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Soft machine
Soft Machine (Musical group or band)
The Soft Machine
began 1966-09 until 1984-08
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Allen, Daevid (hasMember)
Ayers, Kevin (hasMember)
Babbington, Roy (hasMember)
Charig, Marc (hasMember)
Cochran, Eddie (1938-1960)
Cook, Steve (hasMember)
Dean, Elton (hasMember)
Dobson, Lyn (hasMember)
Etheridge, John (hasMember)
Evans, Nick (hasMember)
Holdsworth, Allan (hasMember)
Holly, Buddy (1936-1959)
Hopper, Hugh (hasMember)
Howard, Phil (hasMember)
Jenkins, Karl (17.02.1944)
Jenkins, Karl (hasMember)
Marshall, John (hasMember)
Ratledge, Mike (hasMember)
Rea, Chris (1951-)
Sanders, Ric (hasMember)
Skidmore, Alan (hasMember)
Summers, Andy (hasMember)
Wakeman, Alan (hasMember)
Warleigh, Ray (hasMember)
Wyatt, Robert (hasMember)
10:30 Returns to the Bedroom (reprise)
12/8 Theme
3 / 4 Blues Thing in F
30 Returns to the Bedroom
37 ½
5 From 13 (For Phil Seamen With Love & Thanks)
Alive and Well - Huffin
Alive and Well in Paris
Alive and Well - Puffin
Alive and Well - Soft Space
Alive and Well - The Nodder
All White (take 2)
And Sevens
As If
As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still
At Sixes
At the beginning
B O, L
Ban‐Ban Caliban
Band Intros
BBC in Concert 1971
BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert 1972
BBC Radio 1967-1971
BBC Radio 1971-1974
Behind the Crystal Curtain
Belsize Parked
(Black) Velvet Mountain
Blind Badger
Bolivar Blues
Bone Fire
Bossa Nova Express
Box 25/4 Lid
Breda Reactor
British Tour '75
Broken Hill
Bundles - Four Gongs Two Drums
Bundles - Hazard Profile Part 1
Bundles - Hazard Profile Part 2
Bundles - Hazard Profile Part 3
Bundles - Hazard Profile Part 4
Bundles - Hazard Profile Part 5
Bundles - Peff
Bundles - The Man Who Waved At Trains
Camden Tandem, The
Carol Ann
Certain Kind, A
Chloe and the Parates
Chloe and the Pirates
City Steps
Clarence in Wonderland
Concise British Alphabet, Part 2 / Hullo Der / Dada Was Here / Thank You Pierrot Lunaire / Have You Ever Been Grean? / Pataphysical Introduction, Part 2, A
Concise British Alphabet, Part I, A
Concise British Alphabet, Part II, A
Concise British Alphabet, Part One, A
Concise British Alphabet, Part Two, A
Cruise to the Edge 2019
Da Da Bee / Bolivar Blues
Dada Insanity Vol. 3 - Conquer America (1968)
Dada Was Here
Dark Swing / Intropigling
Day’s Eye
Dear Old Benny Green Is a Turning in His Grave
Dear Olde Benny Green Is a Turning in His Grave
Dedicated to You but You Weren’t Listening
Door Opens and Closes, A
Down the Road
Drifting White
Drum Link
Drum Solo
Ealing Comedy
Eamon Andrews
Eamonn Andrews / All White
Eanmonn Andrews
Encore Improvisation / Stumble (reprise)
Esther’s Nose Job (Extract)
Esther’s Nose Job (reprise)
Facelift (1969)
Facelift (1970)
Facelift (excerpt)
Facelift / Mousetrap / Noisette / Backwards / Mousetrap Reprise
Faces and Places Vol. 7
Fanfare, All White, Between, Riff, 37 1/2
Fanfare / All White (edit)
Fanfare / All White / MC / Drop
Feelin’, Reelin’, Squealin’
Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin' (Bonus Track)
Feelin’ Reelin’ Squeezin’
Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging (reprise)
First Continuous Set
Fletcher’s Blemish
Flight Of The Jett
Floating World Live
Floating World, The
Four Gongs Two Drums
Fourteen Hour Dream
Fourth / Fifth
Frederique la Poisson avec frite sur le dos
French Lesson, The
Gentle Turn
German Lesson, The
Gesolreut, EPV, Lefty, Stumble, 5 from 13, Riff II
Gesolreut (live)
Gone Sailing
Ground Lift
Have You Ever Bean Green?
