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Herbaliser (Musical group or band)
Offizieller Name The Herbaliser
The Herbaliser
The Herbaliser (Musical group or band)
The Herbalizer
began 1993
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Teeba, Ollie (hasMember)
Wherry, Jake (hasMember)
24 Carat Blag
40 Winks (live)
40 Winks (No Sleep Vadim! mix)
8 Men Strong
8 Point Agenda (instrumental version 1)
8 Point Agenda (instrumental version 2)
8 Point Agenda / Who’s Really the Realest?
Amores Bongo (instrumental)
Another Mother
Battle of Bongle Hill
Battle of Bongo Hill
Blackwater Drive
Blackwater Driver
Blend (Instrumentals), The
Blend (J-Large remix), The
Blend: reBLENDS, The
Blow Your Headphones
Blowin' It
Breach (Mr Bird remix)
Bring Out the Sound Remixes
Bust a Nut
Can't Help This Feeling
Clap Your Hands
Conquest of the Irrational (Vads Dad Diversion)
Cuban Blend (instrumental)
Da Trax
Deep in the Woods
Distinguished Jamaican English (The Herbaliser remix instrumental)
End Credits
Excuse Me
FabricLive 26: The Herbaliser
Flawed Hip Hop E.P., The
Forty Winks
Gadget Funk
Generals (a cappella)
Generals (album version)
Generals (instrumental)
Generals (radio version)
Ginger Jumps the Fence (live)
Good Girl Gone Bad (instrumental)
Hard Stuff, The
Hard to Handle
Hearts of Men
Herbal Blend (instrumental)
Herbal tonic
HerbalBlend Intro
Herbalize It
If You Close Your Eyes
Inside the Machine
It Ain’t Nuttin’ 12"
It Ain't Nuttin’ (instrumental)
It's Just for You
Jake's Backache
Ka Boink!!
Know a Bloke' (interlude), 'I
Let It Go
Like Shaft (instrumental)
Little Groove, A
Live in Paris
'Man Who Knows' (interlude)
March of the Dead Things
Mind in the Frame
Missing Suitcase (album version Fat cut), The
Missing Suitcase (DJ Craze remix), The
Missing Suitcase (radio edit), The
Mission Improbable
Moon Sequence (bonus beats)
Moon Sequence (radio silence)
More Styles
Mother Dove
Mother (For Your Mind), A
Move as One
Mr. Chombee Has the Flaw
Mr. Chombee Has the Flow (instrumental)
Mr. D.J. (instrumental)
Mr. D.J. (Uncensored vocal)
Mr. D.J. (vocal radio edit)
Mr Holmes (Agent K remix)
Mrs. Chombee Takes the Plunge (DJ Food mix)
Mrs Chombee Takes the Plunge (DJ Food re-bake)
Nah'mean Nah'm Sayin' (Platinum Pied Pipers instrumental)
New + Improved (Wiseguys remix)
Next Spot, The
On Ya Knees
Opening Credits
Out There
Over & Over (instrumental)
Peanut Butter Blend (instrumental)
Primitive Access (Side A)
Primitive Access (Side B)
Put It on Tape
Real Killer, Part 2 (Rooftop Prowler), The
Repetitive Loop (Reloop)
Return of the Seven (G Bonson remix), The
Road of Many Signs (DJ Yas remix)
Road of Many Signs (Speechless)
Road of Many Signs (Spoken)
Same as it never was
Scratchy Noise
Seize the Day (instrumental)
Sensual Woman, The
Sensual Women, The
Setting Up
Shattered Soul
Shocker Zulu
Shorty’s Judgement
Shortys’ Judgement
Solid Steel Presents The Herbaliser: Herbal Blend
Some Things (instrumental)
Something Wicked (Herbaliser Bossa mix)
Something Wicked (Roots Manuva’s Haunted House dub)
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Song for Mary
Stranded on Earth
Take 'em On
Take London (intro)
Takedown (Salt Popcorn remix)
Theme From Control Center
Theme From Control Centre (reprise)
There were seven : Remixes
Time 2 Build / Distinguished Jamaican English
Time 2 Build (instrumental)
Time to Build / Distinguished Jamaican English
Time to Build (P Brothers 0115 remix instrumental)
Turnaround, The
Twenty Years (instrumental)
Up 4 tha Get Downs
Up 4 the Get Downs
Verbal Animé (remix instrumental)
Very Mercenary
Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks (bits)
Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks (bonus beats)
Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks (full version)
Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks (instrumental)
Welcome to Extravagance
What You Asked For
When I Shine (album version)
When I Shine (Dynamic Syncopation mix)
