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Suda, C.A.
Suda, Collette
Suda, Collette A.
Suda, Collette Akoth
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Aagaard-Hansen, Jens
Kilbride, Philip Leroy
Njeru, Enos Hudson Nthia
Olenja, Joyce M.
Omosa, Mary
Onyango, Philista
Onyango, Philista P.M.
Orwa, Katete -1991
Situma, Francis
Situma, Francis D.P.
University of Missouri-Columbia
Were, Gideon S. (1934-)
Agricultural development policies and institutional support systems in post-colonial Kenya and Tanzania
centrality of women in the moral teachings in African society, The
Change, persistence and development in small-holder livestock production system in western Kenya
Ethnoveterinary perceptions of cattle illnesses in western Kenya
Fertility and the status of women in Kericho District : reflections on some key reproductive issues
Formal monogamy and informal polygyny in parallel : African family traditions in transition : inaugural lecture
Gender, culture and environmental conservation in western Kenya : contextualizing community participation and the choice of techniques
Gender disparities in the Kenyan labour market : implications for poverty reduction
Household labor use and changes in gender roles on small farms in Ndhiwa Division, Western Kenya : the challenge of comparing the contributions of different workers
Household labour organization and utilization patterns on small farms in western Kenya ; implications for agricultural production
impact of changing family structures on Nairobi children, The
invisible child worker in Kenya: the intersection of poverty, legislation and culture, The
Kenya j. sci. Ser. C Humanit. soc. sci.
Kenya journal of sciences
report on the Nairobi case study on children in especially difficult circumstances, A
social systems description of small farmers ... 1984, A
Socio-cultural factors influencing development in Nyanza Province
Street children in Kenya : voices of children in search of a childhood
Towards an understanding of smallholder agriculture in western Kenya : an analysis of the factors influencing crop production
Women and development in Kenya : Siaya District
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Missouri-Columbia, 1986