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Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin, The
Aphex Twins
James, Richard D.
The Aphex Twin
Twin, Aphex
Twin, Aphex (pseudonym)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
AFX ((Musician); other identity, same person)
AFX (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Blue Calx (other identity, same person)
Caustic Window (other identity, same person)
Dice Man (other identity, same person)
G.A.K (other identity, same person)
James, Richard D. (real name)
James, Richard David (other identity, same person)
Polygon Window (other identity, same person)
Powerpill (other identity, same person)
Q-Chastic (other identity, same person)
Soit-P.P. (other identity, same person)
Strider, Bradley (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
A.F.X (1971-...)
Boards of Canada
Caustic Window ((Musician))
Caustic Window, (1971-)
Cunningham, Chris
GAK (1971-...)
James, Richard D. (1971-; Wirklicher Name)
James, Richard D. (1971-...)
James, Richard D. (1971-)
James, Richard David
James, Richard David (1971-)
P.C.P (1971-...)
PCP (1971-...)
PIAS France
Polygon Window ((Musician))
Polygon Window (1971-...)
Powerpill ((Musician))
R & S records
R&S Records
Virgin France
Virgin records international
Warp records ltd
Wotre music
∆Mᵢ⁻¹ = −a ∑ Dᵢ[n] [∑ Fⱼᵢ[n−1] + F extᵢ[n⁻¹]]
0035 1-Audio
1.5 Dp5 Beats
1 70`s Tune
1 Chink 101
1 Human Rotation
1 Lmt
1 Metal Gate
10 Bcr78
10 Inthesky
10 Partial Gen 2
10 Shit Smothered
11 Donkey Rhubarb Remix
11 Early Morning Clissold
11 flabbard
11 Phlangebeat
11 Phlid 2
11 Slo Bird Whistle[peel Sesh]
12 Phuqed Up
12 Rough Beat Tune
12 Space Beat
13 barbarella on microdots
13 High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig
13 phukup2
13 Short Mental Afx
14 07 B
14 Cornish Spreek5b (St. Nectan’s Glen Waterfalls mix)
14 Floating∞
14 Moodular Acid[pissflaps mix]
15 Autumn Travels
15 Bradley Jam Pump
15 Twister
16 Bpjdrop Forge [pump up the jam mix]
16 Fresher + Cleaner
16 Shit Squidge
17 Alias Trak[brain floss mix]
17 elb1
17 Kids Beach
17 messy 1
179 brk 2
18 1974 94 [8♣ concentration mix]
18 elb2
18 Mello Punchy
18 SsbA
19 Bradley Echoes
19 Osc Freeze Edit
19 [Slo]w early morning clissold sunrise
19 Ssnb
1993-04-09: Sound City, Hallam University, Sheffield, UK
1994-04-09: Hallam University, Sheffield, UK
1994: Amsterdam, Netherlands
1995-10-04: [Aphex Twin's studio]
1996-07-13: Quarterfest, Norway
1997-06-27: Roskilde Festival: Roskilde, Denmark
1997-09-10: KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic Interviews
1st 44
2 ∂ƒx 126b
2 Bradley Un
2 custom break acid 1
2 Dual Acid Ab6
2 fogbeak
2 Mixes Not for Cash
2 Mixes on a 12″ for Cash
2 Nx Neotek Test B + 11
2 Pcp 2 [unreleased Version]
2 the Strange Rhythm
2 Tran 1 Env 4 Decay B Edit
2 Tran 1 Env Delay Edit+3 [time Kink]+[Jessica Cortes mix]
2 Xame Filtered
20 Pink Floyd
20 Vtnm
2001-06-15: Sónar Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2001-08-02: Drukqs Listening Party, London Planetarium, London, UK
