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Richard Christopher Wakeman
Richard Wakeman
Rick Wakeman
Rick Wakeman (britischer Musiker)
Rick Wakeman (britisk musikar og komponist)
Rick Wakeman (britisk musiker og komponist)
Rick Wakeman (Brits muzikant)
Rick Wakeman (brittisk musiker och kompositör)
Rick Wakeman (brytyjski muzyk rockowy, pianista)
Rick Wakeman (claviériste anglais)
Rick Wakeman (English keyboardist, songwriter, television and radio presenter, and author)
Rick Wakeman (tastierista e compositore britannico)
Wakeman, Richard
Wakeman, Richard Christopher
Wakeman, Rick
Ρικ Γουέικμαν
Рік Вейкман
Рык Ўэйкман
Уэйкман, Рик
რიკ უეიკმენი
ریک ویکمن (آهنگساز و موسیقی‌دان بریتانیایی)
릭 웨이크먼
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (isMemberOf)
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (see also from)
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe (hudební skupina) (see also from)
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe (Musical group) (see also from)
Anderson, John Roy (1944-)
Anderson, Jon (1944-)
Anderson, Jon (co-performer)
Barnes, Angela (co-performer)
Brandreth, Gyles (co-performer)
Brigstocke, Marcus (co-performer)
Brooks, Reg (co-performer)
Bruford, Bill (co-performer)
Byrne, Jason (co-performer)
Chesterman, Ron (co-performer)
Clary, Julian (co-performer)
Cochrane, Alun (co-performer)
Collingwood, Charles (co-performer)
Colquhoun, Dave (co-performer)
Cooper, Lindsay L. (co-performer)
Cousins, Dave (co-performer)
Dunsterville, John (co-performer)
Eclair, Jenny (co-performer)
Eldon, Kevin (co-performer)
English chamber orchestra Londres, Choeur
Fernandez, Tony
Fernandez, Tony (co-performer)
Ford, John (co-performer)
Fry, Stephen (co-performer)
Garofalo, Robert
Glover, Fi (co-performer)
Godley, Janey (co-performer)
Hancock, Sheila (co-performer)
Harrison, Harvey
Hawks, Tony (co-performer)
Herring, Richard (co-performer)
Hesketh-Harvey, Kit (co-performer)
Holt, Ashley (co-performer)
Hooper, Tony (co-performer)
Howe, Steve (1947-)
Howe, Steve (co-performer)
Hudson, Richard (co-performer)
Ince, Robin (co-performer)
Jupp, Miles (co-performer)
Kane, Russell (co-performer)
Kaye, Tony (co-performer)
Khorsandi, Shappi (co-performer)
Lawrence, Josie (co-performer)
London Symphony Orchestra
Long, Josie (co-performer)
MacAulay, Fred (co-performer)
McShane, Michael (co-performer)
Measham, David (1937-)
Merton, Paul (co-performer)
Molino, Louis (co-performer)
Moraz, Patrick (co-performer)
Newell, Roger (co-performer)
Noble, Ross (co-performer)
Norton, Graham (co-performer)
Parsons, Nicholas (co-performer)
Pegg, Matt (co-performer)
Perkins, Sue (co-performer)
Pomeroy, Lee (co-performer)
Proops, Greg (co-performer)
Rabin, Trevor (co-performer)
Rice, Tim (co-performer)
Russell, Ken (1927-2011)
Sergeant, John (co-performer)
Sherwood, Billy (co-performer)
Shields, Martyn (co-performer)
Sinha, Paul (co-performer)
Squire, Chris
Squire, Chris (co-performer)
Strawbs (isMemberOf)
Tarbuck, Liza (co-performer)
The “Just a Minute” Team (isMemberOf)
The English rock ensemble
The English Rock Ensemble (isMemberOf)
Turner, Kathleen (1954-)
Voor piano
Wakeman, Rick (1949-...)
Weaver, Blue (co-performer)
White, Alan
White, Alan (co-performer)
Wogan, Terry (co-performer)
Yes (isMemberOf)
Yes (see also from)
Yes (Musical group) (see also from)
Yes featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman (isMemberOf)
1975 Live at the Empire Pool: King Arthur on Ice
1984: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1981
1984 / The Burning
1984 The Overture: Wargames
1984 Trilogy" 1984 Overture, "The
1993-05-19: New York, NY, USA
2000 A.D. Into the Future
23rd Psalm, The
5 Classic Albums
6 Wives of Henry VIII / Silent Nights
A.D. Rock
(A) The Battle / (B) The Forest
(A) The Journey / (B) Recollection
Abbey Garden, The
Abide With Me
Adam (Rick’s second eldest son)
Africa East
African Bach
After Prayers
After the Ball
After the Balls Up
Ages of Man
All Mighty Almighty, The
All People That on Earth Do Dwell
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Almost Live in Europe
Alone With Him
Alpha Sleep
Alpine Snowbell, The
Always Together
Always With You
Amazing Grace
Ambient Loop
American Advert Concerto, The
Ancient”: Giants Under the Sun, “The
And Now a Word From Our Sponsor
And You and I/Wondrous Stories/The Meeting
Angel Falls
Angel of Time
Angel Spoke to Me, An
Angels From the Realms of Glory
Angkor Wat
Animal Showdown
Anne Boleyn ‘The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended’ (quad mix)
Anne of Cleves (7 min 53 s)
Anne of Cleves (quad mix)
Anny Boleyn ‘The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended’ (single edit)
Answer, The
Are We to Believe?
