is Not, Part 5, The
Auf einem grasüberwachsenen Bahndamm (1 min 36 s)
Back to life
Backroom I
Backroom II
Backroom III
Backscatter Bright Blue
Ballad of Melody Nelson, The
Batteries Not Included / Nostalgia
Because Your Mama Wants Your Home
Before Sunrise - In the Train
Bell Song
Betting on the World
Big Flowers
Birth of a Rebel
Black box
Bones to Pick with Graveyards
Border, The
Bow Moon, The
Boy Beats the Rams, The
Boyan's Problem
Breaking and Entering
Bricks for Six-Vlissingen
Bridge is bridge
Caked mud with vehicle tracks
Candy Machine
Cap the Knife
Career in Real Esate, A
Career in Real Estate, A
Carnival on Wall Street
Chained to the Skyway
Channel Change
Cheap at Half the Price
Chef (40 s)
Circuit Breakers And Fuses
Circus Is a Song of Praise, The
Cirque - Oh! / Ghost Dance / Portrait III, Le
Clearing Customs
Climbing the Ladder
Closer to the Ground
Cold sweat
Come Across
Compassion in Peru
Complicated Path, A
Concussion Suit
Conversations With White Arc
Could Have Been
Crack in the Concrete
crossing the bosporus
Dancing in Rockville, Maryland
Dancing in the Street / My Enemy is a Bad Man
Daria's Regard
Davor and Dzeneta
Deeper Understanding of Conflict, A
Dependable Phantoms (for Hans)
Dependence over the Abyss
Deter and Degrade
Devoted to a Failed Approach
Diese Frau ist die Frau eines Mannes (47 s)
Digging for Water
Disinformation polka
Dog Watch
Domaine dDe Langendreer
Domaine de Planousset
Don't Cry for Me
Dream of You Jumping - With JP Drouet & L Sclavis, I
drei gegen troja
Drei Stufen auf einmal (1 min 58 s)
Driving to the Train
Drum Factory
Dry Stone I / Dry Stone II
Drystone II
Duo (Victoriaville) 2005
Elegy for Elias
Eleventh Hour (Arditti Quartet / Uwe Dierksen / William Winant)
Entire Works of Henry Cow, The
Entr’acte 1
Entr’acte 2
Es geht um einen Auftrag (2 min 31 s)
escape of our heroes
Etwas wie Heiterkeit (1 min 14 s)
Every Minute Counts
Everything Again
Excellent Hyena, The
Eye To Ear II
Eye To Ear III
Fall to Call
Fanfare / Lizard's Tail
First Light
Fita nos meus olhos (2 min 38 s)
Five minutes too early
Flying in the Face of Facts
Fooled Again
Foot in Hole
For Nothing: I. —
For Nothing: II. —
For Nothing: III. —
Fred Frith, John Zorn
Fred Frith Live at the Stone - All Is Always Now
Freedom in fragments. Selections
Freedom Is Your Friends II
Freedom Is Your Friends / Some Assembly Required
From the Backctretch
Fukuoka I
Fukuoka II
Fukuoka III
Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit (1 min 49 s)
Gaifu Kaisei
Gambling, Gods And LSD
Gatto Nero
Gaze That Sings, The
Gefährten an der Kreuzung
Geistige Nacht
Getting Nowhere
Ghost Stories
Glass c/w Steel
Gnawa Express Tanger
Going Nowhere
Goongerah / Tokyo / Firewood
Gravity's a Rule
Great Healer, The
Guitar solos
Gus Escapes
Hands of the Juggler
Happy End Problem, The
Heart Bares
Heat c/w Moment
Heimweh nach dem Fahrstuhl (1 min 24 s)
Held Again
Hello Music
Hero of the Space Age
Hey René
Hirschen Mit Goldenen Hufen
His suicide
Hit and Run
Hola, on Danse! (Frith/Richard)
Hold on Hold
Hollow Music
Homesick for elevator
Hopscotch Horizon
Houston Street
How Is a Face to Replace
I. Green; II. Drystone II; III. Improvisation; IV. Roof; V. Improvisation; VI. Reykjavik; VII. Vlissingen; VIII. Improvisation; IX. Skylight V
I. Improvisation; II. Tokyo
I'm Still Here and I Know What Time It Is
Ich verlasse den Fahrstuhl (24 s)
Identity Crisis
Ikue's Song
In a Heartbeat
In einem alten Fahrstuhl
In the Grip of It
In the Winter of '64
inside outside
Instant Party
Instrumental music. Selections
Interview With Fred Frith
It concerns a task
It Rolls
It’s All in Place
Jigsaw Coda
jour s'arrache, Le
jour se lève, Le
Kalter Schweiss (1 min 32 s)
Keep the Dog: That House We Lived In
Kick the Can, Part 1
Kick the Can, Part 2
King Dawn
Laughing Matter / Esperanza
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 1
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 2
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 3
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 4
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 5
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 6
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 7
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 8
Lelekovice (for Iva Bittová) String Quartet / 9
Lelekovice: I
Lelekovice: II
Lelekovice: III
Lelekovice: IV
Lelekovice: IX
Lelekovice: V
Lelekovice: VI
Lelekovice: VII
Lelekovice: VIII
Life at the Top
Life By Another Name
Life-Enhancing Interior
Life of a Detective
Life On Venus
Like Animals
Limited Strike
Little by Little
Little Older, A
Live in Japan (The Guitars on the Table Approach Vol.1)
Live in Japan (The Guitars on the Table Approach Vol. 2)
Long Drive, The
Lost and Found
Love and Other Embers
love parade
Lucy Leaves a Note
Maebashi I
man in the elevator
Mann im Fahrstuhl
Measure of Solace, A
Meditation Upon Propaganda
Middle of the moment
Mitleid in Peru (4 min 58 s)
Moeris Dancing
Moments Full of Many Lives
Morning Song
Motion picture music. Selections
Music for films
Naked city
New Shoes (for A.R.)
