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Plant, Robert
Plant, Robert Anthony
Plant, Robert T.
Plant, Robert Thomas
Robert Anthony Plant
Robert Plant
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
2, Led Zeppelin (co-performer)
Atlantic Records Inc
Band of Joy (isMemberOf)
Beck, Jeff (co-performer)
Bonham, John
Bonham, John (co-performer)
Boot-Led-Zeppelin (co-performer)
Carson, Phil (co-performer)
Giovino, Marco (co-performer)
Griffin, Patty (co-performer)
House, Byron (co-performer)
Jones, John Paul
Jones, John Paul (co-performer)
Krauss, Alison
Led Zeppelin (isMemberOf)
Led Zeppelin (see also from)
Led Zeppelin (Musical group) (see also from)
Led, Whole Lotta (co-performer)
Lennon, John Anthony
Leppelin, Zed (co-performer)
MacMichael, Kevin
Marotta, Jerry
McCartney, Paul
Mercury Records Ltd
Miller, Buddy (co-performer)
Mothership (co-performer)
Naxos Digital Services
Page, James
Page, James Patrick (1944-)
Page, Jimmy
Page, Jimmy (1944-)
Page, Jimmy (co-performer)
Phonogram international
Priory of Brion (isMemberOf)
Quarter, No (co-performer)
Robert Plant and the Strange sensation (see also from)
Scott, Darrell (co-performer)
Setzer, Brian (co-performer)
Simon, Paul (1941-)
Song, Swan (co-performer)
The Band of Joy (see also from)
The Fabulous Brill Brothers (isMemberOf)
The Honeydrippers (isMemberOf)
Tribute to Led Zeppelin, A (co-performer)
University of Liverpool
Warner music France
WEA Europe
WEA Filipacchi music
Williamson, Nigel
Zep, Letz (co-performer)
Zepagain, Led (co-performer)
Zeppelin, Dread (co-performer)
Zeppelin, Lez (co-performer)
Zepplin, Tribute to Led (co-performer)
1983-09-20/21/22: The King Biscuit Flower Hour 1984-01-29 Broadcast: TX, USA
1983-09-20/21/22: The King Biscuit Flower Hour 1984-02-05 Broadcast: TX, USA
1985-09-19: Sea of Love: London, UK
1988-05-23: Zeppelin Songs: Philadelphia, PA, USA
1990-06-30: Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, UK: Wearing and Torn Down: Knebworth 1990 Soundboard
1999-09-25: Sheffield, UK
21 Years
29 Palms (radio edit)
Achilles Last Stand
All My Love
All the King's Horses
All the Kings Horses
Angel Dance
Anniversary (5 min 02 s)
Another Tribe
Arbaden (Maggie’s Babby)
Austin City Limits 2002
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
Baby Come On Home
Baby Please Don't Go
Bad Case of Loving You
Band Introduction
[band introductions]
Band of Joy
battle of evermore, The
Believe (live From Montreaux), I
Big Leg
Big log (5 min 03 s)
Big love (4 min 24 s)
Billy's revenge (3 min 33 s)
Billy's Revenge (live)
Black Country Woman
Black Dog
Blue Train
Bluebirds Over the Mountain
Bones of Saints
Boogie with Stu
Bring It On Home
Bron‐Yr‐Aur Stomp
Burning down one side (3 min 55 s)
Burning Up
Calling to you
Candy Store Rock
Carry Fire
Carving Up the World Again… A Wall and Not a Fence
Celebration Day
Central Two o Nine
Cindy, I’ll Marry You Someday
City don't cry
Colours of a Shade
Come into my life
Come With Me
Communication Breakdown
cried (4 min 59 s), I
Crunge, The
Custard Pie
D’yer Mak’er
Dance on My Own
Dance With You Tonight
Dancing Days
Dark Moon (acoustic)
Darkness, Darkness
Dazed and Confused
Dirt in a Hole
Don't Look Back
Doo doo a do do (5 min 09 s)
Down by the Seaside
Down to the sea
Early in the Morning
Easily lead (4 min 35 s)
Easily Lead (“Shaken ’n Stirred” outtake 1985)
Embrace Another Fall
Enchanter (UNKLE remix), The
Even This Shall Pass Away
Everybody’s Gonna Say
Evil Woman
Falling in Love Again
Far post (4 min 43 s)
Fat lip (5 min 05 s)
Fate of nations
Fixin’ to Love
Fool in the Rain
For What It's Worth
For Your Life
Four sticks
Funny in My Mind (I Believe I'm Fixin' to Die) (BBC radio 2 session)
Gallows pole
Girl From North Country
Going to California
Gone Gone Gone
Good Times Bad Times
Great Spirit (acoustic mix)
Greatest Gift, The
Harm’s Swift Way
Harms Swift Way
Heart in Your Hand
Heaven Knows (Astral mix)