Have You Ever Been Green?
Hazard Profile, Part 1
Hazard Profile, Part 2
Hazard Profile, Part 3
Hazard Profile, Part 4
Hazard Profile, Part 5
Hazard Profile Part One
Hazard Profile Parts 1-4
Heart Off Guard
Hibou Anemone and Bear (excerpt)
Hibou Anemone and Beer
Hidden details
Hope for Happiness (reprise)
Hot-Biscuit Slim
I’d Rather Be With You
I'm so Low
Improvisation / 10:30 Returns to the Bedroom
Instant Pussy
Intro (Michael Sadler)
Isle of the Blessed
Jet-Propelled Photograph
Jet-propelled photographs
John Peel introduction
Joy of a Toy
K’s Riff
Kings and Queens
Kings of Canterbury
Land of cockayne
Land of the Bag Snake
Life On Bridges
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Little Floating Music, A
Little Miss B
Live at Henie Onstad Art Centre 1971
Live at Royal Albert Hall in London on 13th August 1970
Live at the Paradiso
Live at the Proms 1970
Live in France
Live in the 70s
Lot of What You Fancy..., A
Lotus Groves
Love Makes Sweet Music (Bonus Track)
Lullaby Letter / Priscilla / Lullaby Letter (reprise)
Lullabye Letter
Man in a Deaf Corner: Anthology 63-70
Man Who Waved At Trains (reprise), The
May I ? (instrumental variant)
Medley: The Relegation of Pluto / Tarabos / Sideburn / Hazard Profile Part1
Middle Earth Masters
Moon in June (demo)
Moon in June (excerpt)
Moon in June (reprise)
Moon in June, The
Mousetrap / Noisette / Backwards / Mousetrap Reprise / Esther’s Nose Job
Moustrap, Noisette, Backwards, Mousetrap Reprise
NDR Jazz Workshop - Hamburg, Germany 1973
Neo Caliban Grides
Nettle Bed
Night Sky
Nodder, The
North Point
Number Three
Odds Bullets and Blades, Part I
Odds Bullets and Blades, Part II
Odds Bullets And Blades Part One
Odds Bullets And Blades Part Two
Odds Bullets and Blades Pt 1
Odds Bullets and Blades Pt 2
One Across
One Glove
One Over the Eight
Orange Skin Food-A Door Opens and Closes-10:30 Returns to the Bedroom
Organic Matter / One Over the Eight
Original album classics
Out Bloody Intro
Out-Bloody-Rageous: An Anthology 1967-1973
Out Bloody Rageous / Eamonn Andrews / All White / Kings and Queens / Teeth / Pigling Bland / 10.30 Returns to the Bedroom
Out-Bloody-Rageous (excerpt)
Out Bloody Rageous (Part 1)
Out of Season
Out of Tunes
Over 'n' Above
Palace of Glass
Part 2 (Toccatina)
Part 5
Part I: 37½
Part I: All White
Part I: Fanfare
Part I: Link 1/Link 2
Part I: Link 3
Part I: Riff
Part II: Chloe and the Pirates
Part II: Down the Road
Part II: E.P.V.
