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Apostoleanu, Elena Alexandra
Apostoleanu, Elena Alexandra (Wirklicher Name)
Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu
Inna (cantante de dance pop)
Inna (Chanteuse de dance-pop et danseuse roumaine internationale)
Inna (modella e cantante rumena)
Inna (Roemeens zangeres)
Inna (Romanian dance-pop singer, dancer)
Inna (rumænsk sanger)
Inna (rumänische Sängerin)
Inna (rumensk sanger)
Inna (rumensk songar)
Инна (румынская певица, автор песен, исполнительница танцевальной музыки)
اینا (خواننده رومانییی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Black eyed peas
Bolfea, Radu
Collectif métissé
DJ Franta Babka
Lady Gaga (1986-...)
Lucenzo (1983-...)
Magán, Juan (1978-)
Rihanna (1988-...)
Stan, Alexandra (1989-...)
Taylor, Bob (19..-.... disc-jockey)
Zahara (1983-)
10 Minutes (Breeze & Klubfiller remix)
10 Minutes (Chris Garcia & Mehrbod remix)
10 Minutes (club mix by Play & Win)
10 Minutes (DJ Feel remix)
10 Minutes (Hi Def mix)
10 Minutes (Hi Def radio edit)
10 Minutes (Liam Keegan mix)
10 Minutes (Odd remix)
10 Minutes (Play And Win Club Radio Edit)
10 Minutes (Play And Win Club Version)
10 Minutes (Play & Win club remix)
10 Minutes (Play Win mix)
10 Minutes (remixes)
10 Minutes (XNRG remix)
100 bomba latina
Ai Se Eu Te Pego
Alright (by Play & Win)
am the club rocker, I
Amazing (Almighty mix)
Amazing (Almighty Radio Edit)
Amazing (Buzz Junkies Dub)
Amazing (Buzz Junkies mix)
Amazing (Buzz Junkies radio edit)
Amazing (DJ Feel Instrumental Remix)
Amazing (DJ Feel original remix)
Amazing (DJ Feel Vox Dub)
Amazing (DJ NeoN Extended Rework)
Amazing (Frisco mix)
Amazing (Frisco Radio Edit)
Amazing (Hixxy, Sy & Unknown remix)
Amazing (Instrumental Cover by WeCan)
Amazing (Klubfiller mix)
Amazing (N-Force remix)
Amazing (original radio edit)
Amazing (Play & Win club version)
Amazing (Play & Win extended mix)
Amazing (Short Radio Version)
Bad Boys
Be My Lover
Best of 2009
Best of dance. 23 největších aktuálních hitů
Best, The
Body and the Sun
Bonus Minimegamix (DJ Machiavelli)
Bop Bop
Bravo hits.
Caliente (Miss Kailly Radio Edit Remix)
Caliente (Protoxic Club Mix)
Caliente (Remixes)
Caliente (Starz Angels M F Remix)
Caliente (Steve Roberts edit)
cent plus grands tubes dance
Club Rocker (Adrian Sina remix)
Club Rocker (Allexinno remix)
Club Rocker (DJ Assad version)
Club Rocker (Jack Holiday remix)
Club Rocker (Mike Candys edit)
Club Rocker (Odd remix edit)
Club Rocker (Pat Farrell remix)
Club Rocker (Play & Win extended version)
Club Rocker (Play & Win radio version)
Club Rocker (Play & Win remix)
Club Rocker (Remixes)
Club Rocker (The Perez Brothers remix)
Cola Song (Lookas remix)
Cola Song (ZooFunktion remix)
Cool ice hits
Crazy Sexy Wild
Cum ar fi?
