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Mercyful fate
Mercyful Fate (Musical group or band)
began 1981
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Beich, Ole (hasMember)
Brats (see also from)
D'Angelo, Sharlee (hasMember)
Denner, Michael (hasMember)
Diamond, King (hasMember)
Galactic Cowboys
Hansen, Timi (hasMember)
Holm, Bjarne T. (hasMember)
King Diamond
Petersen, Benny (hasMember)
Ruzz, Kim (hasMember)
Sacred Reich
Shaw, Snowy (hasMember)
Shermann, Hank
Shermann, Hank (hasMember)
Wead, Mike (hasMember)
Afterlife, The
Angel of Light
At the Sound of the Demon Bell
beginning, The
bell witch, The
best of Mercyful Fate, The
Black Funeral (demo)
Black Funeral (live)
Black Masses
Brat Masses
Buried Alive
Burn in Hell
Burning the Cross
Castillo del Mortes
Church of Saint Anne
Combat Zone (demo)
Come to the Sabbath (live)
Come to the Sabbath, Part 1
Come to the Sabbath, Part 2
Corpse Without Soul, A
Crush the Cross
Curse of Evil, The
Curse of the Pharaohs (BBC Radio 1 session)
Curse of the Pharaohs (demo)
Curse of the Pharaos
dangerous meeting, A
Dead again
Death Kiss (demo)
Desecration of Souls
Devil Eyes
Don't break the oath
Doomed by the Living Dead, Part 1
Doomed by the Living Dead, Part 2
Drums & Bass Solos
Evil (BBC Radio 1 session)
Evil Lord
Fifteen Men (And a Bottle of Rum)
First Gig, Herlev 31/10-1981
Ghost of Change, The
Grave, The
Gruesome Time, A
Guitar Solo
Happy Birthday
Hard Rocker (demo)
Holy Water
House of Satan
House on the Hill
I’m All Right (demo)
I'm Alright
In the shadows
Into the Coven
Into the unknown
Intro: The Oath
Is That You, Melissa?
Kiss the Demon
Kutulu (The Mad Arab, Part Two)
Lady in Black
Lady Who Cries, The
Last Rites
Leave My Soul Alone
Legend of the Headless Rider
Listen to the Bell
Live From the Depths of Hell
Live Oath, The
Lost Tapes 1978–1984, The
Love Criminals (demo)
Mad Arab, The
Mercyful Fate
Metalmeister a Metal Blade video compilation
Moby Dick, Drum Solo, the Mule
My Demon
Night of the Unborn
Nightmare Be Thy Name
Nuns Have No Fun
Oath, The
Old Oak, The
On a Night of Full Moon
Persecution (demo)
Preacher, The
Return of the Vampire... 1993
Return of the vampire Mercyful Fate - The rare and unreleased
Reyarp Sdrol / Corpse Without Soul
Ripper, The
Room of Golden Air
Sabbath of All Witches
Satan’s Fall (BBC Radio 1 session)
Satan's Fall, Part 1
Satan's Fall, Part 2
Satan's Solo
Shadow Night (Devil's Daughter)
Since Forever
Sold My Soul
Some Day (demo)
Sucking Your Blood
Thirteen Invitations
To One Far Away
Torture (1629)
Two From the Vault: Don't Break the Oath / Return of the Vampire
Two From the Vault: Melissa / The Beginning
Under the Spell
Uninvited Guest, The
Walking Back to Hell
Welcome Princes of Hell
Werewolves in Hilversum
Witch, The
Witches’ Dance
You Asked for It
Contributed to or performed: 
Dangerous Meeting, A
Deeper Into the Vault
Europe Catalog Sampler 1996: Metal Blade Records
Fenriz Presents... The Best of Old-School Black Metal
Full Metal Garage: The Songs That Drove Metallica
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 3: 1984-85
Great Metal Covers, Volume 10
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 4
Heavy Metal Box, The
Heavy Metal Masters II
huH, Volume 26
Independent Music for Independent People
Knuckletracks XIV
KnuckleTracks XVIII
Lords of Chaos: The History of Occult Music
Metal Blade Records 30th Anniversary Sampler 1982-2012
Metal Blade Records: 15th Anniversary Compilation
Metal Blade Records: 20th Anniversary
Metal Blade Records: The Second Decade
Metal Blade: Goldmine’s Taste of Metal
Metal Hammer: Clash of the Titans
Metal Masters
Metal Meltdown
Metal Millennium: Countdown to Armageddon
Metalliliitto 1999
Metalliliitto, Volume 2
Metalmeister, Volume 3
Metalmeister: A Metal Blade Compilation
Roadrunner Records 25th Anniversary
Roadrunner You Know, The
Rock Hard Classix
Rock Hard Presents: Roadrunner Records 25th Anniversary
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 17
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 3
Seek + Destroy
Shut Up and Play: Forgettable Moments on Stage (WFMU Marathon Premium)
Tales From the Crypt: Monsters of Metal
Thrashed: 17 Monster Metal Tracks
Tribute to Judas Priest: Legends of Metal, A
Tribute to Judas Priest: Legends of Metal, Volume I, A
Welcome to the Metal Zone
Xtreme Rock