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John Senex
John Senex (British publisher and cartographer)
John Senex (Brits cartograaf (1678-1740))
John Senex (cartografo, incisore e esploratore inglese)
Senex, I.
Senex, Iohn
Senex, J.
Senex (John)
ca1690-ca1745 fl
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
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Bowles, Carington (1724-1793)
Bowles, John (1701-1779)
Gordon, Patrick (époque 1700)
Halley, Edmond (1656-1742))
Harris, John (fl. 1680-1740)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
L'Isle, Guillaume de (1675-1726)
Longman, Thomas (1699-1755))
Mayo, William (1684-17..? géomètre)
Royal Society (London)
Sayer, Robert (1724?-1794)
V. D. Ruÿ
Ward, Aaron (16..-17..))
Whiston, William (1667-1752)
Wilson, Henry
actual survey of all the principal roads of England and Wales; described by one hundred maps from copper plates. On which are delineated all the cities, towns,villages... As also directions to the curious travaller what is worth observing... Firts perform'd and publish'd by John Ogilby, esq ; and now improved, very much corrected, and made portable by John Senex. F. R. S. In 2 vol. The fourth edition [Vol. II. containing all the principal cross-roads from London through England and Wales. In forty-six plates. The second edition
America, 1721
[Atlas formé de cartes de J. Senex et autres.]
Atlas marítimo inglês
Atlas maritimus & commercialis, or, A general view of the world, so far as relates to trade and navigation describing all the coasts, ports, harbours, and noted rivers ... : to which are added sailing directions for all the known coasts and islands on the globe ... : to which are subjoin'd two large hemispheres on the plane of the equinoctial.
Cartes, plans et vues sur les Iles Britanniques]
Cartografia generale della città di Palermo e antiche carte della Sicilia
Collection of astronomical tables
Constitutions Of The Free-Masons, The : Containing The History, Charges, Regulations, &c. of that most Ancient and Right Worshipful Fraternity : For the Use of the Lodges.
construction and principal uses of mathematical instruments translated from the French of M. Bion, chief instrument-maker to the French king. To which are added, The construction and uses of such instruments as are omitted by M. Bion, particularly of those invented or improved by the English. By Edmund Stone. The whole illustrated with thirty folio copper-plates, containing the figures, &c., of the several instruments ... The second edition. To which is added, a supplement: containing a further account of some of the most useful mathematical instruments as now improved., The
description and use of the starry Zodiack
exact map of the island of Barbadoesin America
general coasting pilot, containing direction for sailling into, and out of, the principal ports and harbours thro'out the known world with a sett sea of charts, the use of the projection justified by Dr. Halley, A ; to all which are prefix'd, directions to mariners
geographical grammar, The
Geography anatomized
Globe céleste
Historiae coelestis britannicae volumen primum [-tertium]. Complectens stellarum fixarum nec non planetarum omnium observationes sextante, micrometro, etc. peractas. Quibus subjuncta sunt planetarum loca ab iisdem observationibus deducta. Observante Joanne Flamsteedio, A. R. in Observatorio regio Grenovicensi continua serie ab anno 1675, ad annum 1689..
Historiae coelestis libri duo : quorum prior exhibet catalogum stellarum fixarum Britannicum novum & locupletissimum, una cum earundem planetarumque omnium observationibus sextante, micrometro, &c. habitis : posterior transitus syderum per planum arcus meridionalis et distantias eorum a vertice complectitur
Italia Antiqua
Itinéraire de toutes les routes de l'Angleterre, revues, corrigées, augmentées et réduites par Senex en 101 cartes... Bowles a ajouté en 1757 plusieurs nouvelles routes à cet ouvrage, plusieurs renvois et corrections nécessaires. Ouvrage traduit de l'anglois
map of Louisiana and of the river Mississipi [i.e. Mississippi], A : this map of the Mississipi [i.e. Mississippi] is most humbly inscribed to William Law of Lanreston, esq.
Map of Turky [sic], Arabia and Persia.
map of Virginia according to Captain Iohn Smith's map published anno 1606; also of the adjacent country called by the Dutch Niew Nederlant, anno 1630., A
[Maps of the Maryland-Pennsylvania boundary used as trial exhibits in the 1735 court suit brought by the Penns against Lord Baltimore to determine the official interprovincial boundary line].