New traditions in East Asian bar bands
Nine by Nine
Nirvana Again
No Birds
No More War
No taboleiro de Baiana (56 s)
Norrgården Nyvla
Not Forgotten
Not With Love But With Fear
Nous autres
Nowhere Can Compare
Nowhere Else
Nowhere Near
Nowhere, Sideshow, Thin Air (Music for Dance Volume 6)
Nowhere to be Seen
Nowhere to Hide
Nowhere to Run
Of Finest Silver
Oh wie schön ist Panama!
Ohne Auftrag (1 min 36 s)
Old Geometry
Old Man Moves a Mountain, The
On a railway
once upon a time in anatola (for ennio morricone)
Only Reflect
Open Ocean
Osaka I
Osaka II
Osaka III
Out of Their Heads (On Locoweed)
Over Then (And Now)
Pacifica, Part One
Pacifica, Part Two
Palace of Laugher, the Technology of Tears, The
Palace Of Laughter, The Technology Of Tears, The
Part I (Homage to John Cage)
Part II (Homage to Morton Feldman)
Part III (Homage to Earle Brown)
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Pasión de Soñar, La
Path Made by Walking, A
Performance, The
Person to Person
Picture of Light
Portes Ouvertes
Portrait I / Tam-Tam in Timia
Portrait II
Premonition, The
Previous Evening, The
Prints: Snapshots, Postcards, Messages and Miniatures 1987-2001)
prisoners confined, the
prisoners released, the
Propaganda Suite
Questions and Answers
quick glance at my watch
Quick Sign
Rats & Monkeys
Reasons to Dream
redemption (for edward artemiev)
Reduce Me
Regardless of Rain
Relentless Landscape, The
Rencontre (reprise), Le
Rencontre: Title Theme, Le
Returning Home: Straw Dance
Returning Home: The Wind
Returning Home: Wood And Water
Revelation (Derome) / Bones (Frith/Laswell/Maher)
Right Angel, The
Rivers and Tides { working with time
Road Movie
Robert Lax Is
Rock and a Hard Place, A
Rock bottom
Romanisches Café
Sadness, Its Bones Bleached Behind Us
Saint Louis blues
Same Eys/Fives, The
Same Old Me / Williamsburg Bridge (reprise)
Save as
Saving Grace
schneller Blick auf die Uhr (1 min 56 s)
Scottish Roppongi
Scratch Opera
Screen / Dry Stone I / Dry Stone II
Screen / High Tension / Zürich
Second Nature
Sein Selbstmord (2 min 32 s)
Selluloid Restaurant / The Old Man Puts Out the Fire
Setaccio théâtre gestuel et musical
Seven Circles 1
Seven Circles 2
Seven Circles 3
Seven Circles 4
Seven Circles 5
Seven Circles 6
Seven Circles 7
Sheep's Head, 1963
Sheep's head, 1968 (5 min 39 s)
Shelter for Them All
Shortened suite
Should Old Arthur
Should See Me Out
Shrug at Truth
Sideshow 1
Sideshow 2
Sideshow 3
Sideshow 4
Sideshow: Act Two
Sideshow: Angels with Thirty Faces
Sideshow: Clearing the Throat
Sideshow: Ghost of BB
Sideshow: In Which All May Have Been Resolved
Sideshow: Ms. Mac Drinks and Goes Home
Sideshow: On Or in the Wing
Sideshow: Show Time
Significant Restrictions Apply
Silver Lining
Single Street Stretched Tight by the Waters, A
Skylight / High Tension
Slap Dance
Slightest Shiver, The
Small Mercy 1
Small Mercy 2
So schnell ich
Soldier, The
Solo Acoustic Guitar
Some Clouds Do
Some Clouds Don't
Song and Dance
Song of River Nights
Song of the Crow
Sparrow Song
Sparrowfall 3 (1 min 24 s)
Spieglein an der Wand
Spit in the Ocean, A
Sprache der Dinge, Die
Spring Any Day Now
Stars like Trees
Stay That Way
Step across the border
Stick figures
Stone, Brick, Glass, Wood, Wire (Graphic Scores 1986-96)
Storytelling (For Eduardo Galeano) - Chapter 1
Storytelling (For Eduardo Galeano) - Chapter 2
Storytelling (For Eduardo Galeano) - Chapter 3
Storytelling (live at Theater Gütersloh)
Strange light (2 min 10 s)
Strife and Soil
sugar factory
