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Lofgren, Nils
Nils Lofgren
Nils Lofgren (American rock musician)
Nils Lofgren (Amerikaans zanger)
Nils Lofgren (amerikansk sångare)
Nils Lofgren (amerikansk sanger)
Nils Lofgren (amerikansk songar)
Nils Lofgren (chanteur et guitariste de rock américain)
Nils Lofgren (musicista, cantautore e polistrumentista statunitense)
Nils Lofgren (US-amerikanischer Rockmusiker)
Nils Lofgrin
Nils Logfren
Нилс Лофгрен
Нилс Лофгрен (американски музикант)
نیلز لوفگرن (خواننده آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Apollo, DJ (co-performer)
Band, The She Street (co-performer)
Barry, David (co-performer)
Berry, Bruce (co-performer)
Bittan, Roy (co-performer)
Blanton, John (co-performer)
BMG France
Bryant, Rocky (co-performer)
Buckshot LeFonque (isMemberOf)
Burnett, Carl (co-performer)
Calderazzo, Joey (co-performer)
Castle Communications PLC
Chalmers tekniska hogskola
Chalmers tekniska hogskola Avdelningen for medicinsk teknik Institutionen for signaler och system
Cinelu, Mino (co-performer)
Clemons, Clarence (co-performer)
Clemons, Jake (co-performer)
Crazy Horse (isMemberOf)
Curtis, Michael (co-performer)
Curtis, Rick (co-performer)
E Street Band (see also from)
Eubanks, Kevin (co-performer)
Federici, Danny (co-performer)
Finders, Matt (co-performer)
Giordano, Charlie (co-performer)
Grin (isMemberOf)
Grin (see also from)
Hurst, Robert (co-performer)
John, Dr (co-performer)
Jones, Wornell
Kirkland, Kenny (co-performer)
Lahav, Tzruya "Suki" (co-performer)
Leroy, Greg (co-performer)
Lofgren, Nils (1953-)
Lofgren, Tom
Marsalis, Branford (co-performer)
Marsalis, Delfeayo (co-performer)
McComb, Frank (co-performer)
Molina, Ralph (co-performer)
Newmark, Andy
Nitzsche, Jack (co-performer)
Phillinganes, Greg (co-performer)
Premier, DJ (co-performer)
Randle, Vicki (co-performer)
Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band (isMemberOf)
Sampedro, Frank (co-performer)
Schwartzberg, Alan
Scialfa, Patti (co-performer)
Springsteen, Bruce
Springsteen, Bruce (co-performer)
Starr, Ringo (co-performer)
Talbot, Billy (co-performer)
Tallent, Garry (co-performer)
The E Street Band (isMemberOf)
Tyrell, Soozie (co-performer)
Uptown (co-performer)
USA, Bruce in the (co-performer)
Veal, Reginald (co-performer)
Vogue Maison de disques
Walsh, Joe (co-performer)
Watts, Jeffrey “Tain” (co-performer)
Weinberg, Max (co-performer)
Whitsell, George (co-performer)
Whitten, Danny (co-performer)
Young, Neil (1945-)
Young, Neil Percival Kenneth Ragland (1945-)
Zandt, Steven Van (co-performer)
60 Is the New 18
A. Lefty (instrumental)
Abandoned Love
Acoustic Live
Across the Tracks
Ain’t Love Nice
Ain’t Too Many of Us Left
All I Have to Do Is Dream
All Out
Am a Child, I
Amy Joan Blues
Ancient History
Anytime at All (live)
Archive Alive!
