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Daniel Pauly
Daniel Pauly (Canadian biologist)
Daniel Pauly (Frans bioloog)
Pauly, D.
Pauly, Daniel
ポーリー, ダニエル
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Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel Institut für Meereskunde Affiliation (see also from)
Cury, Philippe (co-author)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit
Froese, Rainer (1950-....))
Gayanilo, F.C
Gayanilo, F.C (co-author)
Instituto del Mar del Perú
International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management
International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management Manila Affiliation (see also from)
Kiel, Univ
Martosubroto, Purwito
Moreau, Jacques (co-author)
Murray, Rupert (co-author)
Pitcher, Tony J. (co-author)
Silvestre, Geronimo
Sparre, Per
Sparre, Per Johan
University of British Columbia Affiliation (see also from)
Vakily, Jan Michael
Worldfish center
5 easy pieces how fishing impacts marine ecosystems
Adjusting for context in evaluating national fisheries statistics reporting systems
Aggregate performance in managing marine ecosystems of 53 maritime countries
Aggregate performance of countries in managing their EEZs
All fishing nations must unite to cut subsidies
Analysis of length-frequency data: Some available programs and user's instructions.
Anecdotes and the shifting baseline syndrome of fisheries.
annotated bibliography of slipmouths (Pisces: Leiognathidae)., An
Announcing the release of FiSAT (version 1.0)
Announcing the release of version 1.1 of the Compleat ELEFAN software package.
Application of macroecological theory to predict effects of climate change on global fisheries potential
Application to shrimp stocks of objective methods for the estimation of growth, mortality and recruitment-related parameters from length-frequency data (ELEFAN I and II).
approach to the modelling of persistent pollutants in marine ecosystems, An
Arctica (Cyprina) islandica in Kiel Bay (western Baltic): Growth, production and ecological significance.
Are dietary recommendations for the use of fish oils sustainable?
Assessing progress towards global marine protection targets: shortfalls in information and action
Assessment and mitigation of fisheries impacts on marine ecosystems: A multidisciplinary approach for basin-scale inferences, applied to the North Atlantic.
Assessment of Hong Kong's inshore fishery resources
Assessment of the fish resources of Southeast Asia, with emphasis on the Banda and Arafura Seas.
Asymmetry in latitudinal, longitudinal and bathymetric distribution of marine fishes and invertebrates
atlas of the growth, mortality, and recruitment of Philippine fishes, An
Automated parameter optimization for Ecopath ecosystem models
B Lomborg (ed.) The Skeptical Environmentalist : Measuring the Real State of the World
Back to the future, 1998:
"Back to the Future": A method employing ecosystem modeling to maximize the sustainable benefits from fisheries
Background and interpretation of the 'Marine Trophic Index' as a measure of biodiversity.
Bases de données et systèmes à base de connaissances en systématique : application aux Gadiformes (Actinopterygii : Teleostei)
BASIC program for the objective extraction of growth parameters from length-frequency data., A
Beyond our original horizons : the tropicalization of Beverton and Holt
Biodiversity and the retrospective analysis of demersal trawl surveys: a programmatic approach
Biodiversity of the Namibian Exclusive Economic Zone: a brief review with emphasis on online databases
Biology and management of tropical marine fisheries
Biology, fisheries and culture of snappers and groupers: workshop conclusions and updates to 1996
Biology, fisheries and culture of tropical groupers and snappers
biology, fishery and potential for aquaculture of Tilapia melanotheron in a small West African lagoon., The
Book Review: Assessing Progress Towards Global Marine Protection Targets: Shortfalls in Information and Action
Bottom-up, global estimates of small-scale marine fisheries catches
bottom-up re-estimation of global fisheries subsidies, A
brief historical review of living marine resources research in the Philippines., A
brief review of the methods used by the participants at the GFCM workshop held in Sidi-Fredj on simple analytic methods for stock assessment, 16-18 November 1985., A
Catch and effort in the small-scale fisheries.
