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Tortoise Musical group (Musical group or band)
Tortoise (Musical group or band)
began 1990
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bitney, Dan (hasMember)
Brown, Bundy K. (hasMember)
Herndon, John (hasMember)
McCombs, Douglas (hasMember)
McEntire, John (hasMember)
Pajo, David (hasMember)
Parker, Jeff (hasMember)
1995-05-07: Dead Pigeon C.O.C., Muncie, IN, USA
1995-05-24: Mr. Goodbar, Buffalo, NY, USA
1996-06-13: Peel Session, Maida Vale Studios, London, UK
1998-03-29: Peel Session, Maida Vale Studios, London, UK
1998-05-06: The Middle East, Cambridge, MA, USA
1998-05-12: Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA, USA
1998-07-07: Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
2001-05-24: Roxy, Athens, GA, USA
2001-06-14: Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, LA, USA
2003-11-28: Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, USA
2005-10-10: Park West, Chicago, IL, USA
2005-11-12: 15th Anniversary P.L.A.Y. (Possibilities in Life: Art for Youth) Benefit, Metro, Chicago, IL, USA
2006-09-29: Early Show: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, USA
2006-09-29: Late Show: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, USA
2008-02-28: Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2008-07-26: Forecastle Festival, The Riverfront Belvedere, Louisville, KY, USA
2008-09-27: Snake On the Lake Festival, The Memorial Union Terrace, Madison, WI, USA
2009-07-08: Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, USA
2009-07-21: Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY, USA
2010-02-11: Headliners Music Hall, Louisville, KY, USA
2010-02-17: Mr. Small's Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2011-02-12: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, USA
Alcohall / Your New Rod / Cobwebbed / The Match Incident / Tin Can (Puerto Rican Mix) / Not Quite East of the Ryan / Initial Gesture Protraction
Aldeia de Ogum
Almost Always Is Nearly Enough
Along the Banks of Rivers
As You Said
At Odds With Logic
Beacons of Ancestorship Remixes
Beautiful Love
Blackjack (false start)
Blue Station
brave and the bold, The
Bubble Economy (remix by Markus Popp)
By Dawn
catastrophist, The
Charteroak Foundation
Chelly, De
Chicago 2018 ... it's gonna change the real sources of the advanced Chicago sound
Clearing Fills, The
Cliff Dweller Society
Cornpone Brunch (Watt remix)
[crowd noise]
Dear Grandma and Grandpa
Derrick Carter vs. Tortoise
Digest Compendium of the Tortoise’s World, A
DJ ED (Bruise Blood mix)
DJed (Bruise Blood Mix) (remix by U.N.K.L.E.)
Djed (edit)
Djed (part 1)
Djed (part 2)
[drum solo]
Eden 1
Eden 2
Elmerson, Lincoln, and Palmieri
[encore break]
Equator, The
Fall of Seven Diamonds Plus One, The
Fallslake (by Nobukazu Takemura)
Find the One (remix by Bundy K. Brown)
Firefly / Six Pack
Five Too Many
For films
Four-Day Interval
Galapagos (version one) (remix by Spring Heel Jack)
Gamera (bonus track)
Gently Cupping the Chin of the Ape
Gigantes (Mark Ernestus remix)
Gigantes (Mark Ernestus version)
Glass Museum
Gopher Island
Grape Dope, A
High Class Slim Came Floatin' In (Eye remix)
High Class Slim Came Floatin'in - eyeremix
His Second Story Island
Hot Coffee
Hung Up On My Baby
Ice Ice Gravy
In a Thimble
In Sarah, Menchen, Christ & Beethoven There Were Women & Men (D's Winter Crazy dub)
In Sarah, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Women and Me
In Sarah, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Women and Men (D's Winter Crazy Dub)
In Sarah, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Women and Men (D's Winter Outtake)
Initial Gesture Protraction
[intro 1]
[intro 2]
It's all around you
Jetty 99
Lazarus taxon, A
Learning Curve (remix by Markus Popp)
Lithium Stiffs / Crest, The
Lonesome Sound
Macro dub infection
Madison Area
Madison Ave.
Madison Avenue
Magnet Pulls Through / Eden
Match Incident, The
Millions now living will never die
Monica / In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men
Monument Six One Thousand
Music for Workgroups: The Oval Remixes
Night Air
Northern Something
Not Quite East of the Ryan
Offbeat a Red Hot sound trip.
