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Charles Dilly
Charles Dilly (English bookseller)
Dilly, C.
Dilly (Charles)
fl. 1759-1807
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Davis, Jonas (175.?-181.? imprimeur)
Dilly, Edward (1732-1779)
Dilly, Edward (see also from)
E. and C. Dilly London Affiliation (see also from)
Edward and Charles Dilly London Affiliation (see also from)
Francis Longe Collection (Library of Congress)
Guthrie, William (1708-1770)
Johnson, Joseph (1738-1809)
Payne, Thomas (1752-1831)
Robinson, George (1719-1801)
Robinson, John (1753-1813))
Smith, James Edward (1759-1828)
Sowerby, James (1757-1822)
Townsend, Joseph
White, Benjamin (175.?-18.. libraire)
White, Charles (1728-1813))
White, John (17..-18.. libraire)
account of the regular gradation in man, and in different animals and vegetables; and from the former to the latter. Illustrated with engravings adapted to the subject. By Charles White. Read to the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester, at different meetings, in the year 1795.., An
Ami des enfants.
Analysis of the French orthography, or the True principles of the French pronunciation exhibited. in several ... schemes and tables, by the chevalier de Sauseuil, ...., An
Brachygraphy of the French verbs, or an Easy and speedy method of conjugating them... accompanied with a copious list of them at the end and a key to facilitate the use and understanding of the work, by the chevalier de Sauseuil...., The
capricious lady, The : a comedy
Cases of the diabetes mellitus : with the results of the trials of certain acids, and other substances, in the cure of the lues venerea
catalogue of books printed for, and sold by Charles Dilly, in London. All the Articles in the following Catalogue are sold at the Prices marked bound; unless otherwise expressed, A
children's friend, The
defence of the constitutions of gouvernment of the United States of America, A
Dramatic pamphlets.
English botany ; or, Coloured figures of british plants, with their essential characters, synonyms, and places of growth. To which will be added, occasional remarks. By James Sowerby, F.L.S. Vol. II.
Entick's new spelling dictionary, teaching to write and pronounce the English tongue with ease and propriety : A new edition. Revised, corrected, and enlarged throughout. To which is now added a catalogue of words of similar sounds..
essay on the african slave trade, An
essay on the fracture of the patella or kneepan. Containing a new and efficacious Method of treating that Accident, by which the Deformity and Lameness that arise from the old and commmon Mode of Treatment, are avoided. With observations on the fracture of the olecranon, by John Sheldon, F.R.S. and professor of anatomy in the Royal Academy Of Arts, London.., An
essay on the nature and immutability of truth In opposition to Sophistry and Scepticism, An
essay on the writings and genius of Shakespear, compared with the greek and french dramatic poets. With some remarks upon the misrepresentations of Mons. de Voltaire. The fifth edition, corrected. To wich are added, three dialogues of the dead. By Mrs. Montagu., An
essay upon the true principles of civil liberty, and of free government, occasioned by the levelling doctrines of the day, in which is also discussed the roman catholic claim to the elective franchise in Ireland. By Charles Francis Sheridan, esq.., An
Etudes de la nature. Par Jacques-Henri-Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. Nouvelle édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée... Tome premier [-second].
Experimental Essays on the following subjects : I.- On the External application of Antiseptics in Putrid Diseases II.- On the doses and effects of Medicines III.- On diuretics and sudorifics.
Explanation and index of two mineralogical tables
Extract from a representation of injustice and dangerous tendency of tolerating slavery ; or admitting the least claim of private property in the persons of men in England. By Granville Sharp.
Free-born subject's inheritance
General history of the late war curtaining it's (sic) rise, progress, and event in Europe, Asia, Africa and America... with... heads, plans, maps and charts... by the Rev. John Entick, ...3rd édition., The
Grammaire Angloise comparée avec la Grammaire Françoise
Grammatical institutes Or, An easy introduction to Dr. Lowth's English Grammar: designed for the use of schools, and to lead young gentlemen and ladies, into the knowledge of the first principles of the English language. By John Ash, L.L.D. with an appendix. Containing I. The declension of irregular and defective verbs. II. The application of the grammatical institutes. III. Some useful observations on the elipsis. IV. Exercises of bad English. V. Lessons on the English language. To which are added, select lessons to instil just sentiments of v[irtue] into youth. And a collection of books, proper for young gentlemen and ladies, to shorten the path to knowledge
History of the origine of medicine : an oration delivered at the anniversary meeting of the Medical Society of London, january 19, 1778, and printed at their request to which are since added various historical illustrations by John Coakley Lettsom.