2002-03-16: Ackerman Ballroom, Royce Hall, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2008-04-25: Empire Polo Club, Indio, California, United States
2010-05-15: Parc de la Seille, Metz, Lorraine, France
2016-12-17: Post HTX, Houston, Texas, United States
2019-04-13: Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA, USA
21 Forgotten T
21 Gak Police
21 Hapshifter1
21 Vtnm2
22 Gak Bass
22 string slush
23 Band Pass Beat Slo
23 Lush Acid [pt1]
23 moodular3[live gig]
23 Pianox
24 Afx 71 1
24 Casiotribaltronics2 Mfm
24 ems-alias mgroove
24 Squalitude Acid
24 triple d
24 Tsim 2
25 funnel
25 rogphlange 1[brainfLOSS2]
26 5 [demo]
26 mixes for cash
26 subbassjzzYvEntolins
27 dondo
28 organ 1.1 [ru,ec,+9]
291E Buchla Talk 1
2tone[camborne college mix]
3 Gerald Remix / 24 Tsim 2
3 hollow alias ab6
3 Organ Velocity
3 s - tral
3 slothscrape
30 Dolby C
30 Ms Short
300 % makina
31 Lifetrak2 EqTeac 1
32 Venus Squidge
33,000 Note Sweeps
33 Jonny Hawkes Broken Guitar[not finished]
33 SAW II Un Stabbing Interview
33 Synthi Rhy [q]
34.5 P.e
34 ibiza spliff
35 Japan
35 SAW II Un Road Shimmer F
36 natelie,jane,me ,hawke [imperial Ring]
36 Shroommdot [miCro3] [8th dimension transmission]
37 [bicycle Wheel]
37 Last Clissold Maybe
39 Fnkmg
3buchla + MARF B + 6
4 Acid Organ
4 bit 9d api+e+6
4 Bonkophone2
4 Frequency Transmitter
4 how to science ab6
4 Ny Groove
4 Red Calx[slo]
4 Voice Solo 1 Teac
4 Voice Solo 2 Teac
40 Lannerlush Full
5 36 clissold crescent [above the kitchen]
5 7z [sole transfer]
5 Acid Misc
5 African Rhyt
5 Girl Boy Dark Version
5 heliosphan live
5 How To Science 2 Ab6
5 Just Fall Asleep
5 parabeats2
5 Scorrier (101 Rainbows)
5 sline
5 Strange Rhythm
51/13 Aphex Singles Collection
54 Cymru Beats (Argonaut mix)
54cymru Beats
6 backdrop trigger
6 Fly Beats
6 gear smudge
6 Plinky Plonk[orig]
6 Step Up To Cornwall
7 ∂ƒ∆ [rough mix]
7 Clapstab Ab6
7 Cutting
7 Dub Cliker + 0hz
7 lsb [slo]
7 summerfestivalloveinthecountry
71 1st bank Trac
8 Glock+onion [desperate housewives mix]
8 Knife Fork Freq
8 Lush Ambulance 2
8 Metal Beat
8 MTG Edit Eq
8 World Waver Ab6
9 leeds orbit[live]
9 spectrum
9 Square Dance
9 Summer2
9 Un Chopped F Beginning [SAWII Un]
9 Wind Squidge
A21 Lichen
abundance10edit[2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909]
Accute Lip
Acrid Avid Jam Shred (Moth Equals remix)
After Rotation
AFX 237 v.7
AFX 6/b
Afx origTheme
Afx237 V7
Aisatsana [102]
Alberto Balsalm (Pills Money Tune remix)
Alberto Balsam
Alien Fanny Farts AB2 q
Analogue Bubblebath 1
Analogue Bubblebath 3
Analogue Bubblebath (Dumb Dan edit)
Analord 10
Analoude Bebblebath I
Aphex Airlines
Aphex Mt. Fuji 2017
Aphex Twin - Classics, The
aphex twin i care because you do sr p
Aphex Twin Remixes, Volume 1
Aphex twinRichard D. James album
Asthma1 [Time Chink mix]
At the Heart of It All
Auto Bass Stomping Machine
avril 14th doubletempo,half speed
avril 14th half speed alternative version [re-recorded 2009 Nagra]
avril 14th, reversed music not audio.