Heaven Knows (remix)
Heaven Knows (single version)
Heaven Sent
Helen of Troy
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do
Hey Jayne
Hey Joe
High School Confidential
Hip to hoo (4 min 51 s)
Hip to Hoo / Doo Doo a Do Do / Trouble Your Money (“Shaken ’n Stirred” outtake 1985)
Honey Hush
Horizontal departure (4 min 19 s)
Horizontal Departure (live)
Hot Dog
Hots On for Nowhere
House Is Not a Motel, A
House of Cards
House of Love
Houses of the Holy
How Many More Times
Hurting Kid
Hurting kind (4 min 04 s)
Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes on You)
I’m Gonna Crawl
I’ve Got a Secret
If I were a carpenter
If It's Really Got to Be This Way
Immigrant Song
In My Time of Dying
In the Evening
In the Light
In the mood (5 min 19 s)
In the Mood (live)
Kallalou kallalou (4 min 17 s)
Keep It Hid
King Biscuit Flower Hour 1983
Last Time I Saw Her (remix)
Laughin', Cryin', Laughin'
Laughing, Crying, Laughing
Lemon Song, The
Let’s Have a Party
Let the Boogie Woogie Roll
Liar's Dance
Liars dance (2 min 40 s)
Life Begin Again
Like I've never been gone (5 min 56 s)
Like I've Never Been Gone (live)
Little by little (4 min 43 s)
Little by Little (remixed long version)
Little Hands
Little Maggie
Live in Memphis 2010
Lively Up Yourself (live)
Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)
Long Time Coming / I've Got A Secret
Louie, Louie
Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar
Manic nirvana
May Queen, The
Memory Song (Hello Hello)
Messin’ With the Mekon
methodology for knowledge acquisition in the development of expert systems, A
Mighty Rearranger
Misty Mountain Hop
Misty Mountains
Moonlight in Samosa (3 min 58 s)
More Roar
Morning Dew (BBC radio 2 session)
Most High
My love is chemical (4 min 30 s)
Mystery title (5 min 16 s)
Naked If I Want To
Network News
New World…
Night Flight
Night school nights (3 min 07 s)
Nine Lives (Documentary)
Nirvana (4 min 36 s)
No quarter - Unledded
No Regrets
Nobody's fault but mine
Nobodys Fault but Mine
Now and Zen
Ocean, The
Oh What a Beautiful City / Wade in the Water / In My Time of Dying
One Love
One More Cup of Coffee
Only One, The
Only Sound That Matters, The
Oompa (Watery Bint)
Oompah (Watery Bint)
Other arms (4 min 20 s)
Other side of the world (3 min 33 s), The
Our Song / Laughin', Cryin', Laughin'
Out on the Tiles
Over the Hills and Far Away
Ozone Baby
Past & Present
People have got to move (4 min 20 s)
People on a string (4 min 01 s)
Philadelphia Baby
Pictures at eleven
Pink and black (3 min 45 s)
Pink and Black (“Shaken ’n Stirred” outtake 1985)
Please Read the Letter
Pledge pin (4 min 01 s)
Pledge Pin (live)
Pocketful of Golden
Poor Howard
Poor Tom
Porky's revenge the original motion picture soundrack
principle of moments [SR] p1983:, The
Promised Land
Prove me wrong (4 min 19 s)
Q: How did “Kashmir” come about? A: “Following the…that road somewhere.”
Q: How do you feel about the first Led Zeppelin album? A: “If I’d been…it was great.”
Q: How would you like Led Zeppelin to be remembered? A: “I’d like to…been measured.”
Q: Tell us about Houses of the Holy. A: “Houses of the…schoolboy tricks.”
Q: Tell us about “Traveling Riverside Blues”. A: “‘Traveling Riverside…’…was murdered.”
Q: Tell us how Led Zeppelin replaced Jeff Beck’s group for their first U.S. tour. A: “Yeah, well Jeff…just happened.”
Q: Were there any set areas of expertise for the members of Led Zeppelin? A: “No not really…all the time.”
Q: What do you remember about Led Zeppelin’s first rehearsal? A: “I remember…the power.”
Q: What influences did everyone bring to Led Zeppelin? A: “Well we’d pick…really good.”
Q: What was it like recording the second Led Zeppelin album on the road? A: “When we were…I think.”
Q: What was the Led Zeppelin stage show like? A: “The element…about the music.”
Q: Why did you go to Wales to come up with material for Led Zeppelin III? A: “All we wanted…a fine moment.”