Arriving UFO
Art and Soul
Art in Music Trilogy
Arthur & Guinevere
Arthur (quad mix)
Arthur’s Queen
As Nature Intended
Aspirant Sunrise
Aspirant Sunset
Aspirant Sunshadows
Astral Traveller
Ave Maria
Await the Hour
Away in a Manger
Ayres, The
Balance of Power
Banquet, The
Baptism, The
Barber of Wigan, The
Battle (excerpt), The
Battle (quad mix), The
Battle Sonata
Battle / The Forest, The
Bear, The
Beautiful Saviour
Bedtime stories (4 min 22 s)
Bee Orchid, The
Beethoven's Pathetique
Believe Me
Benjamin (Rick’s third son)
Best Knight, The
Best of Rick Wakeman, The
Betrayal, The
Beyond (The Finale)
Beyond the Rainbow
Beyond the Void
Big Ben
Big Dream, The
Birdman of Alcatraz
Birth of Moses, The
Birth of Nature
Black Beauty (black rabbit)
Black Pearls
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bombay Duck
Boulters Lock
Box, The
Boxer, The
Breathalyser, The
Bridge of Time
Brooklet, The
Brother of Mine
Bullet to Beijing
Buried Alive (full version)
Buried Alive (radio edit)
Burning (end title theme), The
Buy a Broom/Elgin Mansions
Campfire Story
Can Hear You, I
Can You Hear Me?
Can You Smell Burning?
Caped Collection, The
Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Castle of Dreams, A
Castle Rushen
Catherine Howard (BBC TV 1973)
Catherine Howard / Catherine of Aragon
Catherine Howard / Merlin
Catherine Howard (quad mix)
Catherine of Aragon (1990s version)
Catherine of Aragon (3 min 44 s)
Catherine of Aragon / A Crying Heart, Part 1
Catherine of Aragon (et al)
Catherine of Aragon (first mix)
Catherine of Aragon / Jane Seymour
Catherine of Aragon (quad mix)
Catherine Parr (7 min 06 s)
Catherine Parr (quad mix)
Catherine Parr (single edit)
Cemetery, The
Chalice, The
Chamber of Horrors
Chapel by Candlelight, The
Chapel Hill
Chariot of the Sun
Chase Continues (Po's Plane), The
Chasing the Devil
Chasms, The
Check Point Karma
Cherished Treasures
Children of Chernobyl
Children of Light: a. Children of Light b. Lifeline
Children of Mine / The Last Verse
Chloe (german shepherd)
Choice of King, The
Chop, The
Christians Awake Salute the Happy Moon
Christmas Portraits
Christmas Variations
Christmas Wren, The
Chronicles of Man
Chrysalis, The
Circle of Time
Cirque Surreal
Clair de Lune
Classic Tracks, The
Classical Connection 2, The
Classical Connection II, The
Classical Doggy in the Window
Classical Gas
Clock Tower, The
Close to the Edge
Closing Door, A
Colossus of Rhodes: Narration, The
Come Together
Contest, The
Corel Reef, The
Cost of living
Countdown One
Countdown Two
Country Airs
Country Sword Dance, The
County airs
Coventry Carol / O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Creation, The
Creepshow 2
Crime of Passion
Crime of the Century
Crimes of passion
Criminal records
Cross, The
Cry Without Tears, A
Cumulus Clouds
Curraghs, The
Cycle of Life, The
Cyril Wolverine
Da Vinci Variations, The
Dance of a Thousand Lights, The
Dance of the Damselflies
Dance of the Imps
Dancer, The
Dancing Hedgerow, The
Dancing in Heaven
Dancing on Snowflakes
Dancing Piano, The
Dancing Pierrot, The
Dandelion dreams (4 min 10 s)
Dangerous Woman
Dante Period
David and Goliath
David Bowie’s Life on Mars
David Hemmings Voice Collection: A. Camp, The
David Hemmings Voice Collection: B. West Indian, The
David Hemmings Voice Collection: C. Irish, The
David Hemmings Voice Collection: D. South London, The
David Hemmings Voice Collection: E. Welsh, The
David’s Great Prayer
Dawn and Dusk
Dawn of Time
Day After the Fair”, “The
Day Thou Gavest, The
Daydream, The
Deck the Halls / Away in a Manger
Defender of the Faith
Definitive Music of Rick Wakeman, The
Delta Lady
Desert Lizard, The
Devil's Creek Breakdown
Dewy Morn
Distant Dreams
Distant Thoughts
Do You Believe in Fairies?