CEOS network: a brief summary of experience, The
Cephalopod fisheries: A future global upside to past overexploitation of living marine resources? Results of an international workshop, 31 August - 2 September 1997, Cape Town, South Africa
Changes in models of aquatic ecosystems approaching carrying capacity
Charles Darwin, ichthyology and the species concept
Climate and Eastern Ocean Systems project (CEOS), The
Climate change, ecosystem variability and fisheries productivity
Coastal area management in Southeast Asia : policies, management strategies, and case studies
Common names in FishBase: Key to more information on fish
comparative analysis of growth performance in aquaculture of tilapia hybrids and their parent species, A
Comparison of age-structured and length-converted catch curves of brown trout Salmo trutta in two French rivers
Competition between fisheries and marine mammals for prey and primary production in the Pacific Ocean
Compleat ELEFAN, Version 1.1: Post-release blues., The
Concepts that work: Some advances in tropical fisheries research.
Conserving wild fish in a sea of market-based efforts
Coral reef and other tropical fisheries
Creating a positive future for fisheries and coastal communities worldwide
critique of some literature data on the growth, reproduction and mortality of the lamnid shark Cetorhinus maximus (Gunnerus), A
Darwin's fishes : an encyclopedia of ichthyology, ecology, and evolution
Description of the East Brazil Large Marine Ecosystem using a trophic model
Detritus and energy consumption and conversion efficiency of Sarotherodon melanotheron (Cichlidae) in a West African lagoon.
Diet composition and trophic levels of marine mammals.
Distribution ranges of commercial fishes and invertebrates
Dynamic bioclimate envelope model to predict climate-induced changes in distribution of marine fishes and invertebrates
Ecological geography as a framework for a transition toward responsible fishing
Ecology of coastal and estuarine fishes in Southeast Asia: A Philippine case study.
Ecology of tropical oceans
Ecopath, Ecosim, and Ecospace as tools for evaluating ecosystem impact of fisheries
ECOPATH II--A software for balancing steady-state ecosystem models and calculating network characteristics.
Ecospace: Prediction of mesoscale spatial patterns in trophic relationships of exploited ecosystems, with emphasis on the impacts of marine protected areas
Ecosystem approach to fisheries : a global perspective
Ecosystem-based fisheries management: the role of the SIAP Project
Ecosystem considerations and the limitations of ecosystem models in fisheries management: Insights from the Bering Sea
EcoTroph (ET): a trophic level based software for assessing the impacts of fishing on aquatic ecosystems
EcoTroph: Modelling marine ecosystem functioning and impact of fishing
Effects of lake and pond aeration on fish growth and related processes
Electronic length frequency analysis -- a revised and expanded user's guide to ELEFAN 0, 1 and 2.
end of the line l'océan en voie d'épuisement, The
Estimate of yield and economic rent from Philippine demersal stocks (1946-1984) using vessel horsepower as an index of fishing effort.
Estimating mean body masses of marine mammals from maximum body lengths
Estimation of oxygen and food consumption in Sarda chiliensis (Cuvier): A correction.
Exploring the Boundary Waters : a trip planner and guide to the BWCAW
Failing the high seas: A global evaluation of regional fisheries management organizations
FAO-ICLARM outils d'évaluation des stocks II guide d'utilisation
FAO-ICLARM stock assessment tools II : user's guide
Farming up Mediterranean Food Webs
FiSAT II - FAO-ICLARM outils d'évaluation des stocks
Fish biodiversity : local studies as basic for global inferences
Fish population dynamics in tropical waters : a manual for use with programmable calculators
Fish production, catches and the carrying capacity of the world oceans
Fish resources of Western Indonesia
FishBase 2000 : concepts, design and data sources
FishBase and AUXIM as tools for comparing life history patterns, growth and natural mortality of fish: applications to snappers and groupers
FishBase as a tool for comparing the life history patterns of flatfish
Fisheries and biodiversity management: How can ACP countries meet the challenge?
Fisheries impact on the South China Sea large marine ecosystem: a preliminary analysis using spatially-explicit methodology
Fisheries resources management in Southeast Asia: Why bother?.
fisheries resources of the Clipperton Island EEZ (France), The
Fisheries yields and morphoedaphic index of Lake Mainit, Philippines.
Fishery biology of 40 trawl-caught teleosts of Western Indonesia
Fishery statistics on the microcomputer -- a basic version of Hasselblad's NORMSEP Program.