Avril 14th (Terravita remix)
avril altdelay
B+W Stripes
Bang! bang! bang! you're dead : Tokyo eyes
Bank Lullaby
Bbydhyonchord (Somasis remix)
Beauty of Being Numb, The
Big Day Out
Bit 4
Blue : Basic instinct
Blue Calx
Bob Morgan
Bucephalus bouncing ball : PI
Bucephaus Bouncing Ball
Buchla 200 6
Buchla 200 Rhtym 2B
Buchla 200e 31patches
Buchla 200e Pulses 8LP9
Buchla 200QUAD EQ,FM OSC F6 Net 2dk Edit
Buchla Master Edit Rend
Care Because You Do, …I
Carn Marth
CHEETA1b ms800
CHEETA2 ms800
Cheetah EP
Cheetah3 TEAC
CHEETAHT2 [Ld spectrum]
Children Talking
Chill out area
Chillout area
CIRCLONT14 (shrymoming mix)
CIRCLONT6A (syrobonkus mix)
CIRKLON3(concentrate edit)
CIRKLON3 (Concentrate mix)
CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]
classics enregistrement sonore
Cliffs (1043 mix)
[Cliffs] (Four Tet remix)
Clitorol Stimulai
Cloud Void
Clubbed to death : Matrix
Cmarth [longer]
Cock 10 (Delco Freedom mix)
Collapse EP
Come On You Slags!
Come to Daddy (Black Lung remix)
Come to Daddy (Director’s cut)
Come to Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy mix)
Come to Daddy (Mummy mix)
Come to Daddy (Pappy mix)
Come to Daddy (Pills Improvisation)
Come to Daddy (Pills remix)
Come to Daddy Remixed
Come to Daddy (Trapezoid mix)
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments, Part 2
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 EP
Confessions of a Mad Twat
consciousness utopia
Corn mouth
Cornish acid
Cottage3 E
Cottage4 Af 1
Cow Cud Is a Twin
Crappy (Roskilde live mix)
Cum by R
D-Scape (μ-Ziq remix)
D15 - 10 Dulcimer Dub
D15 - 8 Ny Groove2
D17 - 5 Synth Bonus Beats
Dance and Play
Décembre 99
Digeridoo (live in Cornwall, 1990)
DIGISND80T2[Digisound Modular VCDCO’s (stereo)] Comp Examples1
Disc#2, Track#3
Disintegration #3 afx237 v.7
disk aud1_12
disk prep calrec2 barn dance [slo]
diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13
diskhat ALL prepared1mixed [snr2mix]diskhat ALL prepared1bmixed [snr2mix],e,ru,+4
diskhat ALL [snr2mix] [fast],e,+3
DISKLVPRPT1 Equinox barn dance[fast]
Donkey Rhubarb (One)
Drukqs 2 Track Promo
dRuQks Prepared uN 1
Dubbed On
DX9 20 AFX Voices
efil pearls ,e,+4
Electro MJ : Baise-moi
Electronic cinemales plus grandes musiques électroniques du cinéma
En Trange to Exit
end E2
ep string
Fenix Funk 5 (Wipeout edit)
[Fingerbib (demo version)]
Flanged Twice
Forgotten Life Path
Fork Rave
Frankfurt Beat Productions [red box]
Frequency Transmitter
Funny Little Man
@FX - ChatterwavesTRIXT2
@FX - MATRIXT1 [Apcoa Connect Kunty mix]
fz pseudotimestretch+e+3
Gabbro Rod Fix (Animal Hedges)
Garden of Linmiri, The
Girl/Boy (£18 Snare Rush mix)
Girl - boy EP
Girl/Boy (Redruth mix)
Girl/Boy Song (NLS mix)
glockenspiel TEAC
Going under : evil love and insanity dub version : Traffic
Goon gumpas
GPO Beat
Green Calx
[Grey Stripe]
growth inst. [blonder]+6,ru
Gwely Mernans
(HAB un23)(unfinished)
hat 2b 2012b
hat5c 0001 rec-4
Heliosphan / F.U.S.E. - Into the Space
His Eyes Eq
How Much I Wanted You
Hy a Scullyas Lyf a Dhagrow
I care because you do, ...
