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Rabin, Trevor
Rabin, Trevor Charles
Rabinowitz, Trevor Charles
Trevor Charles Rabin
Trevor Rabin
Trevor Rabin (chitarrista e compositore sudafricano)
Trevor Rabin (compositeur de musique de film et guitariste de rock)
Trevor Rabin (muzikant uit Zuid-Afrika)
Trevor Rabin (sørafrikansk musikar)
Trevor Rabin (sørafrikansk musiker)
Trevor Rabin (South African musician)
Trevor Rabin (südafrikanischer Rock-Musiker und -Komponist)
Trevor Rabin (sydafrikansk musiker)
Рэбин, Тревор
טרבור רבין
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Anderson, Jon (co-performer)
Bay, Michael (1965-...)
Bruckheimer, Jerry (1945-)
Bruford, Bill (co-performer)
Buena vista home entertainment
Cage, Nicolas (1964-)
Freedom's Children (isMemberOf)
Howe, Steve (co-performer)
Kaye, Tony (co-performer)
Laxton, Julian (co-performer)
MacKay, Ramsay (co-performer)
Mancina, Mark (1957-...)
Molino, Louis (co-performer)
Pomeroy, Lee (co-performer)
Rabbitt (isMemberOf)
Rabin, Trevor (1954-)
Smith, Will (1968-)
Squire, Chris
Squire, Chris (co-performer)
Touchstone Pictures
Turteltaub, Jon (1963- ))
Voight, Jon (1938-)
Wakeman, Rick
Wakeman, Rick (co-performer)
White, Alan (co-performer)
Wibberley, Cormac
Wibberley, Marianne
Yes (isMemberOf)
Yes (Musical group) (see also from)
Yes 1983-.... (see also from)
Yes Affiliation (see also from)
Yes featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman (isMemberOf)
12 rounds
#3 Ashed
5 días de guerra
5 Words
50 Cars
60 secondes chrono
6th day, The
À l'aube du 6ème jour
Acoustic Outlaws
Adam Goes Home
Adam's Birthday
Adam's Theme
Agent 23
ailes de l'enfer
AJ’s Return
All I Want Is Your Love
Almost Like Love
Always the Last One
am number four, I
Am Waiting, I
American outlaws
Anerley Road
Animal Crackers
Anti-Venom Hope
Armageddon: Hauptthema
Armageddon (KMN score remix)
Armageddon Piano
Armageddon Suite
Armageddon: The Score
Arrival at National Archives
Attempted Rescue
Back in Business
Bad Boys for Life, Part 1
Bad Boys for Life, Part 2
Bad Boys Heart to Heart
Bad boys II
Bad Carma
Bad company
Bad English
Bad Man
Baddington Game, A
Balthazar Saves Veronica
Banger sisters, The
Barksdale Air Force Camp
Battle Hymn
Battle in the Boneyard
Be on Time
Becky and Dave on Rooftop
Bedlam Larkin
Before The Start
Benjamin Gates et le trésor des Templiers
Big Chase, The
Big Drag
Big Generator
Bike Ride
Bike Toss
Black Falcon
Boost Me
Branch Office, The
Brief Reunion
Briefing Room
Bull Fight
Bump and Run
Burke's Deal
Burning Bodies
Buttoned Down Disco
Cabin, The
Cake Factory
Calling, The
Calvin Gets Shot
Camp Kilpatrick
Can't Look Away, I
Candy's Bar
Cape (2 min 57 s)
Cape, The
Car Chase
Cargo Ship, The
Carmen Teaches Justin
Carson City
Cassidy Funeral
Cave Pt. 1, The
Cave Pt. 2, The
Celebration Epilogue
Charlie Boy
Chase, The
City of Gold
City of Love
Closing Titles
Coast Guard
Commander Mog Explodes
Con air, anglais
Con Air Convictos en el aire
Con air music from the motion picture
Con Air Theme
Cons Check Out Lerner
Convention Escape
Cover Up
Cuba Chase
Cuffs Are Off
Darkroom Lumenary
Dave Has Doubts
Dave on Acid
Dave Revives Balthazar
Dead Body Chase
Death of Mir
Declaration of Independence
Deep Blue Sea (Complete)
Deep Blue Sea Montage
Delitti inquietanti
Device Proff
didn't think it would last (4 min 05 s), I
Discharge, The
Do Ya Do Ya Want Me
Do You Miss the War?
