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Džimi Pejdž
Džimijs Peidžs
James Patrick Page
Jimi Page
Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page (britischer Musiker)
Jimmy Page (British guitarist)
Jimmy Page (britisk gitarist)
Jimmy Page (britisk guitarist)
Jimmy Page (Brits gitarist)
Jimmy Page (brittisk gitarrist)
Jimmy Page (brytyjski muzyk rockowy, gitarzysta)
Jimmy Page (chitarrista e compositore britannico)
Jimmy Page & Friends
Jimmy Page (nghệ sĩ guitar người Anh)
Page, James
Page, James Patrick
Page, Jimmy
Τζίμι Πέιτζ
Джими Пейдж
Джиммі Пейдж
Джымі Пэйдж
Пейдж, Джимми (английский музыкант, аранжировщик, композитор, музыкальный продюсер и выдающийся рок-гитарист)
Џими Пејџ
ჯიმი პეიჯი
Ջիմի Փեյջ
ג'ימי פייג'
جيمي بيج
جیمی پیج (گیتاریست بریتانیایی)
जिमी पेज
ಜಿಮ್ಮಿ ಪೇಜ್
จิมมี เพจ
지미 페이지
ペイジ, ジミー
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
2, Led Zeppelin (co-performer)
Beck, Jeff (co-performer)
Bonham, John (co-performer)
Boot-Led-Zeppelin (co-performer)
Coverdale, David (co-performer)
Coverdale•Page (isMemberOf)
Dreja, Chris (co-performer)
Franklin, Tony (co-performer)
Glen, Alan (co-performer)
Gods, Hammer of the (co-performer)
Honeydrippers (Groupe de rock) Groupe de rock (see also from)
Honeydrippers (Musical group : 1981-1985) (see also from)
Jones, John Paul (1946- ))
Jones, John Paul (1946-)
Jones, John Paul (co-performer)
Kashmir (co-performer)
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin (isMemberOf)
Led Zeppelin (groupe)
Led Zeppelin (Musical group) (see also from)
Led Zeppelin (zespół rockowy)
Led Zeppelin 1968-1980 (see also from)
Led, Whole Lotta (co-performer)
Leppard, Zep (co-performer)
Leppelin, Zed (co-performer)
McCarty, Jim (co-performer)
Mickey Finn & the Blue men
Mickey Finn & the Blue men 1964 (see also from)
Mothership (co-performer)
Plant, Robert (1948- ))
Plant, Robert (1948-)
Plant, Robert (co-performer)
Puff Daddy
Pure Zeppelin Experience, The (co-performer)
Quarter, No (co-performer)
Relf, Keith (co-performer)
Rodgers, Paul (co-performer)
Rodgers, Paul and Company (co-performer)
Samwell-Smith, Paul (co-performer)
Setzer, Brian (co-performer)
Slade, Chris (co-performer)
Song, Swan (co-performer)
Sony music entertainment inc. États-Unis
Sony music entertainment international
Sony music France
The Firm
The Firm (isMemberOf)
The Firm (Grupo musical)
The Firm 1984-.... (see also from)
The Honeydrippers (isMemberOf)
The Yardbirds (isMemberOf)
The Yardbirds (Grupo musical) (see also from)
The Yardbirds 1967-1969 (see also from)
Tolinski, Brad
Tribute to Led Zeppelin, A (co-performer)
Warner music France
White, Jack
Winner, Michael (1935-)
XYZ (isMemberOf)
Yardbirds (Musical group) (see also from)
Zep, Letz (co-performer)
Zepagain, Led (co-performer)
Zeppelin, Dread (co-performer)
Zeppelin, Lez (co-performer)
Zepplin, Tribute to Led (co-performer)
Żurek, Rafał
Черенков, Ричард
¤Yardbirds, The
10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod)
1970-04-28: Julie Felix Show, BBC Studios, London, England, UK
1988-10-07: Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA
1988-10-22: Outrider Tour: New York, NY, USA
Absolution blues (6 min)
Achilles Last Stand
Alternate Jill's Theme
Avron Knows
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
Baby, Come Back
Baby Come On Home
Baby I Miss You So
Back to the light
[band introductions]
Battle of Evermore, The
BBC 6 Music: Jimmy Page and the BBC Sessions (part 1 & 2)
Beck's Bolero
Będzie głośno
Before the Balloon Went Up
Big Band, Sax, and Violence
Black Country Woman
Black Dog
Black Mountain Side
Blue eyed blues
Blue Train
Blues Anthem (If I Cannot Have Your Love ...)