Da Da (Original Mix Techno Version)
Dancefloor selection la sélection dancefloor exclusive de Jay Style
Days Nights
Deja Vu (Club Version)
Deja Vu (feat. Bob Taylor)
Deja Vu (Rank 197 SpeedMix)
Deja Vu (Short Radio Edit)
Deja Vu (Solo Version)
Deja Vu (Wideboys Stadium radio edit)
Deja Vu (Wideboys Stadium Remix Edit)
Devil’s Paradise
Diggy Down (piano version)
Don't let the music die (3 min 38 s)
Don't Let The Music Die (Original Club Version)
Don't Let the Music Die (original mix)
Don't Let The Music Die (Radio Edit)
Don't Mind
Dream About the Ocean
Endless (3 min 14 s)
Endless (Adi Sina remix)
Endless (Audiodish remix)
Endless (Cahill radio edit)
Endless (Diakar remixxx)
Endless (DJ Turtle & Beenie Becker remix)
Endless (Lukone remix extended)
Endless (Lukone remix radio cut)
Endless (Pat Farell remix)
Endless (Phonk D’or mix)
Endless (Pulphouse remix)
Endless (Pulserockers remix)
Endless (Ramy Blazin remix)
Endless (Slickers remix)
Endless (Speak One reworked extended club mix)
Endless (Speak One reworked radio edit)
Endless (The Thin Red Men club mix)
Endless (Timmy Rise & Barrington Lawrence remix)
Endless (Yvan Kay extended next gen remix)
Endless (Yvan Kay factory remix)
Endless (Yvan Kay radio edit next gen remix)
Endless (Yvan Kay the rock rules remix)
Endless (Zampa remix)
Endless (Zampa tools mix)
Eto Lyubov' (Hot Russian Remake) (Club Edit)
Eto Lyubov' (Hot Russian Remake) (Radio Edit)
Fade Away
Fall in Love / Lie
Feeelo (DJ Herre & DJ Edwards Remix)
Fever (3 min 25 s)
Fever (club version 2009)
Fever (Extended Mix)
Fever (Extented radio version)
Fever (Radio Edit)
Fever (SGT Slick Bootleg Remix Edit)
Fly With You (Original Mix House Version)
Fly With You (Radio Edit House Version)
Fool Me
French do it better la compilation officielle des clubbers
Full Songs and Remixes
Fun club 2011
Gimme (Extended Mix)
Gimme Gimme (Mert Hakan & Ilkay Sencan remix)
Gimme (Radio Edit)
Good Time
Hands Up
Heart Drop
Heaven (Addictive Elements & Mika Violin remix)
Heaven (Adrian Funk X Olix remix)
Heaven (Alfred Beck & Chewy Vega remix)
Heaven (Andros remix)
Heaven (Chadash Cort remix)
Heaven (Clanker Jones remix)
Heaven (Criminal Sounds remix)
Heaven (Deepen Groove & Ralph Kayden remix)
Heaven (Deepierro remix)
Heaven (Dirty Nano remix)
Heaven (DJ Asher remix)
Heaven (Dream Big remix edit)
Heaven (extended mix)
Heaven (LLP remix edit)
Heaven (Manuel Riva remix)
Heaven (Midi Culture remix)
Heaven (Paul Damixie remix)
Heaven (radio edit)
Heaven (Redshuz remix)
Heaven: Remixes
Heaven (Sllash remix)
Heaven (Thrace remix)
Heaven (Tiben remix)
Heaven (Ton Ferry remix)
Hit List: Tabu
hits de l'été 2010
Hot 2010 (Radio Edit)
Hot (3 min 36 s) radio version
Hot (Cahill club edit)
Hot (Cahill club mix)
Hot (Cahill radio edit)
Hot (Clubdjteam remix)
Hot (Da Brozz edit)
Hot (Da Brozz remix)
Hot (Dave Silva remix)
Hot (Daz Bailey club mix)
Hot (Daz Bailey vocal mix)
Hot (DJ Grin Dee club mix)
Hot (Dubainian club mix)
Hot [Enregistrement sonore]