Awesome Girl
Back It Up (live bootleg version)
Back It Up!! Nils Lofgren Live: An Authorized Bootleg
Bass & Drum Intro
Be Good Tonight
Beauty and the Beast
Beggar's Day (Eulogy to Danny Whitten)
Beggar's Day (live bootleg version)
Beggars Day, Soft Fun
Bein’ Angry
Berlin live
Best of Nils Lofgren: Don't Walk, Rock, The
Best of Nils Lofgren & Grin, The
best [SR] p1979:, The
Big tears fall (6 min 06 s)
Black Books (live)
Blue Skies
Breakaway angel
Bridge School benefit
Bullets Fever
came to dance, I
Can’t Buy a Break
Can't Fly, I
Can't Get Close
Can't Get Closer (Wcgc)
Can't Take the Rock
Child Could Tell, A
City Lights
Classics, Volume 13
Code of the road
Come a Day
Comfort Your Love Brings
Confident Girl
Crooked line
Cry tough
Cryin' Tonight
Crystal Ball
Daddy Dream
Damaged goods
Delivery night (3 min 53 s)
Dirty Money
Don’t Be Denied
Don't Be Late for Yesterday
Don’t Cry No Tears
Don’t Stand a Chance, I
Don’t Touch Me
Don't Wanna Know, I
Don’t Wanna Talk About It, I
Don’t Want to Know (live bootleg version), I
Dream Big
Dreams Come True
Dreams die hard (3 min 32 s)
Driftin’ Man
Drunken driver
EEG of the newborn brain, The ; detection of hypoxia and prediction of outcome
Empty Heart
Every beat of my heart
Every breath
Everybody’s Missin’ the Sun
Everybody's Missing the Sun
Everybody Wants
Everybreath the original motion picture soundtrack limited edition
Face the Music
Fallen Into His Hands
Fat Girls Dance
Favorites 1990–2005
Favorites one thousand and ninety nine-two thousand and five
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Flip Ya Flip
Flying on the Ground
Fool Like Me, A
For Your Love
Found Her, I
Found You, I
Frankie Hang On
From the heart (3 min 28 s)
Girl in Motion
Go Away
Go to Pieces, I
Goin' Back (live bootleg version)
Goin’ South (live/1977)
Going back in time
Good Day for Goodbyes
Grin [one and one]
Gun and Run
Gun & Run (live)
Happy Ending Kids
Hard Lines
Harvest Moon
Heart Like a Hammer
Heaven’s Answer to Blue
Heaven’s Rain
Heavy Hats
Here for You
Here to eternety
Hi, Hello Home
Hide My Heart
Hill, The
Home is where the hurt is (4 min 12 s)
I’ll Arise
I’ll Cry Tomorrow
I'll Fight for You
I’m Buyin’
I’m Coming Back
If I Say It, It’s So
If I Were a Song
In Motion
In my own crazy way
In the Room
In Your Hands
Incidentally… It’s Over (live/1977)
Into the Night
Irish Angel
It's All Over
It’s Better to Know You
It’s Not a Crime
Jam's 86
Jealous gun
Jealous Guy
Jhoon Rhee Ad
Just a Little
Just Because You Love Me
Just to Have You
Keith don't go (6 min 34 s)
Keith Don’t Go (acoustic version)
Keith Don't Go (Ode to the Glimmer Twin) (live bootleg version)
King of the rock (5 min 23 s)
Kool Skool
Last Time I Saw You
Lean on me (3 min 38 s)
Let Her Get Away
Like a Hurricane
Like Rain
Lion’s Wake
Lions Wake (instrumental)
Little Bit O'Time (live)
Little on up (4 min 55 s)
Live Each Day
Live on the test
Loner: Nils Sings Neil, The
Lonesome Ranger
Long May You Run
Lost a Number
Love a Child
Love Is…
Love or Else
Love Stumbles On
Love You Most
Mad, Mad World
Man at the Top
Man in the Moon
Message (live)
Misery (demo)
Miss You “C”
Miss You Ray
Mist and Morning Rain
Moon tears (3 min 50 s)
Moontears (live)
Mr. Hardcore
Mr. Soul
Mud in Your Eye
New Holes in old shoes (4 min 33 s)
New Kind of Freedom
Night after night
Night fades away
Night like this
Nils Lofgren Band Live
Nils Lofgren: The Art of Adapting
No mercy (4 min 18 s)
No Mercy (live)
No Return
No Tomorrow
Nothin’s Fallin’
Oh Holy Night
Old Grey Whistle
Old School
On the Way Home
One More Saturday Night
Only Five Minutes
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Open Road
Out of the Grave
Pay Your Woman
Pioneer Mary
Puttin’ Out Fires
Rainy Nights
Red hot in black
Rock and Roll Crook
Rock me at home (4 min 35 s)
Rock ’n’ Roll Crook
Rock-palace das Superalbum
Room Without Love
Rusty Gun
Sacred Weapon
Sad Letter
Sad Walk
Sailor boy (3 min 55 s)
Scratches & Needles
Secrets in the street (4 min 32 s)
See What a Love Can Do
Seize Love
Setting Sun
Share a Little
Shine silently
Shine Silenty
Shot at You
Silver lining
Sing for Happiness
Slippery Fingers (live)
Soft Fun, Tough Tears 1971–1979
Some Must Dream
Southern man (5 min 41 s)
Speed Kills
Star Spangled Banner, The
Stay Hungry
Steal Away
Steal Your Heart
Stephen Stills 2
Sticks and Stones
Streets Again
Sun Hasn't Set on the Boy Yet
Sun Hasn't Set on This Boy Yet (live bootleg version), The
Susie's Song
Sweet Four Wings
Sweet midnight (6 min 49 s)
Take Me Home
Take You to the Movies, Back It UP
Take You to the Movies Tonight
Tears Ain't Enough
Tears Inside
Tears on Ice
Tender Love
This Life Holds Something for Me
Till the morning comes (1 min 17 s)
To be a dreamer
To Your Heart
Too Many Miles
Tough Trails (instrumental)
Tried and True
Trip to Mars
Trouble's back
True Love Conquers Legends
True Thrill
Tryin' Not To Fall
Two by Two
UK 2015: Face the Music Tour
Ultimate Collection
Very Best Of, The
Wait for You, I
Walk on Me
Walkin’ Nerve
Walking Nerve
Wayne's world hits
We All Sung Together
We Got Guys
We've got the love (4 min 20 s)
What Is Enuf?!!