Blues & Ballads
Boogie with Stu
Bosszúvágy 3. – A terror utcája
Brightest Light
Bring It On Home
Bron‐Yr‐Aur Stomp
Burn Up
Burning Up
Candy Store Rock
Carole's Theme - Strings
’Cause I Love You
Celebration Day
Chase, The
Chopin's Prelude
City don't cry
City Sirens intro / Jason Bonham drum solo
Come with me (5 min 18 s) remix street version
Come with me (6 min 24 s) Apollo four forty remix
Come with me music from Godzilla the album
Communication Breakdown
Country Sandwich
Coverdale · Page
Crunge, The
Custard Pie / Black Dog
D’yer Mak’er
Damask - Ambient
Dancing Days
Dazed and Confused
Death wish 3
Death Wish II
Dixie Fried
Don't leave me this way (7 min 52 s)
Don't send me no flowers
Don't Turn You Back
Down by the Seaside
Down in the Boots
Draggin’ My Tail
Drinking Muddy Water
Early in the Morning
Easy does it (5 min 51 s)
Emerald eyes (3 min 20 s)
Everything I Do Is Wrong
Feeling hot (4 min 10 s)
Firm, The
Flashing Lights
Fool in the Rain
For Your Life
For Zeppelin Fans Only!
Fortune Hunter
Four sticks
Free to Live
Freight Loader
Gallows pole
Getting Out of Town
Goat, The
Going to California
Good Times Bad Times
[guitar change]
Guitar for Hire
Guitar masterclass
Guitars heroes
Gutty Guitar
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
Heart in Your Hand
Heiß wie Feuer II
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do
Hey Mama / Swinging Sax
Hip Young Guitar Slinger
Hot Dog
Hotel Rats and Photostats
Hots On for Nowhere
House of Love
Houses of the Holy
How Many More Times
Hummingbird (5 min 22 s)
Hypnotizing Ways (Oh Mamma)
I’m Gonna Crawl
I've Got My Tears to Remind Me
Immigrant song
In My Time of Dying
In the Evening
In the Light
[intro] / [equipment problems]
It might get loud
It’s a Bloody Life
Jam Sandwich
Jam session
Jennings Farm Blues
Jill's Orchestral Theme
Jimmy Page and Friends
Jimmy Page Collection: Have Guitar, Will Travel, The
Jimmy Page : vocal/guitar tablature version.
Jimmy's Back Pages... The Early Years
Jimmy talks
Just Like Anyone Would Do
justicier dans la ville 2
justicier de New-York
Keep Movin'
Keep Moving (stereo remix)
Kiseki : Jimi peiji jiden.
Knowing That I’m Losing You
L. A. Breakdown (feat. The All Stars)
La, La
Led Boots
Led Zeppelin.
