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Harvey, Michael John
Harvey, Mick
Michael John Harvey
Mick Harvey
Mick Harvey (Australian musician)
Mick Harvey (australiensk sångare och gitarrist)
Mick Harvey (Australisch zanger)
Mick Harvey (australischer Musiker)
Mick Harvey (australsk sanger og gitarist)
Mick Harvey (australsk sanger og guitarist)
Mick Harvey (australsk songar og gitarist)
Mick Harvey (australský hudebník)
Mick Harvey (musicista, compositore e arrangiatore australiano)
Харви, Мик
מיק הארווי
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Adams, Bronwyn (co-performer)
Adamson, Barry (co-performer)
Allen, TB (co-performer)
Bargeld, Blixa
Bargeld, Blixa (1959-...)
Bargeld, Blixa (co-performer)
Birthday Party Affiliation (see also from)
Bonney, Simon (co-performer)
Calvert, Phillip (co-performer)
Casey, Martyn P. (co-performer)
Cave, Nick (1957-...)
Cave, Nick (co-performer)
Crime & the City Solution (isMemberOf)
Crime & the City Solution (Musikgruppe) Affiliation (see also from)
Crime and The City Solution (see also from)
Dawson, Mark (co-performer)
Dominik, Andrew (1967-)
Ellis, Warren (co-performer)
Field, actor
Field, David
Gainsbourg, Serge (1928-1991)
Haas, Chrislo (co-performer)
Hacke, Alexander (co-performer)
Harvey, Mick
Heffner, Des (co-performer)
Howard, Harry (co-performer)
Howard, Rowland S. (co-performer)
Johnston, James (co-performer)
Lane, Anita (co-performer)
Lyndon, Simon (1971-)
Mute Records Ltd
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (isMemberOf)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Affiliation (see also from)
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (see also from)
Perkins, Tex (co-performer)
Pew, Tracy (co-performer)
Picciotto, Danielle de (co-performer)
Pinne, Peter
Powers, Kid Congo (co-performer)
Race, Hugo (co-performer)
Savage, Conway (co-performer)
Sclavunos, Jim (co-performer)
Shilo, JP (co-performer)
Snarski, Mark (co-performer)
Soundtracks, Epic (co-performer)
Stern, Thomas (co-performer)
TF1 vidéo
The Bad Seeds
The Birthday Party (isMemberOf)
The Boys Next Door (isMemberOf)
The Brian Hooper Band (without Brian Hooper) (isMemberOf)
The Nearly Brothers (isMemberOf)
The Wallbangers (isMemberOf)
Virgin France
Wallace-Crabbe, Dan (co-performer)
Walsh, Chris (co-performer)
Wegener, Jeffrey (co-performer)
Wolf, Roland (co-performer)
Wydler, Thomas
Wydler, Thomas (co-performer)
¤road to God knows where, The
6" Gold Blade
69 année érotique
69 Erotic Year
Abschieds Theme
Adversary, The
All Day Suckers
All Must Be Love (Early Version)
Alta Marea & Vaterland
Askenazi Gitar A.
Askenazi Gitar B.
At Neville's Gate
Ate the Knife, I
Australian rules
Average Man, The
Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth
Back in Australia
Ballad of Jay Givens, The
Ballad of Melody Nelson, The
Barrel of My 45, The
Because of New Musicians?
Bells Never Rang, The
Best on Ground Announcement
Beth's Sleepy River
Black Seaweed
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Blue Arrows
Bonnie and Clyde
Boy Hero
Brainwashing With Kindness
Brother Song, The
Bust of Chopin. . .
By the River
Cargo Cult
City of Refuge
Clarence and Blacky
Coal Train, The
Coffee Colour
Come Into My Sleep
Come On Spring
Comic Strip
Convict's Song, The
Cosey's Lullaby
Countdown, The
Dangling Man, The
Danny Get's Arrested
Darcy's Gents
David Hale
Day Like Any Other, A
Day of the murders
Dead River
Deadly Tedium
Decadance, The
Deep in the Woods
Delirium Tremens
Deliver us from evil
Délivrez-nous du mal
Demon Alcohol
Dictionnaire du rock
Did It For You, I
Did You Have Help Deciphering the Texts?
Disco Album With Anita?
Do That Thing
Doghead Revisited
Don't Say a Thing
Don't Want You on My Mind, I
Dr. Jeckyll
Dream Sequence
Driven To Kenny
Drop, An Ocean, A
Drowned One, The
Dumby at Half Time
End Theme
End Titles
Envisage, I
Euchrid on the Run
Everything Is Fixed
Eyes To Cry, The
Face to Face
Fairy Dust
Famous Last Words
Fantasy Line-Up
Farewell Song, The
Fears of Gun
first born is dead, The
First St. Blues
First Street Blues
Five Stone Walls
Ford mustang
Four (Acts of Love)
Frankie T. & Frankie C.