Sunshine State
Surprises (4 min 54 s)
T Square Park Lark - For Frank Zappa
Tangled Bank, The
tango lesson original motion picture soundtrack
Taskforce (1 min 21 s)
Technology of Tears (and Other Music for Dance and Theatre), The
Tense Serenity: I
Tense Serenity: II
Tense Serenity: III
Tense Serenity: IV
Tense Serenity: V
That Home We Lived In / Candy Machine
Thea und Nat
Their Blood Is Black and Yellow
There Will BE Great Stones, We Must Lift Them
Thin Air: Falling
Thin Air: Fast Feet
Thin Air: Ladders
Thin Air: Plastic
Thin Air: Running
Thin Air: Screened
This Earth is a Flower
This Old Earth
This woman is the wife of a man
Three steps at a time
Throw the Bolt
Title Theme
To Sail, To Sail
Tokyo I
Too Late
Too Much Too Little
top of his head, The
Torture garden Leng tch'e
Touch the sound
Trace, The
Traffic continues 1
Traffic continues 2
Trains and Boats and Planes
Trippen ohne Flippen
Trockener Schlamm mit Farhspuren (1 min 36 s)
Trouble With Traffic (excerpt - encore)
True Love
Turning of an Hourglass, The
Typical American Family
Underwater Dream
Union Square
[untitled] (remix)
Up in Smoke
Voice of America, Part 3 / Legs
Voice of America, Part 4
Voices and instruments
Void Where Prohibited / The Up and Up
Votegs / Slow Bones
voyage immobile
Waking Against Sleep
Walking on Wire
Walking Song
Walls are loosening (15 min 04 s)
Want It to Be Over, I
water music 1
water music 2
water music 3
water music 4
water music 5
Water / Struggle / The North
Water Under the Bridge - For Jimmy Giuffre
Way You Look Tonight-Title Theme (Conclusion), The
We Who Wait
Weather gauge (4 min 23 s)
wedding (catwalk remix), the
Weh a Ways Away
Welcome, The
What a Dilemma
What Gets Left Behind
What Happens
What is my crime
Wheels Within
Where the Cities Gleam in Darkness
Who Will Release Me?
Wild speculations
Wilde Spekulationen (4 min 32 s)
Wilder Tongues
Will Remain Always
Williamsburg Bridge
With enemies like these, who needs friends?
Without any task
Wolf Demon, Part 1, The
Wolf Demon, Part 2, The
Woman Speak to Men; Men Speak to Woman
Women Speak to Men; Men Speak to Women
Worin besteht mein Verbrechen (3 min 33 s)
World of Grief and Doubt
Wrong Door, The
Year of the Monkey / Dark as a Match
You Are What You Eat (continued)
Your Beautiful Corpse
Перед рассветом
Перед сходом сонця
לפני זריחה
آخر يوم من الحرية
Contributed to or performed: 
… Baby One More Time
156 Strings: Nineteen Totally Original Acoustic Guitarists
2 Gentlemen in Verona
20000V Live
2015-11-20: Gare du Nord, Basel, Switzerland
3 Elephants and a Cow
50th Birthday Celebration, Volume 5
7th, The
Abstract Expressionism
Accommodating the Mess
Act 1, Scene I
Act 1, Scene II
Act 1, Scene III
Act 2, Scene I
Act 2, Scene II
Act 2, Scene III
Act 2, Scene IV
Act 2, Scene VI
Act 3, Scene I
Act 4, Scene I
Act 5, Scene I
Act 5, Scene II
Act 5, Scene III
Act 5, Scene IV
Adage A / At Your Earliest Hesitation
Adage D / Neither Fire Nor Place
Afternoon Tea
Alice in the Sky
Aller Retour
Almost Yes Unless
Am Buffalo Bill Today, I
Am Map, I
Anchor Point
And Gate
Angelica 1994
Ankle Time
Another Life
Ant Farm Morning
Any Other World
Arnhem Land
Ars Longa Dens Brevis
Art Bears Revisited
Art Box, The
Art of Memory, The
Assuming They're Human
Astrologers and Magicians
Attention Span
Baffled Hats
Barn Dance
Be Again, Be Again
Beautiful Thing To Forget / far ej tackas, A
Believing What We Read
Berlin Blues
Best of Ralph
Black Glass
Black, To A Chimp
Blue State
But Does It Swing?, ...