Fishing down Brazilian marine food webs, with emphasis on the east Brazil large marine ecosystem
Fishing down Canadian aquatic food webs
Fishing Down Marine Food Web: It is Far More Pervasive Than We Thought
'Fishing down marine food webs' and spatial expansion of coastal fisheries in India, 1950-2000
Fishing down the deep
Forage fish consumption by marine mammals and seabirds
Forage Fish: From Ecosystems to Markets
framework for evaluating national seabird conservation efforts, A
framework for latitudinal comparisons of flatfish recruitment, A
Fuel price increase, subsidies, overcapacity, and resource sustainability
Fueling Global Fishing Fleets
Funding Priorities: Big Barriers to Small-Scale Fisheries
Further evidence of a limiting effect of gill size on the growth of fish: the case of the Philippine goby, Mistichthys luzonensis.
future for fisheries., The
future of fisheries: from 'exclusive' resource policy to 'inclusive' public policy, The
fuzzy logic expert system to estimate intrinsic extinction vulnerabilities of marine fishes to fishing, A
Gasping fish and panting squids : oxygen, temperature and the growth of water-breathing animals
Gill size and temperature as governing factors in fish growth: a generalization of von Bertalanffy's growth formula
Global Biodiversity: Indicators of Recent Declines.
Global dispersion of dioxin: a spatial dynamic model, with emphasis on ocean depositions
Global Ex-vessel Fish Price Database: Construction and Applications, A
global fisheries crisis as a rationale for improving the FAO's database of fisheries statistics., The
Global fishing effort (1950-2010): Trends, gaps, and implications
Global trends in world fisheries: impacts on marine ecosystems and food security
Graphical representation of steady-state trophic ecosystem models
Graphical representations of ELEFAN I response surfaces
Growth, mortality and recruitment of commercially important fishes and penaeid shrimps in Indonesian waters.
Growth of leatherback sea turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) in captivity, with inferences on growth in the wild
Growth of the checkered puffer Sphoeroides testudineus: Postscript to papers by Targett and Pauly & Ingles
Growth of the Peruvian anchoveta (Engraulis ringens ), 1953 to 1982.
Growth performance in fishes: Rigorous description of patterns as a basis for understanding causal mechanisms.
Hatching time in spherical, pelagic, marine fish eggs in response to temperature and egg size.
Historical ecology of the Raja Ampat Archipelago, Papua Province, Indonesia.
Hook selectivity of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares ) caught off Darigayos Cove, La Union, Philippines.
How life history patterns and depth zone analysis can help fisheries policy.
Hundred-year decline of North Atlantic predatory fishes
Ichthyo : the architecture of fish : X-rays from the Smithsonian Institution
ICLARM's Resource Development and Management Program: The Tropical Stock Assessment Research Project.
Impacts de la pêche sur le fonctionnement trophique des écosystèmes marins une approche comparative basée sur des modèles trophodynamiques
Improved construction, parametrization and interpretation of steady-state ecosystem models
Improving Shepherd's Length Composition Analysis (SLCA) method for growth parameter estimations
Improving the state of coastal areas in the Asia-Pacific region
In a perfect ocean the state of fisheries and ecosystems in the North Atlantic Ocean
Indirect estimation of oxygen and food consumption in bonito, Sarda chiliensis (Scombridae).
Indonesian-German Demersal Fisheries Project. First report of the ... 1976 (a.e.)
Influence of Temperature Changes on Aquatic Ecosystems: An Interpretation of Empirical Data
Instantaneous mortalities and multivariate models: Applications to tilapia culture in saline water
Integration of subsystems models as a tool toward describing feeding interactions and fisheries impacts in a large marine ecosystem, the Gulf of Mexico
Interactions and dynamics of the Peruvian upwelling system: A postscript.