Do You Believe in Faries?
Doin' It
Don’t Fly Away
Don’t Kill the Whale
Don’t Touch the Merchandise
Dove (Opening Ceremony), The
Dragon, The
Dream of Hell, The
Dream On
Drifting Patterns
Ducks and drakes (3 min 54 s)
Dying Embers
Dynamics of Delirium
Early Warning
Eastern Shadows
Egyptian Doxology
Eleanor Rigby
Election 97 / Arthur
Elegy-Written in a country churchyard (8 min 30 s)
Elgin Mansions
Elizabethan Rock / Make Me a Woman
Empty Vessel, The
End of the Return, The
Enigma, The
Evening Fable, The
Evening Harp, The
Evening Moods
Evening Prayer
Evening Romance, An
Evil Love
Excelsior Song
Excerpts From “the Six Wives of Henry VIII”
Expect the Unexpected
Face in the Crowd
Fairground Shuffle, The
Family Album, The
Fear of Love
Fear of the Unknown
Fervent Prayer
Fields of Green
Fiery Furnace, The
Fighter, The
Figurine, The
Final Journey, The
Final Wish, A
Finale (Incorporating Julia)
Fire and Rain
Fire, The
Fireside, The
First Dawn, The
First Noel, The
Fisherman, The
Fist of Fire
Flacons de Neige
Flasher, The
Floating Clouds
Flood, The
Flying Fish
Fool on the Hill / Eleanor Rigby
Fool on the Hill, The
For the Chop
Forest (quad mix), The
Forever and Ever
Forever More
Forgotten Memories
Forrest, The
Forward Past
Fountain of Tears, A
Fox by Night
Free Song
Fremiet’s Cat
Freudian Dream, The
Front Line
Frost in Space
Future Memories
Future Times
G'olé [the official film of the 1982 World Cup : the original film soundtrack].
Galaxy of Light, A
Galilee / The Word / Power
Garden of Music, A
Gas Tank Theme
Gentle Breezes
Ghost of a Rock 'n' Roll Star
Gideon’s Army
Gift / The Magnificat, The
Gifts From Heaven
Glacier Valleys
Glad That I Live Am I
Glade, The
Glimpse of Heaven, A
Gloria, Gloria
Glory Boys
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Angels From the Realms of Glory
God’s Creatures
God’s Lily
God, the Word
Going for the One
Gone but not forgotten (3 min 50 s)
Gospel According to St. John, Part Four: The Last Verse, The
Gospel According to St. John, Part One: The Word, The
Gospel According to St. John, Part Three: The Children of Mine, The
Gospel According to St. John, Part Two: The Hour, The
Gospel According to St. Luke, Part Four: Power (The Acts of the Apostles), The
Gospel According to St. Luke, Part One: The Gift, The
Gospel According to St. Luke, Part Three: Welcome a Star, The
Gospel According to St. Luke, Part Two: The Magnificat, The
Gospel According to St. Mark, Part Four: Galilee, The
Gospel According to St. Mark, Part One: The Way, The
Gospel According to St. Mark, Part Three: Trial and Error, The
Gospel According to St. Mark, Part Two: The Road to Jerusalem, The
Gospel According to St. Matthew, Part Four: The Lord's Prayer, The
Gospel According to St. Matthew, Part One: The Baptism, The
Gospel According to St. Matthew, Part Three: The Sermon on the Mount, The
Gospel According to St. Matthew, Part Two: The Welcoming, The
Gospels, The
Gothic Cathedral, The
Granary Canon, The
Grass Skirts
Great River, The
Greatest Hits
Green to Gold
Grey Havens, The
Grind Date, The
Guardian Virgins, The
Guess You Don't Hear So Good, I
Guide Dog
Guievere / Lancelot and the Black Knight
Guinevere / Lancelot and the Black Knight
Guinevere (quad mix)
Half Holiday
Hall of Fame
Hall of the Mountain King
Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Narration, The
Hangman, The
Hansbach, The
Happening man (3 min 31 s)
Harbour Lights
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Harlem Slalom
Harvest Festival
Heart of the Sunrise
Heat of the Moment
Heather carpets (3 min 57 s)
Heaven Alone
Hello Chicago
Helms Deep
Help / Eleanor Rigby
Help - Trylogy (Quartet-Help!-Quartet)
Henry Medley: Catherine of Aragon/Anne of Cleves/Catherine Howard
Henry’s Fanfare
Heritage of Man, The
Heritage Suite
Hero - the official film of XIII World Cup [Film]
Hidden Reflections
Higher Planes
Hills of the North, Rejoice
Hint of Autumn, A
Holly & The Ivy / Mary’s Boy Child, The
Holy God! Holy Jesus!