Butterflies of Vertigo
Cage de fer
Cage de verre
Casey R.
Cast of Hawks, A
Chain, The
Changing of Names, The
Chichiro's World
Cinquième Mouvement
Circuit Breaker
Close to Home
Club Integral, London, 1990-5-12
Coat Check
Cocktail Lounge
Col Legno
Colour of an Eye Half Seen
Combiner, The
Compass, Log and Lead, The
Confession, The
Continuation In Concert Of Sound Check Interrupted By Mechanical Failure Of Saxophone
Contretemps Etc...
Cord Trouble and Tuning
Could Have Been
Creature Comforts
Crescent City / Agnus Dei
Cruel Abstraction
Dalaba, Frith, Glick Rieman, Kihlstedt
Dance First, Think Later
Dangerous Zone
Danse de Cuisine
Day Hanging Dead Between Heaven and Earth, A
Delirium Perhaps
Depth Reversal
describe it either
Deuxième Mouvement
Digital Wildlife
Distance That Separates Dreams, The
Dog Puppet Born Out of a Sock
Domaine Revisited
Domestic Stories
Down Time
downtown, top corner
Dream As a Means
Drive to Heaven, Welcome to Chaos
Drowning Offshore
Drowsy Maggie
Dub, The
Ebb Tide
Edge of the Light
Electric Flux
Emergency Shop
Entire Works of Henry Cow / Look Beneath the Surface / Week-End / With Wings Pressed Back / Cum On Feel the Noize, The
Entr’acte 1
Entr’acte 2
Eumenides Outside the Window
Every Minute Counts
Everybody's Somebody's Nobody
Everybody/s Somebody/s Nobody
Everyday Objects
Excuse Me, Ms. Steigerwald
Faults of His Feet
FF Bass Solo, An
Field, The
Fifteen Blues
First Riddle
Fixed Resistor
Foetid Ceremony
Fountain and the Mirror, The
Four Corners
Fourth Mind, The
Fourth Rail
Fragile Finale
Frank Johnson's Favorites
Fred Frith Live Solo Performance Boulder, Colorado February 20, 2004
Freeway / Shadow of a Tree on Sand
Friends & Enemies
From Ice to Steam
Fun in America
George IV, Sheffield, 1990-5-10, The
Give The Cat A Fish
Glass of Absinthe, The
Golden Eighties, The
Good Top Tongue, A
Goodbye Pop
Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach
Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg
Grover Rides a Happy Honker
Guerre 1
Guerre 2
Guitar Organism
Guitar Solos 2
Gyrate / Adage B
Haikus Urbains
Hallelujah, Anyway: Remembering Tom Cora
Hallucinating Angels
Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
Heart Beat Faster
Hello, I Must Be Going
Helter Skelter
Hey Sonny
Hit The Road
HK Guitar Solo, An
Horse Rehab
Housecleaning at the Beginning of the New Year
Housework (Interlude)
How Is a Face to Replace
How Light, a Potato Chip
I'm Still Here and I Know What Time it Is
Image in and Atom
Improvised Music New York 1981
In the World to Change the World
Inadevertent Introduction
Incarceration, The
Indicateur d'assiette
Initially This
Interpreter, The
Introduction: Limbo
Ironic Universe
It Moves...
It Sings
It’s All in Place
J'aime la musique
Jacob & the Angel
Janet Feder Live Solo Performance Denver, Colorado May 11, 2006 (Opening/I Hear Voices/Heart Beat Faster)
Je Me Souviens
John S. French
Karen Revisited
Kirghiz Light, The
Lab 20-Year Anniversary CD, The
Ladder, The
Lantskap Logic
Late Works
Later ...