Whatever Happened to Muscatel
When You Are Loved
When You Were Mine
Whiskey Holler
White Lies
Who's gonna take me home
Why Don't You Share a Little?
Why Me
Wind, The
Without You
Won't You Listen to My Heart?
Working on a dream
World on a String
Wreck on the Highway
Yankee Stadium
You (3 min 34 s)
You Are the Melody
You in My Arms
You Lit a Fire
You're Not There
You’re So Easy
You’re the Weight (live/1977)
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Acoustic Memories
2 Meter Sessies, Volume 4
2 Meter Sessies: Het beste uit 10 jaar
Acoustic Aid
Acoustic Concert: The Bridge Benefit
Alltime Greatest Rock Classics 2 of the 70s, 80s & 90s, The
American Rock Classics
And the Road Goes On Forever, Volume 1
And the Road Goes On Forever, Volume 2
Anytime at All
beste van 2 meter sessies 1987 - 2009, Het
Blood, Sweat and Beers: Best of the Bar Bands
Born in the USA
Born to Rock
Bridge School Collection, Volume 2, The
Bridge School Concerts, Volume 1, The
Bridge School Concerts: 25th Anniversary Edition, The
Cabrio Classics II
Chart Boxx: Best of Rock
Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan
Cities’ Sampler, Volume 3: Songs for the Earth, The
Classic Rock: 1976-1977
Classic Rock: 1982-1983
Classic Rock: 1984-1985
Dancing in the Dark
Darlington County
Drive Time USA
Drowning Mona
Fire and Passion
Follow That Dream
Glory Days
Greatest Hits 1: 1991: 2, The
Guitar Speak 3
Hard Rock Essentials: 1970's
Hits of... 79+80, Volume 8
Hungry Heart
In the Midnight Hour
Lean on Me
Lennon Bermuda
Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
Männer Rock
Mansion on the Hill
Masters of Rock
Midnight Hour
Monsters of Rock
Munich City Nights, Volume 40
Music From Time and Space, Volume 29
Not Fade Away
Old Grey Whistle Test: Live, The
Old Grey Whistle Test: Take Two, The
One Step Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs of Bruce Springsteen
Party Power Pack: Rock Kult
Post-Groundhog's Day Spectacular
Power of Love: Breathless, The
Pré Historie 70, De
Raise the Roof
Return to Fantasy
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1979
Rock Attack
Rock Giganten
Rock Hits & Ballads, Volume 2
Rock’n’ Roll Music
Rykodisc Hannibal ESD - Winter '96 Collection
Seventies Top 100, Volume 2
Shine Silently
Soft Rock
Solid Rock
Someone's Gonna Get Their Head to Believe in Something
Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs, The
Steal This Disc 2
Steal This Disc 3
Street Life
Super Songs
This Hard Land
True Rock
Unknown Pleasures: Rare and Classic Tracks From the Archives of Demon Records
Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
Walking in Memphis
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
While My Guitar Gently Weeps III
White Lies
Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
With Love: Classic Love Songs
Woodstock Generation
Write the Songs (1987), I
You Can Look
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