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Elliot Bruce Goldenthal
Elliot Goldenthal
Elliot Goldenthal (American composer)
Elliot Goldenthal (Amerikaans componist)
Elliot Goldenthal (amerikansk komponist)
Elliot Goldenthal (amerikansk kompositör)
Elliot Goldenthal (compositeur américain)
Elliot Goldenthal (compositore statunitense)
Elliot Goldenthal (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Goldenthal, Elliot
Goldenthal, Elliot B.
Goldenthal, Elliot Bruce
Голденталь, Эллиот
Елиът Голдентал
ელიოტ გოლდენთალი
الیوت گولدنتال (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Cruise, Tom (1962-...)
Goldsman, Akiva (1962-)
Jordan, Neil (1950-)
Kilmer, Val (1959-)
Mann, Michael (1943-)
Pitt, Brad (1963-...)
Rice, Anne (1941-...)
Schumacher, Joel (1942-)
Sheffer, Jonathan
Taymor, Julie (1952-)
Warner bros
Warner home video France
20th Century Fox Trademark (Alien version) / Main Title
20th Century Fox Trademarks / Alien Version
36 Hadjini Street
Aaron Leaves
Aaron's Child
Aaron's Confession
Aaron's Plea
Abduction & Absolution
Across the universe
Act 1: Scene 1: Spring Awakening
Act 1: Scene 2: Childhood
Act 1: Scene 3: The Gross Wars
Act 1: Scene 4: The Shaper's Song
Act 1: Scene 5: The Dragon's Gold
Act 1: Scene 6: The Beast Awakens
Act 2: Scene 10: The Ultimate Act of Nihilism
Act 2: Scene 11: Dead of Winter
Act 2: Scene 12: The Coming of Beowulf
Act 2: Scene 7: O Hero
Act 2: Scene 8: The Queen's Eyes
Act 2: Scene 9: Flight of Fancy
Action, Guns, Fun
Adagio and Transfiguration
Adieu Gage
Admired Miranda
Aftermath (8M1), The
Agitato Dolorosa
Agnus Dei
AK-47 Scherzo
Albert's Illness
Alchemical Lightshow
Alien 3. Selections
Alien's Lair (10M0)
Alien³: Adagio
Alien³: Candles in the Wind
Alien³ (expanded original motion picture soundtrack)
Alien³: Lento
Alley Rumble / Screen Kiss
Andrew's Sting (6M4A)
Andrews’ Sting / What Are We Going to Do?
Anthem Deferred, An
Apian Stomp
Appreciative Of Your Affections (4M2)
Ariel Swarm
Armand Rescues Louis
Armand's Seduction
Arrows of the Gods
Asurrendering, An
Autopsy (2M4B)
Bad days
Bait and Chase (extended version)
Bandit, The
Bane Is Born
Barbara Arrives
Barbara's New Identity / Will You Trust Me? / Observatory
Barred Cities
Barrier City
Bat Descent / Arkham Asylum
Batcave Closeout / Dick Leaves Wayne Manor
Batcave / Nygmatech Tango / Public (demo)
Batman Forever: Chase Noir
Batman Forever: Main Title
Batman Forever: Mouth to Mouth Nocturne
Batman Forever: Nygma Variations
Batman Forever: Original Motion Picture Score Album
Batman Forever: Victory
Batman Overture, A
Batman & Robin: Complete Motion Picture Score
Batmobile / Introducing Two-Face
Beast Within (9M2), The
Between Bridge And Sky
Between Bridge And Water
Big Top Bomb
Bike Race
Billie's Arrest
Bishop Turned On (5M4)
Bitter Loss
Blast Off / Surfs Up
Blessed Mothers Carnival Night
Blood of the Apache
Blue Light
Bob's New Life
Boland Returns (Kitty's Waltz)
Boland's Death
Bopathonix Hex
Born to Darkness, Part I
Born to Darkness, Part II
Brass quintet no. 2, c1983:
Brave New World
Brothers, Part I, The
Brothers, Part II, The
brought you something Mommie, I
Building Nygmatech / Family of Zombies
Bullet Frenzy II
Burn It Blue
Burning Bed
butcher boy, The
Cage Iron
calavera, La
Candles In The Wind (5M2)
cementerio viviente, El
Chase Blanc
Chase Noir