Doctor's Orders
Don't Give In
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Don't You Ever Lose
Dropping Like Flies
Drucker Meets Drucker
Endless Dream: a) Silent Spring b) Talk c) Endless Dream
Enemy of the State
Ennemi d'état
Entering Moscow
Etoile noir (1 min 03 s)
Etoile Noir / Eyes of Love
Excess Baggage
Extreme Emotion
Eyes of love (6 min 53 s)
Face to face
Fantasia (original demo)
Farewell and Hello, Key West
Fight, The
Final Eyes
Final Search, The
Finding Charlotte
Finding Grace
Finding Henry
Finding Me a Way Back Home
Fire Truck Chase
Fireworks Display
First Kiss
Flashback #1
Flashback #2
Flashback #3
Foot Chase
For the Cars
Forest Fight
Franklin's Tunnel
Frost in Medford
Future, The
Gabby Shuffle
Get Smart Theme
Getting old ain't bad (Alt.)
Getting to Know Sarah
Getting to Know You Better
Glimmer Man: Theme 1
Glimmer Man: Theme 2
Going Down
Going to a Party
Gone in 60 Seconds: The Last Car
Gone in 60 Seconds: Theme 1
Gone in 60 Seconds: Theme 2
Gone in 60 Seconds: Theme 3
Gone in 60 Seconds: Theme 4
Gone in sixty seconds
Good Job
Gotta Have It
great raid, The
Gridiron Gang
Grimhold, The
Growing Stronger
Grudge match
Guantanamo (version 2)
Guardian of the Sea
Guardian Suite, The
Hailstorm hill
Halls of Dalmorgan
Harry Arrives at NASA
Harry & Grace Make Peace
Have to Get Luciane
Heard You Cry Wolf
Heist: Demo, The
Helen leaves (Alt.)
Henry Dies
Hit Me With Your Lumen
Hodges Panics
Hodges passes
Hold On To Me
Hooked on Polkas
Horvath Made Off With the Grimhold
Hospital, The
Hotel Attack
Hunting in Packs
Hyperion Job, I Was Famous, The
I'll Take the Weight
I'm Old Enough (To Make You a Woman)
I’m Running
ID the Planes
In the Beginning
Into the Fridge
It Can Happen
It's coming
It’s Over
It's Snowing
IV and Sarah Escape
J Shot, The
Jack and Kids Escape
Jack Frost
Jesse's Ride
Jim Returns
Junior Returns
Kangaroo Jack
Keep Him In Line
Keys to Eleanor
Kill the Doctor
Killarney 1 & 2
Kiss From Becky
Kiss, The
Księga tajemnic
Laser Hallway
Last Battle
Last Car, The
Lear Crash
Leave It
Lerner Landing
Let's Do This
Letter Writing Montage
Liberate Food
Library of Congress
Life's a Beach
Lift Me Up
Light, The
Live a Bit
Live in L.A.
Long Distance Goodbye / Landing
Long Island
Long Spring, Better Posters
Looking for a Lady - (Wolfman)
Looking for a Miracle (Alt.)
Lost in Love
Love Life
Love will find a way
Magic Harmonica
Main Title
Make It Easy
Make Me a Believer
Market Street
Match retour
Max Calls 99
Max Denied
Max Ejects
Max Escapes
Max Rushes Coffin
Max's First Cache
Max's Suite
Max's Training DVD
Max Takes a Bow
Me and the Boy
Meet the Press
Meet the Team
Memphis Jumps Elle
Merlin Circle
Miracle of Life
Miss Him Too, I
miss you now (5 min 38 s), I
Mog Shop and Feed
Mom's Law
montagne ensorcelée
Morgana Fight
Moving In
Moving Mr Hayes - Arming the B
Mustang Challenge
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
National Treasure Suite
Never let go
New Coarse, A
Night Exercise
No Ma, No More
Note Chase
Numéro quatre
O Come All Ye Faithful
Oil Rig
OK We'll Stay
ombre blanche
One for the Team
one original motion picture soundtrack
one (Vídeo), The
Open Ended
Our Song
Owner of a lonely heart
Oxygen Masks
Pack Your Things
Page 47
Painted Picture
Paulie'S Member
Perfect Outlaws
Peur bleue
Pirates des Caraïbes. BFG0018322 SC2A (EDV 202)
Planes Arrive
Playing God
plus beau des combats
Pnkerton's Idea
Poe Meets Larkin
Poe Saves Cops
Pool of Ice
Porsche Boost
Prague Main Titles
Prep for Tapia Sneak (version 2)
Preparation Montage
Promises (5 min 54 s)
Quarterback Intuition
Race to witch mountain
Raid Begins
Randall and Fischer talk
Randall back Home
Randall retires
Randall visits Helen (Alt.)