Interactions between a natural food web, shellfish farming and exotic species: The case of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel (France)
interdisciplinary evaluation of the status and health of African lake fisheries using a rapid appraisal technique, An
Interrelationships between Natural Mortality, Growth Parameters, and Mean Environmental Temperature in 175 Fish Stocks
Intrinsic vulnerability in the global fish catch
Introduction: Climate, people, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems
@@iSea Around Us@ Project: Documenting and Communicating Global Fisheries Impacts on Marine Ecosystems, The
Jellyfish in ecosystems, online databases, and ecosystem models
John A. Gulland, FRS, 1923-1990
John Leslie Munro (1938-2009) - a pioneer of tropical fisheries science
Key features of commercial and recreational fisheries statistics from the US Atlantic coast.
Large marine ecosystems: Analysis and management
Large-scale redistribution of maximum fisheries catch potential in the global ocean under climate change
Length-based methods in fisheries research
Length-converted catch curves and the seasonal growth of fishes.
Length-weight relationships and additional growth parameters for sea turtles
Life-history patterns in marine birds
Long-term trends in demersal fishery resources of Ghana in response to fishing pressure
low-level geographic information system for coastal zone management with application to Brunei Darussalam. Part II. Economic analysis of trawling in Brunei Darussalam, A
low-level geographic information system for coastal zone management, with applications to Brunei Darussalam: Part 1: The concept and its design elements, A
Management of tropical coastal fisheries in Asia: an overview of key challenges and opportunities
Managing the Peruvian upwelling ecosystem: A synthesis.
Mange tes méduses ! réconcilier les cycles de la vie et la flèche du temps
Mapping fisheries landings with emphasis on the North Atlantic.
Mapping fisheries onto marine ecosystems: a proposal for a consensus approach for regional, oceanic and global integrations.
Mapping global fisheries: sharpening our focus
Mapping world-wide distributions of marine mammal species using a relative environmental suitability (RES) model
Marine fish catches in North Siberia (Russia, FAO Area 18)
marine fisheries of China: Development and reported catches., The
marine living resources of Burma: A short review., The
marine mammal protection index: ranking countries' conservation performance, The
Marine Protected Area Costs as "Beneficial" Fisheries Subsidies: A Global Evaluation
Marine protected areas in the North Sea: a preliminary bioeconomic evaluation using Ecoseed, a new game theory tool for use with the ecosystem simulation Ecopath with Ecosim.
Mass-balance food web ecosystem models as an alternative approach for combining multiple information sources in fisheries
Measuring the unmeasurable: A multivariate interdisciplinary method for rapid appraisal of the health of fisheries
mechanism for the juvenile-to-adult transition in fishes., A
method for estimating the parameters of a seasonally oscillating growth curve from growth increment data., A
method for identifying keystone species in food web models, A
method for the analysis of pond growth experiments., A
method to estimate the stock-recruitment relationship of shrimps., A
Méthodes pour l'évaluation des ressources halieutiques
mid-1970s demersal resources in the Indonesian side of the Malacca Strait, The
model for the bioeconomic evaluation of marine protected area size and placement in the North Sea, A
Modeling and mapping trophic overlap between marine mammals and commercial fisheries in the North Atlantic.
Modelling seasonal distribution of pelagic marine fishes and squids
Models for estimating the food consumption of tilapias
Monsoon-induced seasonality in the recruitment of Philippine fishes.
Monthly anchoveta consumption of guano birds, 1953 to 1982.
Much rowing for fish
Multiple regression analysis of aquaculture experiments based on the "extended gulland-and-holt plot": Model derivation, data requirements and recommended procedures
multiple regression model for predicting the food consumption of marine fish populations., A
Multivariate analysis of growth in juvenile tilapia Oreochromis aureus and O. niloticus, cichlidae, reared in recirculating systems
Multivariate interdisciplinary assessment of small-scale tropical fisheries
Multivariate methods in aquaculture research, 1993:
Mutiara 4 surveys in the Java and Southern South China Seas, November 1974 to July 1976, The
National conflict and fisheries: reconstructing marine fisheries catches for Mozambique
nature and magnitude of global non-fuel fisheries subsidies, The
new approach for analyzing and comparing coastal resource systems., A
New functions for the analysis of two-phase growth of juvenile and adult fishes, with application to Nile perch.
new method for comparing the growth performance of fishes, applied to wild and farmed tilapias, A
note on the development of a new software package, the FAO-ICLARM Stock Assessment Tools (FISAT), A
Note on the weight of body parts, including fins, of the smalltooth sawfish Pristis pectinata
Objective Method for Determining Fish Growth From Length-Frequency Data., An
Ocean Sciences in Relation to Living Resources.