Fray So Slow
Free world
From Her to Eternity
Fudging Someone Else
Funeral, The
Funny Face
Gainsbourg - Depressive Person?
Gainsbourg's Ghost Layed to Rest?
Gate, The
Ghosts... of the civil dead
Girlfriend, The
God Made the Hammer
God Smokes Havanas
Goodnight Bub (The Murder)
Grand Final First Half
Grand Final Second Half
Guitar Theme
Hank Williams Said It Best
Happy Birthday
Harley Davidson (feat. Anita Lane)
have come to tell you I'm going, I
Henry Lee
Here I Am
Hey Sinkiller
'Hirado' Theme
Hobo Church, The
Home Is Far From Here
Homely Ones, The
Hotel Specific
How Would I Leave You?
I've been a prison guard since I was 18 years old
Ich liebe dich… ich dich auch nicht
In Pickles' Bedroom
In the Bar Again
In the Wars
Initials B.B.
Intoxicated Man / Pink Elephants
Intoxicated Women
Jack's Shadow
Javanaise, The
Jazz in the ravine
Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais
Joke On (Your)self
Judge Threw Away The Key
Just a Little Bit of Rain
Just You and Me
Kenny Does The Deed
Kewpie Doll
Knoxville Girl
Lemon incest
Lilly's theme
Little Empty Boat
Little Star
Long Time Man
Lost Loves
Love You... Nor Do I, I
Lovely Creature
Magyar Dallam
Main Theme (Chopper)
Man Who Made Pictures, The
Man With the Cabbage Head, The
Man Without a Home
Managed to Interest People?
Maynard mix
Mercy Seat, The
Mick Harvey Rock?
Mick Harvey - Unmasked?
Midnight on the Ramparts
More and More, Less and Less
Mother of Earth
Motion Picture Music '94-'05
Mountain, Part 1, The
Mountain, Part 2, The
Mourning Outside the Pub
Mum's Tactics
Mutiny in Heaven
New York USA
Nick Cave and 'I Love You . . . Nor Do I'
No Doubt
No Money, No Honey
Noises / Fire
Non Affair
--nothing but a dream
October Boy
On Every Train (Grain Will Bear Grain)
On the Boat
One man released so they can imprison the rest of the world
One man's treasure album sampler
Opening Credits
Opening Sequence
Out of Time Man
Overseas telegram
Pa's Traps
Papua / New Guinea
Piano Theme
Pickles Rides Out
Pickles Torches Darcy's Gents
Pink Elephants: Interview Disc
Pink elephants more songs of Serge Gainsbourg sung in English
Pink elephants. Mute 5016025611577
Place Called Passion, A
Plan, The
Playing with the blues : interview
poinçonneur des Lilas
Polish Market, The
Pop mix
Praise the Earth (An Ephemeral Play)
Praise the Earth (Wheels of Amber and Gold)
Prévert’s Song
Prison in the desert
Prisoner Cell Block H the musical.
Puppet of Wax, Puppet of Song
Quand mon 6.35 me fait les yeux doux
real power of the television
red dress
Red Right Hand
Release Theme, The
Rhymeless (3 min 13 s)
Right Man, Wrong Man
Right Now I'm A-Roaming
river at night
River, The
Rode rechde Haund
Romantic theme
Ruck Training
Run From Happiness
Sad Dark Eyes
Samurai Sword, The
Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree
Scenic railway
Sensuelle et Sans Suite
Setting Sail
Sex shop
Shooting, The
Simon Dee sings
Sixty nine erotic year
Sketches from the Book of the dead [Enregistrement sonore]
Sleepy River Piano
Sleepy River Swoon
Smoking The Bong
Snow Country, The
Snow vision
Song of Slurs, The
Sonny Boy
Sonny's Burning
Sous le soleil exactement
SS c'est bon
St. Mark's Place
Stabbing, The
Stagger Lee
Steal to the Sea
Stones at House
Stories from the city, stories from the sea [SR] p2000:
Story of Love, The
Subversive Serge
Sugar Sugar Sugar
Summertime in New York
Sun Directly Overhead, The
Tango Della Alta Marea
Teenage snuff film
Tereseuta, La
That's all, Paul (3 min 11 s)
That's What Jazz Is to Me
Theme, The
Things Going Wrong Again
Threat, The
Three Guitars
Ticket Puncher of Lilas, The
ticket punchet (2 min 50 s)
To all the lucky kids (3 min 53 s)
To Each His Own
To have and to hold
Torrey canyon
Totes Geld
touch of warmth, A
Translation and Surprise
Two Guitars
Two of Diamonds
Two Paintings
Ultima Spiaggia, La
Under the Pier
Up Jumped the Devil
Vibes Theme
Violent Person (That's What Love Is), A
Walk on the Wild Side, A
Walking to Dumby
was 16 when they put me in prison, I
Way Young Lovers Do, The
We're coming-the riot
We were united once
What Drew You Towards Serge Gainsbourg's Work?