Lemon Song, The
Light & shade, conversations with Jimmy Page
Liquid mercury (3 min 03 s)
Little Girl, How Old Are You
Little Soldier Boy
Live at The Greek
Live USA
Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)
Lonely Weekend
Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks
Lucifer Rising Early Mix
Lucifer Rising - Main Title
Lucifer Rising - Main Track
Lucifer Rising, part 1
Lucifer Rising, part 2
Lucifer Rising - Percussive Return
Lucifer Rising Take 1
Lucifer Rising Take 2
Lucifer Rising Take 3
Lucifer Rising Take 4
Lucifer Rising Take 5
Lucifer Rising Take 6
Lucifer Rising Take 7
Lucifer Rising Take 8
Main Title
Me Love
Midnight Moonlight Lady
Miles road (2 min 23 s)
Minor Sketch, A
Misty Mountain Hop
Moby Dick
Moma Don’t Wanna Play (1956 Huw Whelton TV Show)
Most high
New life
Night Flight
No quarter
Nobody's fault but mine
Nombres de la banda sonora, de José María Benítez y Luis Miguel Carmona, 1996
Ocean, The
One for You, Baby
One Word that will change your life
Only one (4 min 25 s)
Only One, The
Out on the Tiles
Over Now
Over the Hills and Far Away
Over the Hills and Faraway
Ozone Baby
part 1
part 2
Past & Present Live in Concert
Perut Laper
Physical graffiti
Playin' Up a Storm
Please Read the Letter
Poor Tom
Pound and Stomps
Pride and joy (3 min 32 s)
Prison blues (7 min 07 s)
Psycho Daisies
Q: As a producer, what studio techniques did you come up with? A: “Backwards echo…‘You Shook Me’.”
Q: Did you have any old unreleased numbers left over? A: “We didn’t…included that one.”
Q: Do any of the re-EQ’d songs stand out? A: “I think…really great y’know.”
Q: How did the Led Zeppelin 4-CD set come about? A: “Actually what happened…I think y’know.”
Q: How long did Led Zeppelin I take to record? A: “The first…changed the name.”
Q: Is it true that Elvis Presley’s “Baby Let’s Play House” got you into rock and roll? A: “I was really…went on from there.”
Q: What is the difference between these versions and the originals? A: “Well the clarity…pretty positive.”
Q: What is the most satisfying thing about Led Zeppelin to you? A: “The most…it’s wonderful.”
Q: What was the hardest part of the project? A: “I guess…myself y’know.”
Q: What was your first U.S. tour like? A: “We went over…like dynamite.”
Q: What was your idea when you put Led Zeppelin together? A: “I had in my…from there.”
Q: Where did you find all the old Led Zeppelin tapes? A: “Oh they were…was fortunate.”
Rain Song, The
Ramble On
Release, The
Rights of Winter
Rock and Roll
Rover, The
Royal Orleans
Satisfaction Guaranteed
See a Man Downstairs, I
Session Man, Volume 1
Session Man, Volume 2
Shadow in the City, A
Shake my tree (4 min 50 s)
She Just Satisfies (instrumental stereo)
She Was So Dumb
Shining in the Light
Sick Again
Since I've been loving you
Smile on Me
Smoke and Fire
Snake Drive
So Surprised
Someone to Love
Song Remains the Same, The
Sonic Textures 1 - Earth
Sonic Textures 2 - Air
Sonic Textures 3 - Fire
Sonic Textures 4 - Water
Sonic Textures 5 - Ether
Sons of Freedom
Sound Tracks
Spanish Blood
St. Tristan’s Sword
Stairway to Haven
Stairway to Heaven (instrumental)
Stairway to Walgreens
Stairwell to Heaven
Station Liner: “Good morning, this is Jimmy Page. Come on, it’s time to wake up and get the Led out.”
Station Liner: “Hello, I’m Jimmy Page and this is Led Zeppelin.”
Station Liner: “Hello this is Jimmy Page and I wanna hear some rock and roll.”
Station Liner: “Hello this is Jimmy Page and you’re listening to the station that made rock classic.”
Station Liner: “Hello, this is Jimmy Page. Keep your radio tuned right here.”
Station Liner: “Hi there, this is Jimmy Page. Hold on to your seats, here comes Led Zeppelin.”
Station Liner: “Hi this is Jimmy Page and this deejay is insane.”
Stealing, Stealing
Step By Step
Strange land
Stroll On
Sugar Mama
Sunshine Woman
Super rock guitarist
Swan Song
Światło i cień : Jimmy Page w rozmowach
Take a look at yourself (5 min 02 s)
Take me for a little while... [etc.]
