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Kreeft, Peter
Kreeft, Peter J.
Kreeft, Peter John
Kreeft, Peter John, (Auteur.)
Peter Kreeft (American philosopher)
Peter Kreeft (Amerikaans filosoof)
Peter Kreeft (filosofo, teologo e educatore statunitense)
Peter Kreeft (US-amerikanischer Philosoph und Theologe)
Крайфт, Питер
Пітер Кріфт
クリーフト, P. J
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Language material
Nonmusical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Bruijn, Anke F. de
Doornenbal, Margreet
Dougherty, Trent
Fordham University
Franczak, Jan J.
Hartogh, G. den (1959-)
Hartogh, Gerrit (1959-)
Ignatius Press
Lewis, C. S. (1898-1963)
Lewis, Clive Staples (1898-1963)
Mariae, Immanuel (1973-)
Peroš, Ivan
Petry-Mroczkowska, Joanna (1948- ))
Purtill, Richard L. (1931-)
Społeczny Instytut Wydawniczy Znak
Tacelli, Ronald K. (1947-)
Tacelli, Ronald Keith (1947-)
Wydawnictwo M.
中村, 妙子 (1923-)
358 ways your mind can help you become a saint
Aborcja? - trzy punkty widzenia : pełne zrozumienia i głębokiego współczucia wprowadzenie w najbardziej kontrowersyjną kwestię naszych czasów
angel and the ants, The : bringing Heaven closer to your daily life
Angels and demons
Aniołowie i demony : co tak naprawdę o nich wiemy?
Before I go : letters to our children about what really matters
Between Allah & Jesus : what Christians can learn from Muslims
Between heaven & hell a dialog somewhere beyond death with John F. Kennedy, C.S. Lewis & Aldous Huxley
burned for your peace, I
C. S. Lewis, 1969.
C.S. Lewis for the third millennium : six essays on the Abolition of man
Catholic Christianity : a complete Catechism of Catholic beliefs based on the Catechism of the Catholic church
Catholics and protestants sitting at each other's feet : ecumenical pensees
Christianity for modern pagans : Pascal's Pensées edited, outlined, and explained
deugden in ere hersteld, De : de noodzakelijke voorwaarde voor een gezonde maatschappij
Ecumenical jihad : ecumenism and the culture war
Ekumeniczny dżihad : ekumenizm i wojna kultur
Everything you ever wanted to know about heaven
Everythink you ever wanted to know about heaven... but never dreamed of asking
foi catholique, La : un exposé complet de la foi catholique fondé sur le Catéchisme de l'Église catholique
For heaven's sake
God who loves you, The : "love divine, all loves excelling"
Handbook of Christian apologetics.
Heaven, the heart's deepest longing
How to be holy
How to win the culture war : a Christian battle plan for a society in crisis
Journey : a spiritual roadmap for modern pilgrims
Jouw vragen, Gods antwoorden
Knowing the truth of God's love
Kršćanstvo i druge religije
Letters to an atheist : wrestling with faith
Letters to Jesus (answered)
Love is stronger than death
Making sense out of suffering
On n'avorte pas Socrate
Philosophical questions : an introductory anthology
Philosophy 101 by Socrates : an introduction to philosophy via Plato's apology : forty things philosophy is according to history's first and wisest philosopher
Philosophy of tolkien the worldview behind the lord of the rings
pocket guide to the meaning of life, A
Podróż : duchowa mapa dla współczesnych pielgrzymów
Pourquoi Dieu nous fait-il souffrir?
Pouť : duchovní mapa pro moderní poutníky
Practical and illuminating guide to each book in the Bible
Prayer for beginners
Prayer : the great conversation : straight answers to tough questions about prayer
reis, De : een spirituele routekaart voor pelgrims van nu
sea within, The : waves and the meaning of all things
Shadow-lands of C.S. Lewis, The : the man behind the movie
Smisao života
Snakebite letters, The : devilishly devious secrets for subverting society as taught in tempter's training school
Socrates' children.
Socrates meets Descartes : the father of philosophy analyzes the father of modern philosophy's discourse on method
Socrates meets Jesus : history's great questioner confronts the claims of Christ
Socrates meets Sartre : the father of philosophy meets the founder of existentialism : a socratic cross-examination of existentialism and human emotions
Socratic logic : a logic text using Socratic method, Platonic questions & Aristotelian principles
study of wonder in Plato and Augustine, A
Summa philosophica
Summa theologica.
surf, therefore I am, I : a philosophy of surfing
Talking to your children about being Catholic
tascabile dell'apologetica cristiana, Il
Tengoku ni tsuite no subete
Three approaches to abortion
Three philosophies of life : Ecclesiastes--life as vanity, Job--life as suffering, Song of Songs--life as love
Tolkienovo vidění světa : křesťanská filozofie Pána prstenů
Twoje pytania, Boże odpowiedzi
unaborted Socrates, The : a dramatic debate on the issues surrounding abortion
Women and the priesthood
Wszystko, co chciałbyś wiedzieć o niebie... ale nie śniło ci się zapytać
You can understand the Old Testament : a book-by-book guide for Catholics
Your questions, God's answers
天国についてのすべて : それについて知りたいこと、しかし質問しかねていること
Thesis (Ph. D.), Fordham University, 1966