Legend of the Small
Level Six Jumping
Libera me
Life in Hell
Little Older, A
Live at the Knitting Factory, Volume 2
Live Improvisations
Live In Europe
Live Trace, The
Look At Sky Go
Loose Slots
Losing Our Virginity: The First 4 Years '73-'77
Lourdement Gai
Love in Hell
Lucy Has a New Pet Kitty
Lux aeterna
Major Nichols
Marketing Research
Meet Me at Club2
mémoire, De
Miniatures · 51 Tiny Masterpieces Edited by Morgan Fisher
Miniatures One + Two
Mirror / Dark as a Match
Monkey Lens Diphtong String
Mono::Poly M::P Free
Morning and the Shadow
Morning Froth
Mosquito Slats
Mountain Is as Quiet as the Eternal Past, The
Movements of Harried Angels
musikprotokoll '95: im steirischen herbst
Natural Order, The
Necker Cube
Nine-part Invention
No Convenient Time
Non-Precision Approach Procedure
None Are Disbarred
Nose at Nose
Not If I See You First
Nous autres
Null & Fred Frith
Objects Everyday
Off Topic
On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems of Gary Snyder
One Eyed Theater
One More Time
One Never Knows Do One? / Adage Code / Long Fade
One of Nature's Mistakes
Orbital Inversion
Over Then (And Now)
Owls At Dusk
Palace at 4 AM, The
Paper Jam
Part 1: Landscape With Or Without Edges
Part 2: Door Won't Open, Door Won't Close
Part 3: Nervous When I Turned
Part 4: Family Ties
Part 5: Science To Someone Living
Part 6: Glass And Mirror Cut To Size
Part 7: Everywhere Hastily We Followed
Part 8: Two Blinkings Of An Eyelid
Part 9: Near Future Faith
Place Of General Happiness: Lyrics By Ernest Noyes Brookings Vol. 2
Plaisirs instantés
poignée de clous, Une
points follow
Poppy Cock
Portrait of a Boy
Portrait of the Artists as Two Old Men, A
Postcard From The Back
Premier Mouvement
Prisoner's Dilemma, The
Purcell Room I, London, 1990-5-13
Purcell Room II, London, 1990-5-13
Purcell Room III, London, 1990-5-13
Quatrième Mouvement
Radiant Power
Rag of Colts, A
Ralph Before ’84: Volume II
Reading Glasses
Reasonably Available Control Measures
Red Thread
Red, Black, Gold
Red, Yellow, Blue
Rends-moi mon argent
Riaville Bump
Rising Time
Route of Wolves, A
Roy Rogers
Run Don’t Hide
Saga Of Padani, The
Saki Ni Dozo
Salle des adieux: Tais-Toi, La
Same Dirt, The
Same River, The
Same Wide Wall, The
Sauve moi
See Over
See You On The Beach
Seven Devils
Seven Gates
Seven Veils
Shallow Weather
Short Story
Should See Me Out
Six Of One
Sixième Mouvement
Slow Lattice
Smell My Halo
Solo en ré mineur
Song of the Crow
soul hovers, the
Sound Cosmodel
Sounds of a Distant Episode
Sowers of Discord
Special Rider Blues
Spicule Maneuver
Standard Candles
State of the Union
State of the Union 2.001
Step to Another World Music
Still Asleep (Prelude)
Still Urban
Stone: Issue Two, The
Sugar Factory, The
Summer Valley
Surge Impendence
Table, The
Talking to the Tree
Tango Lesson, The
Tempted to Smile
Termite Club, Leeds Bridge End, 1990-5-11, The
That Unforgettable Line
Thief Breaks Into an Empty House
Third Rail
Third Riddle
Three Languages
Time Comes Presto
Time Goes Largo
Touch I Risk
Trace, The
Traffic Continues
Traffic II
Traffic III / Traffic I
Tree, The
Troisième Mouvement
Turning Away in Time
Twisted Memories Give Way to the Angry Pheasant
Two Squares and Three Circles
Universonoro Volumen 1
Unquiet Days In Eden
Up To Our Elbows
Valise, La
Vinegar Minutes
Voice of America
Voice of America, Part 1
Voice of America, Part 2
Votive Rhythm
Waking The Day
Walls Are Loosening (A Little Prayer)
We Build
We Who Wait
Welts, the Squeaks, the Belts, the Shrieks, The
What Leave Behind
When to Rewind
Where We Exist
Who Needs Enemies?
Who Will Release Me?
Will Cast Some Light On
Winter Jazz Nights – 50 Chilled Jazz Pieces
With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?
With Us or Without Us
Wolf's Wood
Wool and Water
Worm Anvils
Yogya Trip
Your Ever Loving Arms