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Offizieller Name The Walkabouts
The Walkabouts
The Walkabouts (Musical group or band)
Walkabouts (Musical group or band)
began 1984 until 2015
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
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Related names: 
Austin, Paul (hasMember)
Chalenor, Fred (hasMember)
Eckman, Chris
Eckman, Chris (hasMember)
Hip Young Things
Moeller, Terri (hasMember)
Saunders, John Baker (hasMember)
Six Finger Satellite
Thin White Rope
Torgerson, Carla
Torgerson, Carla (hasMember)
Velocity Girl
Wells, Michael (hasMember)
Yo La Tengo
1 + 1
2012-01-23 Lido, Berlin, Germany
22 Disasters
Ahead Of The Storm
All for this
Almost Wisdom
And She Closed Her Eyes
Anvil Song, The
Are Not Like Us, The
Ask Me Another
(Audience Noise)
Augenblick Piano
Ballad of Moss Head
(Band Introduction)
Before This City Wakes
Big Black Car
Blown Away
Blue Head Flame
Bones of Contention
Bonnie & Clyde
Break It Down Gently
Breakneck Speed
Buffalo Ballet
Call Me Back Again
Cello Song
Certain Gift
Chain Gang
Christmas Valley (demo)
Climb (KUOW, Seattle; September 25th, 2003; Chris, Carla, & Glenn)
Cold Eye
Come Along
Come Ye
Coming Up for Air
Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)
Cotton-Eyed Joe
Cover of Darkness
Cowbells Shakin'
Crime Story
Dead man rise
Dear Darling
Death at Low Water
Death Metal (fragement, 2004)
Death's Black Train
Death's Threshold Step #2
Death Valley days lost songs and rarities, 1985 to 1995
Desert Skies (Black Light mix)
Desperate Ones, The
Devil in the Detail
Devil in the Details (KUOW, Seattle; September 9th, 2004; Chris & Carla)
Devil’s Road (demo)
Devil’s Road (live at the Bad)
Dieser Augenblick von Ewigkeit (Andre Heller Sessions; Carla, Glenn, Andre)
Disamistade (live)
Discover the rhythms of folk rock
Drag This River
Drille Terriers
Drown (single edit)
Drunk (On a Civilized Rule)
Drunken soundtracks the Walkabouts - Lost songs & rarities 1995 - 2001
Dustland Songwriting Demos, The
Dustlands, The
End in Tow
Ended Up a Stranger (Antena 3, Lisbon; September 13th, 2001; Chris & Carla)
Eveningland (Abendland)
Every River Will Burn
Everyone Kisses a Stranger
Fairground Blues
Fallen Down Moon (Haunted Weather mix)
Feast or Famine
Feel Like Going Home
Feeling No Pain
Findlay's Motel (live at the Paradiso)
Follow Me an Angel
Forever Gone (demo)
Forgiveness Song
Free Money
Frisco Mabel Joy revisited
Fuck Your Fear
Gather Round
Getaway, The
Glad Nation's Death Song (Athens, 2012-01-28)
Glass Palace
Glory Road
Going underground
Good luck morning
Goodbye (to All That)
Got No Chains
Grand Theft Auto
Hang Man
Harbour Lights (demo)
Hard Winds Blowin'
Harvey's Quote to Me
Have You Ever Seen the Morning?
Hell’s Soup Kitchen
Hole in the Mountain
Home as Found
Hope in Anchor
Horizon Fade
House of the Rising Sun
How Many Times (Must the Piper Be Paid for His Song)
I'm Sorry
Immigrant Song
Inaguration Day
Inauguration Day
Intro / Every River Will Burn
Jack Candy
John Reilly
Jumping Off
Last Ditch
Last Ones, The
Last Tears
Lazarus Heart
Leaving Kind (No Violin), The
Leb' Wohl
Lest We Forget (Greedy Angel mix)
Let's Burn Down the Cornfield
Life: The movie : Collected films & clips
Lift your burdens up
Light Will Stay On (album version), The
Light Will Stay On (Country mix), The
Light Will Stay On (demo), The
Light Will Stay On (single version), The
Like a Hurricane
Lilac Wine
Linda Evans / Cyclone
Long Black Veil
Long Drive in a Slow Machine
Long Time Here
Loom of the Land
Lover's Crime
Maggie's Farm
Mai Tai Time
Man From Reno
Mary Edwards
Master of None
Medicine Hat
More Heat Than Light (Silk or Cedar Mix)
Mr. Clancy
Murdering Stone
My Diviner
Mystery Mountain Chronicles
New West Motel
Night Drive (Truck Stop version)
Night Watch, The
Nightbirds (demo)
Nighttown (Deluxe Edition)
No One the Wiser
No Rhyme, No Reason
No You Won't (fragment, 2001)
Nobody's Fault but Mine
Northsea Train
Nothing Is a Stranger (live at the Paradiso)
Old Crow
On the Beach
On the Day (Bone mix)
Pass Me on Over
People Such as These (Kevin's dub)
Poor Side of Town
Prayer for You
Prisoner of Texas
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
Radient (Multikulti, Berlin; October 15th, 2003; Chris & Carla)
Radio Jam (Andre Heller Sessions; Chris)
Rag and bone - Cataract
Rag & Bone Plus Cataract
Rage On
Rainmaker Blues (Vienna, 2012-01-15)
Rattlesnake Theme