Icct Hedral (edit)
Icct Hedral (Philip Glass orchestration)
Icct Hedral [Phillip Glass dry version+bonus DAT glitches]
Inkey $
Inkey$ (Live 1997)
Interview (after 4)
Interview (after Come To Daddy)
Interview (after Flim)
Interview (after Girl Boy)
Intro Words
Italic Eyeball
Joyrex Tape
Jynweythek & hy a Scullyas lyf adhagrow (For Prepared Piano)
Jynweythek Ylow
Kesson Dalef
Kladfvgbung Micshk
Lab 72
Lanner B4 Ardkore
Laughable Butane Bob
Lecce - Voltage Controlled Acoustic Resonators
Lichen (1136 mix)
Live at ATP Festival 2002
Live at Orbit
Live at Primavera
Live at Rephlex Radio
Live at the Big Day Out Festival
Live at the Pukkelpop Festival
Live at VPRO Radio
Live @ Coachella 2008
Live Collection, A
Live in Avalon
Live in Boston
Live in Denver
Live in Japan
Live in Norway
Live in Oslo
Live in Texas 2016
Live @ Metz 2010
[Logan Rock Witch (demo version)]
London 14.09.2019
Madreporic plate28 mix
Madreporic plated-scape mix
Madreporic platem-ziq mix
Madreporic platereload mix
Manchester 20.09.2019
MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96
Marshall Chords 01
Martins Car LPF
[match sticks]
Matrix Del1 Edit
(mature raver)
medievil rave Mk2 [pre plague mix]
Melodies From Mars
Meltphace 6
Mental Prolapse
Mental Telepathy
merry maidens e,ru,ec +4
Milk Man
milkman bonus beets
milkman instrumentil
minipops 67 (source field mix)
MODULART2 [VoltageTuberesonances swirl2]
MODULART3 [Schmoo Pulse]+e
ModularT4 [Spektral Modblues]
MODULART4 [Sprectral Modblur1]
ModularT8 Spectral Modular 2
MODULART8 [Spectralmodblur2]
Monkey Drummer
mooow [Dixons Theft mix]
Mortal 08
(mortal 1)
Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount
Mt Saint Michel Mix…
MT1 t29r2
Mulberry Bush
Music from the club : total fragment : Apartment 5c
Music up!toute l'actualité pop-indie, rock, métal, roots et musiques black...
Nagradrums 2+7
Naks Acid
Nannou 2
Nanou 2
New Chapter
Next Heap With
no cares [48k ]
Notting Hill Bus
Nova Robotiks
Novo's theme : Novo
Nqz 14 ENV DelFS Edit
Nqz 2 Edit + 6
Nqz 25
Nqz 9 Chaos Rave 1st Edit +6
Nqz Baby
Nqz FS AK9
Nqz11 Fucked PWM F6 Edit +6
Nqz3 Singing Chaos Montage
Octave Nob
Omgyjya Switch7
On (28 mix)
On (D-Scape mix)
On [Gai/Jin] DEMO (2000)
On (Reload mix)
On Remixes
On’ (µ-Ziq mix)
On (μ-Ziq remix) [without the tape being chewed up]
Orban Eq Trx4
Original bedroom rockers : Hackers
Original Chaos Riff
Pancake Lizard
PAPAT4 (pineal mix)
[Parallel Stripes]
Parking Lot
Peef 824545201
Peef eight two four five four five two zero one
Peek 82454201 (Nmesh Edit) (2002)
Peek 824545201
Peel Session 2
Peel Sessions 1992/1995
Penty Harmonium
Perc #6
Perfect (A Rich*Ears Mixtape)
Perfect Aphex Twin by Rich*Ears
Petiatil Cx Htdui
Phase Acid
Phlange phace
Phonge [Halouminatti mix]
Phonic Resonance
piano un1 arpej
piano un10 it happened
pianopkupt1 [norm]
Planitu de Liposomes
Polygon Window
poulpeun film de Guillaume Nilcoux, Le
Prep Gwarlek 3b
Prepared Piano Piece 1
Prepared Piano Piece 2
Preset Search
previously lost track [dat 24] Icbyd-merry maidens
produk 29
Puissance makina. Omnisounds 07243 592128 2 1, 5399122, 5432842, 583 537 2
Pump the Shit
pure person, A : Millenium mambo
Quad Rave TEAC
Rare & Unreleased