Holy Grail, The
Homage to the Doctor
Home Sweet Oklahoma
Hunky dory
Hymn of Hope
Hymn, The
I’m Not in Love
I'm so Straight I'm a Weirdo
Ice Age, The
Ice Pie
Ice Run
In a Perfect World
In an Instant
In the Beginning
In the Bleak Midwinter
In the Frame
Inferno Ride, The
Innermost Thoughts
Instrument of Your Peace, An
International Flag
Into the Future
Into the Unknown
Intro to Anne Boleyn
Intro to Anne of Cleves
Intro to Catherine of Aragon
Intro to Defender of the Faith
Intro to Jane Seymour
Intro to Katherine Parr
Intro to Kathryn Howard
Introduction Anne of Cleves
Introduction of Anne Boleyn
Is Anybody There?
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
It's a Lovely Life
It’s So Hard to Grow
J.R.R. Tolkien : master of the rings
Jack Frost
Jane’s Prelude
Jane Seymour (4 min 46 s)
Jane Seymour / A Crying Heart, Part 2
Jane Seymour (quad mix)
Japanese Sunshadows
Jemma (Rick and Nina’s daughter)
Jesters at Court
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
Jesu, Lover of My Soul
Jethro Tull
Jig, The
Journey Medley: The Journey Overture/The Journey/ The Recollection
Journey (quad mix), The
Journey / Recollection (excerpt), The
Journey / Recollection / The Battle / The Forest, The
Journey’s Dawn
Journey’s End
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Journey to the Centre of the Earth Excerpt
Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Live in Concert
Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Live in Cuba
Journey to the Centre of the Earth Plus
jours et les nuits de China Blue
Judas Iscariot
Just a Game
Just Another Day
Katherine Parr
Kathryn Howard
Kill, The
King Arthur (et al)
King Arthur Medley: The Last Battle/Arthur/Lancelot/The Black Night
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Rick Wakeman in Concert
King of Merlins, The
Kookie (cat)
Lady of the Lake (quad mix)
Laguna Colorado, The
Lakeland walks (3 min 55 s)
Lamorak's March
Lancelot and the black knight
Landscapes of Middle Earth
Last Battle (quad mix), The
Last Lamplight, The
Latin Cycle
Latin Reel (Theme From G'Ole)
Lay, lady lay
Leave the Blindfold
Leaves of Green
Legend: Live in Concert, The
Liebesträume / After the Ball
Life on Mars
Light My Fire
Light Up the Sky
Lion’s Den, The
Lisztomania / 1984
Little Lady
Little Piece of Heaven/Part of the Crowd, A
Live at the BBC
Live at The Hammersmith
Living the Dream
Lone Fisherman, The
Lone Sailor, The
Lone Star, The
Long Distance Runaround
Long Lost Brother of Mine
Look at This (Part 1)
Look at This (Part 2)
Lord's Prayer/The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended, The
Loser, The
Lost at Sea
Lost Cycle, The
Lost & Found
Lost in Time
Lou Reed
Love Reign O’er Me
Love’s Dream
Love That I Know, The
Love Trilogy (One Night, Dream Sequence, One Night of Love), The
Lucky Curve
Lure of the Wild
Magna Charter
Magnificant, The
Make Me a Woman
Maker, The
Man's Best Friend
March of the Child Soldiers
March of the Gladiators
March of Time
Marie Celeste, The
Master Race
Masters, The
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus: Narration, The
Maybe '80
Maybe One Day
Meeting / And You and I, The
Meeting (video), The
Meksyk 1986 : Mistrzostawa Świata w Piłce Nożnej
Melancholy Mood
Men in Suits
Merlin the Magician (quad mix)
Merlyn the Magician
Mermaid, The
Message of Mine
Messages (3 min 20 s)
Metronome, The
Microcosm Suite: A. The Sun, The
Microcosm Suite: B. Callhinor, The
Microcosm Suite: C. Egoniaga, The
Microcosm Suite: D. Quiggin, The
Microcosm Suite: E. Bodor, The
Microcosm Suite: F. Healey-Kae, The
Microcosm Suite: G. Quida, The
Microcosm Suite: H. Kalum Koll, The
Microcosm: Theme
Midnight in St. Petersburgo
Minas Truth
Mind Drive
Minerva Tarraces, The
Mission, The
Misty Mountains, The
Mitre Peak
Mona's Isle
Monastery, The
Monkey nuts (3 min 16 s)
Monks' Prayer, The
Mono Lake
Montezuma’s Revenge
Moods of Morning
Moonraker Pond, The
Morgan le Fay
Morning Has Broken
Morning haze (3 min 04 s)
Mother Earth
Mottled Blackbird, The
Mount Etna
Mount Fuji by Night
Mountain Mist
Mountain, The
Mr. Badger
Mr. Lonely
Mr. Slow
Music Reincarnate – Part III, The Spaceman
Music Reincarnate – Part IV, The Realisation
Music Reincarnate, Part V
Music Reincarnate, Parts I–IV
Music Reincarnate: The Maker
Music Reincarnate: The Reaper