Rebecca Wild
return of the furious swampriders, The
Revolution come + [and] gone
River Blood
River People, The
Robert McFarlane Blues
Ruf und Echo
Sand & Gravel Strings
Sanitorium Blues (instrumental) (instrumental)
Satisfied mind
See beautiful rattlesnake gardens
See It in the Dark
Setting the woods on fire
Shelter for an Evening
Shine a Light
Shot Bayou
Silver City
Slow Days With Nina
Slow Red Dawn (demo)
Slow Red Dawn (Geislingen, 2012-01-13)
Snake Mountain Blues
Solex in a Slipshod Style
Something's Gone Wrong Again
Sorry Angel
Sort of Homecoming - Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012-01-16, A
Soul Thief
Specimen Days
Stir the Ashes
Stopping-Off Place (Chris, Carla, & Glenn), The
Storms Are on the Ocean, The
Straight to the Stars
Sub pop 200
Sub pop employee of the month
Sweet Revenge
(Thank You, Good Night, Crowd Noise)
That Black Guitar
That’s How I Live
Theme from 'Where the Air Is Cool and Dark'
These Proud Streets
They Are Not Like Us
Thieves Like Us
Thin of the Air (Vienna, 2012-01-15)
This is Fort Apache
This Rotten Tree
Till I Reach You
To hell and back: The walkabouts - Live in Europe 1994
Tools of the Trade
Trail of stars
Train Leaves at 8 (To Treno Feygei Stis Oxto), The
Train Leaves at Eight, The
Train to Mercy (Italia version)
Travels in the Dustland
Tremble (Goes the Night)
Trouble Time
Unholy Dreams
Up in the Graveyard
Wake Me Up Before I Sleep
Watermarks (Selected songs, 1991 to 2002)
Wellspring, The
When Fortune Smiles
Where the air is cool and dark music from the motion picture
Where the Deep Water Goes
Whereabouts Unknown
Whiskey XXX
Wicked Skipper, The
Wild Sky Revelry (Hamburg, 2012-01-24)
Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
Winslow Place
Wondertown, Part One
Wondertown (Part Two)
Wreck Of The Old #9
Yesterday Is Here
Your hope shines
Zillo-Jubiläums-Compilation 1989 - 1994
Contributed to or performed: 
2 Meter Sessies, Volume 5
25×25: Der Soundtrack Deines Lebens
Abre los ojos
Absolutely Live 2003
All Songs Considered 3
Bite Back: Live at the Crocodile Cafe
Blue Head Flame
Bodyhorst Popshow 4
Bonnie & Clyde
Bouquet of Dreams, Volume 2
Brittle Days: A Tribute to Nick Drake
Classic Rock #008: Classic Cuts No.6
Collection 96: The Best of Festivals
Come Fly With Us: A Glitterhouse Compilation
Come Fly With Us: A Glitterhouse Compilation (disc 1)
Definitivt BEAT, Nummer 1•96
Empire Strikes Back! A Glitterhouse Compilation, The
Facelifted: A Tribute to the Establishment, Volume 1
Findlay's Motel
Follow Me an Angel
Für immer jung
Girl From the North Country
Girl of the North Country (Ljubljana, 2012-01-16)
Got No Chains: The Songs of the Walkabouts
Grunge Years, The
Harbour Lights
Have One
High Fidelity Reference CD No. 27
In the Name of Love, Volume 2
Inrockuptibles présentent : Un été 97, Les
It Crawled From the Basement: The Green Monkey Records Anthology
Lift Your Burdens Up
Like a Hurricane: A Tribute to Neil Young
Lucien Forever - A Tribute To Serge Gainsbourg
Lutz R. Mastmeyer: Sub Pop Employee of the Month
Mille papaveri rossi
MTV Fresh, Volume 2
Musikexpress 24: Glitterhouse Records
Musikexpress 67: Glitterhouse Records
Nevermind! Glitterhouse Is 20!
Nevermind! Glitterhouse Is 20! (disc 4: No Depression: Another Late Night mix by Prince Koolski)
New Rides of the Furious Swampriders
Out of the Blue, Volume 1
Out of the Blue, Volume 10
Out of the Blue, Volume 12
Out of the Blue, Volume 2
Out of the Blue, Volume 4
Out of the Blue, Volume 6
Out of the Blue, Volume 7
Rebecca Wild
Revolution Come & Gone
Rock Garden, Volume 6
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 72
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 13
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 37
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 4
Ruf und Echo
Sanatarium Blues
Slow Red Dawn
Soul Thief
Sound of Κλικ, Volume 2, The
Sounds of the New West
Sounds, Volume 7: Alles nur geklaut! 10 deutsche Klassiker - neu interpretiert
Studio Brussel: 't Gaat vooruit '96
Sub Pop 200
There I Was, in the Second World War
There's a Hole in Heaven Where Some Sin Slips Through
This Is Fort Apache
This Note's for You Too!
Tremble (Goes the Night)
Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim, A
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 64
Wild CD 05
Wild CD 07: Live at Roskilde ’96
Winchester 99
Zillo Jubiläums-Compilation 1989-1994