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Spock's beard
Spock’s Beard (Musical group or band)
Spock´s Beard
Spocks Beard
began 1992
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Ballard, John (hasMember)
D'Virgilio (Nick; 1968-....; see also from)
D'Virgilio, Nick (hasMember)
Keegan, Jimmy (hasMember)
Leonard, Ted (hasMember)
Meros, Dave (hasMember)
Morse (Alan; 1958-....; see also from)
Morse (Neal; 1960-....; 1992-2002; see also from)
Morse, Alan (hasMember)
Morse, Neal
Morse, Neal (hasMember)
Okumoto (Ryo; 1958-....; see also from)
Ryo, Okumoto (hasMember)
39th Street Blues (I'm Sick), The
4 O'Clock
4th of July
All Is Vanity
All on a Sunday (new recording 2001)
All on a Sunday [video]
All That’s Left
Armageddon Nervous (demo)
As Far as the Mind Can See, Part 1: Dreaming in the Age of Answers
As Far as the Mind Can See, Part 2: Here’s a Man
As Far as the Mind Can See, Part 3: They Know We Know
As Far as the Mind Can See, Part 4: Stream of Unconsciousness
As Long as We Ride
At the End of the Day (original demo by Neal Morse)
Ballet of the Impact, The
Beard Is Out There - Live, The
Beginnings (demo)
Behind The Scenes Feature - The Making Of Snow Live
Bennett Built a Time Machine
Better Way to Fly, A
Beware of Darkness (home demo)
Bottom Line, The
Box of Spiders (demo)
Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep
Broken Promise Land
Cakewalk on Easy Street (radio edit)
Can't Get It Wrong
Carry On / The Doorway / There Was a Time (acoustic)
Center Line, The
Climbing Up That Hill
Crack the Big Sky
Day for Night (original demo by Neal Morse)
Days We'll Remember (demo)
Devil's Got My Throat Reprise
Devil's Got My Throat Revisited
Distance to the Sun, The
Don't Try This Anywhere: Back in the Day
Don't Try This Anywhere: Beginnings
Don't Try This Anywhere: BosPop
Don't Try This Anywhere: Encore
Don't Try This Anywhere: Perpetual Changes
Don't Try This Anywhere: Rehearsing Kindness
Don't Try This Anywhere: Start
Don't Try This Anywhere: The Doorway
Don't Try This Anywhere: The Light
Don't Try This Anywhere: Walking on the Wind
Don't Try This Anywhere: Working with Kevin
Don't try this at home
Don't Try This @ Home Either: “From the Vaults” Series, Volume 3
Doorway (home demo), The
Doorway / Mood for a Day / The Light / June, The
Down a Burning Road
Drum Duel
East of Eden, West of Memphis
Edge of the In-Between
Emperor’s Clothes, The
Excerpts from "The Doorway" (live)
Falling for Forever
Feel euphoria
Fire/Waste Away (live)
first twenty years, The
Flash Before My Eyes: Climbing Up That Hill, A
Flash Before My Eyes: I Wouldn't Let It Go, A
Flash Before My Eyes: Letting Go, A
Flash Before My Eyes: Of the Beauty of It All, A
Flash Before My Eyes: She Is Everything, A
Flash Before My Eyes: Surfing Down the Avalanche, A
Flash Before My Eyes: The Ballet of the Impact, A
Flow (edit)
Follow Me to Sleep
Freak Boy, Part 2
From the Darkness, Part 1: The Darkness (edit)
From the Messenger
From the Vault
Game Face
Get Out While You Can
Ghosts of Autumn
Gibberish (original demo by Neal Morse)
Gluttons for Punishment: Live in ’05
Go the Way You Go (home demo)
Good Don't Last / Open Wide the Flood Gates (live acoustic)
Good Don't Last (radio edit), The
Goodbye to Yesterday
Great Nothing, The
Guy Named Sid, Part I: Intro, A
Guy Named Sid, Part II: Same Old Story, A
Guy Named Sid, Part III: You Don't Know, A
Guy Named Sid, Part IV: Judge, A
Guy Named Sid, Part V: Sid's Boys Choir, A
Guy Named Sid, Part VI: Change, A
Gypsy, The
Harm’s Way
Have We All Gone Crazy Yet
Healing Colors of Sound, Part 1, The
Healing Colors of Sound, Part 2, The
Healing Colours of Sound (edit), The
Hell’s Not Enough
Hereafter (Ryo Solo)
Hiding Out
I'm Dying
I'm the Guy
In the Mouth of Madness (radio edit)
Into Fire
Iron Man
Is This Love
Jaws of Heaven
June (home demo)
Kindness of Strangers, The
Know Your Secret, I
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto on the Keyboards
Lay It Down
Letting Go
Light (home demo), The
