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Fried, Gerald
Gerald Fried
Gerald Fried (American composer)
Gerald Fried (Amerikaans componist)
Gerald Fried (amerikansk komponist)
Gerald Fried (amerikansk kompositör)
Gerald Fried (compositeur américain)
Gerald Fried (compositore statunitense)
Gerald Fried (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist und Musiker)
جرالد فراید (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Biroc, Joseph F. (1903-1996)
Fonda, Henry (1905-1982)
Haley, Alex
Harris, James B. (1928-)
Kubrick, Stanley (1928-1999)
Kubrick, Stanley (1928-1999))
Margulies, Stan (1920-2001)
Stanford Brown, Georg (1943-)
Thompson, Jim (1906-1977)
Thompson, Jim (1906-1977))
Warner home video France
Wilcots, Joseph M. (1939-)
Willingham, Calder (1922-1995))
Wilson, Stanley (1917-)
Zerneck, Frank
2nd Hot Sun
2nd. Kroykah
Ahbleza's Vision
Alexander the Great Affair
Alexander the Greater Affair
Amok Time: Contrary Order
“Amok Time”: Main Title (soprano version, enhanced stereo; arr. / cond. Courage)
“Amok Time”: More Soup (M26–30B)
Amok Time: Mr. Spock
Amok Time: Remorse / Marriage Council II
Amok Time: Resignation / Lazarus Return / Pig’s Eye
“Amok Time”: Ritual / To the Death (M43/M44)
Amok Time: Star Trek (End Title)
Amok Time: T'Pring
“Amok Time”: The Challenge (M41)
Amok Time: The Processional
“Amok Time”: Vulcan Biology / Pon Farr (M24/M24A)
“Amok Time”: War Sash (M42)
Ancient Battle
Ancient Combat / 2nd Kroykah, The
And We Were Children
animaux mystérieux de l'Australie
Arabian Affair, The
Asteroid Encounter
bacio dell'assassino, Il
Back to the Cells
baiser du tueur
Ballet Practice / Murder!
Bat Cave Affair, The
Beaming Down
Beginning of the End, The
Behold a God Who Bleeds
Ben Casey: Theme
Big Pussy & Escape
Boo-Bam-Boo, Baby
Bring ’em Back Alive
Bring Our Child, McCoy
Buffalo Hunt
Captain MacBeth
Captain's Log
Capture the Stallion
Caretaker, The
Carry on, Mr. Scott
Cast a Long Shadow: Chip Joins Matt
Cast a Long Shadow: Chip Leaves / Heavies Stalk
Cast a Long Shadow: Chip Rescues Matt
Cast a Long Shadow: Family Quarrel / Matt's Return / Janet and Matt
Cast a Long Shadow: Father and Son
Cast a Long Shadow: Hortensia
Cast a Long Shadow: Janet Repents
Cast a Long Shadow: Main Title / Chip's Introduction
Cast a Long Shadow: Matt Fires Rigdon / The Disagreement
Cast a Long Shadow: Plans for Santa Fe / The Roundup
Cast a Long Shadow: Return to Ranch
Cast a Long Shadow: The Bar Brawl / Matt Fires Chip
Cast a Long Shadow: The Cattle Drive
Cast a Long Shadow: The Fight / Matt Takes Over
Cast a Long Shadow: The Kiss
Cast a Long Shadow: The Runaway / The Flats
Cast a Long Shadow: The Stampede / Reconciliation / Santa Fe (End Title)
Castle, The
Castles in Space: Alibis / Footprints / Chilblains
Castles in Space: Alibis No. 2 / Senorita Dummy / Smith’s Girl / Chavo’s Guitar
Castles in Space: Antenna / Judy Walking / Wrong Skeet / “heave! ” / Pulsating Light
Castles in Space: Bull Thrower
Castles in Space: Daggers Anyone? / Wanted
Castles in Space: Decoy / Ghost Feeding / Missing Reyka
Castles in Space: Fireball / Chavo / Student Bull
Castles in Space: Frightened Visitor
Castles in Space: Guard Duty / Ice Princess
Castles in Space: Knife Throw
Castles in Space: Love With the Proper Dummy / Sexy Dummy
Castles in Space: Real Knives / Matador
Castles in Space: Sentry Smith / The Visit
Castles in Space: Sleeping Reyka / Morning After / Chavo’s Fortress / Ring of Fire