Hot (Eric Chase remix)
Hot... [etc.] Play & win club version
Hot (French Edit)
Hot (Hardforze mix)
Hot (Hardforze remix)
Hot (Horatio club mix)
Hot (Hy2rogen Remix Edit)
Hot (instrumental)
Hot (Jerox's Walk In The Dusk Edit)
Hot (Lambretto Night mix)
Hot (Malibu Breeze radio edit)
Hot (Malibu Breeze remix)
Hot (original version)
Hot (Play And Win Club Version)
Hot (Play and Win radio edit)
Hot (Play And Win Radio Version)
Hot (Play & Win club mix)
Hot: Remixes
Hot (Riff & Rays Mix)
Hot (Riffs & Rays mix)
Hot (Riffs & Rays radio edit)
Hot (Samuele Sartini radio edit)
Hot (Samuele Sartini Remix Edit)
Hot (Sgt. Slick dub)
Hot (Sgt. Slick remix)
Hot (short edit)
Hot (The Real Boot Babes remix)
Hot (The Real Booty Babes radio edit)
Hot (The Real Booty Babes Remix)
Hot (U.S. Radio Version)
Hot (UK radio edit)
Hot. Universal music strategic marketing 276 365 3
Hot (US radio version)
Hot (Winter Edition)
House is going on (3 min 16 s)
Ibiza fever 2010
In Your Eyes (Adi Perez remix edit)
Inna: Greatest Hits
Inna Mega Mix
It's Over (extended version)
J'adore (Dj Turtle & Steve Lorentis Remix)
J'adore (Extended Version)
J'adore (Luke Jeferson Remix Edit)
J'adore (Luke Jeferson Remix Extended)
J'adore (Nieggman Radio Edit)
J'adore (Nieggman Remix)
J'adore (Remixes)
J'adore (The Groove Junkeez Remix)
July (3 min 55 s)
Ladies (5 min 07 s)
Left right (4 min 30 s)
Left Right (extended mix)
Liar My Desire (Original Mix Techno Version)
Liar My Desire (Radio Edit House Version)
Liar My Desire (Radio Edit Techno Version)
Like You, I
Live Your Life
Love (3 min 39 s)
Love (club version)
Love (Crossover Remix)
Love (Dandeej remix)
Love (DJ Andi remix)
Love (DJ Kirill Clash & DJ Power Radio Remix)
Love (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Baur Radio Mix)
Love (Electrical Brothers Bootleg Remix)
Love (original version)
Love (Play and Win club mix)
Love (Play & Win radio edit)
Love (radio version)
Low (Global B remix)
Low (Khaled R. remix)
Low (radio Killer remix)
M6 dance 2010
M6 hits deux mille onze
Me gusta
momento, Un
Moon girl (3 min 33 s)
Moon Girl (Play & Win Club Version)
More Than Friends
My Dreams
Need You For A Christmas, I
need you for Christmas Play & win radio version, I
Never Stop Your Dancing (Original Mix Techno Version)
Never Stop Your Dancing (Radio Edit Techno Version)
New HOT Edition
Nights and Days
No limit (3 min 26 s)
No Limit (Dave Ramone Bootleg Remix Edit)
No Limit (Play & Win Love Clubbing Mix)
No Limit (Play & Win Radio Edit)
NRJ 200% hits 2010
OK (by Play & Win)
OK (Radio Version)
On and On (Chillout remix)
On And On (Club Version)
On And On (Radio Edit)
On & on (4 min)
On & On (chillout mix)
On & On (Ciollaloca Remix Edit)
On & On (original album version)
Party Never Ends, Part 2
Put your hands up (3 min 31 s)
Remix Collection, The
Rendez Vous (Alfred Beck remix)
Rendez Vous (Andros remix)
Rendez Vous (Armageddon Turk Spring Breakers mix)
Rendez Vous (Criminal Sounds remix)
