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Jule Stein
Jule Styne
Jule Styne (British-born American songwriter)
Jule Styne (Brits componist (1905-1994))
Jule Styne (compositeur américain)
Jule Styne (musicista e compositore britannico)
Jule Styne (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Jules Styne
Julie Styne
Stein, Jules
Stein, Julius Kerwin
Styne, J.
Styne, Jule,
Styne, Jules
Styne, Julius
Styne, Julius Kerwin
Жюль Стайн
Стайн, Дж
Стайн, Джуль
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Cahn, Sammy (1913-1993)
Comden, Betty (1915-2006)
Comden, Betty (1917-2006)
Dell, Peggy (1905-1979)
en piano
Green, Adolph (1915?-2002)
Lederer, Charles (1911-1976)
Merrill, Bob (1921-1998)
Monroe, Marilyn (1926-1962)
Naxos Digital Services
Prohaska, Miljenko
Robin, Leo (1900-1984)
Rodgers, Richard (1902-1979)
Russell, Jane (1921-2011)
Sondheim, Stephen (1930-)
Wild, Harry (1901-1961))
紀, 三平
2005-12-31: Let Me Entertain You: The Songs of Jule Styne: All Things Considered, National Public Radio, USA
Absent Minded Me
Act 1: All I Need Is the Girl
Act 1: Baby June and Her Newsboys
Act 1: Dainty June and Her Farmboys
Act 1: Everything's Coming Up Roses
Act 1: If Mamma Was Married
Act 1: Let Me Entertain You (reprise)
Act 1: Mr Goldstone, I Love You
Act 1: Overture
Act 1: [scene change] / Little Lamb
Act 1: Small World
Act 1: Some People / [scene change]
Act 1: You'll Never Get Away From Me
Act 2: Entr'acte
Act 2: Exit Music / Auld Lang Syne
Act 2: Finale
Act 2: [incidental music] / Gypsy Strip Routine
Act 2: Rose's Turn
Act 2: Small World (reprise)
Act 2: Together Wherever We Go (reprise)
Act 2: Toreadorables
Act 2: [underscoring] / [dialogue]
Act 2: You Gotta Get a Gimmick
Adventure (reprise)
After the Ball
Ain't misbehavin'
All I Need Is the Girl
All in Need Is the Girl
All of My Life
All You Need Is a Quarter
Am Woman, I
Anchors aweigh. Selections
And Then You Kissed Me
As Long as There's Music
Asking for You
At the Café Rendezvous
Autograph Chant
Baby June and Her Newsboys / Let Me Entertain You
Bar mitzvah boy
Beautiful Through and Through
Beauty That Drives a Man Mad
Beauty That Drives Men Mad
Begged Her, I
Being Good Isn’t Good Enough
believe, I
Bells Are Ringing (1956 original Broadway cast)
Bells Are Ringing (1960 film cast)
Bells are ringing (Motion picture music). Selections
Bells are ringing (Musical). Selections
Better Than a Dream
Blame My Absentminded Heart
Boogie Woogie Shoogie
Brooklyn Bridge, The
Butler in the Abbey
Bye Bye Baby (1973 touring cast)
Cahn medley
Call Me Savage
Can't You Just See Yourself In Love With Me?
Can't You Read Between the Lines?
