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Sil'vestrov, Valentin Vasil'evič
Sil'vestrov, Valentin Vasil'ovič
Sil'vestrov, Valentin Vasil'yevich
Silʹvestrov, V. V.
Silʹvestrov, Valentin
Silʹvestrov, Valentin V.
Silʹvestrov, Valentin Vasilʹevič
Silʹvestrov, Valentin Vasilʹevich
Silʹvestrov, Valentyn Vasilʹyovych
Silvestrov, Valentin
Silvestrov, Valentin Vassilʹevič
Silwestrow, Valentin
Silwestrow, Walentiij Wassyljowitsch
Silwestrow, Walentij W.
Syl'vestrov, Valentin Vasil'evic
Syl'vestrov, Valentyn Vasyl'ovych
Sylʹvestrov, V. V.
Sylʹvestrov, Valentyn V.
Sylʹvestrov, Valentyn Vasylʹevyč (Vollstaendiger Name)
Sylʹvestrov, Valentyn Vasylʹovyč
Sylʹvestrov, Valentyn Vasylʹovych
Sylvestrov, Valentin Vasilevic
Sylvestrov, Valentyn
Sylvestrov, Valentyn Vasylovych
Sylvestrov, Valentyn Vasylyovych
Sylwestrow, Wałentyn
Sylwestrow, Walentyn Wassylowytsch
Valentin Silvestrov
Valentin Silvestrov (componist uit Oekraïne)
Valentin Silvestrov (compositeur et pianiste)
Valentin Silvestrov (Pianista e compositore ucraino)
Valentin Vasil'yevich Silvestrov
Valentin Vasilyevich Silvestrov
Valentin Vasziljovics Szilvesztrov
Valentyn Silvestrov
Valentyn Sylvestrov
Valentyn Sylvestrov (Ukrainian pianist and composer)
Valentyn Vasylyovych Sylvestrov
Walentyn Sylwestrow (ukrainischer Komponist)
Валентин Васильевич Сильвестров
Валентин Васильович Сильвестров
Сильвестров, Валентин Васильевич
Сильвестров, Валентин Васильович
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Depardon, Raymond (1942-)
ECM Records GmbH
Gardel, Louis
Gryphon Trio
Kofman, Roman (1936-)
Li︠u︡bimov, Alekseĭ Borisovich (1944-)
Ljubimov, Aleksej B. (1944-)
Lûbimov, Aleksej (1944-...)
Scheps, Ilya (1956-...)
Sil'vestrov, Valentin Vasil'evič (1937-...)
Syl'vestrov, Valentyn V. (1937-)
Tavener, John (1944-2013))
25.10.1893... in memoriam P. I. Tsch.
25.X.1893… zum Andenken an P.I. Tschaikowskij: I. Präludium “Geburt der Melodie”
25.X.1893… zum Andenken an P.I. Tschaikowskij: II. Wiegenlied
25.X.1893… zum Andenken an P.I. Tschaikowskij: III. Serenade
8.VI.1810… zum Geburtstag R.A. Schumann: I. Elegie
8.VI.1810… zum Geburtstag R.A. Schumann: II. Serenade
8.VI.1810… zum Geburtstag R.A. Schumann: III. Menuett
Abschiedsserenade: I. Adagio
Abschiedsserenade: II. Moderato
Alleluia: I. Evening
Alleluia: II. Morning
Alleluia: III. Night
Augenblicke der Stille und Traurigkeit
Bagatellen: I
Bagatellen: II (var.)
Bagatellen: III
Bagatellen: IV
Bagatellen: IX
Bagatellen, Kl, 2005
Bagatellen und Serenaden
Bagatellen: V
Bagatellen: VI
Bagatellen: VII
Bagatellen: VIII
Bagatellen: X
Bagatellen: XI
Bagatellen: XII
Bagatellen: XIII
Bagatelles, piano, op. 1
Bagatelles, piano, op. 173
Bagatelles, piano, op. 4
Bote, Der
Cantatas. Selections
Cello music
Četyre pesni na stihi Osipa Mandel'štama
Dedication to J. S. B.
Dialoga s poslesloviem
Diptych: I. Otche nash (The Lord's Prayer)
Diptych: II. Zapovit (Testament)
Drei Stücke: I. Hieroglyphen der Nacht
Drei Stücke: II. Nachhall eines Walzers
Drei Stücke: III. Nachhall einer Sarabande
Drei Walzer mit Postludium Op. 3
Dyti︠a︡cha muzyka, no. 1. Fantastychna sonatyna
Dytjača muzyka 1
Dytjača muzyka 2
Elegie: I.
Elegie: II.
Elegie: III.
Elegien, Kl (1967)
Elegies, cello
Elegies, piano
Epitafii︠a︡ L.B.