Castles in Space: Sloop John B
Castles in Space: Vanishing Princess / Packing Up / Love Triangle
Castles in Space: Whimpering Smith / Campfire
Cat and Mouse
“Catspaw”: Bones, the Zombie (M45)
“Catspaw”: Cat Music / Enterprise (M22X/M22A)
“Catspaw”: Cooking Lesson / Force Field (M41/M42)
“Catspaw”: Defeated Captain / Music to Dent Force Fields By (M43/M44)
“Catspaw”: Drugged / Scene Change Sweetener / Korob / Lap Kitten / Cat as Hostess / Free Meal / The Bribe (M25/M25A/M26/M31/M32/M33+M33A/M34)
“Catspaw”: Fog Storm / Castle / Second Castle (M16–20+M16–20A/M21/M22)
“Catspaw”: Follow That Cat / Brain-Washed (M23/M24)
“Catspaw”: Giant Cat (M62+M25A)
“Catspaw”: Kirk Caught / Rescue (M52/M53)
“Catspaw”: Love, Sort Of (M51)
“Catspaw”: Main Title (soprano version, arr. / cond. Courage)
“Catspaw”: Orbiting Ship / Fog Planet (M13/M13A+M13B)
“Catspaw”: Racial Memories / Captain Kirk / Mace Fight (M54–60/M54–60A/M61)
“Catspaw”: Starship / Captain Kirk (M11/M12+M12X)
“Catspaw”: Sylvia / Unguarded Entrances / Sympathetic Magic (M35/M36/M37+M37X)
“Catspaw”: Thicker Fog / Witches (M14+M14A/M15)
“Catspaw”: Wand-Breaking / The Prototypes / Five to Beam Up (M63+M25A/M64+64B/M64A)
Challenge, The
chat un tigre apprivoisé les plus belles images du monde
Cherry Blossom Affair, The
Chief Engineer's Log
Closing in on the Anomaly
Clue, A
Code: Nueva Tierra / Palm Trees / Routine Inspection, The
Code: Parrot Music / Time Problem / Mission: Impossible Theme / Finale, The
Collision of Planets: Background Improv - Guitar Strumming
Collision of Planets: Background Improv - Melody and Guitar
Collision of Planets: Blasting Operation
Collision of Planets: Fight / First Blast
Collision of Planets: Green Smoke
Collision of Planets: Lover Boy Smith
Collision of Planets: Phtt! / Burning Cycles / Turnabout / The Last Straw
Collision of Planets: Planning the Worst / More Breathing
Collision of Planets: Power Off Again / More Explosion
Collision of Planets: Running in Place / Breathing Exercises / The Tiger / Scared Aliens
Collision of Planets: Samson Smith / Samson March
Collision of Planets: Squabbling Aliens
Collision of Planets: Squelched Robot / Old Master / Gun Bending / Smith’s Girl / Back to Flab
Collision of Planets: Trimmed
Collission of Planets: The Aliens / Sampson March / Lover Boy Smith
Come Into My Parlor
Come With Me to the Casbah Affair, The
Contrary Order
Cops on the Trail
Coup, The
Courting Rides
Curse of the faceless man édition limitée
Curtain Is Lifted, The
Dance of the Flaming Swords
Day of the Fight: March of the Gloved Gladiators
Daylight Chase
de nos espions a disparu, Un
Deadly Goddess Affair, The
Death of Paradise, The
Death Sentence
Death Threat
Deep Thought / Contrary Order / Prognosis / The Big Question / Message From T’Pring
Different Paths
Dinner Is Served
Diplomat: Latin Toast, The
Diplomat: Susan’s Party, The
Diplomat: The Decision / The Black Gloves / Overdose, The
Disaster on the coastliner
Discotheque Affair, suite no. 2, The
Distracted Doctor
Dog’s Life, A
Dracula Fugue / Main Title
Dracula Pad
Eleen's Condition
Eleen's Deception
Eleen's Sacrifice
End Credits
End, The
Enter Sylvia
Entering Eden
Enterprise Is Put on Ice, The
Episode Title / Mr. Spock / Log
Everything You Wanted to Know About Pon Farr but Were Too Afraid to Ask
Excellent Idea, An
Fallen God, A
Family Reunion
Faut-il tuer Sister George ?