What I'm tellin' is the truth
Where Fools Go
Where the Action Is
Where There's Smoke (after)
Where There's Smoke (before)
Which Pink Elephants Songs Did You Enjoy...
Which Soundtrack Turned Out Best?
While Rereading Your Letter
Who Is 'In' Who Is 'Out'
Who's "in" who is "out"
Why Anita Lane?
Why Have Things Not Gone Stale?
Wild Hearts
Will You Surrender?
Wish That I Were Stone, I
Witness, The
Writing Soundtracks . . .
You're danglin' us like a bunch of meat on ahook
Contributed to or performed: 
180°: A Mute Records Compilation
5 Minutes To Live
5 Minutes To Live: A Tribute To Johnny Cash
Am the Messenger, I
And the Ass Saw the Angel
Anthologie du rock français 1960–1962
Bang Bang
Beth's Sleepy River
Black Dress
Bonnie & Clyde
Brave Like Lions
Breaking Bad: Music From the Original Series
Breaking Bad: Music From the Original Television Series
C’est toi qui m’a appris l’amour
Cake Thieves
Candlelit Bedroom
Clouds, The
Comes With a Smile, Volume 16: How They Wash Away...
Corpse 564
Cosey's Lullaby
Darkling Fields of Stowborough, The
Day of the Murders, The
Definitivt BEAT, Nummer 1•96
Doghead Revisited
Double Dare
Enemy I Love
Eternal Black Darkness of My Death, The
Euchrid on the Run
Expressionist Tell #1, The
Expressionist Tell #2, The
Fall And Rise Of Edgar Bourchier And The Horrors Of War, The
Flight, The
Further Down the Line
Gangsta Heartbeat
Gangsta Heartbeat Tricked
Genius of Bertrand Burgalat, The
Ghosts... of the Civil Dead
Head Gang Clash
Headless Body in Topless Bar
Hobo Church, The
Hommage à Serge Gainsbourg
House in the Jungle, A
I've Been a Prison Guard Since I Was 18 Years Old
Inbred Disco
Intoxicated Man
Intoxicated Man: 4 Track Sampler
Introduction: A Prison in the Desert
Journey Is Long, The
Jungle of Love, The
Kate Leaves
Kindness of Ravens, The
Lilly's Theme ("A Touch of Warmth")
Listen in the Twilight Breeze
Lost Bastard Son of War, The
Maynard Mix
Mojo Machine Turns You On, 3, The
Monkey, The
Music for Film & T.V.
Music for Film & Television, Volume 3
Mute Vorwärts
News, The
Noah's Funeral
One Man Released So They Can Imprison the Rest of the World
Outro: The Free World
Pa's Traps
Petal Tears
Poetic Clown, The
Poor Poor Surgeon Tim
Pop Mix
Pounding for Peace
Qui m'aime me suive !
Red Dress, The
River at Night, The
Rockwiz Duets
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 73
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 17
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 74: Rare TV-Trax
Romantic Theme
Sad Dark Eyes
Secret Hidden Message, A
Shaddow Child
Simone [Comeback]
Sleepy River Piano
Sleepy River Swoon
Snow Monkey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Snow Vision
Softly Spoken Bill
Something Else: A Tribute to the Kinks
Son-of-a-Gun and More From the Lee Hazlewood Songbook
Sorrow Flute
Sounds of Studio 5 Live, Volume One: Studio 5 Live By Day, The
Span Balla Kaos
Suburban Mayhem Original Soundtrack
Sufi's And Druids Unite
Sundown, Sundown
Tears Of The Witch
To Have and to Hold
To Have and to Hold - End Titles
Tribute to Rowland S. Howard, A
Unheard Pleasures
Volume 15: Technology Alert!
Vorwärts - Short Circuit 13/14 May 2011
Was 16 When They Put Me in Prison, I
We Are Only Riders
We Were United Once
We're Coming - The Riot
What I'm Tellin' Is the Truth
Where Joy Kills Sorrow
White Hot
You're Danglin' Us Like a Bunch of Meat on a Hook