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Het Trio
Telecommunications Research Institute of Ontario
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Language material
Black-box software testing using module interface specifications
Comparing function tables using partition predicates
decision-directed beamforming algorithm for CDMA systems with noncoherent M-ary orthogonal modulation, A
Direct model checking of temporal properties
Documentation based software module reliability estimation tool
Documenting complicated programs
Downlink capacity of a cellular CDMA system configured with an antenna array operating in a multipath environment
Effect of transmit antenna pattern on RAKE reception in multipath fading channels
Estimating software reliability using inverse sampling
Estimating software reliability with hypothesis testing
Experimental studies on the radiation properties of annular slots in single and stacked configurations : Wide-bandwidth circularly polarized array of annular slots in stacked configuration implemented by using a doubly rotated sequential feed structure
expert system approach to CDMA mobile communication, An
Formal documentation of well-structured programs
Formally specifying a communications protocol using the trace assertion method
Implementation of table inversion algorithms
national and state rights considered by one of the people in reply to the trio
new upper bound on trellis code error performance on Rayleigh flat-fading channels, A
On the computational complexity of the maximum trade problem
physical spatio-temporal model of multipath propagation channels, A
Precisely annotated hierarchical pictures of programs
Program functions and abstraction functions for the TTP table holder : appendices
Refined simulation techniques for the trace assertion method
Simple Notation of Annotating Proofs : a validator/annotator for proofs of distributed programs
Smart antenna array calibration
SNAP : a validator/annotator for proofs of distributed programs
Specialization : an approach to simplifying tables in software documentation
Table construction tool
Table transformations : theory and tools
Tabular representation of relations
Telecommunications Research Institute of Ontario network
Tools to support a formal verification method for systems with concurrency and nondeterminism
Towards a formal semantics of tables
Trace rewriting systems
TRIO netw.
TRIO network, The
usefulness of the trace assertion method for specifying device module interfaces, The