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Billy Childish and His Famous Headcoats
Billy Childish and Thee Headcoats
Thee Headcoats
Thee Headcoats (Musical group or band)
Wild Billy Childish and His Famous Headcoats
began 1989 until 2000-05-12
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Musical sound recording
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Agnew, John (hasMember)
Brand, Bruce (hasMember)
Childish, Billy (hasMember)
Crockford, Allan (hasMember)
Dolot, Ollie (hasMember)
Johnson, Johnny Tub (hasMember)
17% Hendrix Was Not the Only Musician!!
A-Z of Your Heart
Action Time Vision
Again and Again
Ain't About to Give You My Name, I
Ain't Never Found, I
All My Feelings Denied
Am the Object of Your Desire, I
Art or Arse? (You Be the Judge)
At the Bridge
Ballad of Fogbound Pinhead
Ballad of Hollis Brown
Ballad of the Fog-Bound Pinhead
Be a Sect Maniac
Beach bums must die!
Beached Earls
Beauty of Love That Splits the Body in Two, A
Before You Accuse Me
Billy Childish Native American Sampler: A History 1983-1993, The
(Bitten Off) More Than You Can Chew
Bitter Cup, The
Blood Piss and Sperm
Brother Is Dead... But Fly Is Gone!
By Hook or by Crook
By the Hairs on My Chinny Chin Chin
Can Destroy All Your Love, I
Can't Judge a Book
Can Tell, I
Case of the Thundering Dunderhead, The
Cavern by the Sea
Chatham Town Welcomes Desperate Men
Child's Death Letter
Come Into My Mind
Cowboys are Square
Crackin' Up
Crazy Horse
Darling, Let's Have Another Baby
Davey Crockett (Gabba-Hay!)
Davy Crocket
Davy Crockett
Day I Beat My Father Up, The
Dearest Darlin'
Deer Stalking Man
Diddy Wah Diddy
Dirty Old Man
Do Things Right
Don't Gimme No Lip
Don't Like the Man I Am, I
Don't Like You, I
Don't Try and Tell Me
Double Face
Earl of Suave, The
earls of suavedom, The
Elementary Headcoats
Every Bit of Me
Every Day
Every Little Thing
Everybody Lies
Everybody's Wiser Now
Fat Back
Fingers in the Sun
First Plane Home, The
Gear Box
Get Out of Here Pretty Girl
Girl From 62, The
Girl of Matches
Give it to Me
Give Me That Apple, Eve
Going Down
Going Outside My Head
Good Morning Little Snob
Good Times Are Killing Me, The
Got to Get What's Been Forbidden
Gotta Get Inside That Girl's Mind
Great Grandfather
Greatest Lover in the World
Gun in My Father's Hand / The Day I Beat My Father Up
Hand to Hand
Hatred, Ridicule & Contempt
Have Love Will Travel
He's So Popular with the Girls
Headcoat and the Mortar-Board
Headcoat Lane
Headcoat Man
Headcoat on Backwards
Headcoats Down!