Captain Hook's Waltz
Carnival Song
Carolina blues. Poor little Rhode Island
Catch Our Act at the Met
Charm of You, The
Chief of Love
Christmas Waltz, The
Close Harmony
Clown, The
Come Josephine in My Flying Machine
Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are
Comes Once in a Lifetime
Cornet Man
Cry Like the Wind
[curtain calls] / [applause]
Dainty June and Her Farm Boys (full version)
Dainty June and Her Farmboys
Dance Only With Me
Dangerous Age / L.Z. in Quest of His Youth
Darling of the Day (1968 original Broadway cast)
[dialogue] / [scene change] / [dialogue]
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (1973 touring cast)
Dirty Old Men (reprise)
Distant Melody
Do It Yourself
Do Re Mi (1960 original Broadway cast)
Do Re Mi (1999 New York concert cast)
Do Re Mi: All My Life
Do Re Mi: Make Someone Happy
Do Re Mi: Overture
Do re mi. Selections
Doing It for Sugar
Don't Rain on My Parade (reprise)
Don't Talk About God
Don't Want to Walk Without You, I
Drop That Name
Ever Homeward
Every Street's a Boulevard in Old New York
Everybody Loves to Take a Bow
Everything's Coming Up Roses (outtake)
Exit Music
Fade Out - Fade In (1964 original Broadway cast)
fall in love too easily, I
Feel Like I'm Gonna Live Forever, I
Fem minuter till
Finale (1974 original Broadway cast)
Finale: I've Gotta Crow / Tender Shepherd / I Won't Grow Up / Never Never Land (reprise)
Find Yourself a Man
First Class Number One Bum (reprise)
Five minutes more
Follow the Lamb
Friars Club Tribute: Jule Styne (Time After Time)
Funny Girl (1964 original Broadway cast)
Funny girl. Don't rain on my parade
Funny girl. Selections
Funny girl. Vocal score
Gentleman's Gentleman
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1949 original Broadway cast)
Gentlemen prefer blondes. Just a kiss apart
Gentlemen prefer blondes. Selections
Get Away For A Day In The Country
Give a Little, Get a Little
Give Me a Song With a Beautiful Melody
Glad to see you
Go Home Train
Gott Is Gut
Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
Gypsy (1959 original Broadway cast) (final performance)
Gypsy (1962 film cast)
Gypsy (1973 original London cast)
Gypsy (1989 Broadway revival cast)
Gypsy (2006 Ravinia Festival cast)
Gypsy (2008 Broadway revival cast)
Gypsy 50th Anniversary Edition
Gypsy: A Musical Fable
Gypsy. Everything's coming up roses
Gypsy. If momma was married
Gypsy: Little Lamb
Gypsy: Mama's Talkin' Soft
Gypsy: Overture
Gypsy Rose Lee Remembers Burlesque
Gypsy. Rose's turn
Gypsy. Selections
Gypsy. Some people
Gypsy Strip (Let Me Entertain You)
Gypsy Strip Routine
Gypsy: The New Broadway Cast Recording
Gypsy. Together wherever we go
Gypsy. You gotta get a gimmick
Gypsy: You Gotta Have a Gimmick
Hallelujah, baby! Selections
Have an Eggroll, Mr. Goldstone
Hazel Flagg (1953 Broadway Cast)
Hazel Flagg (Original Broadway Cast)
He’ll Have to Cross the Atlantic
He's a Genius
Hello, Hazel
Hello, Hello There!
Hello My Baby
Henry Street
Here She Comes Now (East River Hoe Down)
Hey Look, No Cryin'
High Button Shoes (1947 Original Cast)
High Button Shoes: Bird Watcher's Song
High Button Shoes: Bird-Watchers Song
High button shoes. I still get jealous
High Button Shoes: On a Sunday by the Sea
High button shoes. Selections
Himmlisher Vater
His Love Makes Me Beautiful
Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me (Hold Me Tight)
Home is the place
Homesick Blues (1973 touring cast)
How Do You Speak to an Angel?
How Will He Know?
Husking Bee
I'd Sure Like to Give It a Shot (Continued)
I'll walk alone
I'm A'Tingle, I'm A'Glow (1973 touring cast)
I'm Glad I'm Leaving
I'm Going Back
I'm Naive
I’m Still Sitting Under the Apple Tree
I'm the Greatest Star
I'm With You
I've Got a Rainbow Working for Me
I’ve Heard That Song Before
I, Yes Me, That's Who (Studio Recording?)
Ice capades
If a Girl Isn't Pretty
If Mama Was Married
If Mamma Was Married
If Momma Was Married
If You Hadn't but You Did
[incidental music] / [dialogue] / Rose's Turn
Interview With Jule Styne, Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Investigation: He's a V.I.P.
Investigation: Who Is Mr. Big?
is feest, Het
Is It a Crime?