Rate of Change of Flux, The
Red Alert
Renalgade Sonar
Respect List
Rhubarb (1159 mix)
Rhubarb (Pills remix)
Richard D. James album
Rubber Johnny
Ruglen Holon
Run Jeremy’s Window Licker (X-Rated Lick)
Run Jeremy’s Window Licker (XXX Lick)
Rusty Metal (Pills Metal remix)
s950tx16wasr10 (earth portal mix)
Sams Car
Saw 2 Disc 1 Untitled 12
SAW2 CD1 TRK2 (original mix)
SAW2 Remix Thingy [μ-Ziq]
Saw2 Track
Say Hello to Allah - 'Come to Daddy' (Re-Mixed by Black Lung)
Schottkey 7th Path
sekonda e,+2
Selected ambient works 85-92
Selected Ambient Works, Volume II
Selected ambient works85-92
Sensual woman : Snatch
Serious Tunes for Nice People
Seventy-three yips
[Shiny Metal Rods]
Short Forgotten Produk Trk
Short Logic
sire records 1999 narm sampler sr
Sium Quarm
Slo Bird Whistle
Soahcie2 [Sole Trader/Removal]
Sonic Engineer 91
Square 3
Squidge That Came From Venus, The
Start as You Mean to Go On
State of the Art
Stem : 187 code meurtre
[Stone in Focus]
Strotha Tynhe
Summer overture : Requiem for a dream
Surfing on sine waves
Sweet electroentre douceur et acidité, les saveurs débridées de l'électro avec Aphex Twin, Wagon Christ, Boards of Canada...
syro u473t8+e (piezoluminescence mix)
t69 collapse [durichroma]
Taking Control
Talkin2u Mix2
Tamphex (Headphuq mix)
th1 [evnslower]
th1 [slo]
Thème de Beryl : OMR remix : Les Enfants de la pluie
theoretical determination of clarinet mouthpiece facings by analysis of the tone generating system, A
Think I Am, I
Thyre Here Aahha
To Cure a Weakling Child (Contour Regard)
To U 4 Me Off Wax III
Trippers Unite
Trois cent pour cent makina
Twenty-six mixes for cash
Uchoob trax links [your fave music or other REALLY interesting music] not just any old crap
(Unreleased Jam)
Vaz Deferenz
Ventolin (Asthma Beats mix)
Ventolin (Carharrack mix)
Ventolin (Crowsmangegus mix edit)
Ventolin (Crowsmengegus mix)
Ventolin (Cylob mix)
Ventolin (Deep Gong Mix) / Polygon Window - Bike Pump Meets Bucket
Ventolin EP (The Remixes)
Ventolin (excerpt)
Ventolin (Marazanvose mix)
Ventolin (Marazavose mix edit)
Ventolin (Plain-An-Gwarry mix)
Ventolin (Praze an Beeble mix)
Ventolin (Probus mix)
Ventolin (Salbutamol mix)
Ventolin (The Choppice mix)
Ventolin (The Coppice mix)
Ventolin (video version)
Ventolin (Wheeze mix)
ventolin1 un e,ru,ec+2
(vocoder disco)
Vordhosbn + 54 Crymru Beats
Wandsworth road : Kensal town : Intimité
wap 100 enregistrement sonore
Wap 100We are responsable people
(watery big ez)
Wax the Nip
Waxen Pith, The
We are the music makers
We have arrived
[Weathered Stone]
Wet Tip Hen Ax
Where Talking Drumbeats
[White Blur 1]
[White Blur 2]
winding road ,e,+4.1
Window Licker 2010 (Albin Myers Bootleg remix)
Windowlicker (acid edit)
Windowlicker (demo version)
Windowlicker (Director’s cut)
Windowlicker (End-Roll version)
Windowlicker (EP version)
Windowlicker (Feed Me edit)
Windowlicker (Kriece remix)
Windowlicker (original demo)
Windowlicker (Quicktime Movie for Macs and PCs)
Windowlicker (Renaissance Man bootcut)
Windowlicker (Run Jeremy X-Rated Lick)
Windowlicker Scratch Intro (cos-mix)
Windowlicker (Trentemøller re-edit)
[Windowsill] (Games re-edit)
with my family [48k]
Words & Music
Words (Processed)
