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John Leonard Morris
John Morris
John Morris (American film score composer)
John Morris (Amerikaans componist)
John Morris (amerikansk komponist)
John Morris (amerikansk kompositör)
John Morris (compositeur américain)
John Morris (compositore statunitense)
John Morris (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist)
Morris, J. W.
Morris, John
Morris, John (componist)
Morris, John Leonard
Джон Моррис
ג'ון מוריס
جان موریس (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Ardolino, Emile (co-author)
Bancroft, Anne (1931-2005))
Bergren, Eric
Brooks, Mel (1926-)
Brooks, Mel (co-author)
De Luise, Dom (1933-2009))
Erman, John (co-author)
Guillomeau, Piéric (co-author)
Hopkins, Anthony (1937-....))
Hurt, John (1940-....))
Jousse, Thierry (co-author)
Kahn, Madeline (1942-1999))
Lynch, David (1946-....))
Lynch, David (co-author)
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
Syndicat Français de la Critique de Cinéma 1982
Warner home video France
Whittaker, Robert Harding
Wilder, Gene
Wilder, Gene (co-author)
Yankovic, Al Weird
20th Century Fox Fanfare (comic version)
2nd Wedding
adventure of Sherlock Holmes' smarter brother, The
Alky 1-2-3 / Ballad of Rock Ridge (Sad) / Desperado Registration / Night Camp Tent
All American
Alternate Main Title
Ashley, You've Got To Go On
Assault on El Nebuloso / Yellowbeard First Appearance
Attack to the Nebuloso's Fortress
Away We Go
Bad Ship #1 / Beam Bad Ship / Luggage Down / Matched Luggage / Bad Year Blimp / Sharking the Ship
Bad Ship After Rambo
Bag Chase Part 1 (alternate)
Bag Chase Part 2 (film mix)
Bag in Hall
Ballad of Rock Ridge (instrumental)
Banana Chase
Bank on Wheels, The
Bank Shot: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Bank Shot, The
Bar Source
Bart Returns
Battle at the Sea
Beautiful Shot, A
Belgian Circus Episode, The
Birth Of Kat, The
Blazing Saddles: 40th Anniversary Edition
Blind Pew
Bridal Chorus / Wedding / End Title
Captain Dan
Captain Hughes
Car Arrival / Montego Eyes
Car Shimmies Away
Celebration Dance, The
Chasing the Bank
Chienne de vie
City Of Charleston, The
Clue: The Movie
Colum's Death
Commander Clement's Royal Naval Frigate vs. The Lady Edith
Cook Chase / Boddy's Fall / We'll Throw It Away, The
Court of Queen Anne
Dan's Kidnapped / Later That Night
Dan Trapped Again / Fight on the Beach
David Lynch intégrale cinéma
Death of Captain Yellowbeard
Desert, Thirsty, March, Falls / Bad Ship #2
Dink March (Colonel Bogey March)
Dirty dancing édition spéciale 30e anniversaire
Door Pounding to Chandelier Fall
Dr. Treves Visits the Freak Show and Elephant Man
Dream, The
Drôle de séducteur
Druidia Landscape
Drum Roll
Duel With Mr. Moon
Electrical Switch / Gilda’s Walk
Elephant Man "Main Theme"
Elephant Man Theme, The
End Credits (Alternate Version, Off-Vocal)
End Title (shorter version)
End Title (standalone)
Ending A: Your Fatal Mistake / I Shot Her / Cavalry
Ending B: Yvette to We All Ran to Her / To Check That Mr. Boddy Was Dead / Who, Who, Who / Cavalry
Ending C: Top to You Were / Peacock at Door
Entering the Ear / Down the Ladder / Hand Print #1 / Hand Print #2 / Lonestarr & Helmet Fight #1 / Lonestarr & Helmet Fight #2 / Lonestarr & Helmet Fight #3
Escape from the Prison
Evil Mr. Moon (Outtake), The
Fanfare for Prince Lonestarr / Kiss / Big Finish
Fanfare I
Fanfare II
Fanfare III
fille en rouge, La
Finale (Instrumental)
First Desert / Desert Playout
folle histoire de l'espace, La
Foxhunt, The
Frankenstein junior
Frau Blucher
French Chef, The
French Mistake (extended album version), The
French Mistake (instrumental), The
Garden Revelation / Werewolf and Shovel
General’s Secret Chamber, The
Gift Of Suellen, The
grand frisson, Le
grandes éxitos de Mel Brooks y la fabulosa música de John Morris, Los
Grandfather's Private Library
Groovy LA
Gun, Cupboard, Doorbell / Cop Panics
Hail to the Chief
Happy Life Abroad
Haunted Honeymoon
He's Broken Loose
He Was My Boyfriend
Helicopter Arrival
House, Torch It, The
I'll Get to That / Beatnik
I'll Search the Kitchen / Desk, Fire, Weapons / Let's Try the Conservatory / I've Had a Good Life
I'm Tired (instrumental)
In-Laws, The
Inoubliable Lino Ventura
Inside Ballyhara
Into Cave / The Cave
Into the Sea
Introduction / Puttin' on the Ritz
Island, The
It's Alive
John Merrick and Mrs. Kendal
John Merrick and Psalm
Johnny Dangerously
Jungle / The Ambush, The
Keep It for Yourself / Romance
Kiss / Big Finish
La fille en rouge
La folle histoire de l'espace édition collector
La folle histoire du monde
Ladder Down / Matched Luggage
Le frère le plus futé de Sherlock Holmes
Le mystère des douze chaises
Le shérif est en prison
Les producteurs
Life stinks
Long Ship / Dark Helmet Entrance / Evil Schwartz / Planet Druidia
Love and Torture
Love Hurts (Instrumental)
Love Hurts (Vocal)
Love Theme Alt
Love Theme D
Love Theme DG
Love Theme DG1
Love Theme (record version)
Love Theme (revised)
Main Title (alternate 1)
Main Title (alternate 2)
Main Title (alternate 3)
Main Title (alternate 4)
Main Title (First Take)
Main Title (Theme from "Young Frankenstein")
Main Title / Trees to Dogs
March / Col Bogey Inst
Masquerade Ball (Main Title Extended), The
May I Present Mr. Boddy
Medley (Heaven Help Me, I Love You, Scarlett Arrives In Ireland, Scarlett's Waltz)
Meet Walter Upjohn Ballentine / Planning the Escape
Mega-Maid 1st Version
Mega-Maid 2nd Version
Mel Brooks' history of the world part I
Melanie's Funeral
Memory Music / Wolfington Castle
Merrily We Roll Along
Merry Freeway Chase, A
Miss Scarlet / Car in Progress (alternate)
Monster Talks, The
Morland Sees Mary Boyle
Moving the Bank
Mrs. Kendal's Theater and Poetry Reading
Mrs. Peacock and Plum / Death Bridge / Bridge, White & Wadsworth / Billiard Cue Grab / Go Together
Mutiny, The
My Name Is Frankenstein!
