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Chatman, Stephen
Chatman, Steve
Stephen Chatman
Stephen Chatman (Canadees componist)
Stephen Chatman (Canadian composer)
Stephen Chatman (compositeur)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Related names: 
Christ Church Cathedral (Ottawa, Ont.). Choir
Lampman, Archibald (1861-1899)
Macdonnell, Frances (1947-)
Raminsh, Imant (1943-)
Rossetti, Christina Georgina (1830-1894)
Telfer, Nancy
Thomas, Philip J. (1921-)
Thomas, Philip James (1921-)
Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)
Wohlberg, Tara
Am Not Yours, I
And I saw a new heaven
And there will be signs
Autumn violets
Bitter for sweet
British Columbia folk songs. Grand Hotel
British Columbia folk songs. Potlatch fair
Canadian folk songs. À la volette
Canadian folk songs. Lukey's boat
Canadian folk songs. O prairie land
Canadian folk songs. Old man he courted me
Canadian folk songs. She's like the swallow
Carols of the nativity. Angels we have heard on high
Carols of the nativity. As I lay upon a night
Carols of the nativity. Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella
Carols of the nativity. Christmas lullaby
Carols of the nativity. Huron carol
Carols of the nativity. Wassail
Choral music. Selections
Christmas joy
Come, said my soul
Cradle song
Creatures of earth and sky. Selections
Creatures of the Earth and Sky: I. Queen of Air and Darkness
Creatures of the Earth and Sky: II. Sparrow in the Lilac
Creatures of the Earth and Sky: III. Spider
Creatures of the Earth and Sky: IV. Angel's Lament
Creatures of the Earth and Sky: V. Sabrina's Dance
Crimson dream
Darest thou now o soul
Dryads’ Bells
Due East: I. Nor'Easter
Due East: II. Minke Whale
Due East: III. Farewell Nancy
Due East: IV. Fishing
Due North: I. "Mountains"
Due North: II. "Trees"
Due North: III. "Woodpecker"
Due North: IV. "Varied Thrushes"
Due North: V. "Mosquitoes"
Due west. Chickadee
Due west. Prairie lullaby
Due west. Sunset
Due west. Train
Due west. Wasps
Earth Songs: I. Et inluminent terram
Earth Songs: II. Earth and sky
Earth Songs: III. The Butterfly
Earth Songs: IV. 湖口望廬山瀑布水 – The Waterfall
Earth Songs: V. Danse des pluies
Earth Songs: VI. Smile O voluptuous cool-breath'd earth!
Earth teach me stillness
Elementary piano solos
Elizabethan Spring: I. "Spring, the sweet spring", An
Elizabethan Spring: II. "There is a garden in her face", An
Elizabethan Spring: III. "The urchins' dance", An
Elves' Bells
Falcon carol
Fanfare for a cold land
Five British Columbian Folk Songs: I. "The Potlatch Fair"
Five British Columbian Folk Songs: II. "Mary, come home"
Five British Columbian Folk Songs: III. "The Grand Hotel"
Five British Columbian Folk Songs: IV. "Skidegate love song"
Five British Columbian Folk Songs: V. "John Kanaka"
From Pent-up Aching Rivers: 1. From pent-up aching rivers
From Pent-up Aching Rivers: 2. From the soft sliding of hands over me
From Pent-up Aching Rivers: 3. Singing the true song of the soul fitful at random
From Pent-up Aching Rivers: 4. From the long sustain'd kiss upon the mouth or bosom
From Pent-up Aching Rivers: 5. The mystic deliria, the madness amorous
Gossamer leaves
Grouse Mountain lullaby
Half moon
How still it is
How sweet and fair
How Sweet & Fair: I. Go, Lovely Rose
How Sweet & Fair: II. To Daffodils
Jumalisten joucko
Lo in a manger
Love and shapes high fantastical
Lullay my liking
Magical Machine, A
Magnificat 2010
Mountain Spirit
Music for timpani
Musica, Dei donum optimi
Nature's cry
O come, O come, Emmanuel
On the beach at night alone
On the contrary
Or from that Sea of Time
Over thorns to stars, string orchestra
Per aspera ad astra
Prairie dawn
Proud Music of the Storm: I. Proud Music of the Storm!
Proud Music of the Storm: II. Come Forward, O My Soul
Proud Music of the Storm: III. A Festival Song!
Proud Music of the Storm: IV. Tutti! for Earth and Heaven!
Quiet exchange
Roses on a brier
Rossetti songs. Song and music
Scenes, flute, guitar
Seattle Red
Songs (1963)
Songs (1995)
Songs of a prospector. Calliope
Songs of a prospector. Memories
Songs of a prospector. Pals
Songs of a prospector. Roses I send to you
Songs of a prospector. Scout
Songs. Selections
Stars, blue, ice
Stephen Chatman library
Sterling bells
Tara's Dream
There Is Sweet Music Here: I. "There is sweet music here"
There Is Sweet Music Here: II. "Song of the laughing green woods"
There Is Sweet Music Here: III. "Music, when soft voices die"
There Is Sweet Music Here: IV. "Piping down the valleys wide"
Thou Whose Harmony Is the Music of the Spheres
Time Pieces: I. Tempus
Time Pieces: II. Come, My Celia
Time Pieces: III. I Saw Eternity
Time Pieces: IV. Clocks
To the Garden the World: 1. To the garden the world anew ascending
To the Garden the World: 2. Out of the cradle endlessly rocking
To the Garden the World: 3. The revolving cycles
To the Garden the World: 4. With love, with love
To the Garden the World: 5. Demon or bird! (said the boy's soul)
Trio, piano, clarinet, violin
Two Rossetti Songs: No. 1. Song and Music
Two Rossetti Songs: No. 2. Remember
Unseen buds
Unto the hills
Voice of the Rain, The
Voices in the mist
Voices of Earth: I. The Bird and the Hour
Voices of Earth: II. Snow
Voices of Earth: III. Voices of Earth
Whisper, baby
Wild cat
Wildcat for flute solo
Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, I
Woodland bells
You have ravished my heart
Contributed to or performed: 
Due East
Due North
Prairie Dawn