Fear and Desire: A Meditation on War
Fear and Desire: Madness
Femme d'Apache
Finnigan's Return
flame barrier
Flying padre
Four of the Enemy
“Friday’s Child”: Arm Barbeque / Slow Turn / Call of Duty (M24/M25/M26)
“Friday’s Child”: Arrows (M61)
“Friday’s Child”: Belly Feeler (M34)
“Friday’s Child”: Captain’s Log (M13A/M13)
“Friday’s Child”: Coochy Coo / Godfathers (M63/M64)
“Friday’s Child”: Distress Signal (M22)
“Friday’s Child”: Down the Throat (M58)
“Friday’s Child”: End Title
“Friday’s Child”: Forfeit (M62)
“Friday’s Child”: Klingon Ship / Music for Fruits / The Teer (M14/M15/M16-20)
“Friday’s Child”: Kras on the Rocks / Paternity Case / New Capellan in Town (M41/M45/M51)
“Friday’s Child”: Negative Report / Old Russian Saying / The Mother Splits (M53/M54/M55)
“Friday’s Child”: Scott / Bones’Good Idea / Capellan Desert (M31/M32/M33A)
“Friday’s Child”: Ship / Capella (M11/M12)
“Friday’s Child”: Sonic Ambush / Bouncing Boulder (M35/M36)
“Friday’s Child”: The Baby Sitter / Road Hog (M56/M57)
“Friday’s Child”: The Challenge / Klingon Blip (M21/M21A)
From Bad to Worse
gabinete Caligari, El
Gerald Fried Medley
Gift, The
Give-Away, The
Go Ahead, Bob
Going Home / End Credits
Goodbye, My Husband
Granite Gully
Grissom gang
Happily Alive / The Maze
He's Gone, Sir
Hell Hath No Fury
Her Master's Voice Affair, The
Here There Is Much Time
Hold Him Like This, Spock
House of Horrors
Human Season
If You Could Choose
In a Pig's Eye
In Chains
Introspection / Transformation
Invoking the Grandfather / Song of the Land
It Is Decided
It's Getting Hot in Here
Jane’s Life
Jenny’s Saga
Jericho: Eric the Redhead
Jungle Beat
Karate Killer, Die
Karate Killers: Coliseum a Go Go / Arrivederci / Drain Pipe, The
Karate Killers: Karate & Stick Game, The
Karate Killers: Mod Wedding / End Cast, The
Karate Killers: Sidewalks of Japan, The
Karate Killers: Snow Goons / Touchdown, The
Kill Me Kirok
Killer's Kiss: Murder 'mongst the Mannikins
Killing: Main Title/The Robbery, The
Kirk Backs Down
Kirk Makes His Move
Kirk's Turn
Kirk to Enterprise
Kirok Is Born
Kirok's Ceremony
Kirok's First Miracle
Kiss / The Parting, The
Knight Joust
Korob Departs
Kraas Takes His Opportunity
Kraas Turns on the Capellans
Kunnian polut
Lament for a Trapped Spy
Last Temptation of Kirk, The
Latex Entertainment
Lazarus' Return
Leg Trick
Leonard James Aka'aar
Let Them Eat Diamonds
Liberty Wall
Life Cycles
Line Is Drawn, The
Lined Up PSA / 2nd Hanta Yo
Long Trek, The
Maab's Pursuit
Maab's Sacrifice
Machine Gun Kelly
Main Title / The New Guest
maldición del hombre sin cara
Marriage Council II
McCoy and Eleen Come to an Understanding
McKee Flips / End Title
Miedo y deseo
Milice privée
Mind Meld
Mission: impossible (Bruce Geller)
Monks of St. Thomas Affair, suite no. 2, The
Moonglow Affair, The
Most Illogical
Mr. Spock
My Poor Bairns
Mysterious Patient
Mystic Warrior, The
Napoleon's Tomb Affair, The
Naughty Doctor, A
Need Answers, Spock, I
New Bet
New Planet / Rabbit Music (Shore Leave)