mystère des douze chaises, Le
Ne tirez pas sur le dentiste
Nebuloso's Song, El
New Rock Ridge, A
Nightmare, The
Noble Farewell / Finale
Nobody Messes With Bulldog Streiger
On the Road to L.A.
Orange Chase
Orchestra Tune Up
Original Main Title
Outtake Suite
Parting Shot — The End
Pattern analysis in savanna-woodlands at Nylsvley, South Africa
Peacock at Door (alternate)
Phone Box / Run and Fight
Planning the Shot
possédés, Les
Post-Explosion Barf
Power of Schwartz / Yogurt's Goodbye
Prisoners Again / Yellowbeard Returns / End Credits
Producers Producenci, The
Red Sonja.
Remember What Happened Next - Part I, II, III / Don't You See? Look! - Part I, II, III
Rhett And Anne Meet
Rhett And Mammy, Who's Dying
Rhett And Scarlett Go Sailing
Rhett Goes To Anne At Night
Rhett Meets Kat
Rhett Reads To Kat
Rhett's Dream Of Scarlett
Rhett's Horse Race
Riot Is an Ugly Thing, A
Sally Arrives, Driving Her Carriage
Savannah Scherzo, The
Scarlet Arrives in Ireland (Main Title Variation)
Scarlet, You're The O'Hara
Scarlett's Dream Of Rhett
Scarlett's Love Theme
Scarlett's Presented At Court (Main Title Variation)
Scarlett's Waltz
Schwartz / Power of Schwartz, The
Schwartz Switch Off / Entering the Ear
Scifi film music festival
She Will Come
Shelley Meets the Heavies
shérif est en prison
Signature / Main Title (instrumental/chorus version)
Silent movie
Silhouettes on Parade
Siren to Dental Office / Basement / Break Into Safe – Cab Ride
Spaceballs Love Theme (instrumental)
Spaceballs - Main Title (alternate #2)
Spaceballs Main Title Theme
Spaceballs - Main Title (w/o Sound Effects)
Springtime for Hitler
Step by Step - Intro / Step by Step
Stranger at Front Door / Match Cutting / People in Hall
Streiger Closes In
Streiger on the Trail
Studio Fight / Graumann's, The
Suggest We All Leave / Fight, You Bastard / Hallway Screaming Next Door, I
Susan and Dog / “I Know, I Know”
T-Men Rescue
T-Men Waiting / T-Men Chase / Honduras
Taking Her In / Lonestarr & Barf Enter as Guards / Lonestarr-Corridor / After Stunt Doubles
That's Fron-Kon-Steen!
Theme from "Young Frankenstein"
They're All Dead, Mr. Moon
This Was Tara
Time for Singing (1966 original Broadway cast), A
Time for singing. Selections
To be or not to be
Too Many Movies – Landing
Train Ride to Transylvania / The Doctor Meets Igor
Train Station
Transylvanian Lullaby from "Young Frankenstein", A
Treasure Hunters
twelve chairs, The
Tymp Hits / Schwartz Switchoff
Voodoo You Do / The Big Fight / The French Mistake
Wagon Trail Flashback
Wedding #1 / Here Comes the Bride / Retreat
Wedding Night / End Title
Wedding Organ / Werewolf Finale
Werewolf / The Drainpipe, The
Wine Cellar / Pleasant Dreams
Winnebago Crashes / The Spaceballs Build Mega-Maid, The
Witch Doctor
woman in red, The
world's greatest lover, The
Yogurt's Goodbye / Bad Ship #2
Yogurt's Goodbye / Liquid Schwartz
Young Frankenstein. Transylvanian lullaby
Yvette Upstairs to Bell
Contributed to or performed: 
Cult Files: Re-Opened, The
Eis am Stiel, Volume 1
History of Horror: From Nosferatu to The Sixth Sense, A
Home Video Album, The
Plus de peur
plus grands thèmes du cinéma, Volume 2, Les
Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 4: Black and White Classics