Rendez Vous (DJ Asher ScreeN remix)
Rendez Vous (extended mix)
Rendez Vous: Remixes
Rendez Vous (Thrace remix)
Salinas Skies
Say It with Your Body (radio edit)
Señorita (3 min 17 s)
Senorita, Come On Fire! (Jay Amato Summermash 2010)
Senorita (Dj Aslam Bootleg Remix Edit)
Senorita (Love Clubbing By Play & Win)
Shining Star
Spre Mare
Spy original motion picture soundtrack
Summer dancefloor
Summer Days
Summer hits party 2010
Sun Goes Up
Sun Is Up (Cahill mix)
Sun Is Up (Cahill radio edit)
Sun Is Up (Club Version)
Sun Is Up (Ilario Estevez mix)
Sun Is Up (Kryder mix)
Sun Is Up (Mico mix)
Sun Is Up (Mico remix)
Sun Is Up (Odd remix)
Sun Is Up [Play and Win Radio Edit]
Sun Is Up (Play & Win extended mix)
Sun Is Up (Play & Win radio mix)
Sun Is Up (UK radio edit)
Sun It Up (Play & Win radio edit)
Take It Off
Take Me Down to Mexico
Take Me Higher (Embody remix) -
Take Me Higher (extended version)
Take Me Higher (Global B remix)
Take Me Higher (Vanotek remix)
Taneční liga. club & dance
Tell Me (Adi Perez remix)
Todo éxitos : los números uno del año
Too Sexy
Tu si EU (official video)
Tu tens la força
Ultra Hot Remixes
Up Your Baby
Very Hot - Edition collector
W.O.W. (3 min 09 S)
Walking on the Sun
We Like to Party
We're going in the club (3 min 14 s)
World of Love
Wow: All Remixes
Wow (Beenie Becker club edit)
Wow (Beenie Becker radio edit)
Wow (Casey & Moore vs. Sandro Bani)
Wow (extended version)
Wow (Franck Dona club edit)
Wow (Franck Dona radio edit)
Wow (Fred Pellichero edit)
Wow (Fred Pellichero extended)
Wow (JRMX club)
Wow (JRMX edit)
Wow (live version)
Wow (Muttonheads extended)
Wow (Muttonheads radio edit)
Wow (Starz Angels M***** F***** club remix)
Wow (Starz Angels M***** F**** radio remix)
Wow (Steve Roberts extended remix)
Wow (Steve Roberts radio edit remix)
Wow (Timmy Rise & Barrington Lawrence remix)
Yalla (A Turk remix)
Yalla (Deepierro & Offir Malol remix edit)
Yalla (DJ Asher & ScreeN remix)
Yalla (extended version)
You Are the Way of My Life (Original Club Mix)
Музыкальная коллекция. Все хиты в формате MP3
Contributed to or performed: 
#Dance 2017: Club & Dance News, Vol. 3
#Holiday Anthems
100 Dance 2012
100 Hits 2012
100 Hits Dancefloor 2012
100 Mega Summer Hits 2011
40 Tubes les plus joués en Club : Juillet 2013, Les
538 Dance Smash 2009, Volume 4
538 Dance Smash 2010, Volume 1
538 Dance Smash 2010, Volume 2
538 Dance Smash 2010, Volume 3
538 Dance Smash 2011, Volume 2
538 Dance Smash 2011, Volume 4
538 Dance Smash 2012, Volume 1
538 Dance Smash 2012, Volume 3
538 Dance Smash: Hits of the Year 2009
538 Dance Smash: Hits of the Year 2010
538 Dance Smash: Hits of the Year 2011
Absolute Dance Spring 2011
Absolute Dance Summer 2010
Absolute Dance Summer 2011
Absolute Summer Hits 2010
All the Things
Am the Club Rocker (Da Brozz remix), I
Amnezia Super Hits 45
Annual: Summer 2011, The
Après Ski-Hits 2010
Après Skihut 29, De
Après Skihut 30, De
Après Skihut 33, De
Après Skihut 34, De
Barbie Let's All Dance!