On `variability' as a sampling artefact: the case of Sardinella in north-western Africa
On holism, reductionism and working from 9 to 5.
On losing and recovering fisheries and marine science data
On microcomputer vs. thinking and their respective roles in fisheries research in developing countries.
On microcomputers vs. thinking, and their respective roles in fisheries research in developing countries
On reason, mythologies and natural resource conservation
On the biological information content of common names: a quantitative case study of Philippine fishes
On the compatibility of a new expression for gross conversion efficiency with the von Bertalanffy growth equation.
On the development and dissemination of new methodologies for tropical stock assessments.
On the ecology of a small West-African lagoon.
On the implementation of management-oriented fishery research: The case of Peruvian anchoveta.
On the interrelationships between natural mortality, growth parameters, and mean environmental temperature in 175 fish stocks
On the Need for a Global Network of Large Marine Reserves
On the quantity and types of food ingested by Peruvian anchoveta, 1953-1982.
On the sex of Fish and the gender of scientists : collected essays in fisheries science
On the use of multivariate statistical methods in aquaculture research
One hundred million tonnes of fish, and fisheries research
overfishing of marine resources: socioeconomic background in Southeast Asia, The
Peruvian upwelling ecosystem, The : dynamics and interactions
Placing fisheries in their ecosystem context, an introduction
Placing fisheries resources in their ecosystem context
Population dynamics and estimated anchoveta consumption of bonito (Sarda chiliensis ) off Peru, 1953 to 1982.
Population dynamics of short-lived species, with emphasis on squids.
Potential costs and benefits of marine reserves in the high seas
Predicting food consumption of fish populations as functions of mortality, food type, morphometrics, temperature and salinity
preliminary approach on mass-balance ecopath model of the Bohai Sea., A
preliminary comparison of the trophic structure of some large marine ecosystems, A
preliminary compilation of fish length growth parameters, A
Preliminary estimates of national and global costs of marine protected areas
preliminary list of English common names for as yet unnamed fish families, A
Preliminary mass-balance model of Prince William Sound, Alaska, for the pre-spill period, 1980-1989
Primary production required to sustain global fisheries
Production and mortality of anchoveta (Engraulis ringens ) eggs off Peru.
Projecting global marine biodiversity impacts under climate change scenarios
Protected and threatened components of fish biodiversity in the Mediterranean sea.
Public Sentiment Index for Ecosystem Management, A
Quantitative analysis of published data on the growth, metabolism, food consumption, and related features of the red-bellied piranha, Serrasalmus nattereri (Characidae)
R/V Mutiara IV survey data, November 1974 to July 1976
Ranking maritime countries by the sustainability of their fisheries
Rationale for mass-balance (trophic) models
Rationale for reconstructing catch time series
Re-interpretation of 'influence weight' as a citation-based Index of New Knowledge (INK)
Rebuilding fisheries will add to Asia's problems.
Recent developments in the methodology available for the assessment of exploited fish stocks of reservoirs.
Reconciling Fisheries with Conservation: The Challenge of Managing Aquatic Ecosystems
Reconstruction of coral reef fisheries catches in American Samoa, 1950-2002
Reexamination of growth estimates in oceanic squids: The case of Kondakovia longimana (Onychoteuthidae).
regional database management system-the fisheries resource information system and tools (FiRST): Its design, utility and future directions, A
Rehabilitating fished ecosystems: insights from the past
Reinventing fisheries management
Representing Density Dependent Consequences of Life History Strategies in Aquatic Ecosystems: EcoSim II
Resolving multigear competition in nearshore fisheries.
review of the ELEFAN system for analysis of length-frequency data in fish and aquatic invertebrates., A
rise of seafood awareness campaigns in an era of collapsing fisheries, The
Sea Around Us Project: Documenting and Communicating Global Fisheries Impacts on Marine Ecosystems, The
Sea Around Us Project, The : Documenting and Communicating Global Fisheries Impacts on Marine Ecosystems
Searching for optimum fishing strategies for fishery development, recovery and sustainability.