Nice Bath, A
Night Night, Rembrandt
Non è più tempo d'eroi
Odds on Evil: Casino / Insurance Money / The Impossible
Odds on Evil: Hitchhike
Off-Broadway Affair, The
Old English
On Patrol
On the Move / The White Hunter
One of Our Spies Is Missing
One of Our Spys Is Missing: Duel by Flashlight / Fat Vat/Bridge of Lions
One of Our Spys Is Missing: Go-Go in Soho/Cat Jam
One of Our Spys Is Missing: Hot Tie
One of Our Spys Is Missing: Love With the Proper Mannequin / Thrush Cycle
One of Our Spys Is Missing: Thrush Guards / The Sacrifice / Jordin's Demise
One Spy Too Many: Briefcase / Follow That Spy
One Spy Too Many: Farm / Skip Loader / Wrong Driver
One Spy Too Many: The Three Alexanders / The Great Design
Only Makoy
Oochie Coochie Coo
Open Minds
Operation Heart: Operation / Patient Stealing / Betrayed Betrayer
ordeal of Dr. Mudd, The
Orienta : the Markko Polo adventurers
original jazz score from Shotgun slade, The
Orizzonti di gloria
Paradise Syndrome”: Asteroid / Dilithium (M31/M31A), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Back to Reality / The Right Words / Wounded Girl (M62/M62A/M62B), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Bad Memory / Breath of Life / The New God / Deflection (M27A/M28–30), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Check-Up / Death to a False God / Mind Fusion (M54/M55/M61), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: End Title (soprano version, stereo; arr. Courage, cond. Hatch), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Episode Title / Puzzled Kirk / Miramanee / Maximum Warp / Engine Strain (M21/M22/M23/M24/M25), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Forever Cooking / Wind / False God (M51/M52/M53), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Lazy Lazer / Joining Day (M37/M38–40), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Meditating Spock / Wedding Dress / Challenge (M41/M42/M42A), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Pine Trees / The Amerikinds / Tahiti Syndrome / The Brain Wash (M11/M12/M13/M14), “The
Paradise Syndrome: / Pine Trees / The Amerinds / Tahiti Syndrome / The Brain Wash / Miramanee / Breath of Life / The New God / Dilithium Problem / Wash Day / Salish Fluffed / Potter Kirk / Naming the God / Joining Day / Challenge /..., The
Paradise Syndrome”: The Fight / The Ceremony / Listless Spock / Spock Cheats Doctor / Forest Montage / Troubling Dreams / Mud Map (M43/M43A/M45/M46/M47–50/M47–50A/M47–50B/M50A), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: The Right Button / Death of Miramanee / End (M63/M64+M64A/M65), “The
Paradise Syndrome”: Washday / Salish Fluffed / Potter Kirk / Naming the God / Target (M32/M33/M34/M35/M36), “The
Party Pooper
Pas d'orchidées pour miss Blandish
Paths of glory
Paura e desiderio
Peli on menetetty
Pesla Kills All Four
Pill Popper
Pon Farr
Prisoner Transfer
Processional, The
Puppets of Sylvia
Pyrus 7
Qu'est-il arrivé à tante Alice ?
