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Clark Kerr (American academic)
Clark Kerr (Amerikaans econoom (1911-2003))
Kerr, Clark,
קלארק קר
كار، كلارك
كير، كلارك
カー, C
カー, クラーク
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Bakke, Edward Wight (1903-....))
Carnegie council on policy studies in higher education
Coleman, James Samuel (1926-1995)
Convocation on the University in America, Los Angeles, 1966. [from old catalog]
Dunlop, John T.
Dunlop, John Thomas (1914-))
Falkenberg, Walmot
Leland Stanford Junior University
Lipset, Seymour Martin
Randall, Roger Lewis (1918-....))
Smith, Anthony D.
Staudohar, Paul D.
Trow, Martin A.
University of California Berkeley-Los Angeles, U.S.A., Institute of industrial relation Los Angeles
喜多村, 和之 (1936-)
茅, 誠司 (1898-1988)
12 systems of higher education 6 decisive issues
Academic triumphs
American journal of sociology
Amerika kōtō kyōiku no daihenbō senkyūhyaku rokujū senkyūhyaku hachijūnen
Amerika kōtō kyōiku no rekishi to mirai : 21seiki eno tenbō
Amerika kōtō kyōiku shiren no jidai : 1990 2010nen
campus and the city, The : maximizing assets and reducing liabilities
Carnegie council on policy studies in higher education, The : a summary of reports and recommendations.
Causes of industrial peace under collective bargaining
Crown Zellerbach and the pacific coast pulp and paper industry : a case study
Daigaku keiei to shakai kankyō
Daigaku no kōyō
democracia sindical, La : la política interna del Sindicato Tipográfico Internacional
Education and working life in modern society : a report
Employer policies in industrial relations, 1945 to 1947
Factors in achieving industrial harmony
Future of Industrial Societies Convergence or Continuing Diversity?
Governmental wage restraints: their limits and uses in a mobilized economy
Great transformation in higher education, 1960-1980
Harvest labor market in California. Lloyd H. Fisher. [Foreword by Clark Kerr and John T. Dunlop.]
Higher education cannot escape history.
Higher education in nine countries : a comparative study of colleges and universities abroad
How labor markets work : reflections on theory and practice
impacts of unions on the level of wages..., The
Indasutoriarizumu : Kogyoka ni okeru keieisha to rodo
Industrialisatie of de mens
Industrialism and industrial man the problems of labor and management in economic growth
industrialismo y el hombre industrial, El : los problemas del trabajo y la dirección en el desarrollo económico
interindustry propensity to strike an international comparison, The
Labor economics and industrial relations markets and institutions
Labor force in California, a study of characteristics and trends in labor force, employment and occupations in California, 1900-1950, by Davis McEntire. [Foreword by Clark Kerr.]
Labor in a free society
Labor markets and wage determination the balkanization of labor markets and other essays
Labor markets: their character and consequences
Labor mobility and economic opportunity : Essays
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation and International Association of Machinists : a case study
Marshall, Marx and modern times The multi-dimensional society
Masharu marukusu gendai.
Mensch in der industriellen Gesellschaft Die Probleme von Arbeit u. Management unter d. Bedingungen wirtschaftl. Wachstums
Mercados de trabajo y determinación de los salarios : la "balcanización" de los mercados de trabajo y otros ensayos
Métamorphose de l'université
Migration to the Seattle labor market area, 1940-1942
new opportunities for industrial relations, The
Observations on the relations between education and work in the people's republic of China report of a study group
problèmes de la politique des salaires dans le développement économique, Les
Productive enterprises of ... 1939.
Productivity and labour relations
Quality and equality : new levels of Federal responsibility for higher education : a special report and recommendations by the commission, December, 1968.
Quarterly journal of economics
San Francisco chronicle, Dec. 2, 2003
Sangyō shakai no yukue
Self-help ; a study of the cooperative barter movement of the unemployed in California, 1932-1933
short-run behaviour of physical productivity and average hourly earnings, The
structuring of the Labor force in industrial society new dimensions and new questions..., The
Toward a more perfect university
trade union movement and the redistribution of power in postwar Germany, The
Trade - Unionism and distributive Share S...
Troubled times for American higher education.
Union democracy the internal politics of the International typographical union
Unions and union leaders of their own choosing
Unions, management and the public
Universities : american english german
Uses of the university
Wage policy issues in economic development : proceedings
Work in America : the decade ahead
الصناعة واثرها فى المجتمعات والافراد
نظام صنعتى وانسان صنعتى
アメリカ高等教育の歴史と未来 : 21世紀への展望
アメリカ高等教育試練の時代 : 1990-2010年
インダストリアリズム : 工業化における経営者と労働
マーシャル・マルクス・現代 : 多次元の社会
産業社会のゆくえ : 収斂か拡散か
Thesis (M.A.)--Leland Stanford Junior University, 1933