Child Recalled, A
Chilling Chase, A
Chiron and Demetrius
Chow Down With The Boys (3M4)
Church Is Back / Louis Feeds Church / The Ragman
Circus Opening / The Flying Graysons / Death Drop
Civil War
Clair's Nocturne
Claudia's Allegro Agitato
Clemens Dies (6M4)
Code 187
Code Red (reprise)
Coffee Shop
Collins' Proposal
Confession to JC With Love
Confronting the Chief
Conspiracy / The Hunt
Cool Party Crasher
Costume Ball
Council Assembly
Coyoacán and Variations
Crash Landing
Cremation (3M2B), The
Cremation (alternate), The
Crossing the river
Crossroads / Vortex
Dead Rain
Dead Recollection
Deadly Choice, The
Death Dance
Death Do Us Part
Death of Planet
Deed of Policy / Mad Ole Titus / The Goddess of Justice Has Left the Earth, A
Defiance and Arrest
Defile & Lament
Demolition Man: The Original Orchestral Score
Departure, The
Dies Irae
Dog (2M3), The
Don't Shoot Me Baby
Dragon (6M1), The
Dream Doll
Dream Within, The
Drive to Bohemia
Droid-Rape (5M1)
droit de tuer
Drugstore cowboy
Easter Rebellion
Eighth Spirit, The
Elegy for a Sunday
Elegy Mirror
Elegy Ostinato
End Credits (13M2A)
end is the beginning is the end
Endorphin Spoon
Entrada and Adagio
Entrada and Shootout
Entrapment, The
Entretien avec un vampire
Escape to Paris
Event Entry 6-21-43
Explosion (7M2), The
Explosion and Aftermath (extended version)
Facts of Death / Bitter Loss (Flashback), The
False Accusation
Fascist Shuffle, The
Fate Scrapes
Fear Retrieval
Final Confrontation
Final Fantasy (Die Mächte in Dir): Adagio & Transfiguration
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within: 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Final fantasy the spirits within : les créatures de l'esprit
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Finale / Adagio
Fire and Arms
Fire Fight
Fire Water Paper: A Vietnam Oratorio: Part I. Offertorium
Fire Water Paper: A Vietnam Oratorio: Part II. Scherzo (giang co)
Fire Water Paper: A Vietnam Oratorio: Part III. Hymn
First Attack (4M1A)
First Attack (Film version), The
Flashback / Signal / Robin's Lament
Flawless Pearl
Flight to the Wasteland
Floating Bed, The
Floating Hex, The
Foolish games
Football Match
Forgotten Lore
Fox Searchlight Pictures / Clear Blue Sky Productions Logos
Francie Brady Not Our Lady
Francie Brady Show, The
Freeze on Ice / Renovations
Frida's Letter
Frozen Stiff
Full Fathom Five (feat. Ben Whishaw)
Fun and Games
Fun for me
Funeral / Coda
Gas Trap / Batman Phoenix
Gentle Exhuming / Dead Recollection
Gift, The
Go to Chase
Gold Coast Restaurant
Golden Gate: Golden Gate
good thief, The
Goodnight Nadine
Gotcha (12M4)
Gotcha / Hello, I Must Be Going
Gotham City Boogie
Gratitude Problem
Grendel: Transcendence of the Great Big Bad (Lincoln Center festival cast)
Guilty as Charged
Happy Halloween / The Bat / Love Scene / Twick or Tweat / Seize and Capture
Have a Safe Flight / Through the Eye
Have To Get To The Ship (9M1), I
Heat (feat. Kronos Quartet)
Heist and Hat
Hell Is Empty
Hello I Must Be Going (12M5)
HHalloween / Thanksgiving / Deadfall Invitation / To the Micmac Grounds
High Day Two-Step
His Majesty's Finest
Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me
Holy Rusted Metal
Home to Cork
homme de la riviera
Hope and Ordeal (alternate mix)
House on fire
How Do You Like Your Haircut (3M5)
How Do You Like Your New Haircut?