Quiet Kiss
Quite a Map
Racines le cadeau
Racines : les nouvelles générations, français
Radio Source (I Bury the Living)
Radio Source (The Cabinet of Caligari)
Rapina a mano armata
Rebels, The
Rechnung ging nicht auf, Die
Reluctant Warrior
Remorse / Vulcan Logic / Marriage Counseling
Resignation / Lazarus Returned / Pig’s Eye
retour de Napoleon Solo
Return of Dracula / I Bury the Living / The Cabinet of Caligari / Mark of the Vampire, The
Return of Dracula: Overture, The
Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E, The
return of the man from uncle
Reverse Course
Ritual / Ancient Battle / 2nd. Kroykah, The
Roots Mural Theme Bridge (Plantation Life)
Roots Mural Theme Intro (Slave Auction)
Roots Racines
Roots: The next generations
Rorshach Test, The
Run Spy Run
Ruth (2nd season rerecording)
Ruth Returns
Salish Shot Down
Samurai Attack
Sandals Only
School Chum
Ścieżki chwały
Scotty Crosses the Line (3rd Season Rerecording)
Scotty's Dilemma
Scout, The
Scratch Batch
Second Season Library Music: 2nd Ruth (from “Shore Leave” M31A, orch. Gus Levene) (LM14)
Second Season Library Music: More Soup (from “Amok Time” M26–30 / M26–30A)
Second Season Library Music: Neck Pinch Sweetener (from “Catspaw” M61A)
Second Season Library Music: Resignation (from “Amok Time” M61A)
Second Season Library Music: Vulcan Lyre (from “Amok Time”)
Seducing Rachel
Sentiers de la gloire, Les
Set Course for Vulcan
Shirt Man
“Shore Leave”: 2nd Ruth (Ruth) (M31A)
Shore Leave: A Clue / Finnigan’s Return / Leg Trick / Dirt Trick / Tiger Thoughts / 2nd Samurai
“Shore Leave”: A Clue (M45–50 part 1) / Finnegan’s Return (M45–50 part 2) / The Leg Trick (M51) / Dirt Trick (M53)
“Shore Leave”: Dummy (M43) / Like Real (M44)
“Shore Leave”: Knight (M41) / Joust (M41A)
“Shore Leave”: Leg Trick (alternate) (M51/M51A)
“Shore Leave”: New Planet (M10A) / Rabbit Music (M10B)
Shore Leave: New Planet / Rabbit / School Chum
“Shore Leave”: Old English (M33) / Tiger (M33A) / Costume (M33B) / Birds (M34) / Samurai (M34A)
“Shore Leave”: Ruth (M31A) / Ruth to Commercial (2nd Ruth) (M24B)
“Shore Leave”: School Chum (M23) / Finnegan (M23A)
“Shore Leave”: Tiger Thoughts (M55–60) / Strafing (M55–60A) / 2nd Samurai (M55–60B) / Caretaker (M61) / Lazarus (M62)
Sleeping Pills
Song of the Land
Sort of Do-It-Yourself Dreadful Affair, The
Sounds of the Night (female vocal), The
Sounds of the Night (male vocal), The
Source Music: Bells (from “Amok Time”)
Source Music: Contrary Order (from “Amok Time”) (rehearsal) (M16–20)
Source Music: Gong FX (from “Amok Time”)
Source Music: Wind Chimes (from “Amok Time”)
Spock's Conundrum
Spock's Dying, Jim
Star Trek (End Credits)
Star Trek (Main Title)
Star Trek: The Original Series 1: Catspaw / Friday's Child (Television Soundtrack)
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 17: Shore Leave
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 30: Catspaw
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 32: Friday's Child
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 34: Amok Time
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 58: The Paradise Syndrome
Star Trek: The Original Series - Second Season Library Music - 2nd Ruth
Star Trek: The Original Series - Third Season Library Music - Catspaw - Drugged
Star Trek: The Original Series - Third Season Library Music - Catspaw - Mace Fight
Star Trek: The Original Series - Third Season Library Music - Friday's Child - Arrows
Star Trek: The Original Series - Third Season Library Music - Friday's Child - Down the Throat
Stezky slávy
Still Trapped
Street Scene
Struggle And Opportunity
Stubborn Vulcan
Sun Vision / Warrior Vision / Doom Vision, The
Sylvia Seethes
Sylvia Sings a New Tune
T' Pring
Test Tube Killer Affair, The
That Cat
There's a New Medicine Man in Town
They're Gone Sir
Thinking It Over
Third Season Library Music: Arrows (from “Friday’s Child” M61) (LM119)
Third Season Library Music: Contrary Order (from “Amok Time” M16-20A) (LM129)
Third Season Library Music: Down the Throat (from “Friday’s Child” M58) (LM118)
Third Season Library Music: Drugged (from “Catspaw” M25) (LM116)
Third Season Library Music: Mace Fight (from “Catspaw” M61) (LM117)
Third Season Library Music: Mace Fight (from “Catspaw” M61) (LM117A)
Third Season Library Music: More Soup (from “Amok Time” M26-30B) (LM126A/LM127)
Third Season Library Music: Mr. Spock (from “Amok Time” M14) (LM128/LM128A)
Third Season Library Music: School Chum (from “Short Leave” M23) (LM125)
Through This Before
Tied Thoughts
Tiger von New York, Der
To Breathe Free
To the Death
Tonweya Brought Home
Tonweya Needs Advice
Tonweya Wounded
Too late the hero
Trap Is Sprung, The
Trek: Escape Plans / Jail Break / Hot Desert
Trek: No Slaking / Clean Break
Trick or Treat
Trooper Hook
Trop tard pour les héros
Tueurs au Karaté
Turn for the Worse, A
Turning Point
U.N.C.L.E. A Go Go
ultime razzia, L'
undutchables, The : an observation of the Netherlands : its culture and its inhabitants
Vampire, The
Vapor Lodge
Very Important Zombie Affair, The
Vigilante Force
Villagers, The
Visions And Values Main Theme And Survival Fugue
Vulcan Fanfare
Wanagi's Vision
We Know Who You Are
Wege zum Ruhm
What ever happened to aunt Alice ?