Music Reincarnate: The Warning
Musical Dreams
My Homeland
My Redeemer
Mystical Tales
myths and legends of king Arthur and the knights of the round table, The
Myths & Legends .. Excerpt (a) King Arthur Overture (b) Arthur, The
Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table: A – King Arthur Overture / B – Arthur / C – The Last Battle, The
Natural World Trilogy, The
Nature trails (3 min 10 s)
Never Done Before
Never Ending Road, The
Never Is a Long, Long Time
New Beginning, A
New Dawn, A
New Gospels, The
New Vista, A
Niceman, The
Night Airs
Night Owls
Nightwind, The
Nina (Rick’s Wife)
Nine Ice Groove
No Clowns
No Earthly Connection / Cost of Living
No Expense Spared
No Name
No Possibla
No Turning Back
Nobody Home
Norwegian Wood
Nothing Can Come Between Us
Nothing Left to Say
Now Thank We All Our God
Number 10
Nursery Rhyme Concerto, The
O Come All Ye Faithful / Hark the Herald Angels Sing / See Amid the Winter Snow
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
O Holy Night
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Obra selecta.
Ocean City
Official Live Bootleg: Live in Buenos Aires
Old Forest, The
Olgas, The
Oliver (Rick’s eldest son)
On Our Way
Once in Royal David's City
Once Upon a Time
One for the road (4 min 31 s)
One in the Eye
One Journey
Only a Dream
Only God, The
Open Your Eyes
Opening Line, The
Opera, The
Oracle, The
Orcombe Point
Order of the Universe
Order Theme
Oriental Iceman
Orpheus Song
Oscar Concert, The
Oscar (Rick and Nina’s son)
Out of the Blue
Out there
Overture a) Part One b) Part Two c) War Games
Pachabel's Canon in D
Pachobel Canon in 'D'
Pacific Paradise
Paint it Black
Painted Desert, The
Painted Lady, The
Painter, The
Painting of Our Love, A
Palais, The
Pandamonia (4 min 05 s)
Pandora's Box
Paradise Lost
Parallel Worlds
Party, The
Past and Present
Past, Present and Future
Paul’s Prayer
Peace at Last
Peace of Mind
Peaceful Beginnings
Pearl and Dean Piano Concerto, The
Pearl and Dean Unfinished Symphony (Boston Festival Hall, 18th January 1974), The
Peasants' Dance, The
Pedra da Gavea
Penny's Piece
Perchance to Dream
Percival the Knight
Phantom of the Opera, Part One, The
Phantom of the Opera, Part Two, The
Phantom Power
Pharos of Alexandria: Narration, The
Piano Album, The
Piano Messiah, The
Piano Odyssey
Piano Portraits
Piano Tour: Live, The
Piano Vibrations
Picture of You, A
Pictured within (9 min 09 s)
Piece for Granny
Pillars of Hope
Pirate, The
Policeman's Ball
Pond Skater, The
Pont Street
Porcelain Doll, The
Portrait of a Dream
Postman Pat
Prayer for All, A
Prayer for Creation, A
Prayers of Prophets
Preface, The
Preface to a Dream
Preface to a Journey
Prelude to a Millenium
Preludes to a Century
Princess Elaine
Prisoner, The
Private Collection, The
Proles, The
Promise of Love, The
Pulse, The
Put Down
Pyramids of Egypt: Narration, The
Quaternary Man
“Queen of Gems”, The
Quest for Water, A
Quiet valleys (4 min 21 s)
Quill, The
Raft, The
Rain Shadows
Random Acts (revisited)
Rape, Pillage and Clap
Rat, The
Ravine, The
Real Lisztomania, The
Realisation / The Prisoner, The
Recollection / Dance of a Thousand Lights, The
Recollection (quad mix)
Recollections: The Very Best of Rick Wakeman (1973 - 1979)
Red Island
Reflections of a Winter's Day
Remembering: High the Memory, The
Retro 2
Return of the Phantom
Return of the Prophet
Return Overture, The
Return to the Centre of the Earth
Reunion, The
Revealing Science of God: Dance of the Dawn, The
Rhapsody in Blue
Rick Intro & Vox Pops
Rick's Charleston
Rick Wakeman at Lincoln Cathedral
Rick Wakeman in concert
Rick Wakeman's criminal record
Rick Wakeman Thanks
Ride of Thor, The
Ride of Your Life
Rienzi / Chopsticks Fantasia
Ritual: Nous sommes du soleil
Road to Jerusalem, The
Road to Ruin, A
Robert the Robot
Robot Dance
Robot Man / Paint It Black
Rochester Collage
Rock Age
Rock Gives Courage
Rock N' Roll Prophet Plus
Rock Pursuit
Rocky (The Legacy)
Room (Brainwash) a) Part One b) Part Two, The
Rope Trick, The
Rotweiller, The
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performs the best known works of Rick Wakeman, The
Ruin, The
Sad Dream, The
Sailor's Lament, The
Salamander, The
Sand-Dance, The
Sarabande (8 min 36 s)
Saw Three Ships / When a Child Is Born, I
Say yes!