Rangers Start
Rap Up
Rawlings and Luciane Fly
Real Love
Realist or Hero
Red Desert
Remember Me
Remember the Titans: Boone & Yoast
Remember the Titans: Gettysberg
Remember the Titans: Main Theme
Remember the Titans: On the Bus
Remember the Titans: T.C. Williams
Remember the Titans: The Field
Remember the Titans: The Hospital
Remember the Titans: Titans Spirit
Reptile Wrecker
Rescue, The
Rescuing Fischer
Rhythm of Love
Ring, The
Ripper, The
Rising From the Ashes
Ritual, The
Rock star
Roger's Dead
Romantic Chaos
Rompie'S Cue
Roof Top, The
Rooftop Fight
Round Two
Saving My Heart
Search For Yulaw
Seeing Veronica
Serpent Situation
Sex fans des sixties
Shark Attack
Shark Side
She's Easy
Shoot and run
Shoot High Aim Low
Short Straw
Silent Spring
Siphon Searches
Sixth Day: Theme 1, The
Sixth Day: Theme 2, The
Sixth Day: Theme 3, The
Sixth Day: Theme 4, The
Sixth Day: Theme 5, The
Sixth Day: Theme 6, The
Skarb narodów.
Sludge (2 min 26 s)
Smart Dreams
Smart Exit
Snake Chaos
Snake Kabab
Snakes Kill
Snakes on a Plane - The Theme
Snakes on Crack
Snakes Spread
Sneakin' Mortuary, Part 1a
Sneakin' Mortuary, Part 1b
Sneakin' Mortuary, Part 2a
Sneakin' Mortuary, Part 2b
Snowball Fight, The
Solly’s Beard
Something to hold on to (5 min 05 s)
Sorcerer’s Apprentice Suite
Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The
Sorrow (Your Heart)
Sorry, Football Is Over
Sorting It Out
Spectacle Discovery
Spider Boogie
Spirit of Paris
Sporadic Fire
Stand Off
State of Play
Stay together
Stay With Me
Stealing Medicine
Stop Turn
Storks Bill Geranium Waltz
Story of the Prime Merlinian
Story of Veronica
Street Luge
Stunt Suite (Electronic Mock-Up version)
Suite Montage
Surprise Attack
Susan Softens
Swamp/KKK, Part 1
Swamp/KKK, Part 2
Swim Champ
Syd's Cover Is Blown
Take Me to a Party
Takeover, The
Tapia and Syd in Ocean
Tapia Has Syd (version 2)
Tapia Pissed Off
Tapia's Stuff, Part 1
Tapia's Stuff, Part 2
Tapia's Stuff, Part 3
Tapia's Stuff, Part 4
Tapia's Stuff, Part 5
Tell Mr. Wolf I Meant It
Texas Rangers
Thaddius Raines
Theme from Armageddon
Theme (Look Four)
Theme (Look One)
Theme (Look Three)
Theme (Look Two)
This Is War
Throb, The
Through the Tunnel
Titans Spirit (score)
Tracking Emilio
Tracking the E.B.E.'s
Train Escape
Train Wreckage Survey
Training Day
Training Montage
Treading water
Trevor rabin
Tunnel Flight
Twelve monkeys
Twelve rounds
Twist Off (demo)
Uczeń czarnoksiężnika
Underwater Simulation
único, El
Unidentified Main Titles
Unused 1
Unused 2
Urn, The
VI to the Rescue
Walk in the Rain
Wanderer, The
War Is Over
Warehouse Search
Water Vision
We Did It
We Found What We Were Looking For
We Know Where to Go
We're Better Than This, Part 2
We're Better Than This, Part 3
We're Out of Gas
Welcome to Prague
Welcome to the Jungle
Where Will You Be
Who We Are
Will To Continue, The
Wiretap Results, Part 1
Wiretap Results, Part 2
Wiretap Results, Part 3
Wish We Had More Time
Working for the People
Would You Feel My Love
Writing Letters
X Lab
You're All Dead Men
You're Not a Marine
Zoo Lake
Contributed to or performed: 
'Global Killer'
'We Drill'
‘It Was the Keys'
12 Monkeys
5 Words
A.J.'s Return
Affirmative: The Yes Solo Family Album
All Time Greatest Movie Songs, Volume Two, The
Am the Clock (12 Monkeys Suite), I
America, The Beautiful
Armadillo Jump
Armageddon (disc 2)
Armageddon Complete Score
Armageddon: The Album
Art of War
Asteroid Chase\\The Shuttle Crash
Astronauts (Alternate)
Back In Business
Bad Company
Bad News
Banger Sisters, The
Battle in the Boneyard
Bedlam Larkin
Brill and Dean Meet
Brill's Theme
Burn Around the Moon / Goodbye Independence
Call To Duty
Carson City
Cinema Classics
Classic Christmas Hard Rock Album, The
Coal Yard, Part 1
Coal Yard, Part 2
Cole on the Move
Con Air
Con Air Theme
Cons Check Out Lerner
Crew Arrives / "We Go"
Crossfire: A Salute to Stevie Ray
Cycle Is Complete, The
Death Of MIR
Deep Blue Sea: Music From the Motion Picture
Destruction Of Shanghai
Discharge, The
Do You Believe in Fate?