Mathematical elements of natural philosophy, confirm'd by experiments: or, an introduction to Sir Isaac Newton's philosophy. Written in Latin by the late W. James 's Gravesande, LL.D. professsor of mathematicks at Leyden, and F. R. S. Translated into english by the late J. T. Desaguliers, LL.D. F.R.S. And published by his son J. T. Desaguliers. The sixth edition greatly improved by the author, and illustrated with 127 copper plates all new engraven. In two volumes. Vol. I (-II).
Moskovey in Europe from the latest Observation
New Caelestial Globe, A : wheron ye Stars are carefully laid down from ye correct observations of M.r Hevelius, Cap.t Halley &c.
new & correct globe, A
new general atlas; containing a geographical and historical account of all the empires, kingdoms, and other dominions of the world: with the natural history and trade of each country., A
new map of France shewing the roads & posts stages thro out that Kingdom..., A
new map of Great Britain, A
new map of the county of Surrey laid down from an actual survey
new map of Virginia, Mary-Land, and the improved parts of Pennsylvania & New Jersey., A
new map of ye Isthmus of Darien in America, the Bay of Panama, the Gulph of Vallona or St. Michael, with its islands & countries adjacent. A draft of the golden & adjacent islands with part of ye Isthmus of Darien as it was taken by Capt. Ienefer, where ye Scots West-India Company were setteled [sic]., A
new map or chart in Mercator's projection of the Western or Atlantic Ocean
New Mapp of Europe, A
new Mapp of Rome shewing its antient and present scituation. Most humbly Inscrib'd to His Grace the Duke of Queensbury and Dover. A Scale of 5 Paces containing half an Italian Mile [=1, A : 13 200 environ]. L. Senex Recognt. ; I. Harris
new voyage to Carolina, 1709:, A
Opera miscellanea Rogeri Cotes.
Physices elementa mathematica, experimentis confirmata.
Physico-mechanical experiments on various subjects. Containing an account of several surprizing phænomena touching light and electricity... To which is added a supplement. The second edition, By F. Hauksbee, F.R.S.
planisphere on which the stars visable in the latitude of 51° 30'N. are laid down . .. for the year 1740 ...
Poland and other the Countries belonging to that Crowne. According to the Newest Observation
Poland : corrected from the observations communicated to the Royal Society at London and the Royal Academy at Paris : Is humbly Dedicated To S.r James Hallett K.t
Recueil de tables astronomiques
roads through England delineated, or Ogilby's survey, revised, improved, and reduced to a size portable for the pocket [cartographic material] 1757., The
Rogeri Cotesii Harmonia mensurarum.
Scandinavia and its confines in which are the Kingdom's of Sweden, Norway, &c. Divided into their principall provinces
scheme of the Solar system with the orbits of the planets and comets belonging thereto, A
Scripture politicks, 1717:
Spain and Portugall distinguisht into their kingdoms and principalities &c.
Stellarum fixarum hemisphaerium boreale (- australe) in quo omnes stillae in catalogo Britannico descriptae... eo situ quem anno 1690 habuerunt delineantur...
Stellarum fixarum hemisphaerium boreale the northern hemisphere projected on the plane of the ecliptic
Switzerland and the country of the Grisons : wherein is described the XIII Switz Cantons with their Allies &c.
[Terrestrial Globe
Theatrum historicum ad annum Christi quadringentesimum : in quo tum Imperii Romani tum Barbarorum circum incolentium status ob oculosponitur pars orientalis
Treatise of painting by Leonardo da Vinci Translated from the original Italian and adorned with a great number of cuts. To which is prefixed the author's life done from the last edition of the French., A
Universal arithmetick or, a treatise of arithmetical composition and resolution . To which is added, Dr. Halley's method of finding the roots of aequations arithmetically. Translated from the Latin by the late Mr. Raphson, and revised and corrected by Mr. Cunn.
VII United Provinces, The
Zodiacus stellatus fixas omnes... ad quas lunae appulsus ullibi terrarum telescopio observari poterunt complexus