When I Shine (instrumental)
Who’s the Realest
Worldwide Connected
You're Not All That
Contributed to or performed: 
04:00 am Eternal
100 Bars
100 Hits: Chilled
100% DJ
2000-06-06: Breezeblock: Amon Tobin Showcase Set
25 ans de Radio Nova
8 Men Strong (intro) / Darkness
8 Point Agenda
8 Point Agenda (a cappella) / Who’s Really the Realest (a cappella)
8 Point Agenda (version 1)
8 Point Agenda (version 2)
8 Point Agenda (We Believe)
8pt Agenda
Abstrakt Workshop
Acid Lounge Goes West, The
Am, I
Amalgamated Representation
Angel Beach: The Fourth Wave
Angel Beach: The Second Wave
AnotherLateNight: Kid Loco
Art of Zen Relaxation, Volume 1, The
Art of Zen Relaxation, Volume 2, The
Bangers & Mash
Best of Lounge Music
Best of MF
Best of Ninja Tune
Big Beat Elite Complete
Big Issue: Festival Sounds
Blend (original blend)
Blend, The
Blue Bar, The
Bluffer's Guide 2: Fakin' It Through the Fall
Bluffer's Guide, Volume 1
Bluffer’s Guide, The
Bluffers Guide, Volume 6
Bootleg Sessions Vol.1, The
Breaks on Air
Bring It
Can't Help This Feeling
Can't Stop Movin'
Chill Out in Ibiza 5
Chilled 1991–2008
Chilled Beats Sessions
Chilled Ibiza Gold
Chillout Album, Volume 1: Soft Mixed, The
Chillout Forever
Chillout Ibiza 2
Circa Presents...
City Lounge 1
City Lounge 7
Clap Your Hands
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 100: March/April 2002
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 134, August 2005
Coffeeshop, Volume 1
Coffeeshop, Volume 2
Coke Feel1vibe: The Mixtape
Cold Krush Cuts
Cold Krush Cuts: Coldcut & DJ Food Fight
Cold Krush Cuts: DJ Krush Version
Compilation 2008
Crimes and Misdemeanours
Cuban Blend
Danny Glover
Distinguished Jamaican English
Distinguished Jamaican English (a cappella)
Distinguished Jamaican English (radio)
Distinguished Jamaican English (remix)
Distinguished Jamaican English (The Herbaliser remix)
DJ-Kicks: Kruder & Dorfmeister
DJ‐Kicks: Stereo MC’s
Essential Lounge
Essential Lounge Volume I
Exciting Life 1: A Freaky Trip Hop Collection
Failure’s No Option
Fat Beats & Brastraps: New MCs
FIP : Sélection musiques électroniques, Volume 1
FM4 Soundselection: 12
FM4 Sunny Side Up 05
For You Pretty Things
Fruit 7: Kiwano
Game Set and Match
Generals, The
Glorious …Mud
Good Girl Gone Bad
Good Girl Gone Bad (radio mix)
Good Girl Gone Bad (street mix)
Grae Fruits: The Jean Grae Compilation
Gumball 3000: The Soundtrack
Hangover Cure, Volume 4, The
Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled
Hed Kandi: Winter Chill
Hegyalja Fesztivál 2010
Herbal Blend
Hip Hop & Jazz Mixtape Chapter 2, The
Hotel De Paris
Hotel de Paris - Deluxe Parisian Grooves
How Huge: The Legend of Howard Huge
How to Keep a Girlfriend
Humo's Alle 99 Goed
I'm Sorry but This Just Isn't Music....
If Ya Can't Stand Da Beatz, Git Outta Da Kitchen
If You Close Your Eyes
It Ain't Nothin
It Ain't Nuttin’
It Ain’t Nuttin’
Jazz Newbeats, Volume 3: The Blend
Jazzy Lounge
Just Won't Stop
Keinijg 1
Keinijg 3
Late Lounge 2, The
Late Night Sessions: Autumn Collection
Lateef Truth Spoken Mixtape, Volume 1
Laying the Trap / Verbal Anime (a cappella)
Let It Go
Lighten Up
Like Shaft
London Lounge
Lord, Lord
Lost Boy, The
Lounge Anthology: Relaxing Music
Lounge Anthology: The Cool Session
Lounge Classic, Volume 2
Lounge Deluxe
Lounge Deluxe 1
Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season One, The
Machina: Machinogodzilla 14 czyli zamach na owce
March of the Dead Things (Night of the Necromantics)
Mastercuts Bar Life
Mastercuts Life..Style: Chilled Lounge
MF DOOM Guest Shots, Volume 1
Miedzy Nami Cafe, Volume 4
Mind in the Frame
Mind the Gap, Volume 6
Ministry of Sound Presents: Chilled Sessions
Ministry of Sound: Chilled 1991–2009
Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session 2
Mission Improbable
Modernists: The Essence Of Modern Music, The
More Tea, More Beer
Music for the Fast Lane
Music Is Life: A Chillin' Experience
Music to Make Love By
Musikexpress 102: Sounds Now!