It happened in Brooklyn. It's the same old dream
It's a Great Feeling
It's a Perfect Relationship
It's a Simple Little System
It's Always Love
It's Been a Long, Long Time
It's bigger than you and me
It's Delightful Down in Chile (1974 original Broadway cast)
It's Doom
It's Enough to Make a Lady Fall in Love
It's Good to Be Back Home
It's High Time (1973 touring cast)
It's Legitimate
It's magic
It's Sunday
It's the Second Time You Meet That Matters
It's You or No One
Johnny Freedom
Jule Styne discusses writing Gypsy with Michael Feinstein
Jule Styne on the Song 'Just in Time'
Just a Kiss Apart (1973 touring cast)
Just in time
Keeping Cool With Coolidge (1974 original Broadway cast)
Know About Love, I
Lai tik snieg
Lass es schnei’n
Late, Late Show, The
Laura de Maupassant
Let go of my heart
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
Let Me Entertain You / [dialogue]
Let Me Entertain You (Montage)
Let's See What Happens
Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
Lila Tremaine
Little Girl From Little Rock (1973 touring cast), A
Little Lamb
Little More Heart, A
Long Before I Knew You
Look to the Lilies (1970 Lunt-Fontanne Theatre Broadway cast)
Look to the Lilies (1970 studio cast) / Pleasures and Palaces (1965 Detroit cast)
Look to the Lilies: Follow That Lamb
Look to the Lilies: I'd Sure Like to Give It a Shot
Look to the Lilies: I, Yes Me, That's Who
Look to the Lilies: Kick the Door
Look to the Lilies: Look to the Lilies
Look to the Lilies: One Little Brick at a Time
Look to the Lilies: Some Kind of Man
Look to the Lilies: There Comes a Time
"Looking Back"... On..."Diamonds" (1973 touring cast)
Lorelei (1974 original Broadway cast and 1973 touring cast)
Lorelei. Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Lorelei. Selections
Love an Old-Fashioned Song, I
Love Makes Us Whatever We Want to Be
Love What I'm Doing (1973 touring cast), I
Madame croque-maris
Madame Rose’s Toreadorables
Magic Nights
Make Someone Happy
Mamie Is Mimi (1973 touring cast)
Mamma’s Talkin’ Soft
Maple Leaf Rag
May We Entertain You?
Meet a Man in Chicago
Meet me after the show. Betting on a man
Meet me after the show. Meet me after the show
Meet me after the show. No talent Joe
Meet My Seester
Men (1973 touring cast)
Met a Girl, I
Mężczyźni wolą blondynki
Michael Feinstein sings the Jule Styne songbook
Midas Touch, The
Miss Cratchitt
Money Burns a Hole in My Pocket
Money, Money, Money
Mother's Day (alternate version)
Mr. Goldstone, I Love You
Mr. Goldstone / Little Lamb
Music That Makes Me Dance, The
Musicals. Selections
My Fortune Is My Face
My Heart Is Like a Violin / The Fiddler and the Fighter
My Own Morning
Never Never Land
Nice She Ain’t
Nobody Ever Died For Old Rutgers
Not on Your Nellie
Oh, My Mysterious Lady
Oh, Those Thirties
On a Sunday by the Sea
On My Own
One night stand
Only One to a Customer
Overture (1973 touring cast)
Overture (1974 original Broadway cast)
Overture (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
Papa, Won't You Dance With Me?
Paris, Paris (1973 touring cast)
Party’s Over, The
Penniless Bums
Peter Pan
Pleasures and Palaces: Ah, to Be Home Again
Pleasures and Palaces: Barabanchik
Pleasures and Palaces: Far Far Far Away
Pleasures and Palaces: In Your Eyes
Pleasures and Palaces: My Lover Is a Scoundrel
Pleasures and Palaces: Pleasures and Palaces
Pleasures and Palaces: Thunder and Lightning
Pleasures and Palaces: Truly Beloved
Practice Scherzo, The
Put ’Em in a Box, Tie ’Em With a Ribbon (And Throw ’Em in the Deep Blue Sea)
red shoes
Ride on a Rainbow, A
Rings on My Fingers
Roller Skate Rag
Romance on the high seas
Rose's Turn (album version)
Rose's Turn (film version)
Rutland Bounce, The
Sadie, Sadie
Said No, I
Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night in the Week)
Say, Darling (1958 original Broadway cast)
[scene change] / [dialogue]
Seattle to Los Angeles
Show Train
Sis Hopkins
Slice, The
Small World / Momma's Talkin' Soft
Small World (outtake)
Small World (reprise)
Smile, Girls
Soemthing's Always Happening on the River
Some Like It Hot (1992 original London cast)
Some like it hot Musical
Some Other Time
Some People (outtake)
Something's Always Happening on the River
Song's Gotta Come From the Heart, The
Songs. Selections
Step lively. Selections
Still Get Jealous, I
Strip, The
Subways are for sleeping. Selections
Sugar: I'm Naive
Sugar. Selections
Sugar: Sugar
Sunset Tree
Sweater girl
Take a Job
Talking to Yourself
That's What I Like
That Something Extra Special
Them and They
There Goes That Song Again
There Never Was a Baby Like My Baby
There's Nothing Like A Model "T"
Things We Did Last Summer, The
Three cheers for the boys
Three coins in the fountain
Three Wishes for Christmas
Time After Time (Friars Club Tribute)
To Get Out of This World Alive
Together Wherever We Go (album version)
Together Wherever We Go (outtake)
Together Whever We Go (encore)
Tomorrow's Mother's Day
Try to Love Me
Two on the Aisle (1951 original Broadway cast)
Two on the aisle. Hold me, hold me, hold me
Two on the aisle. Selections
Usher From the Mezzanine, The
Vaudeville Ain't Dead / Catch Our Act at the Met (Finale, Act 1)
Vict’ry Polka
Victory Polka
Waiting, Waiting
Waltz Me Around Again, Willie
Want to Be Seen With You Tonight, I
Washington post, 9/21/94:
We Hate to Leave
What a way to go
What Do You Give a Man Who Has Everything?