inquiry into the nature and cause of that swelling in one or both of the lower extremities, which sometimes happens to lying-in women. Together with an examination into the propriety of drawing the breasts, of those who do, and also of those who do not give suck. By Charles White, ...., An
journey through Spain in the years 1786 and 1787 with particular attention to the agriculture, manufactures, commerce, population, taxes, and revenue of that country, and remarks in passing through a part of France, A
Just published, Price 6s. in Boards. Sixteen discourses on several texts of scripture. Addressed to Christian assemblies, in villages near Cambridge. To which are added, six morning exercises. By Robert Robinson
law of retribution
Letters on the American war. Addressed to the Right Worshipful the Mayor and Corporation, ... of the town of Kingston upon Hull : The second edition
life of Théodore Agrippa d'Aubigné, The ; containing a succint account of the most remarkable occurences during the civil wars of France in the reigns of Charles IX., Henry III., Henry IV. and the minority of Lewis XIII
loi de rétribution, sérieux avertissement à la Grande Bretagne et à ses Colonies, fondé sur d'irréfragables exemples de la vengeance temporelle de Dieu contre les tyrans, les possesseurs d'esclaves et les oppresseurs, La
Materia medica antiqua & nova, repurgata & illustrata; sive De medicamentorum simplicium officinalium facultatibus tractatus authore Johanne Rutty, m.d. Exhibens 1. Simplicia nobis veteribusque communia, de quibus fere quicquid veri aut verosimile apud Græcos veteres & recentiores, Latinos & Arabes reperitur, seligitur, enarratur & notis illustratur. 2. Simplicia dubia & noviter detecta, quorum vires indagantur & observationibus atque experimentis recentiorum illustrantur. Adjectis classibus simplicium secundum qualitates & operationes sensibiles. Opus 40. annorum.
Medical memoirs of the General Dispensary in London, for part of the years 1773 and 1774
Meditations and contemplations : containing, Meditations among the tombs, Reflections on a flower-garden, and, A descant on creation, Contemplations on the night, Contemplations on the starry heavens, and, A winter-piece
Memoirs of the life and reign
minstrel, or, The progress of genius, The : in two books, with some other poems
Modern Gazetteer: Or, A Short View of the Several Nations Of The World [...], The
naturalist's and traveller's companion; by John Coakley Lettsom, M. D., The
New and accurate history and survey of London Westminster, Southwark and places adjacent... with... heads, view's, plans and maps... by the Rev. John Entick, ...., A
new and complete dictionary of the English language ... to which is prefixed, a comprehensive Grammar, The
New geographical, historical and commercial grammar
new pocket dictionary of the French and English languages. In two parts. I. French and English. II. English and French, The : The second edition, greatly improved
Observations relative to the extraction, and dissipation, of the cataract ; the cure of the gutta serena ; and the treatment of the epiphora ; or, watery eye.
Parmenides sive De stabiliendis per adplicationem principiorum dunatoscopicorum ad res sensu, et experientia cognoscendas scientiæ cosmologicæ fundamentis. Quo omnis eorum philosophia evertitur, qui mundi materiam aut ipsam substantiam divinam, aut a Deo numerice diversam esse sentiunt, ostenditurque, in universum omnia unum esse, quæ vero plura videntur, ea relativa esse omnia, absoluti nihil auctore Joanne Theodoro Van der Kemp..
peerage of England, The : containing a genealogical and historical account of all the peers of that kingdom, now existing, either by tenure, summons, or creation, their descents and collateral lines, their births, marriages, and issue, famous actions both in war and peace, religious and charitable donations, deaths, places of burial, monuments, epitaphs, and many valuable memoirs never before printed : also their paternal coats of arms, crests, supporters and mottoes, curiously engraved on copper-plates : collected from records, old wills, authentic manuscripts, our most approved historians, and other authorities, which are cited : in eight volumes
Philosophical and critical inquiries concerning christianity
plain account of the diseases incident to children with an easy method of curing them designed for the use of families., A
Plutarch's lives, translated from the original greek, with notes critical and historical and a new life of Plutarch. By John Langhorne, D. D. And William Langhorne, M. A. In six volumes. Vol. I [-Vol. VI]. The second edition
Poland Lithuania and Prussia
Reflections on the general treatment and cure of fevers [by the Dr Lettsom].
Repository; containing various political, philosophical, literary and miscellaneous articles.
sermon on the present situation of American affairs, preached in Christ-Church, June 23, 1775, at the request of the officers of the third battalion of the city of Philadelphia, and district of Southwark, A
short essay on the subject of Negro slavery, with a particular reference to the Island of Barbadoes. By the Reverend H. E. Holder, of that place, A
Some historical account of Guinea, its situation, produce, and the general disposition of its inhabitants. With an inquiry into the rise and progress of the slave trade, its nature and lamentable effects. Also a republication of the sentiments of several authors of note on this interesting subject : particularly an extract of a treatise written by Granville Sharpe. By Anthony Benezet..
Spain and Portugal : from the best Authorities
Travels through Sicily and that part of Italy formerly called Magna Graecia...
treatise on the management of pregnant and lying-in women, and the means of curing, but more especially of preventing the principal disorders to which they are liable together with some new directions concerning the delivery of the child and placenta in natural births illustred with cases the third edition, revised and enlarged, A
Utilisation et sécurité du navire de commerce
Vies parallèles.
voyage to California, to observe the transit of Venus, A
way to the Sabbath of rest, or, The soul's progress in the work of the new-birth, The : to which are now added, two discourses of the author, never before printed, viz : The journeys of the children of Israel, as in their names and historical passages they comprise the great and gradual work of regeneration : and A treatise of extraordinary divine dispensations, under the Jewish and gospel administrations : with the various ways of God's manifesting himself to man
Which is the man? : A comedy, as acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
works of the right reverend Thomas Wilson, D. D. lord bishop of Sodor and Man, The