Scene, The
Sea Airs
Sea Green Turtles
Sea Horses
Sea of Tranquility
Sea Urchins
Searching for Gold
Seasons of Change
Second Attention
Second Chance, A
Secret Moments
Secret Path, The
Section Seven
Seeds of Thought
seis esposas de Enrique VIII, Las
Sepia Moments
Sermon on the Mount, The
Seven Wonders of the World, The
Seventh Dimension, The
Shadow Love
Shakespeare run (3 min 25 s)
She's Leaving Home
Shear Terror and More
Sheer Terror and More
Shelly Beach
Shepherd, The
Shire, The
Shoot, The
Showbiz Dog
Siamese Twins
Siberian Khatru
Siege, The
Sign Language
Silent Night
Silent Nights
Silent Prayer
Silent Talking
Simply Acoustic
Simply Free
Sir Galahad (quad mix)
Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight (quad mix)
Six Wives of Henry VIII - Live at Hampton Court Palace - 1st May 2009, The
Six Wives of Henry VIII - Live at Hampton Court Palace - 2nd May 2009, The
Sleeping Child, The
Sleeping Village, The
Snow Leopard, The
Snowcat, The
Softsword: King John and the Magna Charter
Songs of Middle Earth: Inspired by The Lord of the Rings
Songs of Yes
Sophie for Joy
Soul Mortality
Soul Warrior
Soundtrack, The
Space Oddity/Life of Mars, A
Space Oddity / Life on Mars
Spanish Holiday
Spanish Montage
Spanish Wizard, The
Spider Crab, The
Spring, The
Spy of '55
St. Giles
St. Michael's Island
St. Michael's Isle / Chapel Hill
Stairway to Heaven
Stalker, The
Standing Room Only
Starship Trooper
Statue of Justice
Statue of Zeus: Narration, The
Stay With Me
Steamhole Dance (Parts 1 & 2)
Steinway to heaven
Stepping stones (3 min 46 s)
Stiff, The
Still Waters Run Deep
Stories of Bygone Days
Storm Clouds
Storm, The
Story of Love (King John), The
Story of Noah, The
Strawberry Fields Forever
Stream of Voices
Stretch, The
Suffering, The
Suicide Shuffle, The
Suite of Gods, A
Sun Dew, The
Sussex Carol / It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Swan Lager
Swan Lake
Swiss Suite: A. La Baumaz, The
Swiss Suite: B. Les Monts de Corsier, The
Swiss Suite: C. Lac Le Mans, The
Swiss Suite: D. Canton Doe Vaud, The
Sync or Swim
Take Me to the Pilot
Taken in Hand
Tale of Spring, A
Tales From the Lidenbrook Sea
Tales of Future and Past
Tall Shadows
Tell 'em All You Know
Tell Me Why
Temperament of Mind
Temple of Artemis: Narration, The
Temple of Life, The
Tempt Him
Ten Commandments, The
Teneya Creek
Test of Time, A
That's Who I Am
Theme From the Burning
There Is a Green Hill Far Away
Things We Said Today
This Moment in Time
This Store
Thorwald's Cross
Thought Waves
Thoughts of Love
Three Wives
Tigger the Bounce
Tilly (golden retriever)
Time and Tide
Time Machine
Time Tunnel, The
Time Within Time
Timeless History
To Capture the Moment
To Those We Loved
Tommy Big Eyes
Tony & Rick’s Great Intro
Tony’s Fab Intro for Rick’s Piece
Toward Peace
Tower of Guilin, The
Treasure Chest
Trial and Error
Tribute to The Beatles
Tubular Balls
Tudorture “1485”
Tunnel, The
Twelfth Street Rag
TWIJ (1 min 25 s)
Two Sides of Yes, Volume II
Umberto II
Universe, The
Unleashing the tethered one the 1974 North American Tour.
