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James A. Robinson
James A. Robinson (britischer Ökonom und Politologe)
James A. Robinson (économiste américain)
James A. Robinson (Harvard University) (Amerikaans politicoloog)
Robinson, J. A.
Robinson, James
Robinson, James A.,
Robinson, James Alan
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, Jim Alan (Vollstaendiger Name)
ロビンソン, ジェイムズ・A.
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Computer file
Language material
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Acemoglu, D.
Acemoglu, Daron
Baland, J.M.
Baland, Jean-Marie
Bautista, María Angélica
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Affiliation (see also from)
Cantoni, Davide
Chacon, Mario
Chaves, Isaías N.
Conning, Jonathan
Conning, Jonathan H
Conning, Jonathan H.
Diamond, Jared M.
DiCaprio, Alisa
Dickens, William T.
Fergusson, Leopoldo
Gahan, P.
García Jimeno, Camilo
García Madera, Marta
García-Jimeno, Camilo
Harvard University / Institute for Quantitative Social Science
Harvard University Department of Government Affiliation (see also from)
Hassan, Tarek A.
Heldring, Leander
Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies Affiliation (see also from)
Johnson, Simon
Johnson, Simon (fl.1989)
Johnson, Simon H.
Mazzuca, Sebastián
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Nugent, Jeffrey B
Osafo-Kwaako, Philip
Pincus, Steven C.A.
Querubín, Pablo
Reed, Tristan
Robinson, J.
Robinson, J.A.
Robinson, James
Robinson, James A
Robinson, James A.
Robinson, James C.
Santos, Rafael
Srinivasan, T.N.
Torvik, Ragnar
University of Calgary
University of California Berkeley Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
University of California Berkeley Department of Political Science Affiliation (see also from)
University of Melbourne Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
University of Southern California Affiliation (see also from)
Urrutia, Miguel
Verdier, Thierry
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs Affiliation (see also from)
Wholey, Douglas R.
鬼澤, 忍 (1963-)
Africa's development in historical perspective
African success story, An : Botswana. -
African Success Story: Botswana, An
Are endowments fate?
Bargaining Unit, Union, Industry, and Locational Correlates of Union Support in Certification and Decertification
Can't We All Be More Like Scandinavians? Asymmetric Growth and Institutions in an Interdependent World
Chiefs: Elite Control of Civil Society and Economic Development in Sierra Leone
colonial origins of comparative development: An empirical investigation, The
colonial origins of comparative development, The : an empirical investigation
Colonialism and Economic Development in Africa
Comment on "Technology Diffusion and Postwar Growth"
Consequences of Radical Reform: The French Revolution, The
Democratization or repression?. -
Dlaczego narody przegrywają : źródła władzy, pomyślności i ubóstwa
Dynamic contractual enforcement: A model of strikes
dynamic enforcement of implicit labor contracts under asymmetric information, The
Economía colombiana del siglo XX : un análisis cuantitativo
Economic and Political Inequality in Development: The Case of Cundinamarca, Colombia
Economic backwardness in political perspective. -
Economic Development and Democracy
Economic origins of dictatorship and democracy
Economics versus Politics : Pitfalls of Policy Advice
Endogenous presidentialism
Facto Political Power and Institutional Persistence, De
Finding Eldorado : Slavery and Long-run Development in Colombia
From Current-Day Russia to Porfirio's Mexico
From Education to Democracy?
He Who Counts Elects: Determinants of Fraud in the 1922 Colombian Presidential Election
He who counts elects: determinants of fraud in the 1922 Columbian presidential election
Hither Thou Shalt Come, But No Further: Reply to "The Colonial Origins of Comparative Development: An Empirical Investigation: Comment"
home page at Harvard University, Mar. 27, 2009
Income and Democracy
Inefficient redistribution
Institutional causes, macroeconomic symptoms: volatility, crises and growth
Institutional Comparative Statics
Institutions as the fundamental cause of long-run growth
Institutions, Human Capital and Development
Institutions, Volatility, and Crises
Is Child Labor Inefficient?
Kleptocracy and Divide-and-Rule: A Model of Personal Rule
Kokka wa naze suitai suru noka : Kenryoku han'ei hinkon no kigen.
Land and Power: Theory and Evidence from Chile
Land reform and the political organization of agriculture
Long-Term Consequences of Population Growth: Technological Change, Natural Resources, and the Environment.
Model of Child Labor., A
Monopoly of Violence: Evidence from Colombia, The
myth of the frontier, The
Natural experiments of history
Need for Enemies, The
Online Appendix: Why Do Voters Dismantle Checks and Balances? Extensions and Robustness
Perché le nazioni falliscono alle origini di prosperità, potenza e povertà
Persistence and Change of Institutions in the Americas, The
Persistence of Power, Elites and Institutions
Political Centralization in Pre-Colonial Africa
Political conflict and power-sharing in the origins of modern Colombia
Political Economy of Clientelism, The
Political Economy of Equality and Growth in Mexico: Lessons from the History of the United States, The
Political Economy of the Kuznets Curve., The
political economy theory of the soft budget constraint, A
Political foundations of the resource curse
Political losers as a barrier to economic development
Politician-Proof Policy?
Por qué fracasan los países : los orígenes del poder, la prosperidad y la pobreza
Proč státy selhávají : kořeny moci, prosperity a chudoby
Property rights and the political organization of agriculture
Prospérité, puissance et pauvreté : pourquoi certains pays réussissent mieux que d'autres
real swing voter's curse, The
Reevaluating the modernization hypothesis
Reinventing the Wheel : The Economic Benefits of Wheeled Transportation in Early British Colonial West Africa
Rent appropriation and sustained growth
Reversal of fortune: geography and institutions in the making of the modern world income distribution
Rise of Europe: Atlantic Trade, Institutioanl Change and Economic Growth, The
Rise of Europe: Atlantic Trade, Institutional Change, and Economic Growth, The
Role of elites in economic development, The
Role of Institutions in Growth and Development, The
Rotten Parents.
Social identity, inequality and conflict
Social Structure and Development : A Legacy of the Holocaust in Russia
State Capacity and Economic Development : A Network Approach
State Formation and Governance in Botswana
States and Power in Africa by Jeffrey I. Herbst: A review essay
Synthesis of trivalent arsenicals and their application as enzyme inhibitors
Theory of Political Transitions, A
Ursprünge der modernen Welt Geschichte im wissenschaftlichen Vergleich
Waarom sommige landen rijk zijn en andere arm
Warum Nationen scheitern die Ursprünge von Macht, Wohlstand und Armut
What Model for the South African Labour Market? Lessons from the OECD and LDC's
What really happened during the Glorious Revolution?
When Does Policy Reform Work? The Case of Central Bank Independence
When is a state predatory?
When is democracy an equilibrium? : theory and evidence from Colombia's "La Violencia"
White elephants
Why did the west extend the franchise? Democracy, inequality, and growth in historical perspective
Why Did West Extend the Franchise? Democracy, Ineqiality and Growth in Historical Perspective.
Why Do Voters Dismantle Checks and Balances?
Why nations fail : the origins of power, prosperity and poverty
国家はなぜ衰退するのか : 権力・繁栄・貧困の起源.
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Microfiche of typescript. Ottawa : National Library of Canada, 1981. 3 sheets ; 11 x 15 cm. (Canadian theses on microfiche ; no. 49345)
Thesis--M. Sc. (Chemistry) University of Calgary