Exegi monumentum
Four Songs after Osip Mandelstam: For the Thunderous Grandeur of Ages to Come
Four Songs after Osip Mandelstam: I Don't Know When
Four Songs after Osip Mandelstam: My Lashes Are Pricking
Four Songs after Osip Mandelstam: The Oaks Drink From a Cold Vessel
Hommage á J.S.B.
Hymn 2001
Hymne - 2001
Instrumental music. Selections
Intermezzo, orchestra
Jihie pesni
Kitsch Music: I. Allegro vivace
Kitsch Music: II. Moderato
Kitsch Music: III. Allegretto
Kitsch Music: IV. Moderato
Kitsch Music: V. Allegretto
Leggiero, pesante
Lieder ohne Worte
Liturgical Chants: Ave Maria
Liturgical Chants: Bless, o Lord
Liturgical Chants: Four Spiritual Songs: Alleluia
Liturgical Chants: Four Spiritual Songs: Cherubic Song
Liturgical Chants: Four Spiritual Songs: Christmas Song
Liturgical Chants: Four Spiritual Songs: Dithyrambic Song
Liturgical Chants: Gloria
Liturgical Chants: Hymn of the Cherubs
Liturgical Chants: Litany
Liturgical Chants: O Holy God
Liturgical Chants: The Beatitudes
Liturgical Chants: The Creed
Liturgičeskie pesnopenija
Meditationen (1972)
Melodien der Augenblicke. Melodien der Augenblicke
Melodien der Augenblicke. Stücke (2004a)
Melodii mgnovenij Zyklus 1
Melodii mgnovenij Zyklus 2
Melodii mgnovenij Zyklus 3
Melodii mgnovenij Zyklus 4
Melodii mgnovenij Zyklus 5
Melodii mgnovenij Zyklus 6
Melodii mgnovenij Zyklus 7
Misterioso Clarinette, piano
Moments of Memory II: I. Serenade of Childhood
Moments of Memory II: II. Elegy
Moments of Memory II: III. Farewell Waltz
Moments of Memory II: IV. Postitude
Moments of Memory II: V. Autumn Serenade
Moments of Memory II: VI. Pastoral
Muzyka u starovynnomu styli
Naive music. Selections
Orchestra music. Selections
Pesni na stikhi Osipa Mandelʹshtama
Pesny na stychy Osypa Mandel'štama
Piano music. Selections
pièces Piano Op. 2
Pieces, violin, piano (2010)
pièces Violon, piano
Post Scriptum, Sonata for Violin and Piano: I. Largo - allegro
Post Scriptum, Sonata for Violin and Piano: II. Andantino
Post Scriptum, Sonata for Violin and Piano: III. Allegro vivace, con moto
Postludes, cello, piano
Postludes, piano, op. 5
Postludes, piano, orchestra
Postludes. Selections
Postludes, violin
Postludien, Kl Orch (1984)
Postludium D-S-C-H
Postludium DSCH
Postludium Op. 5
Proščal'naja serenada
Prostye pesni
Psalms and Prayers: Blessed Is He (Psalm 1)
Psalms and Prayers: Lord Jesus Christ
Psalms and Prayers: Lord, My Heart Swells Not With Pride (Psalm 130)
Psalms and Prayers: O King of Heaven
Psalms and Prayers: Our Father
Psalms and Prayers: Praise God All Ye Nations (Psalm 116)
Psalms and Prayers: With the Saints Grant Eternal Peace
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 1
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 2
Quartette, Vl 1 2 Va Vc, Nr. 1
Quartetto piccolo
Quatuors Cordes No 1
Requiem (1999)
Requiem for Larissa: I. Largo
Requiem for Larissa: II. Adagio - moderato - allegro
Requiem for Larissa: III. Largo - allegro moderato
Requiem for Larissa: IV. Largo
Requiem for Larissa: V. Andante - moderato
Requiem for Larissa: VI. Largo
Requiem for Larissa: VII. Allegro moderato
Serenade for String Orchestra
Serenaden (1978)
Serenaden: I. Abendserenade
Serenaden: II. Augenblicke einer Serenade
Silent Songs, Part I: Farewell, o World, o Earth
Silent Songs, Part I: La belle dame sans merci
Silent Songs, Part I: O Melancholy Time
Silent Songs, Part I: Song Can Tend the Ailing Spirit
Silent Songs, Part I: There Were Some Storms and Blizzards
Silent Songs, Part II: Autumn Song
Silent Songs, Part II: I'm Drinking to Mary
Silent Songs, Part II: I Met You
Silent Songs, Part II: I Will Tell You With Unswerving Frankness
Silent Songs, Part II: Something Tender, Blue, Unspoken
Silent Songs, Part II: Swamps and Marshes
Silent Songs, Part II: The Isle
Silent Songs, Part II: What Meaning Has My Name for You?