Widow: Double Ambush / Climax, The
Widow: Horse / Getting the Shaft / Fickle Window, The
Wiggely Pig Walk, The
Will Fight No More Forever, I
Witwe mordet leise, Eine
You in Americuh' Now, African
You Were Meant For Me (Brown & Freed)
Время ярости
Поцелуй убийцы
Стазе славе
Страх и вожделение
Шляхи слави
შიში და გატაცება
פחד ותשוקה
שבילי התהילה
بوسه قاتل
خون‌آشام (فیلم ۱۹۵۷)
دروب المجد
راه‌های افتخار
روز نبرد
Contributed to or performed: 
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Ambassador Arrival (M13) / My Life Is Here (M14) / I Must Know (M15) / Starship Party (M21)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Blind Miranda (M44) / Mind Link (M51) / Spock—Kollos (M52)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Don’t Move (M61) / Spock Out (M62) / No Change (M63) / Miranda Mad (M64/M64B/M64A/M64C) / Miranda’s Farewell (M65)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Enter Marvick (M11) / Enter Miranda (M12)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Hero Spock (M53/M53A/M53)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Unknown Void (M34) / Sentimental Jim (M41) / What Is Ugly? (M42) / Why? (M43)
50th Anniversary Star Trek TV Series Soundtracks
Avengers & Other Top Sixties TV Themes, The
Ben Casey: Theme
Best of Star Trek: Music from Original TV-series and Motion Picture
Crime Scene USA: Classic Film Noir Themes & Jazz Tracks
Dr. Strangelove... Music From the Films of Stanley Kubrick
Empath”: Cave Exit (M26) / Star Trek Chase (M27) / Slow Motion Kirk (M28–30/M28–30A/M28–30B), “The
Empath”: Empath Finale (M64), “The
Empath”: How’s It Going (M41) / Spock’s Hypo (M42) / Spock Stuck (M43) / McCoy Tortured (M44) / Gem Wistful (M45), “The
It’s About Time
Kirk Does It Again
Lost in Space: 40th Anniversary Edition
Man From U.N.C.L.E. Volume 2, The
Man From U.N.C.L.E. Volume 3, The
Man From U.N.C.L.E., The
One's Enough
Party Time
Spy in the Green Hat: Stilletto Tango / Wrong Uncle, The
Spy With My Face: Music from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Movies, The
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collection
Star Trek: Original Television Soundtrack, Volume Three
Star Trek: Original Television Soundtrack, Volume Two
Star Trek: Symphonic Suites, Volume 1
Star Trek: The Original Series - Suite for Piano and Oboe
Star Trek: The Original Series 3: Spectre of the Gun / The Paradise Syndrome
Star Trek: The Original Series 4: Enemy Within / Conscience of the King / Shore Leave
Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 6: Remote Control
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2: More From the 50’s & 60’s
Third Season Library Music: More Soup (from “Amok Time” M26-30B) (LM126)
Unforgiven: Classic Western Scores From United Artists, The
Vampire Circus: The Essential Vampire Theme Collection
Vulcan Fanfare / Prying
World of Star Trek, The