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Mandjes, M.
Mandjes, M. R. H.
Mandjes, Michael Robertus Hendrikus
Mandjes, Michel,
Michel Mandjes
Michel Mandjes (Mathematician)
Michel Mandjes (Nederlands wiskundige)
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Computer file
Language material
Manuscript language material
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Boots, Nam Kyoo (1975-)
Borst, S.C.
Borst, Simon Catharina
Boxma, O.J. (1952-)
Boxma, Onno Johan (1952-)
Dȩbicki, K.
Dębicki, Krzysztof
Dȩbicki, Krzysztof G.
Es-Saghouani, A. (1975-)
Es-Saghouani, Abdelghafour (1975-)
Inaugurele rede Universiteit van Amsterdam
Kella, O.
Kella, Offer
Lieshout, P.M.D. (1981-)
Lieshout, Pascal Merijn Daniël (1981-)
Meent, Remco van de (1977-)
Nørvang Andersen, Lars
Springer Science+Business Media
Uitert, M.J.G. van (1976-)
Uitert, Maria Johanna Gerarda (1976-)
Asymptotic analysis of Levy-driven tandem queues
Convexity properties of loss and overflow functions
Exact asymptotics for fluid queues fed by multiple heavy-tailed on-off flows
Fast simulation of a queue fed by a superposition of many (heavy-tailed) sources
Fast simulation of Markov modulated fluid models
Finding the conjugate of Markov fluid processes
Finite-capacity G1/G/1 queueing systems with buffer overflows
First passage of time-reversible spectrally-negative Markov additive processes
fluid system with coupled input and output, and its application to bottlenecks in ad hoc networks, A
Generalized processor sharing : characterization of the admissible region and selection of optimal weights
Generalized processor sharing queues with heterogeneous traffic classes
Heavy-traffic approximations for linear networks operating under α-fair bandwidth-sharing policies
Importance sampling in rate-sharing networks
Importance sampling of buffer overflows in batch-arrival queues
Inferring traffic burstiness by sampling the buffer occupancy
Large deviations for Gaussian queues : modelling communication networks
Lévy process reflected at a poisson age process, A
Models of network access using feedback fluid queues
Nieuwe kansen
note on large-buffer asymptotics for generalized processor sharing with Gaussian inputs, A
note on the delay distribution in GPS, A
On a generic class of Lévy-driven vacation models
On asymptotically efficient simulation of large deviation probabilities
On spectral simulation of fractional Brownian motion
On the correlation structure of a Lévy-driven queue
On vacation models with correlated busy periods and service interruptions
Overflow asymptotics for large communication systems with general Markov fluid sources
Overflow behavior in queues with many long-tailed inputs
Performance evaluation of strategies for integration of elastic and stream traffic
Queues and Lévy fluctuation theory
Rare event analysis of communication networks
Resource dimensioning through buffer sampling
Sample-path large deviations for tandem and priority queues with Gaussian inputs
shape of the loss curve and the impact of long-range dependence on network performance, The
Singularities of the generator of a Markov additive process with one-sided jumps
Smart dimensioning of IP network links
Sojourn time asymptotics in processor sharing queues with varying service rate
State-dependent importance sampling for a slow-down tandem queue
Structural properties of reflected Lévy processes
Tandem Brownian queues
Traffic with an FBM limit: convergence of the workload process
Transient analysis of Markov-fluid-driven queues
Transient analysis of traffic generated by bursty sources, and its application to measurement-based admission control
Transient characteristics of Gaussian queues
Uitg. onder auspiciën van de Universiteit van Amsterdam
Inaugurele rede Universiteit van Amsterdam