Musikexpress 54: Ninja Tune
Nah'mean Nah'm Sayin' (album version)
Nah'mean Nah'm Sayin' (Platinum Pied Pipers remix)
Nah'mean Nah'm Sayin' (radio version)
Nah’mean Nah’m Sayin’
New & Improved
New + Improved
New and Improved
New Funk Voices
Ninja Cuts, Volume 1: Funkjazztical Tricknology
Ninja Cuts, Volume 3: Funkungfusion
Ninja Cuts: Flexistentialism
Ninja Cuts: Funkungfusion
Ninja Tune Fall 2002 Sampler
Ninja Tune Publishing & Synch Sampler, Volume 16
Ninja Tune Retrospect (No. 1)
Ninja Tune XX No. 1
Ninja Tune XX Rarities
Ninja Tune XX: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces
Ninja Tune: Atunes, Electrónica y Rockdelux
Ninja Tune: Funkjazztical Tricknology
Ninja Tune: The Shadow Years
No.1 Ibiza Chillout Album, The
None Other
None Other / 3 Feet Deep (instrumental)
Nu Jazz Anthology
Nu Jazz Essentials
On Your Knees
Openmindedmusic, Volume 3
Orchestral Files, The
Original Blend
Original Blend (radio edit)
Over & Over
Over & Over (Mr Bird remix)
Parisian Cafe
Particular Sounds
pas dans mon rythme (paris, 2008)
Peanut Butter Blend
Prime Audio Soup
Psychedelic 1: Music For Cat .Gifs
Revive the Soul
Road of Many Signs
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 28
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 50
Roma Alta Moda 4
Room With a View Too
Sad State of Affairs, A
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume 11
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café: The Blue Edition
Saturday Night
Scion CD Sampler, Volume 18: Ninja Tune Mix by Darko of Spank Rock
Seize the Day
Sex Lounge
Sinners Lounge: The Erotic Sessions
Smokin Beats
Snatch - Original Film Soundtrack
Snatch: Original Film Soundtrack
Snatch: Stealin' Stones & Breakin' Bones
Snatch: Stealin’ Stones & Breakin’ Bones
Snowboard Generation
Solid Steel Presents: DJ Kentaro on the Wheels of Solid Steel
Some Things
Somethimes (Vox)
Something Wicked
Something Wicked (album radio edit)
Something Wicked (Bossa radio edit)
Something Wicked (edit)
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Soul Divas
Sound of Milano Fashion, Volume 4, The
Sounds Like Trip Hop, Volume 1
Sounds of San Francisco
Space Night Presents Perry Rhodan 40th Anniversary
Spirit of Lounge
SSX (2012) Game Soundtrack
State of the Union
Stoppin' Traffic / Party at Eric's! / Geddim"!!
Stranded on Earth
Street Karma (A Cautionary Tale)
Sweet Harmony Compilation 20
Sygnowano Fabryka Trzciny, Volume 2
Taipei Lounge
Tea & Beer
Tea & Beer (Freestyle)
Time 2 Build
Time 2 Build (a cappella)
Time 2 Build (radio)
Time to Build
Time to Build (album version radio edit)
Time to Build (album version)
Time to Build (P Brothers 0115 remix radio edit)
Time to Build (P Brothers Remix Instrumental)
Time to Build (P Brothers remix)
Trax Hors Série, Volume 5 : Ninja Tune
Trip Hop Anthology
Trip-Hop Anthology
Trip-Hop: The Best Of
Tune In: Chill Out: Classic Chill Out From the Coolest Ads
Twenty Years to the Day
Twice Around
U.S.S.R.: Reconstruction
Ugly Mac Beer Invasion: The Unofficial MF Doom Mixtape
Ultimate Chillout Album, The
URB Sampler v.19
Uzi (Pinky Ring) (instrumental) / It Ain't Nothin' (a cappella)
Vancouver International Jazz Festival 2002
Verbal Animé
Verbal Anime (a cappella)
Verbal Anime (instrumental)
Verbal Animé (radio mix)
Verbal Anime (radio)
Verbal Animé (remix)
Vital Music - Chain With No Name 34
When I Shine
When I Shine (album version)
When I Shine (Dynamic Syncopation mix)
Who’s Really the Realest?
Women's World Voices 2
World Destruction / The Missing Suitcase
Wrong Place
Xen Cuts
You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts
You're Not All That
You’re Not All That
Zen CD: A Ninja Tune Retrospective
Zen RMX: A Ninja Tune Remix Retrospective
Zentertainment 2002
Zero Hill
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 21