Rain Song, The
Raising sand
Ramble On
Red Dress
Red for Danger
Rich Woman
Road to the Sun
Robert Plant and the Band of Joy
Rock and Roll
Rockin' at Midnight
Rollercoaster (demo)
rough guide to the blues, The
Rover, The
Royal Orleans
Rude World
S S S & Q (4 min 38 s)
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Sea of Love
Season of the Witch
Season’s Song
Shaken 'n' stirred
She Said
Shine It All Around
Shining in the Light
Ship of Fools (live From Montreaux)
Sick Again
Silver Rider
Since I've been loving you
Sixes and Sevens (“Shaken ’n Stirred” outtake 1985)
Sixty six to Timbuktu
Skip's Song
Sleepwalk (2 min 17 s)
Slow dancer (7 min 43 s)
Snake charmer (3 min 42 s)
Somebody There
Song Remains the Same, The
Song to the Siren (Alpha mix)
Song to the Siren (radio edit)
Sons of Freedom
South Bound Saurez
Stairway to heaven :
Stairway to Walgreens
Stairwell to Heaven
Stolen Kiss, A
Stranger here than over there (4 min 18 s)
Suddenly you figure out (4 min 47 s)
Sugar Mama
Sunshine Woman
Tall cool one (4 min 37 s)
Tall Cool One (live From Montreaux)
Tea for One
Ten From Forty Seven
Ten Years Gone
Thank you
That's the way
This is your day (3 min 46 s)
Thru' With the Two Step (live)
Tie dye on the highway (5 min 15 s)
Too loud (4 min 07 s)
Trampled Under Foot
Trampled Underfoot
Trapped in the Drive-Thru
Travelling Riverside Blues
Trouble in Mind
Trouble your money (4 min 14 s)
Trouble Your Money (“Shaken ’n Stirred” outtake 1985)
truth explodes, The
Turn It Up / Arbaden
Twenty nine palms
Two Step
United States Air Force Band Of Mid-America Ready to Enjoy.
Up on the Hollow Hill (Understanding Arthur)
Upon a Golden Horse
Upside Down
Very Best, The
Vignolo, Remi ; Trotignon, Baptiste ; Romano, Aldo Flower Power.
Wah wah
Walking into clarksdale
Walking Towards Paradise
Walter’s Walk
Wanton Song, The
Watching you (4 min 19 s)
Way feel (5 min 39 s), The
Way I Feel, The
Way With Words, A
We're Gonna Groove
Wearing and Tearing
What Is and What Should Never Be
When I Was a Child
When the Levee Breaks
When the World Was Young
White clean and neat (5 min 28 s)
White nights original motion picture soundtrack.
Whole Lotta Love (acoustic version)
Whole Lotta Love (medley)
Why (4 min 12 s)
Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)
Win My Train Fare Home (live in Timbuktu)
Wonderful one
Wondrous Place, A
Worse than detroit (5 min 55 s)
Wreckless love (5 min 18 s)
You Better Run
You Can’t Buy My Love
Young Boy Blues
Your ma said you cried in your sleep last night (4 min 36 s)
Your Time Is Gonna Come
Contributed to or performed: 
- Applause -
- Band Introduction -
'88 Kix On
1980s Classic Rock
2005-04-27: BBC2 Radio: Scala Theatre, London, UK
2005-05-23: XM Performance Theater, Washington, DC, USA
2005-06-09: Studio 104 France Inter, Paris, France
2008-04-18: The Palace, Louisville, KY, USA
21 Years
40 ans, les nocturnes Georges Lang
Adios Amigo: A Tribute to Arthur Alexander
All That Rock
All the King's Horses
All the King’s Horses
All The Kings Horses
All the Money in the World
Angel Dance
Annette Hopfenmüller Presents: Hard'n Heavy, Volume 2
Another Tribe
Atlantic Records: The Time Capsule
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Battle Of Evermore, The
Belgian Chocolate
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden, Het
Bid You Goodnight, I
Big Issue: 11 Tracks, 11 Years, The
Bitter Blue Morning Dew
Black Country Woman
Black Dog
Bon Temps Rouler (T Bone Burnett)
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
Brother Ray
Brother Ray / Shine It All Around (The Girls remix)
Burning Heart
Chart Show: Ultimate Rock 2, The
Cindy, I'll Marry You Someday
Classic Rock 1966–1988
Classic Rock: 1982-1983
Compilation Rock Hard 44
Concerts for the People of Kampuchea
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Crowd Noise
Dancing in Heaven
Down by the Seaside
Down in the River to Pray
Down To The River To Pray
Down to the Sea
Electric: 60 Killer Guitar Tracks
Enchanter (Unkle reconstruction), The
Enchanter, The
Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin
Exclusive Session (2005-03-17: Austin, TX, USA)
Feel Like Making Love
Fixin' To Die
Fortune Teller
Four Sticks
Freddie Mercury Tribute
Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
Freddie Mercury Tribute, The
Freedom Fries
Funny People
Gallows Pole
Girl From the North Country
Give Peace a Chance!