Taking a Hold on Me
Tea for One
Tear Down the Walls
Ten Years Gone
Thank you
That's the One
That's the way
Think About It
Think It Over
This Guitar Kills
Thumping Beat
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor
To Gether
Train Kept A-Rollin', The
Train Kept a Rolling
Trampled Under Foot
Trapped in the Drive-Thru
Travelling Riverside Blues
Tribute to Elmore
truth explodes
Union Jack Car
Upon a Golden Horse
Voodoo Blues
Wah wah
Wailing Sounds
Waiting on you (5 min 15 s)
Walking into clarksdale
Walter’s Walk
Wanna make love (5 min 20 s)
Wanton Song, The
Wasting my time (4 min 28 s)
Wearing and Tearing
West Coast Idea
What is and what should never be
When I Was a Child
When the levee breaks
When the World Was Young
Whenever you close your eyes (radio mix) ; Once in a lifetime ; Whenever your close your eyes (album version)
Where the ACTION is!
Whisper a prayer for the dying (6 min 54 s)
White boy blues
White Summer / Black Mountain Side
White Summer (live)
Who's to Blame
Whole Lotta Love (feat. Black Crowes)
Wonderful one
Would You Believe
Writes of winter (3 min 25 s)
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Your Time Is Gonna Come
Życzenie śmierci 3
奇跡 : ジミー・ペイジ自伝
Contributed to or performed: 
'Cause I Love You
[bass solo]
[data track]
[drum solo]
[Jimmy Page solo]
[keyboard solo]
[opening tape]
[Page Theremin solo]
1000% Golden Soundtrack
1983-12-02: Ronnie Lane’s Appeal for ARMS, Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, USA
1984-06-24 Aud: Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
1990-06-30: Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, UK: Wearing and Torn Down: Knebworth 1990 Soundboard
1990-08-18: Train Kept a Rolling: Monsters of Rock, Donington Park, UK
1990-08-20: Marquee Club, London, UK
1993 NARM Sampler
30th Anniversary Collection
75 Milestones Hits
A.R.M.S. Benefit Concert, The
Absolution Blues
Acoustic Affairs 2
Across the Atlantic Ocean
Advertisement (Another Intentional Irrelevant Suicide)
After the Crash: Archives, 1981–1985
Ain't Got You, I
Ain't Nothin' but the Blues
Alltime Greatest Hits of the 60's
Alone With My Friends
Anthology Of British Blues Volume 2
Anthology of British Blues, Volume 2, An
ARMS Concert
Artefacts From the Psychedelic Dungeon
Axemen - The First Cometh
Baby Come Back
Bad Speech
Beck’s Bolero
Beck’s Bolero / Immigrant Song
Best of Blind Melon, The
Best of Blues, The
Best of British Blues, The
Best of British Blues, Volume I
Best of British Rock, The
Best of Driving Rock
Best of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Live, The
Best of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live, The
Black Dog
Black, White & Blues
Blues Album: 36 Classics, The
Blues Anthology
Blues Blues Blues
Blues Collection, The
Blues Giants: The Essential Songbook
Blues Guitar Box, The
Blues Masters: Originals
Blues Story
Blues Story n°2 Le Blues Anglais
Blues Years, The
Boll Weevil Song
Bomber's Moon
Boogie Mama
Boogie Woody’s Birthday
Born With the Blues (disc 1)
Box of Rock
Breakdown, LA
Bring It On Home
Brit Blues
Brit Blues Volume 2
British Archive Series: Blues for Collectors, Volume 2
British Archive Series: Blues for Collectors, Volume 3
British Archive Series: Blues for Collectors, Volume 4
British Blues Breakers
British Blues Heroes
British Blues Heroes - Jeff Beck And Friends...