hunter gets captured by the game
I'm Not One For Begging (10M2)
Icing Gotham
Ill-Fated Plot / The Emperor's Trumpet
In dreams
In Somnis Veritas
In The Basement (9M3)
Interview With the Vampire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Invading Ivy's Garden
Irratic Behavior
It's A Long Sad Story (6M3)
It’s a Long Sad Story / Clemens Dies
It's Started (11M1)
It's Started Pt 2 (11M2-12M0)
It Won't Kill Me (10M1)
Ivy & Bruce
Ivy & Freeze Join Forces
JD Dies
Journey, The
Juan Darién
Judgment On Mason Street
Just Imagination / Rachel’s Blow Out
Justice Wheel
Kiss from a rose
Kiss, The
Kite and Truck
Kite / Rachel’s Dirty Secret / Up in Flames (Flashback), The
Kwan Ying
Latch Opens / The Return Game (Jud and Gage), The
Laundry Room Stunt
Lava Dogs
Lavinia Is Taken
Lavinia's Sorrow Printed Plain
Lazy eye
Lending a Hand
Lestat's Recitative
Lestat's Tarantella
Libera Me
Life In Desolation
Little Footprints #2 (alternate)
Look into my eyes
Louis' Revenge
Loves in the Dunes
Lucius Before the Gods
Lucky Eyes
Lullaby Elegy (extended version)
Machine Waltz
Mad Ole Titus
Madeleine's Lament
Main Title (1M1A)
Main Title Cont'd (1M1B)
Main Title (reprise)
Main Titles (alternate)
Main Titles & Fanfare
Manifest Fire
Marche Funebre
Mark, A Burn (4M4), A
Martyred Signs
Master Dick
Matters of Trust
Meeting Cocteau
Memories of Childhood
Memories Repressed / Love
Michael Collins
Missy’s Apology
Monkey Frenzy
Moon Watches, The
More Bait And Chase (12M1)
More Heists (alternate)
More Heists / Third Riddle / Nosy Robin
Morgue (2M4)
Morpheus Ascending
Motel Street Meltdown
Mouth to Mouth Nocturne
Moving day waltz
Mr. E's Dance Card (Rhumba, Foxtrot, Waltz & Tango)
Mr. F. Wadd
Museum Dis Duel
Museum Mayhem
Music for Dialogues
Music From the Motion Picture Frida
My Big Black Assault Weapon
My Ole Pal
New Empress, A
New Home / Moving Day Waltz / Ellie Falls From Swing / Gage Wanders, The
Nine lives minus seven
No Way Out
Nobody lives without love
Nygma After Hours / Brain Drain / You Are Terminated
Nygma & Chase Dance
Nygma's Apartment / Two-Face's Lair / Riddler's Entrance / Schizoid Stomp / Brain Drain Expo / Heist Montage
Nygma's Cubicle / Bat-Signal
Nygma Variations (An Ode to Science)
O Mistress Mine (feat. Reeve Carney)
Obcy 3
Obligatory Car Chase
Observatory Unveiling
Of Helplessness
Of Separation
Offering, An
On Cats Feet
One time too many
Opening (The Spirit Within)
Othello. Suite
Othello symphony
Outbreak Of Cholera (3M1)
Ouverture Français
Panda The Dog
Pandora's Fanfare
Partners Part / Seeing the Light
Partners Three
Path / Lullaby Waltz, The
Pavane for Loss
Pavane for Solace (Piano Solo)
Perils of Gotham, The
Perpetuum Mobile
Pet Sematary (alternate mix), The
Pet sematary. Selections
Pet Semetary, The
Phantom Crater
Phantom Plains, The
Phantoms Explained
Philimelagram, Part I
Philimelagram, Part II
Phone Call to Billie
Pickled Heads
Pieces, piano
Pig Fur Elise
Piped‐In Death (alternate source)
Plane to Chicago
Plantation Pyre
Poison Ivy / Mr. Freeze's Plans
Portrait of Lupe
Predator Diorama (feat. Kronos Quartet)
Premonition Lento
Preparing for the Feast
Pressing Judgement
Prison Break / Freeze's Lair / Beauty and the Beast
Procession & Obsequis
Prospera's Coda (feat. Beth Gibbons)
Public Enemies - JD Dies
Public Enemies - Plane To Chicago
Pull of Red, The
Pull of Regret, The
Pulled By Red
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 1
Quintets, trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba, no. 2
Quintus and Martius Ensnared
Race to Old New York
Rachel Against Time / Hope and Ordeal / Chorale
Rachel’s Blow out
Rachel's Dirty Secret
Rachel’s Return / Return Game Attack / I Brought You Something Mommie
Rebecca's Abduction
Redemption Rehearsal
Refinery Surveillance (feat. Kronos Quartet)
Reno Ho'
Return Game Attack
Return Game II (Louis and Gage) / Adieu Gage / Immolation / Death Do Us Part (Rachel Hugs Louis), The
Return to Rome
Revenge Wheel
Riddles Solved / Partners / Battleship
Rockefeller Center Meltdown
Rooftop Seduction / Roof Plunge
Roswell (Main Title)
Rough Magic
Rubber Room Stomp
Run For Your Life
Run Uphill
S.W.A.T. Sticker
Santiago's Waltz
Saturninus Before the Senate
Saturninus' Proposal / Setting Free the Goths
Saturninus' Speech / Enter Titus
Scent of Death
Scuba Fight / Claw Island / Emperor of Madness
Searching for Lifeforms
Secrets Revealed
Security Breach
Self-Portrait With Hair Down
Seventh Spirit
Sfera (1998.)