Part II: Gesolreut
Part II: Link 3a
Part II: Link 4
Part II: One Across
Part II: Riff II
Part II: Stanley Stamp's Gibbon Album
Part II: Stumble
Pataphysical Introduction, Part 2
Pataphysical Introduction, Part I
Pataphysical Introduction, Part II
Pataphysical Introduction, Part One
Peel Sessions, The
Penny Hitch (coda)
Pigling Band
Pigling Bland
Plain Tiffs
Plus belle qu’une poubelle
Recorded for John Peel’s Top Gear Show
Riff II
Riff III
Riff (live)
Robert Wyatt’s Vocal Improvisation
Rock and pop feelings
Rubber Riff
Sam’s Short Shuffle
Save Yourself
Second Bundle
Second Continuous Set & Encore
She’s Gone
Should Have Known, I
Should’ve Known, I
Sign of Five
Slightly All the Time / Noisette
Slightly All the Time / Out Bloody Rageous / Eamonn Andrews
Sly Monkey
So Boot If at All
Soft Machine - 5
Soft Machine - Alive & [and] well recorded in Paris
Soft Machine - Fourth - Fifth
Soft Machine - seven
Soft Machine - six
Soft Machine, The
Soft Machine - third
Soft Machine Turns On, Volume 1
Soft Machine Turns On Volume 2
Soft Space Part One
Soft Space Part Two
Soft Wead Factor, The
Soft Weed Factor, The
Softs / Alive and Well (Recorded in Paris) / Bundles
Softs - Aubade
Softs - Ban Ban Caliban
Softs - Camden Tandem
Softs - Etika
Softs - Kayoo
Softs - Nexus
Softs - One Over The Eight
Softs - Second Buncle
Softs - Song Of Aeolus
Somewhere in Soho
Song of Aelous
Song of Aeolus
Song of Aeulus
Song of the Sunbird
Spaced Five
Spaced Four
Spaced One
Spaced Seven
Spaced Six
Spaced Three
Spaced Two
Spraunce, The
Stanley Stamp's Gibbon Album
Stanley Stamps Gibbon Album (For B.O.)
Strangest Scene (AKA Lullaby Letter)
Surrounding Silence
Switzerland 1974
Tale of Taliesin, The
Tales of Takiesin
Tales Of Taliesin (The EMI Years Anthology 1975-1981)
Tanglewood Tails
Teeth, Pigling Bland
Thank You Pierrot Lunaire/Have You Ever Bean Green?/Pataphysical Introduction, Part 2: (live)
That’s How Much I Need You Now
Triple Echo
Turns On: An Early Collection
Two Down
Untouchable, The
Virtually, Part 1
Virtually, Part 2
Virtually, Part 3
Virtually, Part 4
Virtually, Part Four
Volume One
Volume Two
Volumes One & Two
We Did It Again / Plus Belle Qu’une Poubelle / Why Are We Sleeping?
We Know What You Mean
Welcome to Frillsville
When I Don’t Want You
White Kite
Why Am I So Short? / So Boot If at All / A Certain Kind
Why Are We Sleeping?
You Don’t Remember
Contributed to or performed: 
25 ans avant Nova
Ars Longa Vita Brevis
Back on the Road
Britrock: The Best of British Classic Rock
Canterburied Sounds
Canterburied Sounds, Volume 2
Canterbury Tales
Cocktail Mol6t8v : La bande son de la révolte
Cosmic Rock Gods
Cuneiform Promo 4
Cuneiform Story
Deck Safari, Part One
Different Every Time
Fabuleuse Histoire du rock: Rock progressif, La
Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental and Avant-Garde Music 1976-1984
High Intensity Discharge
History & The Mystery of Gong, The
History & The Mystery, The
Impossible But True: The Kim Fowley Story
Introduction To Cuneiform Records - Selections From All Of Our 2002 Releases And More, An
Jon Savage's 1967: The Year Pop Divided
Live 1963
Love Makes Sweet Music
Lullabies for Catatonics
Lullabies for Catatonics: A Journey Through the British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74
Mojo Presents: In Search of Syd: 15 Mind-Bending Freak-Outs
New Age Babel
Prog Rock Giants
Prog Rocks! Volume Two
Prognosis 13
Progressive Rock Box Set, The
Progressive Rock Trilogy
Psychedelic Sixties, The
Real Life Permanent Dreams: A Cornucopia of British Psychedelia 1965-1970
Riot 1969
Rubber Riff
Rubble Collection Volumes 1 - 20, The
Rubble Collection Volumes 11 - 20, The
Rubble, Volume 20: Thrice Upon a Time (Nothing Is Real)
Spirit of Joy: Tales From the Polydor Underground ● 1967-1974
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1971: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s: The Joe Boyd Story