World Waver
X-Ray (Shortbread mix)
XMAS_EVET10 (thanaton3 mix)
Xylem Tube EP
Yellow Calx
Z Freqdelay Serve
Z-Twig (6040 mix)
Ziggomatic 17
Contributed to or performed: 
10 Years I ♥ Techno: The Classics
10 Years Of Trance
100% Alternative
1995-11-06: Mixing It With Richard D. James (BBC radio)
20 Years of Rage
2004-06-10: Warp Works and 20th Century Masters: Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy
2005-05-04: Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy
2006-01-25: Radio Soulwax Live: Get Yer Yo Yo's Out: Big Day Out: Gold Coast Parklands, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
25 ans de Radio Nova
25 Years Pukkelpop
30 Years of R&S Records
Abstract Expressionism, Chapter 1
After the Goldrush
Ambient 4: Isolationism
Ambient Auras: Diverse Dimensions in Ambient Dub
Ambient Senses: The Vision
Apollo Past > Present > Future
Art of Chill 2, The
At the Controls
Back in the Box
Back in the Box (Unmixed)
Back to Mine: The Orb
Back to Mine: Underworld
Balance 010: Jimmy Van M
BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix
Beautiful Boy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Behind the Counter With Max Richter
Big Beats
Big Day Out 04
Blechsdöttir: The Nexus Phase
Bleep Selects 25 Years of Warp
Bleep: 100 Tracks 2018
Bleep: A Guide to Electronic Music
Bleep: Guide to British Independent Music
Bleep: The Top 100 Tracks of 2014
Bleep: The Top 100 Tracks of 2016
Buddha Trance
Café del Mar: 35th Anniversary (1980 - 2015)
Chapter 4 (Blame Game)
Chiller Cabinet
Chillout Area # 1
Chillout Compilation
Chillout Session: Ibiza Sunsets, The
Chillout: Phase Two
Chosen Lords
Chronological Harmonisations, Volume 1
City Clubbing
Climax (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Clubbed to Death
Cold Feet
Cold Feet: The Official Soundtrack to the Series
colette 20 (1997-2017)
Collide: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Come on My Selector / Bricks / Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Compilation 2003: The Best of Electronic
Cream Collect Techno
CreamCollect: Balearic
Da Vinci Lounge, The
Dead Man's Shoes
Digital Empire: Techno Anthems
Dinner for Two
Diskore Mix
Distance to Technoland 2
DJ-Kicks: Booka Shade
DJ-Kicks: Motor City Drum Ensemble
DJ-Kicks: Nicolette
DJ-Kicks: Peggy Gou
Downtown / SAW:II CD2.4
Dream Injection, Volume 2
Dream Injection, Volume 3: Trance & Ambience
Dredd Overboard (DJ Food Lifesaver mix) / Cow Cud Is a Twin
East of the City / LFO (Leeds Warehouse mix) / [Curtains] / Music Substitute System / Apply Some Pressure / Deep Blue Sea (Daniel Rossen Home Recording)
ECC Wroclaw 20110910
Electric Community Compilation
Electrosounds, Volume 1
Essential Mix, The
Essential Techno
Eternal Traxx, Volume 4
Everybody Needs Somebody
Excursions in Ambience: The Third Dimension
Fabric Big Issue CD
FabricLive 24: Diplo
FabricLive 48: Filthy Dukes
Far Away Planet / First Track / Nuclear / Pull Over / Who Is Elvis (remix) / Drill / Isoprophlex / Paradise, Paradise / Lifetime Mission / Swamp / Destiny / Mastercore
Fire This Time, The
Flux Trax
Follow the Sound
Frankfurt Beat Presents Club Hits, Limited Edition: Red Box
Freebase Connection, The