Light (live acoustic), The
Listening to the Sky
Live at High Voltage Festival
Live at Sea
Live at Sweetwater Studios
Live at the Whisky and NEARfest
Live im Stadtpark Hamburg
Long Time Suffering
Looking for Answers (live acoustic)
Lost Bass Solo Demo
Love Beyond Words
Made Alive Again / Wind at My Back
Made Alive / Overture
Man Behind the Curtain, The
Man You’re Afraid You Are, The
Mommy Comes Back
Moth of Many Flames
Mouth of Madness
My Shoes (Revisited)
Nick and Jimmy’s Dueling Drums
Noise floor
oblivion particle, The
Of the Beauty of It All
Official Live Bootleg, The
On a Perfect Day (edit)
On the Edge
One So Wise
Open the Gates, Part 2
Open Wide the Flood Gates
Paint Me a Picture (pipe organ outtake from Flash)
Planet's Hum, The
Postcards From Perdition
Quiet House, The
Return to Whatever
Ryo’s Keyboard Solo
Save Our Souls
Second Overture
She Is Everything
Shining Star
Skeletons at the Feast
Slow Crash Landing Man, The
Snow Demo Excerpt (original demo by Neal Morse)
Snow live
Snow Overture (original demo by Neal Morse)
Snow's Night Out
So This Is Life
Solitary Soul
Somebody's Home (demo)
Someday I'll Be Found (string quartet, Flash 2)
Something Very Strange (Sanctified remix)
Sometimes They Stay, Sometimes They Go
Southside of the Sky
Space Truckin’ / Soul Sacrifice
Spock's Beard - live
Spock's Beard - V
Squonk / Waste Away / Fire
Strange World (home demo)
Stranger in a Strange Land Demo
Surfing Down the Avalanche
Their Names Escape Me
There & Here: “From the Vaults” Series, Volume 4
There Was a Time
Thoughts, Part 2
Thoughts (Part II)
Thoughts Pt2
Tides of Time
Time Has Come
To Be Free Again
To Breathe Another Day
Treasure Abandoned, A
Truth, The
Urban Noise
Vault (demo)
Waiting for Me
Walking on the Wind (home demo)
Was Never Lost (background vocals, Flash 2), I
Waste Away (alternate mix)
Waste Away / Fire
Watching the Tide
Water, The
Welcome to NYC
What Becomes of Me
When She's Gone
Wherever You Stand
Whole Lotta Love / Waste Away
Will Go, I
Wind at My Back (original demo by Neal Morse)
Wish I Were Here
With Your Kiss
Working on Devil / Fiddly / Disco
Working on I Will Go
Working on Ryo's Solo
Wouldn’t Let It Go, I
x-tour live, The
Contributed to or performed: 
Art of Sysyphus, Extra: "Cover-Songs", The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 17, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 29, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 4, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 55, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 59, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 70, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 83, The
Bridge Across Europe Tour 2001
Classic Rock #008: Classic Cuts No.6
Classic Rock #021: A Right Earful
Classic Rock #071: Out There the Future of Prog Rock
Classic Rock #097: Shine On
Compilation Rock Hard 40
Compilation Rock Hard 61
Fish Out of Water
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 29
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 60
Hard Rock n° 43
Highlights 2013
Hope | Omid
InsideOut Music: Sampler 2001
InsideOut Music: Sampler 2003 No. 2
InsideOut Music: Sampler 2005 No. 1
Keep Your Prog in Check, Vol. 1
KnuckleTracks 86
Large Compilation CD 7
Metal Blade Records: 20th Anniversary
Music From Time and Space, Vol. 22
Music in Progress
Music in Progress 1: Progressive Rock & More
New Release Highlights: Thrilling Albums Out on Century Media Records End of March/Early April 2013
Prog : Le coffret idéal
Prog Rocks!
Prog Rocks! Volume Three
Prog Rocks! Volume Two
Progfest '95
Progfest '97
Prognosis 14
Progressive Nation at Sea Sampler
Progressive Rock – Aktuelle Highlights und Klassiker
Progressive Time 2003
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 007
Rock Hard Le Sampler 102
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 10
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 15
Spirit of Radial, The
Wondrous Stories: A Complete Introduction to Progressive Rock