British Rock Legends
Bunch of Rarities, A
Burn Up
Bye Bye Sonny
Celebration Day
Charly Blues Masterworks, Vol. 20: Blue Eyed Blues
Charly R&B Masters, Volume 8: Immediate R&B
Checks 'N' Chops
Choker, The
City Sirens
Clapton Is God...The Cream Of Early Eric
Clapton, Page & Beck Box Set
Classic Rock - The Original
Coded: The Limited Edition Trance Remixes
Come With Me
Come With Me (Apollo Four Forty remix)
Come With Me (extended version)
Come With Me (Morello mix)
Come With Me (radio album version)
Come With Me (radio version II)
Come With Me (radio version)
Come With Me (remix)
Come With Me (Stealth Sonic Orchestra remix)
Come With Me (Tony Montana remix)
Complete Willie And The Poor Boys, The
Coverdale • Page
Custard Pie
Dancing Days / Bron-Y-Aur Stomp / Jennings Farm Blues / Black Country Woman / Jams / In My Time of Dying / White Summer / Whole Lotta Love / Communication Breakdown / Acoustic Jam / Stairway to Heaven (Sound Check 2: Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan: 1993-12-20)
Definitive Collection, The
Destroy All DJs 2
Deuses da Guitarra
Dixie Fried
Don't Leave Me This Way
Don't Send Me Flowers
Don't Send Me No Flowers, Part 1
Don't Send Me No Flowers, Part 2
Don't Send Me No Flowers, Part 3
Don't Send Me No Flowers, Part 4
Don’t Leave Me This Way
Don’t Send Me No Flowers
Down In The Boots
Down the Line
Draggin My Tail
Draggin' My Tail
Draggin'My Tail
Draggin’ My Tail
Dragging My Tail
Draiggin' My Tail
Easy Does It
Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks
Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton / Jimmy Page & Albert Lee
Eric Clapton & Friends
Eric Clapton & Friends in Concert
Eric Clapton & Friends: Let It Rock
Eric Clapton & Friends: The Album
Eric Clapton and Friends
Everybody's Got to Change
Everything I Do Is Wrong
Feel the Groove
Feeling Hot
First & Last
Flashing Lights
For Your Love
Freight Leader
Freight Loader
Frozen Moment
Gallows Pole
Getting Out of Town
Gimme Some Lovin'
Goat, The
Godzilla: The Album
Going to California (live)
Gonna Shoot You Right Down (Boom Boom)
Good Night Irene
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Goodnight Irene
Great Guitarists, Volume 1
Greatest Driving Rock Collection 1, The
Guitar Blues
Guitar Boogie
Guitar Heroes
Guitar Heroes, Volume 2
Guitar Kings
Guitar Player, The
Guitar Rock Heroes
Hard To Handle
Heavy Metal, Volume 2
Here I Go Again
Hey Hey What Can I Do
Hi Ho Silver Lining
Highway 49
Highway Blues
History of Eric Clapton
Hits of Fire
I’m Down
If I Were a Carpenter
Immediate Blues Anthology, The
Immigrant Song
In Concert
In My Time Of Dying
In the Light
In Your Ear 4
Inner Flame: A Tribute to Rainer Ptacek, The
It's a Bloody Life
It’s a Bloody Life
Jahrtausend Hits - Rock
Jam / Whole Lotta Love / Slide Jam (Sound Check 3: Nagoya Gym, Nagoya, Japan: 1993-12-22)
Jimmy Page's Session, Part 1
Jimmy Page's Session, Part 2
Jimmy Page's Session, Part 3
L.A. Breakdown
Last Man Standing
Latest & Greatest Guitar Heroes
Lay Down Sally
Led Zeppelin: Family Tree
Lemon Song, The
Little Games Session Tapes
Little Girl, How Old Are You
Little Red Rooster
Live at Jones Beach
Live at Knebworth 1990
Live at the Greek
Live At The Greek: Complete Live Master
Live at the Greek: Excess All Areas
Live in Japan 1993
Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck
Lonely Weekend
Long Hard Road
Lovin’ Up a Storm
Made in England, Volume 2
Making of Friends, Part 1, The
Making of Friends, Part 2, The
Many Faces of Eric Clapton, The
Masters: No Introduction Required, The
Medley: Shake My Tree / Take Me for a Little While / Pride and Joy / Don't Leave Me This Way
Mega Gold 50'60'70'80'
Mellow Down Easy
Memories of Eric Clapton
Midnight Moonlight
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Crossroads
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Tribute to Elmore
Miles Road
Miles Roads
Misty Mountain Hop
New York City Blues
Night of the Kings, The
Nineteen Forty-Eightish
No Introduction Necessary
No Introduction…
No Speak No Slave
No. 1 Dad
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Ocean (Intro)
Ocean / Feeling Hot
Oh Well
One Long Kiss
Out of a Book
Out On The Tiles
Out on the Tiles (Intro)
Out on the Tiles / Whole Lotta Love
Over Now
Over Now (edit)
Over Now (LP version)
People Get Ready
Pity This Fool, I
Platinum Collection 2000
Play Me the Blues
Play Me the Blues...