Variations on the Fire
Vendanges, Les
Verbal Clap
Very best of Rick Wakeman (1973-1979)
Vienna by Moonlight
View From a Hill
View From Above, A
Village Green, The
Vision, A
Vision of Light
Visionary, The
Visions of Paradise
Visit, The
Voice of Love, The
Volcano, The
Vow to Thee, My Country, I
Voyage of Discovery, A
Voyage of Ulysses, The
Voyage: The Very Best Of
Wagner’s Dream
Waiting for God
Wakeman With Wakeman: The Official Bootleg
Waltz of Life, A
Watching the world
Waterfalls (3 min 54 s)
Way / The Baptism, The
Wayward Spirit
We Can Work It Out
We Leave Tonight
We're Outta Here
We Three Kings
Web of Love
Welcome a Star
Welcoming / Welcome a Star, The
Well, well, well
What Can I Get for You, Benjamin
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
When Time Stood Still
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night
Whispering Cornfields
White Castles
White Light
White Rock II
Why Keep Hiding?/Running Away
Wiggles (black and white rabbit)
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud, The
Wild moors (3 min 23 s)
Wings of Fortune
Winter’s Tale, A
Wired for Sound
Wish, A
With Open Arms
Without Love
Wizard’s Potion, A
Wonderous Stories
Wondrous Stories
Wooly Willy Tango
Word and Music, The
World Within a World, A
Wrong Number
Yellow Man
Yes + friends
Yes family owner of a lonely heart
Yes Piano Variations, The
You Can't Buy My Love
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Your Move
Your Song
Zbrodnie namiętności
バーニング (映画)
ライブ·アット·ザ BBC
Contributed to or performed: 
'O bilancio
'o Core
"Blue Lily", The
10 Years of Sattva Music
10 Years Sattva Music
100% Rock Live
40 ans, les nocturnes Georges Lang
Affirmative: The Yes Solo Family Album
After Prayers
After the Atom
All in Vain
And You and I
Another Mellow Day
Anyway and Always
Aria Di Te
Artist's Dream, The
Back Against the Wall
BBC Radio 2: The Piano Room
Beach Comber, The
Beside the Seaside
Best of New Age 2, The
Best of New Age, The
Best of Progressive Rock, The
Best of Rock, The
Best of the O1/W, The
Best World Instrumental Hits, Volume 1, The
Best World Instrumental Hits, Volume 2, The
Beyond the Planets
Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IV
Blackpool’s 1st Twist Victim
Blushing Bride
Breath of Heaven, A
Brighter Dawn, A
Buried Alive
Burlington Arcade
Burried Alive
By Angle Tarn
Caesar Augustus
California Man
Camino Royale (Hacket to Pieces)
Can You Believe
Carcere'e San Francisco
Cathedral in the Sky, The
Cathedral of the Sky
Catherine Howard / Catherine of Aragon
Catherine Parr
CC Rider
Celebrating Jon Lord
Celebrating Jon Lord: The Rock Legend
Change of Face
Check Point Karma
Check Point Karma (instrumental version)
Childhood Dreams
Children of Chernobyl
Chillout Moods
Chillout Moods: Magic Forest
Clair de Lune
Classic Rock #047: Live Bootleg
Classic Rock: Symphonic Rock
Collaboration Works
Crie du coeur
Custer's Last Stand
Dance of a Thousand Lights
Dance of the Elves
Daydream, The
Days of Wonder
Death of Chatterton, The
Desire Sampler
Discus Thrower, The
Dream the World Away
E vuje'
Easy Rider
Eleanor Rigby
Essential Elements
Extracts from the Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Fabuleuse Histoire du rock: Rock progressif, La
Famous Charisma Box, The
Find the Time
Fly Like an Eagle: An All‐Star Tribute to Steve Miller Band
Fool in the Rain
Forever Dream Blue
Forever in My Heart
Fountains of Love
Fra Diavolo
Fremiet's Cat
Friends and Relatives
From Brush & Stone
Garden Party, The
Gerrard Street
Gift of Life, The
Go America
Gold Instrumental Collection, Volume 5
Gold Instrumental Collection, Volume 6
Got My Eyes on You, I
Great Gig in the Sky, The
Greatest Ever! Prog Rock: The Definitive Collection
Growing Up
Hackett’s Bogie
Hangman, The
He’ll Have to Go
Heart Attack
High Germanie
Highlights of Silent Dreams
Highlights of Silent Dreams, Volume 2
History of Progressive Rock, A
House of Freedom
Hummingbird (instrumental)
Ice Maiden
If Only
In the Midnight Hour
In the Nick of Time
Is Anybody There?
Is It the Spring?