Be My Lover
Beat Hits Vol. 58
Best of 538 Dance Smash Summer Edition
Beste Uit De Top 500 Van De Zomer (2016), Het
Black Magic #4: The Best of R&B, Urban, Soul & Hip Hop
Boom Boom
Bop Bop
Bop Bop (Deepierro remix)
Bop Bop (Embody remix)
Bop Bop (Global B remix)
Bop Bop (House of Titans remix)
Bop Bop (Jordan Viper remix)
Bop Bop (Shandree remix)
Bop Bop: Remixes
Braun MTV Eurochart '10, Volume 3, The
Braun MTV Eurochart '10, Volume 6, The
Bravo Hits 71
Bravo Hits 73
Bravo Hits 76
Bravo Hits Jesień 2015
Bravo Hits Lato 2016
Bravo Hits Wiosna 2016
Bravo Hits Wiosna 2017
Bravo Hits Zima 2016
Bravo Hits: Best of 2011
Bravo Hits: Jesień 2017
Bravo Hits: Wiosna 2012
CD Pool - Radio (2010-11)
CD POOL: Dance Hits 07: December 10
Club Rocker
Club Rocker (Cutmore edit)
Club Rocker (Mike Candys edit)
Club Rocker (Perez Brothers mix)
Club Rocker (Play & Win radio version)
Club Rocker (radio edit)
Club Rocker (radio version)
Clubland 17
Clubland 18
Clubland 19
Clubland 20
Clubland 21
Clubland Eurodance
Clubland, Volume 5
Cola Song
Cola Song (Whyel remix)
Cola Song: Remixes
Contact Play & Dance 2011
Dame tu amor
Dame tu amor (Spanish version)
Damn! 26
Damn! 29
Dance Chart, Volume 27
Dance Floor Party 2010, Volume 2
Dancefloor FG 100 titres / 10 ans
Dancefloor FG Été/Summer 2010
Dancefloor FG Été/Summer 2011
Dancefloor FG Hiver/Winter 2010
Déjà Vu
Déjà vu (N-Force radio edit)
Déjà vu (N‐Force mix)
Déjà vu (Play & Win club mix)
Déjà vu (Play & Win radio edit)
Déjà Vu (UK radio edit)
Deja vu (Wideboy Stadium radio edit)
Déjà vu (Wideboys mix)
Déjà vu (Wideboys radio edit)
Déjà Vu (Wideboys Stadium club mix)
Diggy Down
Diggy Down (extended version)
Disco Estrella, Volume 13
DJ Selection 262: The Balkanian Explosion
Dome, Volume 57, The
Dome, Volume 58, The
Dome, Volume 59, The
Dome, Volume 60, The
Double Dancefloor 2010, Volume 2
Electro House Collection 32
Essential Hits 64
Été 2010
Europa FM 2013
Everybody (Mike Candys extended mix)
Everybody (Mike Candys instrumental edit)
Everybody (Mike Candys radio edit)
Everybody (Mike Candys Remix)
Everybody (Mike Candys short edit)
Fade Away
Feel the Music, Volume 1
Fetenhits: Après Ski 2012
FG Club Dance 2009
Firstclass: The Finest in House 2010
Firstclass: The Finest in House, Urban & Electro 2011
Floorfillers 2011
Fun Dance 2010
Fun Radio Dancefloor Winter 2011
Fun Radio Starfloor Été 2011
Fun Radio Summer Dance 2010
Funlist 2011
Future Trance, Vol. 53
Future Trance, Vol. 56
Future Trance, Vol. 59
Gangnam Style
Germany's Next Topmodel: The Best Catwalk Hits 2011
Germany's Next Topmodel: The Best Catwalk Hits 2012
Good Girls
Good Time
Halbzeit - WM Hits 2010
Hardcore Til I Die 3
Hit Connection 2011.3
Hit Mania 2015
Hit Mania Estate 2011
Hits Attitude 2010
Hot Latina 2013
Hot Summer Hits 2010
Hot! The Best Summer Jams for 2010
House Area, Volume 2010.1
Ibiza Annual Dancefloor: Saison 2009-2010
In Your Eyes
INNdiA (Ciprian Robu dubstep remix)
Just Dance 3
Kontor Summer Jam
Kontor: House of House, Volume 14
Kontor: House of House, Volume 9
Kontor: House of House: Spring Edition 2012
Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 45
Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 51
Kontor: Top of the Clubs: The Biggest Hits of the Year
Latino Summer
Lieblings... Dancefloor Hits
Light Up
Lollihits: Frühlings Fun
Love 2 Club
Love 2 Club 2011
M6 Hits 2010
M6 Hits 2011
M6 Hits: Été 2011
M6 Hits: Hiver 2010
