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A Split - Second
A Split-Second (Musical group or band)
Split Second (Musical group or band)
began 1985
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Boone, Peter (hasMember)
Chayell, Chrismar (hasMember)
Ickx, Marc (hasMember)
Mansy, Nico (hasMember)
Venvelt, Fedzjean (hasMember)
14 years of electronic challenge
Another Violent Breed
Another world electronic body music
Arsenic on the Rocks
Art & [and] dance
Back Off
Ballistic Statues
Bellydance (First Shot), The
Bend My Body Armour
Blind Instinct
Body Check
Burn Out (Beat mix)
Burn Out (Between the Sheets)
Burn Out (remix)
Burn the White Flags
Burnout: Between the Sheets (take 2 90)
Burnout (live version 89)
Bury Me in Your Heart (Apoptygma Berzerk mix)
Check It Out (live version 89)
Close Combat / Muscle Machine (Double Beat dub mix)
Cold War in the Brainbox (Colosseum mix)
Cold War in the Brainbox (Cut Up)
Colloseum Crash, The
Colognial Disharge
Colonial Discharge (original 87)
Colosseum Crash (12" version 89)
Colosseum crash (the inside out dance remix), The
Crank It Up!
Crash Course in Seduction (Industrial mix)
Cutting Edge, The
Cybernetics and Pavlovian Warfare
Drinking Sand (Laid Back mix)
Drinking Sand (remix 87)
Firewalker (12" mix)
Firewalker (Beatless mix)
Firewalker (club mix)
Firewalker (EQ mix)
Firewalker (Unreleased video edit 90)
Flesh (1991 dub)
Flesh (1991 remix)
Flesh ('91 remix)
Flesh & Fire: 1991 Remixes
Flesh (Flesh & Bones mix)
Flesh (Koen Tillie mix)
Flesh (Lite House)
Flesh (maxi-version)
Flesh (Middle)
Flesh (Mr. Sam vs. Fred Baker's Back to the Neo Punk Attitude remix)
Flesh (New Beat Tempo)
Flesh (Perfecto mix)
Flesh (Perfecto remix)
Flesh (remix 87)
Flesh (Slow)
Flesh (The 33+8 mix)
Flesh (The '87 remix)
Flesh (The Bloody Beetroots vs Sirbilly remix)
Flesh (The original mix)
Flesh (Trailer Trash mix)
Flesh (Trailer Trash remix)
From the inside
Get Real
Heat (Legs Akimbo), The
Ich zahl' nicht mehr! - Indie punk
Into the Burning Hole
Introversion: Lay Back and Join
Jungle Babies
Kiss of Fury
Last Wave, The
Maitage - Wittener Rock-Pop-Sampler
Mambo Witch (12" version)
Mambo Witch (7" version 88)
Mambo Witch (Experimental version)
Mambo Witch (extended version)
Mambo Witch (single cut)
Mating Game, The
Muscle Machine
Must be mental
On Command (Unreleased live version 89)
Parallax View (Bleepdubmix), The
Parallax View (Nordic dub), The
Parallax View (original mix), The
Parallax View (Scandinavian mix), The
Parallax View (Warp mix), The
Parallax View (Warp radio edit), The
Parallax View (Warpmix), The
Private Boneyard
Rigor Mortis: 1991 Remix
Rigor Mortis (dub mix)
Rigor Mortis (Manc mix)
Rigor Mortis (original version)
Rigor Mortis (Transient dub)
Rigor Mortis (Transient Straight mix)
Rigor Mortis (Unreleased live version 89)
Roll With the Punches
Scandinavian Bellydance (extended version)
Scandinavian (Second Shot)
Shock to the System
Smell of Buddha
Split-Second, A
Stringdance (Dream Shot)
Takin' In (Concerto)
Taste (The Suburban Whiplash)
Tear Your Rhythm Down (Heavy Shot)
Tear Your Rythm Down (Heavy Shot)
Third Coming
Vengeance C.O.D.
Vengeance COD
Voodoo Witch
Contributed to or performed: 
14 Years of Electronic Challenge, Volume II
20 Years of New Beat
80's History: The Session 2
About New Beat: Past & Present
Adventures in Wonderland
Aktion Mekanik
Another World, Part 3: Electronic Body Music
Another World: Electronic Body Music
Back to the Penguin: The Dark Side of the 80's, Volume 2
Bel 80: Het beste uit de Belpop van 1987
Black Box: WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 Years
Disco Boys, Volume 12, The
Dressed in Black, Volume 3
Electrocity, Volume 6
Electronic Body Music
Godskitchen: Direct
Hypnobeats 2
Ich zahl' nicht mehr! Indie & Punk
Lo más disco ’91
Mad in Belgium 2
Máquina Total
Máquina Total 3
Neue Kraft
New Beat: Take 1
New Wave Belgian Class-X
On the One and Two
Paradise Goulash
Perfecto Collection 2
Perfecto Sampler
Power of Electro, The
Productions & Remixes
Rock to the Beat: The Ultimate New Beat Collection
Serie Noire: Dark Pop and New Beat
Serious Beats 41
Serious Beats, Volume 3
Sounds of EBM
Switch 10
Techno Pop
Techno Pop 2
This Is Electronic Body Music
TSOB: The Sound of Belgium 2
Turn Up the Bass, Volume 1
Very Rare Electro Vinyl Collection, Volume 4
Zwischenfall, Volume 2: From the 80's to the 90's