On Noble
On the Chin
Onions Wrapped in Rubber
Ox Duke
Prepare Your Coffin
Reference Resistance Gate (remix by Jim O’Rourke)
Rehearsal 2001
Reservoir Sheets
Restless Water
Restless Waters
Rhythms, resolutions & [and] clusters
Rock On
Ry Cooder (The Beer Incident)
Salt the Skies
Seneca (part 1)
Seneca (part 2)
Set My Face to the Hillside, I
Shake Hands With Danger
Simple Way to Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work, A
Six Pack
Source of Uncertainty, The
Stretch (You Are All Right)
Survey, A
Suspension Bridge at Iguazú Falls, The
Swung From the Gutters, Part 1
Swung From the Gutters, Part 2
Taut and Tame / Unknown / Dot/Eyes, The
Taut and the Tame, The
Taut & Tame (remix by Luke Vibert)
Ten-Day Interval (Adverse Camber)
Ten-Day Interval (Autechre Remixes)
Ten-Day Interval / Swung From the Gutters
Ten-Day Interval (To Day Retreival)
[Thax Douglas Poems]
Tin Can (Puerto Rican remix)
Tin Cans and Twine
Tin Cans (The Puerto Rican mix) / Not Quite East of the Ryan / Initial Gesture Protraction
Tin Cans & Twine (Puerto Rican mix)
TJed (remix by John McEntire)
TNT (Nobukazu Takemura remix)
Tortoise 98
tortoise musical group tnt sr p
Tortoise Seneca
Tour 1998
Unknown (part 1)
Unknown (part 2) / Dot/Eyes
Versus reality
Wanna buy a monkey Dan the Automator - A mixtape session
Why Waste Time?
Why We Fight (D Version)
Yinxianghechengqi / Swung From the Gutters
Yonder Blue
Your New Rod
Алонг Тче Банкс Оф Риверс
Contributed to or performed: 
[untitled 1]
[untitled 2]
[untitled 3]
[untitled 4]
[untitled 5]
1999-10-23: 30th German Festival, Frankfurt, Germany
2009-08-26: Late Junction, Maida Vale, London, UK
21 Again
50 Йачре Циты Сланг
Absolutely Live 2003
All Songs Considered 2
All Tomorrow's Parties 1.0: Free Promo CD Sampler
All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.0
Austin City Limits Music Festival: 2005
Brave and the Bold, The
Bruise Blood
Cavalry Cross
Central Heating
Chicago 2018... It's Gonna Change
CMJ 500
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 58: June 1998
Cravo é Canela
Def Beat Remixes, Volume 5: Men From U.N.K.L.E.
Derrick L. Carter: Nearest Hits & Greatest Misses
Did You Comb?
Disco Pogo for Punks in Pumps, Volume 11
For Films: Selected Works for Moving Pictures: Edit. 2
Future Sound of Jazz, Vol. II, The
Future Sound of Jazz, Volume 2, The
Future Sound of Jazz, Volume II, The
Genocide in Sudan
Grand Slang
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Radio
Green Ufos, Sevilla, Hace 10 Años
Headz 2A
Huge Hidden Spaces
In Sarah, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Women and Men
In the Fishtank
Incite 19
Inrockuptibles présentent : 100 trésors cachés : chansons rares & indispensables, Les
Introducing, Volume 4
It’s Expected I’m Gone
Jeteé, La
LateNightTales: Four Tet
Lawn of the Limp, The
Lo Recordings, Volume 3: United Mutations
Looking for a Thrill
Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact Disc, The
Love Is Love
Macro Dub Infection, Volume One
Means to an End: The Music of Joy Division, A
Mind the Gap, Volume 49
Mind the Gap, Volume 7
Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip
On My Own
Paste Sampler 222
Pleasure as Usual
Pooh Song (Christopher Robin's Nightbear)
Private Collection
Reach the Rock
Red Hot + Indigo
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 94: True Faith
Rough Cuts (Music For Films)
Rover, The
Schöner Hören 06
Set My Face to the Hillside, I
Shoe Fly
Some Say (I Got Devil)
Spex CD #129
Sprout: The Soundtrack From The Surf Movie
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1995: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1996: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Swung From the Gutters
Ten-Day Interval
That’s Pep!
Thunder Road
Tin Cans & Twine
Toyshop, Man or Astroman? + 9 Guitar Bands
Trip-Hop Anthology
Uncut, 2001.4
Uncut: What's Going On! The Sound of 2016
Urban Renewal Program
Vaus / Speedy Car
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 181
Wanna Buy a Monkey?
We Know Where the Winter Goes
Wow! & Flutter