Full-On Techno
Futura Connect
Future Music CD October 1995
Future Techno
Global Underground: GU Mixed 3
Goodbye Sunshine
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Journey
Grand Theft Auto V Radio
Grandma's Boy
Grandma's Boy: Music From the Motion Picture
Grandma’s Boy‐Music from the Motion Picture
Greatest Switch Box, The
Greatest Switch, The
GU Mixed:3 Unmixed DJ Version
Heck on Wheels, Volume 4
History of Dance 9: The Techno Edition
History of Trance, Part 5, The
hiver 97, Un
Humo Selecteert Het Beste Uit 2014
Ibiza 24/7
Ibiza Chillout, Volume 1
In Order to Dance
In Order to Dance 4
In Order To Edit
In-Store Ambients
Inner Space: Chill Out, Volume 2
Inrockuptibles et la Fnac présentent : Les Beaux Labels, Volume 1, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent : 100 trésors cachés : chansons rares & indispensables, Les
It Sounds Different: Sweet Electro
It's Got to Be Techno
James Holden: At the Controls
Keinijg 2
Kontor: Sunset Chill: Winter Edition
Krieger (Baldhu mix)
L’Anthologie des InRocKs : 25 ans de musique
Last Minute, The
LateNightTales: The Flaming Lips
Live at Sónar
Lonesome Planetarium, The
Love Letters
Lulz: A Corruption of LOL #X: Creepypasta
Lumines Electronic Symphony
Marie Antoinette
Mash Up
Maximum Electronica, Vol. 1
Mayday: A New Chapter of House and Techno
Mcks Ws, Mcks Wr
Mega Techno 2
Mega Techno 3
Melissa Juice / A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert mix) / Cyclotron / Wilmot / Polkadot Blues / Milkman / Hung Like a Bull
Misch Masch
Mixing It
Mixmag Live!, Volume 13: Techo
Mixmag: The Greatest Dance Tracks of All Time
Modulation & Transformation
Mondän Vol.2
Morvern Callar
MTV’s Amp
Music for the 90’s, Volume 6
NASA: See the Light Tour
Never Mind the Bootlegs
Nova Classics Six
Nu Skool Breaks
Ocean of Sound
Or Some Computer Music
Orbitones, Spoon Harps, & Bellowphones
Pacha Ibiza Chillout Classics
Parallel Side of Soundtrack
Pete Tong Collection, The
PIAS Volume 2: Classic Beats
Polymorphia Reloaded
Poplife™ Presents Poplife Sucks
Presents Radio Soulwax Live – Get Yer Yo Yo’s Out
Presents Radio Soulwax Live: Get Yer Yo Yo’s Out, Pt. 4
Primavera Sound 2002
Rage: More of the Songs Most Chosen by Rage Guest Programmers
Rave Explosion: The Underground Continues..., Volume 2, The
Raving We’re Raving
Remixes + Bonus Beats, The
Remixplosion (1996-2006)
rentrée electro 2001, Une
Rocky - Bad idea jeans - H&M - Mince and Tomato
Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 14
Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 01
RRR Soundscape Vol. 2
Sarah (Los Angeles Soundtrack) / I Could Never Make That Music Again
SAW:II CD2.6 / Sexy Bit Courtesy of NinjaTune
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パリコレ2010 -11月号-
Typewritten (Photocopy)
Includes abstract
Thesis (M.A.)--UCLA, 1973, c1973
Wikipedia, viewed 5 June 2014 (Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), best known by his stage name Aphex Twin, is an English electronic musician and composer; Aphex Twin has recorded music under the aliases AFX, Blue Calx, Bradley Strider, Caustic Window, GAK, Polygon Window, Power-Pill, Q-Chastic, The Diceman, Soit-P.P. among other names)