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 5
Pound and Stomps
Prequel, The
Pride and Joy
Prince’s Trust Collection, The
Q: Sweet Sixteen
Rave On
Red House
Rehearsal: The Latest in Digital Experience
Rock 'n' Roll
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Live, Volume 1
Rock 1
Rock and Pop Hits
Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Volume 10: 2008-2009
Rock and Roll Highway
Rock Box, The
Rock Collection: Guitar Rock, The
Rock Guitar (Purple Haze)
Rock Legend
Rock Messages
Rock Power
Rock: The Greatest Rock Hits
Roll & Tumble Blues: A History of Slide Guitar
Rude World
Rude World (isolated tracks)
Rude World (rough mix 1)
Rude World (rough mix 2)
Rytm I Blues
Same Old Rock, The
See a Man Downstairs, I
Shake My Tree
Shake My Tree (reprise)
Shake My Tree (The Guitar Crunch mix)
Shake Your Money Maker
Shape of Things to Come
Shapes Of Things
Shapes of Things: 60's Groups and Sessions
She Was So Dumb
Sick Again
Sixty Six to Timbuktu
Slide It In
Sloppy Drunk
Slowdown Sunrise
Snake Drive
Stairway to Heaven
Star Cycle
Still of the Night
Story of the White Blues, The
Strictly the Blues
Stroll On
Sunday Times Music Collection: Guitar Men, The
Super Oldies
Superstar Blues
Superstars Collection, Volume 3, The
Take a Look at Yourself
Take a Look at Yourself (acoustic version)
Take a Look at Yourself (edit)
Take a Look at Yourself (With Girls)
Take Me for a Little While
Take Me for a Little While (7" edit)
Take Me for a Little While (acoustic version)
Take Me for a Little While (Chr edit #1)
Take Me for a Little While / In My Time of Dying
Take Me to the River
Ten Years Gone
Thank You (live at the MTV Music Awards) - Wesley Reid Scantin
Theremin Jams / For Your Life / Nobody's Fault But Mine / Jam / Dazed and Confused / Jam / In My Time of Dying (Sound Check 1: Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan: 1993-12-17)
These Arms of Mine
Think About It
Think It Over
This Is Guitar Gods
Through the Years
Thumping Beat
TMF Rockzone 3
Tony Joe White & Friends
Top Hits U.S.A. T178
Train Kept A Rollin'
Train Kept A-Rollin’, The
Tribute to Elmore
Tulsa Time
Twentieth Century Man
Ultimate Blues Collection (disc 2)
Uncut: Bring It on Home: 15 Classic Tracks Chosen by Robert Plant
Union Jack Car
Very Best of 25 Years British Blues, The
Very Best of Blues Guitar, The
Very Best of the Blues, The
Volume I
Wailing Sound
Wailing Sounds
Waiting on You
Walk This Way
Wearing & Tearing
Wearing and Tearing
West Coast Idea
What Is And What Should Never Be
Whatever Happened to Jugula?
Whisper a Prayer for the Dying
White Blues, Volume 2
White Boy Blues
White Boy’s Blues Guitars
White Summer
Who's to Blame
Who's to Blame?
Who’s to Blame
Whole Lotta Love
Wiser Time
With A Little Help From My Friends
Woke Up This Morning
Women Are Smarter
Wonderful Tonight
You Shook Me
Your Time Is Gonna Come
Your Time Is Gonna' Come