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Herbert Stohart
Herbert Stothart
Herbert Stothart (Amerikaans componist (1885-1949))
Herbert Stothart (compositeur américain)
Herbert Stothart (compositore statunitense)
Herbert Stothart (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Stothart, H.
Stothart, Herbert
Stothart, Hubert
Стотгарт, Г
Стотгарт, Герберт
Стотхарт, Герберт
هربرت استوتهارت
1885-1949, Songwriter, arranger, conductor, and composer
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Forrest, George (1915-1999)
Friml, Rudolf (1879-1972)
Garson, Greer (1904-1996)
Hammerstein, Oscar (1895-1960)
Harbach, Otto (1873-1963)
Harbach, Otto Abels (1873-1963)
Jennings, Talbot (1894-1985)
Novarro, Ramon (1899-1968)
Ruby, Harry
Stoll, Georgie (1905-1985)
Stroks, Oskars (1893-1975)
Tracy, Spencer (1900-1967)
Warner home video France
Wright, Bob
Youmans, Vincent (1898-1946))
Zito, Torrie
Addenda to Feelin' the Sun
Addenda to Her Decision
Am I not your girl?
amants de Venise
amours de Don Juan
anges dans nos campagnes (3 min 06 s)
Anna Karenina
Annihilated Village
Are You Afraid? / Traitor / Buying Poison
Are You With Us?
At the Savoy / Dreams at the Savoy
At the Tavern
Aventura Adventure
Back to the Yorkshire Moors
Bildnis des Dorian Gray, Das
Birds and Angels
Blossoms in the dust
Bull Terrier / Infraction of Regulations
Can Kill, I
Can Walk, I
Chanson gitane
chanteur de Mexico
Chee Lai
chevaliers du ciel
Chinese Quisling
Cloud Covers My Mind / Mark the Land / Men Who Love Peace / It Is Time Now / Flames for China / Final Episode / Coda, A
Could Capture Quebec / Repeated Instructions, I
Crippled Boy
Crofton’s Vengeance
Cuban Love Song
David Copperfield
Dead Indian’s Head / Avery / Hunt Is Reminiscent / Langdon Drags Back / Friendship
Dealing With the Enemy / This Is the Beginning / All Men Are Brothers
Ding dong ! The witch is dead (4 min 57 s)
Donkey serenade, from "The Firefly". Lyric by Bob Wright and Chet Forrest. Chant et piano
Dragon Seed
drei Musketiere, Die
est né, le divin enfant (2 min), Il
Exit and Addenda to Crown Point
Farmer Comes to Town, A
Fawn Ballet Chorus Addenda
Fife and Drums Corps / Inspection
fils de Lassie
Final Episode
firefly., The
First Swamp / Morning
Flute Addenda
Flying Birds Bewilder Them, The
Fort Wentworth
Get to Your Homes
Grandfather Speaks
Harvard Pie / Calling on Elizabeth
Home From the Meeting
Human Chain
Hungry (insert -- revised vocal)
Idiot's Delight
If I only had the nerve (2 min 36 s)
If I were king of the forest (3 min 18 s)
Indian Messengers / Provisions for Men
It's Me! Jody!
It Should Be Christmas
Jade Discovered / The Death of Wu Lien
Jimmie (medley)
Kitty Continued / Kitty Grows Up
Langdon Is Wounded
Last March, The
Lieutenant Sans Gêne
Little Farmer
Little Marriage
Long Boat Row / French and Indians / French Camp Fires
Lullaby (Men Chiang) / Visit to Parents
Ma, I'm Hungry
Magic Pictures, The
magicien d'Oz
Main Title / Laddie (Beginning)
Main Title [Oginal Oening]
Main Title [Orchestra Only]
Main Title / Portsmouth Harbor
Material for a New Dress
Michel Strogoff
Mīlas sauciens
Minuit, chrétiens (3 min 40 s)
Mon beau sapin (2 min 15 s)
Mother & End Title (alternate fragments)
Mother & End Title (alternate version) / Addendum
Mrs. Miniver
Munchkinland (2 min 34 s)
My Husband’s Handiwork / Sweets With Opium
My Shadow / I’ve Found You Waiting / A Farmer Buys a Book
Naples au baiser de feu
National Velvet
night at the Opera, A
No, no, Nanette
Noël blanc (3 min 05 s)
Noël des petits santons (3 min 10 s)
Noël du Père Noël (3 min)
Noël pour un enfant roi (3 min)
Northwest passage
nuit à l'opéra, Une
Obliged to Make It
Occupied Village / Locked Storage
One look at you
Opening Title and Narration [From Hills of Home]
Opening Title & Asylum (instrumental)
Opening Title (English voices) / This Is the Valley of Ling
Opening Title / Foreword / April 1878
Optimistic Voices
Orchid Ravished / Sounds of Death / Sign of Wu Lien
Over the Hill
Over the rainbow (2 min 13 s)
Overseas Title
Paso al noroeste
pays du sourire
Planes Taxiing / Plane Overdue
polka des lampions
Pour Don Carlos