What Makes a Marriage Merry
What Makes the Sunset?
What's New at the Zoo?
When Frances Dances With Me
When I Was Young
When It Happens to You
Where Does Love Begin?
Who are you now ?
Who Is the Bravest?
Who Needs Him?
Who Taught Her Everything
Whose Baby Are You?
With the Sun on My Face
Won't Let You Get Away (1973 touring cast), I
World Is Beautiful Today, The
Worry Song, The
You Are Woman, I Am Man (Funny Girl)
You Gotta Get a Gimmick
You'll Never Get Away From Me (outtake)
You Mustn't Be Discouraged: a. You Mustn't Be Discouraged / b. LZ. In Quest of His Youth / a. My Heart Is Like a Violin / b. The Fiddler and the Fighter
You're Gonna Dance With Me, Willie
You’re My Boy
You're My Girl
You say you care
You've Gotta Have a Gimmick (from "Gypsy")
Youth on parade
Zabawna dziewczyna
Contributed to or performed: 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Music to Be Murdered By
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Music to Be Murdered By / Circus of Horrors
America's 25 Favorite Christmas Songs
Broadway Blockbusters
Broadway Collection
Broadway Collection, The
Broadway Collection: Top Songs From Musicals, Part One
Broadway Collection: Top Songs From Musicals, Part Three
Button Up with Esmond
Bye Bye Baby
Christmas Party
Christmas Waltz, The
Day Is Say I Do, The
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (First Encore)
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (Second Encore)
Don't Want to Be a Gentleman, I
Don’t Rain on My Parade (Funny Girl)
Encores From Encores
Fade Out - Fade In: The Usher From the Mezzanine
Finale Act I
Finale Act II
Flags of Our Fathers
Forgotten Broadway
Forgotten Broadway, Volume 2
Frontierland en musique
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Great Broadway Collection (disc 1), The
Have You to Thank (reprise), I
Have You to Thank, I
Hey, Mr. Producer! The Musical World of Cameron Mackintosh
Holiday Collection
Holiday Favorites featuring the QVC Family
Homesick Blues
I'm A' Tingle, I'm A' Glow
I'm in Pursuit of Happiness
It's a Glorious Fourth
It's Delightful Down in Chile
It's High Time
It's Terribly, Horribly, Frightfully Nice
Jerome Robbins’ Broadway
Jingle Bells: Christmas Bells Are Ringing
Just a Kiss Apart
Just for the Record...
Keeping Cool with Coolidge
Kickapoo Kick
Let It Snow
Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Let It Snow!
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Let Me Entertain You (Gypsy)
Little Girl from Little Rock (Encore), A
Little Girl from Little Rock, A
Lost in Boston III
Lost in Boston IV
Love Can Change the Stars
Love What I'm Doing (Dance), I
Love What I'm Doing, I
Mamie Is Mimi
Musical Highlights
Oh, Those Americans
Original Cast! 100 Years of the American Musical Theater: The Sixties, Part Two
Park Scene
Pas de Deux
People (Funny Girl)
Pure Guitar: Flamenco, Classical & Jazz
Ride on a Rainbow, A
Ruggles of Red Gap (1957 Television Cast)
Seen and Heard
Selections from Just for the Record...
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Duets Volume 2, The
Sometimes I'm Happy
Stairway to Paradise (2007-05-10 Encores! cast)
Sunshine (Reprise)
Time After Time
Ultimate Broadway
Vic'try Polka
Way to a Family's Heart, The
Welcome Home
When It's Love
When You Dance in Paris, France
Winter Wonderland
You Say You Care
Gebaseerd op het verhaal van Isobel Lennart
Voor (zang)--en piano