Don't Wanna Miss A Thing', 'I
Draw Straw
Drilling Commences, The
Drilling Commencing (alternate)
Drilling Commencing (Alternate), The
Drilling Commencing, The
Enemy of the State
Enemy of the State Main Theme
Escape and Burn
Escape From Mir
Everyone Will Die
Face to Face
Ferry, The
Fight, The
Final Confrontation
Finding Grace
Finding Oscar
Fire Truck Chase
Flight Plan
Free Ferry
Freedom Crew
Freedom Crew (Alternate)
Fuel Pod
Future Is History, The
Global Killer
Glory Road
Gone in 60 Seconds
Goodbye Independence
Goodbye, Cole
Guardian, The
Harry & Grace Make Peace
Harry + Grace Make Peace
Harry Arrives At NASA
Hollywood's Greatest Movie Themes
Hot Rod
Hotel Chase, Part 2
House Is Rockin': A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, The
Hubble, The
Jack Frost
Jennifer Takeover
Katarina (Jones's Theme)
Launch, The
Lear Crash
Lerner Landing
Long Distance Good-Bye
Long Distance Goodbye
Love Theme
Love Theme (feat. Steve Tyler)
Magic Mysteries 3
Main Titles
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 2
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 3
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 4
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 5
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 7
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 8
Meet Harry Stamper / Oil Rig
Meet Harry Stamper\\Oil Rig
Merry Axemas, Volume 2: More Guitars for Christmas
Meteor Shower
Meteor Shower (Short Version)
Meteor Shower (Short)
Monkeys on the Wall, The
Moving to Hubble
Nanny Drive
Nasa Approved
Never Is a Long, Long Time
Night Room, The
NSA Research
Pallid Man, The
Poe Meets Larkin
Poe Saves Cops
Preparing for Launch
Prologue: 65 Million Years Later
Prologue\\65 Million Years Later
Rachel's Found Dead
Radio Silence
Railly Meets Jones
Remember the Titans
Remote Detonation
Rendevous MIR
Rendezvous With Mir
Returing Home
Return to the Centre of the Earth
Returning Home
River of Longing
Rock Star
Rock Star: Music From the Motion Picture
Romantic Chaos
Russia Hero (alternate)
Russian Hero
Russian Hero (Alternate)
Sacrifice - Goodbye Grace
Sacrifice / Good-Bye Gracie
Sacrifice\\Good-Bye Grace
Salute to Stevie Ray, A
Scav Attack
Science Fiction Album, The
Score It!, Volume 5
Secondary Protocol
Secondary Protocol / "I Will Make 800 Feet"
Short Straw
Snakes on a Plane: The Album
Sounds of Heaven: Drama I
Splinter Standoff
Status Report
Takeover, The
Temporal Frustrations
Themes from The Phantom Menace and Other Film Hits
Time Is Cruel
Triumphant Hearts
Tunnel, Part 1, The
Underwater Simulation
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume Two
Varèse Sarabande: A 30th Anniversary Celebration
We Drill
Weightless Simulation / Dottie
Weightless Simulation\\Dottie
Welcome to Haiti
Will You Help Us
Wing & A Prayer, A
Wish You Were Here
Zavitz Chase, Part 1
Zero Barrier
Zero Burier