Headcoats On
Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats! (Already)
Hog's Jaw
House on the Water
Hurt Me (Slight Return)
I beat my father up, The
I'll Be Out of Here
I'll Make You Mine
I'm a Confused Man
I’m a Desperate Man
I'm a Gamekeeper
I'm a Headcoat, Baby
I'm an Idiot
I'm Good Enough
I'm Hurtin'
I'm Hurting
I'm the Doctor
I'm Unkind
I've Been Fucking Your Daughters and Pissing on Your Lawn
I've Been Fucking Your Daughters & Pissing on Your Lawns
Image of You, An
In a Dead Man’s Suit
In Blood
In Tweed We Trust
In Your Hand
It Ain't Mine
It Don't Come Easy
It's Bad
It's Gonna Hurt You (More Than It Hurts Me)
It's Your Own Fault
It Was Too Late
Jack the Ripper
Jaguar and Thunderbird
John the Revelator
Just Fifteen
Just Like a Dog
Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Kids are All Square / Girlsville, The
kids are all square - This is hip!, The ; Girlsville
Killing Hold, The
Knights of the Baskervilles
Lakota Woman
Let Me Touch
Lie Detector
Like a Flag
Loathsome and Wild
Louie Louie (Where Did She Roam)
Louie Riel
Louis Riel
Love Comes in Spurts
Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Man With Eyes Like Fishes, The
Mask of the Squaxin
Meet Jacqueline
Meet Jaqueline
Meet Me
Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand, The
Monkey's Paw
Murder on the Moors
My 7th Girl Eve
My Dear Watson
My Girl Does Kung Fu
Nanook of the North
Nardwuar vs. Pierre Berton
Neither Fish nor Fowl
Never to Love Again
No Escape
No One
No Such Animal
No Such Number
No Way Out
Now Is Not the Best Time
Now Your Hunger's Gonna Be A-Coming
One Ugly Child
Organic Footprints / Clarabella
Our Little Rendevous
Our Little Rendezvous
Papa Doc
Picket Fence
Please Little Baby
Please Won't You Tell Me
Pocahontas Was Her Name
Poccahontas Was Her Name
Poka Hontas
Pokerhuntus Was Her Name
Pow Wow
Punk Rock ist nicht tot
Raindeer Are Wild
Reasons for Hating You
Reindeer Are Wild
Rise and Fall of a Double, The
Road Runner (intro)
Round Every Corner
Run for Your Life
Rusty Hook
Sad Sack
Salty Dog
Same Tree, The
See Shining, I
Sex and Flies
Shadow / No Escape
She'll Keep You on Standby
She's Fine, She's Mine
She's Got a Stange Attractor
She's Got a Strange Attraction
She's Got a Strange Attractor
She's in Disguise
She's Just Fifteen Years Old
Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
Smile Now
Snitch Baby
Someone Like Me
Something Went Wrong Again
Sound of the Baskervilles, The
Speak to Me
Stolen Love
Strange Looking Woman
Strangler of Boston Town, The
Suppose I'm a Poseur, I
Tear It to Pieces
Teenage Kicks
That Special Kind of Clay
That Was Then and This Is Now
This Day to Bust
This Heart
This Wond'rous Day
This Wondrous Day
Thoughts of a Hangman
Time Will Tell
Too Afraid
Town Named Squaresville, A
Troubled Times
Tub's Twist
Viva La Rock 'n' Roll
W.O.A.H! Bo in Thee Garage
Walk of the Lost
Wanna Stop This World, I
Want a Punk Girl, I
Want Me, Win Me
Want You to Come Into My Life, I
Was Weak, I
Wasn't Made for This World, I
Watch Me Fall
We Ain't Gonna Be
We Can Only Lose
(We Hate the Fuckin') NME
We Hate the Fucking N.M.E.
We Hate the Fucking NME
We're Gone
What's My Name
What's Wrong With Me
What Smashed Me
What You See Is What You Are
Whatcha Gonna Do About It
When the Night Comes
When You Stop Lovin' Me
When You Stop Loving Me
Where Are the Children That Hitler Kissed?
Who Do You Love
Wild Man
Wily Coyote
Wish I'd Never Been, I
Wish I Knew What I Was Living For
Wonder Why People Don't Like Me, I
Wouldn't Want to Be You, I
You Broke My Very Mind
You Can Choose
You Can't Resist
You Gotta Lose
You Make Me Die
You're Looking Fine
You've Got Your Head on Backwards
Young Blood
Your Crying Means Nothing to Me (Slight Return)
Contributed to or performed: 
!!!Here Ain't the Sonics!!!
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Smiles, Vibes & Harmony: A Tribute to Brian Wilson
Sound of the Baskervilles, The
Swallow My Pride / I'm Hurtin
Their Sympathetic Majesties Request
Their Sympathetic Majesties Request, Volume 2
Tubs Twist