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Go-Betweens (Musical group or band)
Go-Betweens, The
Offizieller Name The Go-Betweens
The Go-Betweens
The Go‐Betweens (Musical group or band)
began 1978 until 2006
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brown, Amanda (hasMember)
Famous B. Brothers
Forster, Robert (1957-)
Forster, Robert (hasMember)
Gedge, David
Lightning Seeds
McLennan, Grant (1958-2006)
McLennan, Grant (hasMember)
Morrison, Lindy (hasMember)
Newman, Colin
Pickvance, Adele (hasMember)
Thompson, Glenn (hasMember)
Wedding Present
Young, Neil (1945-)
16 Lovers Lane Acoustic Demos
1980-04-17: Glasgow Technical College, Glasgow, UK
5 Album Set
78 ’til 79: The Lost Album
8 Pictures
All About Strength
All the Time
Am an Architect, I
Apology Accepted (extract)
Apples in Bed
Arrow in a Bow
Arrow in a Boy
Art Cinema
As Long as That
Ashes on the Lawn
Baby Stones
Bachelor Kisses
Bad Debt Follows You, A
Before Hollywood
Bellavista Terrace: Best of The Go-Betweens
Big Sleeping City
Black Mule
Born to a Family
Botany Tapes, The
Boundary Rider
Bow Down
Bright yellow bright orange
Broadway Bride
By Chance
Bye Bye Pride (extract)
Bye Bye Pride (radio session)
Caroline and I
Casanova’s Last Words
Cattle and Cane (live)
Child of God
Circle You
Clarke Sisters (early version), The
Clock, The
Clowns Are in Town, The
Cold Flame (It Burns)
Cracked Wheat
Crooked Lines
Crystal Shacks
Cut It Out
Danger in the Past
Darlinghurst Nights
Day Before Tomorrow
Day for Night
Days My Eyes Came Back, The
Dear Black Dream
Demos for the "Lullaby" LP
Devil’s Eye (extract), The
Distant Hands
Dive for Your Memory (extract)
Do It Like the Devil Did
Don’t Call Me Gone
Don't Let Him Come Back (new version)
Doo Wop in “A” (Bam Boom)
Draining the Pool for You
Dream About Tomorrow
Dusty in Here
Easier Said Than Done
Easy Come, Easy Go
Eight Pictures
Emperor’s Courtesan
Erotic Sunshine
Exception of Deception, The
Finding You
Five Words
friends of Rachel Worth, The
G Stands for Go-Betweens Sampler
G Stands for Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology, Volume 2
G Stands for Go-Betweens, Volume 1
German Farmhouse
Ghost and the Black Hat, The
Girl Lying on a Beach, A
Girls Have Moved, The
Going blind
Green Light Don’t Mean Go, The
Hammer the Hammer
Haunted House
Have You for My Own
Haven't I Been a Fool (live)
He Lives My Life
Head Full of Steam (remix)
Head Over Heels
Heart and Home
Heaven Says
Help or Something
Here Comes a City
Here They Come
Hold Your Horses
Hope Then Strife (extract)
House of Snakes
House That Jack Kerouac Built, The
How I Wish This War Was Over
I’m All Right
I'm Allright
I’m Gonna Knock on Your Door
I’ve Been Looking for Somebody
Ich zahl' nicht mehr! - Rock & [and] wave
If I Was a Rich Man / The House Jack Kerouac Built (radio session)
If One Thing Can Hold Us
In Her Diary
In the Core of a Flame
In the Core of the Flame
Instant Replay
Introduction to Acoustic Session
Introduction to Electric Session
It Could Be Anyone
It Had to Be Me
It Took You a Week
Just a King in Mirrors
Just Get Caught Out (early version), I
Just Get That Straight
Just Hang On
Just Right for Him
King in Mirrors, A
Know What I Like, I
Know What It's Like Without, I
Know Why, I
Lee Remick
Liberty belle and the black diamond express
Life at Hand, The
Little Joe
Little Romance, A
Live in London
Live on Snap with Deidre O'Donoghue
Live on SNAP With Deirdre O’Donoghue
Living the Life at Hand
Locust Girls, The
Long Lonely Day
Love Goes On! (extract)
Love Is a Sign (extract)
Love Wasn’t Made for You and Me
Love You, Still, I
Magic in Here
Make Her Day
Making It Right for Her
Man O’Sand to Girl O’Sea
Man Who Died in Rapture, The
Marco Polo Jr.
Metal and Shells
Mexican Postcard
Midnight to Neon
Missing One, The
Mountains Near Dellray, The
Mrs. Morgan (demo)
Near the Chimney
Need 2 Heads, I
Need Two Heads, I
Newton Told Me
Night, The
No Peace in the Palace
No Reason to Cry
Nowhere by Any Other Name
Obsession With You
Oceans apart
Old Mexico
Old Way Out, The
On My Block
One Thing Can Hold Us
One Word
Only Sinners Care
Open Invitation
Orpheus Beach
Outlaw #1
Palm Sunday (On Board the S.S. Within)
Part Company
Peaceful Wreck, A
Peel Sessions, The
People Know
People Say
Poison in the Walls
Power That I Now Have, The
Quiet Heart (extract)
Radio FFN - Nightline
Rare Breed
Rare Victory
Red Epaulettes
Reunion Dinner
Right Here (early version)
Right Here (extract)
River of Money
River People, The
Rock and Roll Friend (extract)
Rock ’n’ Roll Friend
Running the Risk of Ever Losing You
Sally’s Revolution Blues
Second-Hand Furniture
Secondhand Furniture
Send Him Back Home
Send me a lullaby
Serenade Sound
She’s So Strange
Signs of Life
Sleeping Giant
Slow Slow Music
Someone Else’s Wife
Something for Myself
Sound of Rain, The
Spirit of a Vampyre
Spring hill fair
Spring Rain (clip)
Spring Rain (extract)
Statue, The
Stones for You
Stop Before You Say It
Streets of Your Town (extract)
Summer’s Melting My Mind
Sunday Night
Surfing Magazines
Sweet Tasting Hours
That striped sunlight sound
That Way
This Girl, Black Girl
This Night’s for You
Time in the Desert
To Reach Me
Together at Last
Too Much of One Thing
Twin Layers of Lightning
Two Steps Step Out
Undo What You Did
Unfinished Business
Unkind and Unwise
Unkind & Unwise (instrumental)
Very Quick on the Eye: Brisbane, 1981
Wait Until June
Want to Be Today, I
Was there anything I could do?
Wedding Present - Hit parade, The
What Goes Up Must Come Down
What You Call Change
When People Are Dead
When She Sang About Angels
When Word Gets Around
Woman Across the Way
Work in a Health Spa, I
World Weary
Worlds Apart
Wrong Road (early version), The
Wrong Road Round
You Can Dream About Tomorrow
You Can’t Say No Forever (extract)
You’re a Big Girl Now
You Tell Me
You’ve Never Lived
You Won’t Find It Again
Your Turn, My Turn
Contributed to or performed: 
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Compilation Les Inrocks - Mobicarte
Coodabeen Champions Present Underneath the Radar, The
Dead Joe
Deafening Divinities With Aural Affinities
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Downtown Swinging Town
Festival Music Publishing / The 2001 Sampler, Volume 2
Flood Relief
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Garage Beat '66, Volume 2: Chicks Are for Kids!
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Repérages Couleur 3, Volume 3: 1988
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Rock & Pop Diamonds 1988
Rockdelux - 5º Aniversario Mushroom Pillow
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Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 71
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Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 01
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