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Hurley, Michael
Hurley, Michael ((Vocalist))
Hurley, Mike
Michael Hurley
Michael Hurley (American musician)
Michael Hurley (amerikansk sångare)
Michael Hurley (chanteur et guitariste de folk)
Michael Hurley (musician) (Amerikaans zanger)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bones, Mickey
Clamtones (Musical group)
Cornelissen, Ronald (1960-...)
De Nieuwe Grafische Rotterdam
Hurley, Michael
McGinnis, Jim
Rost, Brian
Unholy Modal Rounders (Musical group)
Ziesing, Gus
$10.00 Gig
1st Precinct Blues
'54 Chevy
8-Ball Cafe, The
Abominable Snowman, The
Ancestral Swamp
Animal Song (If I Could Ramble Like a Hound), The
Any Ninny Any
Armchair Boogie
Automatic Slim & The Fat Boys
Automatic Slim & The Fatboys
Back home in the drifting woods
Back Home with Drifting Woods
Bad Mr. Mike
Barbera Allen
Be Kind to Me
Beasley's Release
Beggars Terms, The
Begger's Terms, The
Bellemeade Sessions
Big Black Spider
Biscuit Roller
Blockade Stillers
Blue Driver
Blue Hills
Blue Mountain
Blue Navigator Plus
Blueberry Wine: The 1st Songs of Michael Hurley
Blues Had Gone Away, The
Boone & Jocko
Can't Help Myself, I
Captain Kidd
Code of the Mountains
Coloured Birds
Corridor, The
Cuckoo Rock
Dark Valley Walls
Deadwood music from the HBO original series
Dialogue of Love, The
Dices, Dices
Disaster on Your Wheel
Ditty Boy Twang
Doin' the O'Possum
Don't Blame It On Me
Don't Call Me Sam
Don't Care X 3, I
Don't Treat Me Bad
Dorado, El
Down In Dublin
Down in Little Chinee
Dragging the Indian
Drivin' Wheel
Dust Off This Old Guitar
Dying Crapshooter's Blues
Early Bird Always Get the Worms, The
Edinburgh Lag
End of the Road, The
English Nobleman
English Noblemen
Extra Love
Eyes Eyes
Fare Thee Well Blues
Fat Mama
Fatboy spring [Enregistrement sonore]
First songs [SR] 1964:
Gambling Charley
Get the Best of Me
Ghost Woman Blues
Girl I Love, The
Girl on the Billboard
Give Me The Cure
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Goin' to Florida
Goin' To Polynesia
Going Steady
Gooseball Brown
Got Over It
Grand Canyon Line
Grapefruit Juice Blues
Have I Told You Lately
Have moicy! [SR] 1991:
Head the Voice of a Porchchop, I
Help Me to Get Rid of Her - How Sweet I Roamed
Hey Hey Hey
Hi-fi snock uptown
Hog of the Forsaken Website, March 23, 2001:
Hoot Owls
How Can I Leave?
How Many Biscuits?
I'm Gettin' Ready to Go
I'm Worried, I'm Worried
I've Taken Leave
Ida Con Snock
In Florida
In the Garden
In the Morning
Intersoular Blues
It Must Be Gelatine
Jocko's Lament
Jolé Blon
Just a Bum
Kentucky 3
Land of Lofi
Lean on Me
Letter to Neon
Light Green Fellow
Like My Wine, I
Lilly Pads Upon the Pond
Little Bit of Love for You, A
Lo Bonney
Loch Lomond-Molly Malone
Lonesome Graveyard
Long John
Long journey
Long Legs
Love Changing Blues
Love Is the Closest Thing
Love You Babe, I
Lush Green Trees
Mayor of Alburg
Me & Red
Me Solo Uno
Meara O'Reilly
Midnite Rounder
Mona Lisa
Monkey on the Dual Carriageway
Monkey on the Interstate
Moon Song, The
Moonman Newfie
Move It on Over
Mr. Man in the Moon
Mr Whiskerwits
Ms. Petty Blues
My Babe, My Babe
Nat'l Weed Grower's Assoc.
National Weed Growers Assoc.
Negatory Romance
New River Blues
New Tea
No Home
No, No, No, I Won't Come (Go) Down No More
O My Stars
Ohio Blues
Old Black Crow
Old Doc Gieger
Old Mother Hubbard
Open Up (Eternal Lips)
Paint a Design, I
Panama Hat
Pancho and Lefty
Parsnip Snips
Pay No Attention to Alice
Portland Water, The
Pretty Girl on Rollerskates
Question, The
Ragg Mopp
Rat Face
Raven Rock (They Took Away the Diesel)
Reconciled to the Blues
Red Ravager's Reel
Red Ravagers Reel
Revenant, The
Rider's Lament
Roomful of Roses
Rough and Rocky
Ruben's Train
Rue of Ruby Whores, The
She Got a Mathematic
Shockoe Bottom
Short Green Man
Singing Waterfall
Slippery Rag
Slurf Song
So You Say
Somebody to Say Bye Bye To
Someone to Say Bye Bye To
Stole the Right to Live, I
Streets of Laredo
Sun Is Slowly Sinkin, The
Sun to Sun
Sweet Lucy
Sweet Thing
Tea Song, The
Ten Dollar Gig
Tender Is the Guitar
Think I'll Move, I
Tia Marie
Time Is Right, The
Troubled Water
Troubled Waters
Twilight Zone
U.S. Space Weevils
Uncle Bob's Corner
Uncle Smootchface
Valley of Tears
Vt- Ore. Floor, The
Watchin' the Show
Water Train
Werewolf Song, The
What I'd Give
What'Llya Do What'Llya Say
When I Get Back Home
When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano
Whiskey Willey
Whiskey Willy
Whoever Heard of You?
Why Should I have to Worry?
Wolf Dispatch
Woodbill Brothers, The
words to the songs of Michael Hurley, The
Wormhole n° 3 [livre d'artiste]
You Get Down by the Pool Hall Clickety Clack (Sister Song)
You Gonna Look Like a Monkey
You Got to Die
You Got to Find Me
You Got to Say
You'll Get Down by the Pool Hall Clickety Clack
You'll Never Go to Heaven
You're A Dog, Don't Talk To Me
Your Old Gearbox
Contributed to or performed: 
Country Bump
Days Full of Rain
Deadwood: Music From the HBO Original Series
Delicacy & Nourishment: Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, Volume 3
Driving Wheel
Face a Frowning World - An E.C. Ball Memorial Album
Fooey Fooey
Great Koonaklaster Speaks: A John Fahey Celebration, The
Halleluwah - Festival of Enfused Arts
Halloween Songs & Sounds
Have Moicy!
Hills of Home: 25 Years of Folk Music on Rounder Records
Hoodoo Bash
Jackknife/The Red Newt
Jealous Daddy's Death Song
Leak CD-Magazine: Issue 8, Winter 96
Meet Me at Club2
Midnight in Paris
Migrating Bird
Music for El Dorado
Pastures of Plenty
Real Music Box: 25 Years of Rounder Records, The
Robbin' Banks
Roll Columbia: Woody Guthrie's 26 Northwest Songs
Slurf Song
So Much Fire to Roast Human Flesh
Sweet Lucy
Upsalapalooza: More Live Music From WFMU
Weep Weep Weep
What Ate Me Up Was the Bedbugs
What Made My Hamburger Disappear
Yeti Four