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Ripley, Dillon
Ripley, S. D.
Ripley, S. Dillon
Ripley, S. Dillon (2nd)
Ripley, Sidney D.
Ripley, Sidney Dillon,
Ripley, Sidney Dillon (American ornithologist, born 1913)
Ripley, Sidney Dillon (II)
Sidney Dillon Ripley
Sidney Dillon Ripley (Amerikaans ornitholoog (1913-2001))
Sidney Dillon Ripley (Ornithologist)
Sidney Dillon Ripley (US-amerikanischer Ornithologe und Naturschützer)
Сідні Діллон Ріплі
एस ढिल्लों रिप्ले
リプレー, シドニー・ディロン
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Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Ali, Sálim (1896-1987))
Beehler, Bruce M.
Bombay Natural History Society
Bond, Gorman M.
Dick, John Henry (1919-1995)
Harvard University
Olson, Storrs L.
Pfeffer, Pierre
Scribner, Lynette L.
Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.)
Time-Life books
Yale university, Library
丘, 直通 (1909-1991)
Archipenko visionnaire International
bankruptcy of academic policy, The
bird business, The : a study of the commercial cage bird trade
bird fauna of the West Sumatra Islands, The ; a study in speciation
Birds from Mindoro
Birds of Socotra and Abd-el-Kuri, The
Bundle of feathers, A : proffered to Sálim Ali for his 75th birthday in 1971
Cabinets, lost and found
Challenge of adapting human societies to arid environment, The
Check list of birds of the world a continuation of the work of James L. Peters
Check-list of birds of the world. Vol. X, Prunellidae, orthonychinae
Conservation in nature and in culture
Cuckoo-shrikes to babaxes
Description of a new subspecies of the white-fronted goose, Anser albifrons
dierenwereld van tropisch Azië, De
Divers to hawks : Synopsis nos. 1-224
Flowerpeckers to buntings
Frogmouths to pittas
Great flower books 1700-1900 : a bibliographical record of two centuries of finely-illustrated flower books
Handbook of the birds of India and Pakistan, together with those of Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Ceylon
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution
In the nation's service : Smithsonian year, 1979
James Smithson Bicentennial, 1765-1965
Kin & communities
Knowledge among men : eleven essays on science, culture, and society commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of James Smithson
Larks to the grey hypocolius
Laughing thrushes to the mangrove whistler
Life, le monde vivant : paysages et nature en Asie tropicale
Lords of the air : the Smithsonian book of birds
Man and beast: comparative social behavior
Man and his environment. [Phonotape]
Megapodes to crab plover : Synopsis nos. 225-434
Museum : a quarterly review
Museum (Engl. ed.)
Nettai ajia
Ornithological books in the Yale university library including the Library of William Robertson Coe
Ornithology of the Indian subcontinent, 1872-1992 : an annotated bibliography
paddling of ducks, A
paradox of the human condition, The : a scientific and philosophic exposition of the environmental and ecological problems that face humanity
pictorial guide to the birds of the Indian subcontinent, A
Prints from Mourlot Press. Exhibition sponsored by the French Ambassy circulated by the. .. Smithsonian Institution, 1964-1965
Prunellidae, orthonychinae, picathartinae, timaliinae, turdinae, panurinae, polioptilinae
Rails of the World : A Compilation of New Information, 1975-1983
Rails of the world : a monograph of the family Rallidae
Relics of the true cross
Report on endangered and threatened plant species of the United States : presented to the Congress of the United States of America
Robins to wagtails
S. Dillon Ripley--20 years with the Smithsonian
sacred grove; essays on museums, The
sacred grove, The : essays on museums
Search for the spiny babbler; an adventure in Nepal.
Stone curlews to owls
systematic and ecological study of birds of New Guinea, A
Systematic notes on a collection of birds from Kenya
Thunder dragon textiles from Bhutan : the Bartholomew Collection
To knit the ravelled sleeve ... : statement by the Secretary
Trail of the money bird: 30,000 miles of adventure with a naturalist
Training of museum personnel
Tropical Asia
Tropická Asie : Země a život
Warblers to redstarts
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1943