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 127: Summer Beach Party
Maxima FM Compilation, Volume 11: Energia Positiva
Maxima FM Compilation, Volume 12: Sonido Súper
Maximum Hit Music Best of 2009
Mega Dance Best of 2011 Top 100
Mega Dance Top 100 Best of 2013
Mega Dance Top 100 Spring 2012
Mega Dance Top 100 Winter Edition
Mega Dance Top 50 2011
Mega Dance Top 50 Autumn 2012
Mega Hits 2012
Mega House Top 100 2013
Mega Party, Volume 12
Megahits 2010: Die Erste
Megahits 2011: Die Erste
Megahits 2013
Ministry of Sound: Club Files, Volume 11
Ministry of Sound: Club Files, Volume 9
Ministry of Sound: Running Trax Summer 2012
Ministry of Sound: Running Trax Winter 2011
Ministry of Sound: The Annual Spring 2009
MNM Big Hits 2009.3
MNM Big Hits 2010.3
MNM Big Hits 2011.1
MNM Big Hits Best of 2011
Momento (Audiodish remix), Un
Momento (Diakar extended remix), Un
momento (extended version), Un
Momento (Play & Win 2011 radio edit), Un
momento (radio edit), Un
momento (Tony Zampa Tools mix), Un
momento (Yvan Kay Old School mix), Un
Momento, Un
Monster Floorfillers
Monster Floorfillers 2011
More Music 2
More Than Friends
More Than Friends (Adi Perez remix edit)
Most Wanted of 2009 (Mixed by MC Mario)
Nº 1 de los 40 Principales, Los
Nossa! Summer Mix 2012
Nota de plata
Now Dance 2012 - Part 2
Now Dance 2012, Part 1
Now Dance Autumn, Part 4: 2011
Now Dance Spring, Part 2: 2011
Now Dance Summer 2010
Now Dance Summer Part 2 - 2010
Now Dance Winter, Part 1: 2011
Now That’s What I Call Music! 76
Now That’s What I Call Music! 79
NR1 Hits 2017
NRJ 200% Hits 2010
NRJ Dance 2010
NRJ Extrava Dance 2010
NRJ Extravadance 2011
NRJ Hit List 2010
NRJ Hit List 2010, Volume 2
NRJ Hit Music Only 2010
NRJ Hit Music Only 2011
NRJ Hits 2011
NRJ Music Awards 2011
NRJ Music Awards 2012
NRJ Spring Hits 2013
NRJ Summer Hits Only 2010
NRJ Summer Hits Only 2011
Number 1: Summer Hits 2017
Original Euromix 2010, The
Party Fun 2010, Volume 2
Planet Dance
Pop Princesses 2011
Positive Love Hits
Promo Only: Club Video, November 2011
Radio 538 Hitzone 52
Radio 538 Hitzone 53
Radio 538 Hitzone 54
Radio 538 Hitzone 57
Radio 538 Hitzone 82
Radio 538 Hitzone: Best of 2009
Radio 538 Hitzone: Best of 2010
Radio 538 presents: Ruud’s Camping Knallers
Remix Heaven 2010
RMF FM Najlepsza muzyka na impreze 2010
Roulette (feat. Matt Houston), La
Roulette, La
Sexy Hits
Show Me the Way
Slam FM Grand Slam 2010, Volume 1
Slam FM Grand Slam 2010, Volume 2
Slam FM Grand Slam 2010, Volume 3
Slam FM Grand Slam 2011, Volume 2
Slam FM Grand Slam 2011, Volume 4
Sound & Tuning Vol. 4
Sped Up Songs 2016
Spy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Starfloor : L’Album dancefloor de l’année
Summer Eletrohits 7
Summer in December
Summer Party 2011 in the Mix
Sunshine Live, Volume 33
Sunshine Live, Volume 39
Sunshine Live, Volume 41
SuperVara 2016
SuperVara 2017
Total Girl: Dance Mix
Tu si eu
Ultimate Dance Top 100 2009, The
Ultimate FloorFillers 2000-2010
Ultimate Pop Princesses
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Party-Hits des neuen Jahrtausends, Die
Ultra Dance 13
Ultra Mix 3
Ultra Mix 4
Ultra.Weekend 6
Ultra.Weekend 7
Urban Dance 14
Urban Dance 22
Very Best of Now Dance 2010, The
Vibe 97: Energia 97 FM, Volume 14
Viva Club Rotation 50
Viva Club Rotation, Volume 47
Viva Club Rotation, Volume 49
Viva Club Rotation, Volume 51
We Wanna
Weekend Anthems
Wild Energy
Workout Mix 2011, The
Zoom In Brazil 2014