Pride and prejudice
Prime Minister Reception
Prince de Madrid
Queen Christina
Rain Came / Take Your Places / The March Begins / I Miss Them / The Enemy Came Closer
Random Harvest / The Yearling
Rebelión a bordo Mutiny on the bounty
Reflection / Summer Was Gone
Rogers Convinces Amherst
roman de Marguerite Gauthier
Romeo y Julieta Romeo and Juliet
Rose de Noël
Rose-Marie: Act I. Indian Love Call (Rose-Marie, Jim)
Rose-Marie: Act I. Lak Jeem (Rose-Marie, Ensemble)
Rose-Marie: Act I. Pretty Things (Rose-Marie, Ensemble)
Rose-Marie: Act I. Rose-Marie (Jim, Sgt. Malone)
Rose-Marie: Act I. The Mounties (Sgt. Malone, Ensemble)
Rose-Marie: Act I. Totem Tom-Tom (Wanda, Ensemble)
Rose-Marie: Act I. Vive la Canadienne (Sgt. Malone, Ensemble)
Rose-Marie: Act I. Why Shouldn't We? (Lady Jane, Herman)
Rose-Marie: Act II. Door of My Deams (Ensemble)
Rose-Marie: Act II. I Love Him (Rose-Marie, Jim, Hawley, Emile, Ethel, Wanda)
Rose-Marie: Act II. One Man Woman (Lady Jane, Herman, Ensemble)
Rose-Marie: Act II. Only a Kiss (Herman, Lady Jane, Sgt. Malone)
Rose-Marie: Act II. Pretty Things - Reprise (Ethel Ethel Brander, Girls)
Rose-Marie: Act II. The Minuet of the Minute (Rose-Marie, Herman)
Rose-Marie: Chant Indien
Rose Marie : musical play : (A romance of the canadian rockies) ; music by Rudolf Friml & Herbert Stothart. - London ; Sydney, cop. 1924.
Rose-Marie: "Oh ! Ma Rose-Marie"
Rose-Marie: Overture
Rose=Marie: Act I. Hard-Boiled Herman (Herman, Ensemble)
roses blanches, Les
Roz-Mari operetta v 3 dejstvijach, 8 kartinach : pereloženije dlja penija s fortepiano
San Francisco
Say It / Rudling Kennels
sea of grass, The
Seasons Bring a Grandson Part 2 / The Call for Volunteers, The
Second Swamp / Leaving Webster Behind
secret de Marco Polo
Serenata de las mulas The donkey serenade : foxtrot de la película "La espía de Castilla"
seul regard
She Is Ma Daisy (source music)
Shepherd's serenade
Somebody's Sweetheart (medley)
Son of Lassie
Song of the flame.
Student Uprising
Sun, The
Susana y Dios Susan and God
Tarzan's New York adventure
Teach Me to Read / We Shall Be Ancestors
temples de l'opérette Chatelet, Gaîté lyrique, Mogador
That’s Where His Heart Is / Lowering the Colors
There's no place like home (1 min 20 s)
There’s the Lake / Take a Vote
These Are the People (Chee Lai)
They Seem to Have a Plan / These Are the People (Chee Lai)
They were expendable
Through the Elements / Some Met Death / The Cord Is Red / The Seasons Bring a Grandson Part 1
Through the Rain / Indian Atrocities
Thy Will Be Done (alternate mix)
Tired Marchers
Title Fanfare / Opening Title (instrumental) / Foreword (long version)
To Find a Name
To Find a Northwest Passage
To Find Jade
To the St. Francis River
Tobacco Shop Meeting / Medley / Leaving Biffers (incomplete mixes)
Today we live
toison d'or
Training Routine
Trucker Anthem
Try to Remember / Finale
Valse berceuse
vedettes chantent Noël
veuve joyeuse, La : valse "L'heure exquise"
Violettes impériales
Visa pour l'amour
Visit to Parents
Voice That Breathed O'er Eden / Wedding Remembrance (O Perfect Love ) /Someone You Once Knew
wanna be loved by you, I
Waterloo Bridge. Selections
We Are Not Dogs
We're off to see the wizard
What Happened to You
What’s This Map?
Wizard of Oz: Concert Suite, The
You’ll See a Nation
Youngest Son, The
Танцевальная музыка тридцатых годов в нетрудном изложении для фортепиано
كبرياء وتحامل
Contributed to or performed: 
30 Stars: Movies
Broadway Through the Gramophone, Volume 3: The Musical Stage in the War Years: 1914-1920
Broadway Through the Gramophone, Volume 4: From the Great War to the Talkies: 1920-1929
Clown Sergeant / The Escape / Through the Rapids
Donkey Serenade, The
Indian Love Call, From "Rose-Marie"
It’s Laddie
Laddie at Airfield & Waiting Dog
Leading the Blind
Lullaby (Men Chiang) / Visit to Parents
Mischievous Puppy / My First Cake
Northwest Passage: Classic Western Scores from M-G-M Volume 2
Over the Rainbow (From “The Wizard of Oz”)
Parachute Landing
Rose-Marie (Title Track)
Seeking His Master
Somebody's Sweetheart (medley)
Underground / Disconsolate Laddie (Damaged)