It's Never Too Late
It’s Your Move
Jam & The Blues
Jane Seymour
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Journey to the Edge: Progressive Rock Classics
Joypad CD Vol. 1: Le Best Of de Psygnosis
Just Another Tear
Just One Man
Keyboard Adlib
King, The
Kiss, The
Krautrock & Progressive Box Set, The
Lancelot and the Black Knight
Last of England, The
Last Teardrop, The
Legends of Rock: The British Rock Invasion
Legends of Rock: The Progressive Rockers
Let's Pretend
Light My Fire
Light My Fire: A Classic Rock Salute to the Doors
Light of the World, The
Little Lady
Live and Solo
Live From Buenos Aires
Live in Rehearsal
Living Tree in Concert, Part One, The
Living Tree Live, The
Living Tree, Part 1
Living Tree, Part 2
Living Tree, The
Living Tree: In Concert, Part One, The
Long Distance Runaround
Lost Cycle, The
Lost in Words
Love Reign O’er Me
Love’s Dream
Luck of the Draw
Lure of the Wild
Maddie Goes West
Madman Blues
Magic Instrumental Music
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Man’s a Fool, The
Many Faces of Black Sabbath, The
Many Faces of The Doors, The
Many Faces of Yes, The
Masters of Rock, Volume 1
Masters of Rock, Volume 4
May Be Wrong, (but I Won’t Be Wrong Always), I
Meeting of Minds, The
Meeting, The
Mellow Yellow
Melody Maker: We Give a Damn
Memories of the Victorian Age
Merlin the Magician
Mission (single), The
Mission, The
Moment in Time
More Hope for the Holidays
Morning Star
Mr Soft
Mr. Slow
Music for the 3rd Millennium, Volume 1
Music of Love
Music of Love (single)
Music Reincarnate, Part I: The Warning (Conclusion)
Music Reincarnate, Part I: The Warning (Introduction)
Music Reincarnate, Part III, the Spaceman
Music Reincarnate, Part V: The Reaper
My Babe
Mysteries Unfold
Mystic Spirits, Volume 3
Need You
Need You, I
Never Is a Long, Long Time
No Earthly Connection
No Earthly Connection / The Prisoner
No Expense Spared
No One Cares
Nothing Ever Changes
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
October to May
Out of the Blue
Out There
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Paint It Black
Past and Present
Peaceful Piano
Pink Box: Songs of Pink Floyd
Planets of the Universe 2
Portraits in a Gallery
Prisoner, The
Prog Collective, The
Progressive Rock Anthems
Progressive Rock Box Set, The
Progressive Rock Epics
Progressive Rock Trilogy
Quatte Mane - Atomic Gilda Remix, A
Quatte Mane, A
R ’n’ R Medley / Be Bop a Lula
Raga and Rhyme
Random Acts of Science
Re-Building the Wall: A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Resurrection Shuffle
Ride of Your Life
Robot Man / Paint It Black
Rock Festival
Romance Napoli
Romance of the Victorian Age
Savannah Bird, The
Sense of Heaven, A
Shatner Claus: The Christmas Album
She's Like a Fable
Shepherd's Song, The
Silence of Dreams & Harmony, The
Simply Acoustic
Singles Collection 2000
Sky Goes All the Way Home, The
Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Aging)
So Shall Our Love Die?
Song of a Sad Little Girl
Songs for Luca
Space Hymns: An Introduction To Prog Rock
Spreading My Wings: The Ultimate Denny Laine Collection
Standing Stones
Staring Outta Windows
Starship Trooper
Starship Trooper / Wurm
Steinway to Heaven
Stella Bianca
Stella Bianca Alla Corte Di Re Ferdinando
Still Dreaming
Still Waters Run Deep
Stone Cold Is the Woman's Heart
Stormy Monday Blues
Storyteller, The
Suicide Shuffle, The
Summer's End
Sun Comes Crying
Swans, The
Sync or Swim
Tale of Love, A
Taste of Strawbs, A
Tell Me Baby What’s on Your Mind
Thinker, The
Thirty Years In Rock
Time and a Word
Time Will Tell
To Be With You
To Be With You (single)
Tommaso Aniello (Masaniello)
Top Musicians Play Pink Floyd: The Wall
Trying to Get Back to You
Tubular Bells
Twist & Shout
Ultimate Tribute to Led Zeppelin, The
Umberto II
Universe of Sound
Via Bencini
View From a Window, A
Vision, A
Visions of Sound
Visit / Return of the Phantom, The
Visit, The
Vitaminic: 50 MP3 Songs
Waiting Alone
Wakeman With Wakeman
When Men Did Rock
White Rock
Who Are You: An All Star Tribute to The Who
Wide Eyed and Legless
Wings on My Feet
Wish I Was You
Wish to Fly, A
Wizard and the Forest of all Dreams, The
Wondrous Stories: 34 Artists That Shaped the Prog Rock Era
Wondrous Stories: A Complete Introduction to Progressive Rock
Year in a Day, A
Yes + Friends
Yes and Friends: Double Legend 2CD
Yes Family Tree
Yes Story: Gold, The
Yes, Friends & Relatives, Volume 2
Yes, Friends and Relatives
Young Pretender, The
Voor piano