Goin’ Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino
Going to California (live)
Gold & Platinum, Volume 5
Golden Rock Ballads, Volume 2
Gone Gone Gone
Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved on)
Gonna Shoot You Right Down (Boom Boom)
Grand Theft Auto V Radio
Green Pastures
Guitar Rock: The Heavy '80s
Hard + Heavy
Hard as a Rock
Hey Joe
Host Intro
Hot City Nights
Houes of the Cards
Houses of the Holy
I'm A One Woman Man
In The Mood
Inner Flame: A Rainer Ptacek Tribute, The
Interview 1
Interview 2
Interview 3
Interview 4
It Keeps Raining
It's Gonna Rain
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll... but We Like It!
Jesus on the Mainline (live)
Jim Beam: 40 Shots of Rock
KBCO Studio C, Volume 17
KFOG New Music Sampler 2005
KFOG: Live from The Archives 13
Killing The Blues
Laissez les bons temps rouler
Last Temptation of Elvis, The
Leather & Lace
Leather & Lace: The Second Chapter
Leave My Woman Alone
Let the Boogie Woogie Roll
Let the Four Winds Blow
Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
Life Begin Again
Little Sister
Little Sister (live, 2005-10-05)
Live at Knebworth 1990
Live From the Artists Den
Lost Mixes: Rare Rock Mixes
Making of Friends, Part 1, The
Making of Friends, Part 2, The
MAS Records - Volume 3
Mess o' Blues
Metal Ballads, Volume 4
Mighty Rearranger
Mighty Rearranger Live in Paris
Misty Mountain Hop
Molten Metal
Moonlight Mile
More Oar: A Tribute to the Skip Spence Album
Morning Dew
Move Up
Music From the Motion Picture Wayne’s World 2
Nationwide Mercury Prize: 2008 Album of the Year
New Music Sampler - WXPN 88.5 (Spring 2005)
No Bad News
No Quarter
No. 1 Rock Ballads Album, The
Number One Acoustic Rock Album, The
Old Grey Whistle Test – The Album, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: 40th Anniversary Album, The
One Dream Closer
One Woman Man
ONXRT: Live From the Archives, Volume 8
Paste Magazine Sampler #37: November 2007
Please Read The Letter
Polly Come Home
Pop Classics: The Long Versions, Volume 3
Power Ballads: die Songs des Tigers
Power Ballads: The Collection
Power of Love: Breathless, The
Producer, The
Radio FFN Nightline 3
Raising Sand
Ramble On
Red, White and Blue
Rich Woman
Rock and Roll
Rock Ballads 4
Rock Ballads, Volume 1
Rock Collection: Rock Giants, The
Rock the ’90s With Planet Rock
Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert
Rude World
Rude World (isolated tracks)
Rude World (rough mix 1)
Rude World (rough mix 2)
Sahara: Blues of the Desert
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Boss remix)
Satisfied Mind, A
Save It for a Rainy Day
Sensational Space Shifters (Live in London July '12)
Shine It All Around
Shine It All Around (The Girls remix)
Show Intro
Show Outro
Shut It Tight (T Bone Burnett)
Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
Somebody Knocking
Somewhere Trouble Don't Go
Song to the Siren
Sounds Eclectic: The Covers Project
Sounds of the Eighties: The Rolling Stone Collection 1987–1988
Starbucks 40: A 40th Anniversary Collection
Steal Away
Stick With Me Baby
Superstars Collection, Volume 3, The
Sweet Sounds of Superfly, Volume 7
Sweet Sounds of Superfly, Volume 8: Bonnaroo 2005, The
Through The Morning, Through The Night
Tin Pan Valley
Tin Pan Valley (Girls remix)
Too Lazy to Download 14: August '06
Top Gear
Top Gear 2
Top Gear: Seriously Cool Driving Music
Top Gear: Seriously Rock & Roll
Top Hits U.S.A. T179
Trampled Rose
Tribute to Freddy Mercury, A
Twentynine Palms
Ultimate Eighties, The
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection: Love Hurts, The
Uncut 2003.01: The Best of 2002
Uncut: 2005
Uncut: Bring It on Home: 15 Classic Tracks Chosen by Robert Plant
Valley of Tears
Veronica Top 1000 Allertijden: Editie 2008
Very Best of 25 Years British Blues, The
Very Best of Soft Metal, Volume 2, The
Waiting for a Long Time
Wayne’s World 2
We Will Rock You
Wearing & Tearing
Wearing and Tearing
What You Gonna Do Leroy
When The Levee Breaks
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
While My Guitar Gently Weeps II
While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Volume 2
White Nights: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Whole Lotta Love
Whole Lotta Love / Steal Away / Bury My Body
Wild One, The
Win My Train Fare Home
Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)
XM Artist Confidential, Volume 1
Your Long Journey
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Liverpool, 1987