Silent Songs, Part II: White, a Solitary Sail
Silent Songs, Part II: Winter Evening
Silent Songs, Part II: Winter Journey
Silent Songs, Part III: I Set Out on the Road Alone
Silent Songs, Part III: Mountain Summits
Silent Songs, Part III: When the Cornfield, Yellowing, Stirs
Silent Songs, Part IV: Choral. A Vengeful God
Silent Songs, Part IV: Elegy. Verses Composed at Night, at a Time of Insomnia
Silent Songs, Part IV: Meditation. It's Time, My Friend, It's Time!
Silent Songs, Part IV: Ode. Schubert on Water
Silent Songs, Part IV: Postludium. Those Sweet Companions
Sinfonien Nr. 4
Sinfonien Nr. 5
Sinfonien, Nr. 6
Sinfonien Nr. 8
Sonata for Cello and Piano
Sonatas, cello, piano
Sonaten, Kl Nr. 1. 1972
Sonaten, Kl Nr. 2
Sonaten, Kl Nr. 3
Sonaten, Vc Kl (1983)
Sonates Piano No 1
Sonates Piano No 2
Sonates Piano No 3
Sonates Piano, violoncelle
Songs for Vespers: Come, Let Us Worship
Songs for Vespers: Holy God
Songs for Vespers: Many Years (Vivat)
Songs for Vespers: O Virgin Mother of God
Songs for Vespers: Silent Night
Songs for Vespers: Today You Release (Your Servant)
Songs for Vespers: World of Peace
Starinnai︠a︡ ballada
Stille Musik: I. Walzer des Augenblicks
Stille Musik: II. Abendserenade
Stille Musik: III. Augenblicke der Serenade
String Quartet no. 1
Stücke, piano, op. 2
Symphonies, no. 2
Symphonies, no. 4
Symphonies, no. 5
Symphonies, no. 6
Symphony no. 2
Symphony no. 4
Symphony no. 5
Symphony no. 6: I. Andantino - vivace - allegretto (attacca)
Symphony no. 6: II. Allegro moderato - commodo (attacca)
Symphony no. 6: III. Andantino - animato - adagio - moderato - andante (attacca)
Symphony no. 6: IV. Intermezzo. larghetto (attacca)
Symphony no. 6: V. Vivace con moto - larghetto
Three Bagatelles, op. 1: No. 1. Allegretto
Three Bagatelles, op. 1: No. 2. Moderato
Three Bagatelles, op. 1: No. 3. Moderato
Three Spiritual Songs: Alleluia
Three Spiritual Songs: Cherubic Hymn
Three Spiritual Songs: Many Years (Vivat)
Tikhie pesni. Proshchaĭ svite, proshchaĭ zemle
Trio, celesta, flute, trumpet
Trios, Fl Trp Cel (1962)
Two Christmas Lullabies: I. Spi, Isuse (I Sleep, Jesus)
Two Christmas Lullabies: II. Tikha nich' (Quiet Night)
Two Pieces
Two Psalms of David: Fret Not Thyself Because of the Ungodly (Psalm 37)
Two Psalms of David: O Praise God in His Sanctuary (Psalm 150)
Two Psalms of David: The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 22)
Two Psalms of David: To You, O Lord, I Call (Psalm 27)
Two Sacred Chants: I. Milist' Miru (Mercy of Peace)
Two Sacred Chants: II. Tobi spivaemo (To Thee We Sing)
Two Sacred Songs: I. Alleluia
Two Sacred Songs: II. Ave Maria
Two Spiritual Refrains: Alleluia
Two Spiritual Refrains: Do Not Forsake Me
Two Spiritual Songs : Cherubic Hymn
Two Spiritual Songs : Many Years (Vivat)
Ustnai︠a︡ muzyka. no. 1-2
Ustnaja muzyka
Visnyk 96
Waltzes, piano, op. 153
Walzer der Alpenglöckchen
Walzer mit Postludium, piano, op. 3
Werke Singst. Kl
Werke Vc
Zwei Dialoge mit Nachwort: I. Hochzeitswalzer
Zwei Dialoge mit Nachwort: II. Postludium
Zwei Dialoge mit Nachwort: III. Morgenserenade
Zwei Elegien
Contributed to or performed: 
Four Songs after Osip Mandelstam: For the Thunderous Grandeur of Ages to Come
Four Songs after Osip Mandelstam: I Don't Know When
Four Songs after Osip Mandelstam: My Lashes Are Pricking
Four Songs after Osip Mandelstam: The Oaks Drink From a Cold Vessel
Hieroglyphen der Nacht
Karabits: Concertos for Orchestra / Silvestrov: Elegie / Abschiedsserenade
Metamusik / Postludium
Moments of Memory II
On Photography
Sacred Songs
Sacred Works
Silent Songs
Symphonies 4 and 5
Symphony no. 2 / Serenade for String Orchestra / Meditation Symphony for Cello and Chamber Orchestra
Symphony no. 5 / Postludium
Symphony no. 6
To Thee We Sing: Sacred Choral Works
Works for Violin and Piano