She Moved Through the Fair
Sid's Plan
Silver Screen Kiss
Sixth Spirit
Smash it up
Snake 5
Softest Heat, The
Sólo tú
Sonata, double bass, piano
Sour Grounds (alternate)
Sour Grounds / Foreboding Dreams / Discorporate
Spank Me! Overture
Sphere Discovery
Spirit Within ~ Phantom Plains
Spirit Within, The
Status Reports
Steel Cello Lament
Still Life
Storming the Observatory / Final Battle / A Helping Hand
Strategy Song
Subterranean Slugfest
Suicide / First Riddle / Second Riddle Delivered
Suicide of Dorothy Hale, The
Survivor Is A Woman (1M2-2M0), The
Swing Rave
Swing Reve
Symphony in G-sharp minor: I. Moderato con moto
Symphony in G-sharp minor: II. Rondo agitato
Take My Hand Precious Lord & Retribution
Tamora and Aaron Discovered
Tamora Intervenes
Tamora's Ascent
Tamora's Pastorale
Tamora's Plea / Revenge Wheel
Tell me now
Tempest, The
Tender Deception
Terror Adagio
That Cop Stole My Car
That's His Boot (4M3)
Théâtre des Vampires
Their Beast Within
Themes From Batman Forever (B-Side single)
There is a light
They Didn't Survive (2M1)
This Was Her Idea (11MA)
Three Chords In Two Minutes
Thug Fight
Time to Kill: Motion Picture Score, A
Titus Beholds Lavinia
Titus (complete score)
Titus' Gift
Titus's Vow
Titus Slays Mutius
To the Micmac Grounds
Toccata and Dreamscapes
Torch & Hood
Tracking Simon Phoenix
Train Station Farewell
Train to Granard
Trap The Alien-Dillon's Deliverance (12M2N3)
Tribute & Suffrage
True to myself
Tune for Da
Tuscon Flight
Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (1MA)
Two-Face's Demise
Two-Face's Entrance / Batman's Entrance
Two-Face Three Step
Under the Top
Up in flames
Verdict Fanfare (For Aaron)
Victorius Titus
Visit From Revenge, A
Visit to a Wreckage
Visit to the wreckage
Waltz for Anna
Warning Tour, The
Water Snake
Wet Screen Kiss / March On!
What Are We Going To Do (7M1-8M0)
Where are you now ?
Where the Bee Sucks (feat. Ben Whishaw)
While We Sleep
Whisper Dance
White Gardenia
White Sheet
Wilderness of Tigers, A
Winged Serpent
Winter Raid
Woman Cries, The
Woman Warrior, The
Wonder Waltz
Wraith Loops
Wreckage (2M2), The
Wreckage and Rape
Write It As Time
Yesterday's Jones
You Can Still Have A Life (13M1)
You Can Still Have a Life (alternate)
You're Going To Die Too (6M2)
Zeus Cannon
Contributed to or performed: 
Alien Trilogy, The
Alien: A Biomechanical Symphony
Batman & Robin
Batman & Robin: Music From and Inspired by the “Batman & Robin” Motion Picture
Batman & Robin: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Batman Trilogy, The
Classic Score, The
Drew's Famous Fright Flicks: The Sequel
Festiwal Muzyki Filmowej w Krakowie 2014
Fire Water Paper: A Vietnam Oratorio
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (original Music From the Motion Picture Batman Forever)
Hollywood '96
Klara Presents: The Original Soundtrack, Part 2
Primal Screen
Sympathy for the Devil
Symphony in G-sharp minor
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume Two
Varèse Sarabande: A 30th Anniversary Celebration
Watch the Skies