Seasonal abundance, morphometrics and hook selectivity of yellowfin (Thunnus albacares ) off Darigayos Cove, La Union, Philippines.
Seasonal changes in the Peruvian upwelling ecosystem
Seasonal movements of Sardinella off Sierra Leone
selection of simple methods for the assessment of tropical fish stocks., A
Selective harvesting by small-scale fisheries: ecosystem analysis of San Miguel Bay, Philippines
Shrimp consumption by fish in Kuwait waters: A methodology, preliminary results and their implications for management and research.
simple index of metabolic level in fishes., A
simple method for estimating the food consumption of fish populations from growth data and food conversion experiments., A
simple method for fitting oscillating length growth data, with a program for pocket calculators, A
Simulation of the effects of oxygen on food consumption and growth of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.)
Slow fish: creating new metaphors for sustainability
Small is Beautiful? A Database Approach for Global Assessment of Small-Scale Fisheries: Preliminary Results and Hypotheses
Small-scale fisheries in the neotropics: research and management issues
Small-scale fisheries in the tropics: Marginality, Marginalization, and some implications for fisheries management
Small-scale fisheries of San Miguel Bay, Philippines: Options for management and research.
Small versus large-scale fisheries: A multi-species, multi-fleet model for evaluating their interactions and potential benefits.
Smaller size tuna around the Philippines - can fish aggregating devices be blamed?.
Some aspects of the biology and population dynamics of skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis ) in Philippine waters.
Some definitions of overfishing relevant to coastal zone management in Southeast Asia
Some practical extensions to Beverton and Holt's relative yield-per-recruit model.
Some simple methods for the assessment of tropical fish stocks.
Sourcing seafood for the three major markets: The EU, Japan and the USA
South China Sea: Analyzing fisheries catch data in an ecosystem context., The
spatial expansion and ecological footprint of fisheries (1950 to present)., The
stability of trophic mass-balance models of marine ecosystems: A comparative analysis, The
Status and management of tropical coastal fisheries in Asia
Stock assessment packages for programmable calculators and microcomputers: Two examples, with a discussion of their potential usefulness in developing countries.
Structuring dynamic models of exploited ecosystems from trophic mass-balance assessments
Studying the recruitment variability in tropical fishes: A brief review of the available methodology.
Subsidies to high seas bottom trawl fleets and the sustainability of deep sea benthic fish stocks
Synopsis and recommendations of the ADB/ICLARM Workshop on Tropical Coastal Fish Stocks in Asia
Systematic distortions in world fisheries catch trends
Theory and management of tropical multispecies stocks: a review, with emphasis on the Southeast Asian demersal fisheries
Theory and practice of overfishing: A Southeast Asian perspective.
theory of fishing for a two-dimensional world, A
Toward a generic trawl survey database management system
Towards sustainability in world fisheries.
Trade secrets: Renaming and mislabeling of seafood
Training in tropical fish stock assessment: A narrative of experience.
trophic ecosystem model of Lake George, Uganda, A
Trophic models of aquatic ecosystems
Trophodynamic indicators for an ecosystem approach to fisheries
Two new approaches for examining multivariate aquaculture growth data: The "extended Bayley plot" and path analysis
Understanding the cost of establishing marine protected areas
user's manual for MAXIMS: a computer program for estimating the food consumption of fishes from diel stomach contents data and population parameters, A
User's manual for the fish population dynamics plug-in module for HP41CV calculators
Using the NAN-SIS and FiSAT software to create a trawl survey database for western Indonesia
versatile BASIC program for fitting weight and seasonally oscillating length growth data., A
Visualisation of standardized life-history patterns
VPA estimates of the monthly population length composition, recruitment, mortality, biomass and related statistics of Peruvian anchoveta, 1953 to 1981.
What's in there: common names of Brazilian marine fishes
Who cites your publications when you work in the tropics?.
Why squid, though not fish, may be better understood by pretending they are
Zur Fischereibiologie tropischer Nutztiere ; e. Bestandsaufnahme von Konzepten u. Methoden
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Kiel, Univ., Habil.-Schr., 1985 (Nicht f.d. Austausch)