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Clark, G.
Clark, G. M.
Clark, Graeme
Clark, Graeme M.,
Clark, Graeme Milbourne
Graeme Clark
Graeme Clark (Australian doctor)
Graeme Clark (australiensk ingenjör)
Graeme Clark (australischer Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Arzt und Chirurg)
Graeme Clark (australsk ingeniør)
Graeme Clark (ingenieur uit Australië)
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Busby, Peter A.
Cowan, Robert S. C.
Dahm, Markus C.
Dowell, Richard C.
International cochlear implant workshop (1985 ; Melbourne)
International Cochlear Implant, Speech and Hearing Symposium (1994 - 28-10-1994 : Melbourne, Australia)
La Trobe University
Patrick, James F.
Shepherd, Robert K.
Tong, Yit C.
University of Sydney
Acto de Investidura del grado de Doctor honoris causa Graeme Clark
Analysis of spatiotemporal summation in leaky integrate-and-fire neurons: Application to neurons in the cochlear nucleus receiving converging auditory nerve fiber input
Balanced inhibition and excitation underlies spike firing regularity in ventral cochlear nucleus chopper neurons
Cochlear implants : fundamentals and applications
Cochlear prostheses
Conducting polymers, dual neurotrophins and pulsed electrical stimulation - Dramatic effects on neurite outgrowth
Creating conductive structures for cell growth: Growth and alignment of myogenic cell types on polythiophenes
Delay analysis in the auditory brainstem of the rat: Comparison with click latency
Fast inhibition alters first spike timing in auditory brainstem neurons
histopathology of the human temporal bone and auditory central nervous system following cochlear implantation in a patient, The : correlation with psychophysics and speech perception results
Implant design and development
Inhibition of smooth muscle cell adhesion and proliferation on heparin-doped polypyrrole
International cochlear implant symposium and workshop, Melbourne, 1985
Intracochlear electrode implantation, 1984:
Midbrain responses to micro-stimulation of the cochlea using high density thin-film arrays
Middle ear and neural mechanisms in hearing and in the management of deafness
multi-channel cochlear implant: Past, present and future perspectives, The
[Papers and abstracts]
Recent advances in auditory biomedical technology, 1987:
Restoring the Senses
Science and God, 1979:
Temporal processing from the auditory nerve to the medial nucleus of the trapezoid body in the rat
University of Melbourne-nucleus multi-electrode cochlear implant, The
Ventral cochlear nucleus coding of voice onset time in naturally spoken syllables
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Acta Biomaterialia
Cochlear Implants International
Cochlear Implants: A Practical Guide
European Journal of Neuroscience
Hearing Research
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part A
Journal of Computational Neuroscience
Journal of Controlled Release
Journal of Neurophysiology
la presente edicion, prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza, De
Additional material received by NLA in 1998 (1 box)
Carbon typescript
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Sydney, 1969