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Borrewell, Pego
Con Uilks
John Wilkes (britischer Politiker, Journalist und Schriftsteller)
John Wilkes (Brits journalist)
John Wilkes (English journalist and politician)
John Wilkes (giornalista e politico inglese)
Pego Borrewell
Wilkes, Johann
Wilkes, Johannes
Wilkes, John
Wilkes, John (Esquire)
Уилкс, Джон
ג'ון וילקס
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Almon, John (1737-1805)
Almon, John (co-author)
Boulanger, Nicolas-Antoine (co-author)
Bredvold, Louis Ignatius (1888-1977)
Churchill, Charles
Churchill, Charles (co-author)
Coyer (1707-1782; abbé) (Gabriel François))
Cunaeus, Rogerus (co-author)
Eagles, Robin (co-author)
Grafton, August Henry duke of (co-author)
Grafton, Augustus Henry Fitzroy (1735-1811; Duke of))
Great Britain. Court of King's Bench
Hone, William (1780-1842)
Member of Parliament (see also from)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Neele, Samuel John (1758-1824)
Potter, Thomas (1718-1759)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Théophraste (co-author)
University of California Press
Warburton, William (co-author)
Wood, Robert (1717?-1771)
An Essay on woman, by Pego Borewell,... with notes by Rogerus Cunaeus, Vigerus Mutoniatus, etc. and a commentary by the Rev. Dr. Warburton. Inscribed to Miss Fanny Murray
An Essay on woman, by Pego Borrewell, esq. With notes by Rogerus Cunaeus,... and a commentary by the Rev. Dr. Warburton. Inscribed to Miss Fanny Murray
An Essay on woman in three epistles. - "Essai sur la femme en trois épîtres. Traduit de l'anglois"
Battle of the quills # or, Wilkes attacked and defended, The
bigarures d'un citoyen de Genève, et ses conseils republicains dediés aux Américains; avec quantités d'anecdotes amusantes, interessantes &autres pour servir à terminer l'histoire des Jésuites., Les
British colonies in North America
Caius Valerius Catullus, 1788:
Caivs Valerivs Catvllvs
Catullus liber
complete collection of the genuine papers, letters, &c. in the case of John Wilkes Esq: late member for Aylesbury, in the county of Bucks., A
Considerations on the expediency of a Spanish war : containing reflections on the late demands of Spain; and on the negociations of Mons. Bussy
contributions of John Wilkes to the Gazette littéraire de l'Europe, The
correspondence of John Wilkes and Charles Churchill;, The
Correspondence of the late John Wilkes with his friends, printed from the original manuscripts. In which are introduced Memoirs of his life, by John Almon..., The
Correspondence... Vol. IV, The
diaries of John Wilkes, 1770-1797, The
English liberty: being a collection of interesting tracts, from the year 1762 to 1769. Containing the private correspondence, public letters, speeches and addresses, of John Wilkes, Esq. Humbly dedicated to the King
English liberty established : Or, The most material circumstances relative to John Wilkes, Esq; member of Parliament for the county of Middlesex.
English liberty; or, the British lion roused; containing the suffering of John Wilkes, Esq; from the first of his persecution, down to the present time
essay on woman, An
Favourite with a dedication to my Lord B***., The
following speech was made by John Wilkes, Esq; when he was brought to the Bar of the Court of Common Pleas, on Tuesday the 3 of May, The
Hist. of England, 1768.
Historical gleanings, 1870:
In error. House of Lords. Between John Wilkes, Esquire, - - - - plaintiff in error. And our sovereign lord the King, - - - defendant in error. On an information for printing and publishing a seditious libel, intituled, "The North Briton, no. 45."
John Wilkes
Kudgello collecting materials to improve our morals
letter from J-n W-s, Esq; in Paris, to a noble lord, in London Made public by his Lordship's permission., A
Letter to Dr. Brocklesby and two carols to Dr. Heberden and Mr. Hawkins. [Signé : John Wilkes.], A
Letter to His Grace the duke of Grafton, first commissioner of His Majesty's Treasury. [Signé : John Wilkes.], A
letter to Samuel Johnson, L. L. D. ..., A
letter to the Right Hon. George Grenville., A
Letter to the right honourable George Grenville, occasioned by his publication of the speech he made in the House of Commons on the motion for expelling Mr. Wilkes, Friday, February 3, 1769. [By John Almon.] To which is added a letter on the public conduct of Mr. Wilkes [, written by himself]. First published November 1, 1768. With an appendix, A
Letters between the duke of Grafton, the earls of Halifax, Egremont, Chatham, Temple and Talbot, baron Bottetourt... Henry Bilson Legge... sir John Cust... Charles Churchill, M. Voltaire, the abbé Winckelman, etc... and John Wilkes,... With explanatory notes. Vol. I
Letters between the duke of Grafton, the earls of Halifax, Egremont, Chatham, Temple, and Talbot, Baron Bottetourt, Right Hon. Henry Bilson Legge, Right Hon. Sir John Cust, Bart. Mr. Charles Churchill, Monsieur Voltaire, the abbé Winckelman, &c. &c. and John Wilkes, Esq
Letters, from the year 1774 to the year 1796, of John Wilkes, esq., addressed to his daughter, the late Miss Wilkes with a collection of his miscellaneous poems. To which is prefixed a memoir of the life of Mr. Wilkes.
letters of Junius, The
Lettres inédites de Suard a Wilkes
life and political writings of John Wilkes ..., The
Mr. Wilkes's address to the livery of London
Narrative of the proceedings against John Wilkes, Esq from his commitment in April 1763, to his outlawry, A : with a full view of the arguments used in Parliament and out of doors, in canvassing the various important questions that arose from his case.
North Briton, from no. I. to no. XLVI. inclusive, The
North Briton, from no. I. to no. XLVI. inclusive. With several useful and explanatory notes, not printed in any former edition. To which is added, a copious index to every name and article. Corrected and revised by a friend to civil and religious liberty
north Briton, The : to which is added, by way of appendix, the letters which passed between the Rt. Hon. Earl Talbot, & c. and John Wilke, Esq; previous to their duel. Toghether with all the papers relative to the confinement and enlargement of Mr. Wilkes. With many other curious particulars.
Nouvelles observations sur l'Angleterre
Observations on the papers relative to the rupture with Spain, laid before both Houses of Parliament, on Friday the 29th day of January, 1762... In a letter from a member of Parliament to a friend in the country. The 2nd edition corrected, with alterations
Observations on the Papers relative to the rupture with Spain : laid before both houses of Parliament, on Friday the twenty-ninth day of January, 1762 by His Majesty's command
Origin and progress of despotism in the Oriental and other empires of Africa, Europe and America. ["Recherches sur l'origine du despotisme oriental"...], The
Pego Borewell. An Essay on woman...
Poems, by C. Churchill, containing the Rosciad, the Apology, Night, the Prophecy of famine, an Epistle to William Hogarth, and the Ghost, in four books. With large corrections and additions... The 6th edition...
Proceedings. 1775-02-08
Reports of cases adjudged in the Court of King's bench, from the Easter term 12 Geo. 3. to Michaelmas 14 Geo. 3. (both inclusive) [1772-1774] : with some select cases in the Court of chancery, and of the Common pleas, which are within the same period. To which is added, the case of general warrants, and a collection of maxims
Speech of Mr. Wilkes on Mr. Fox's East-India bill, with his speech to Mr. Pitt, at Grocers-Hall, and Mr. Pitt's answer, The
Speeches of John Wilkes,... in the Parliament appointed to meet... the 29th day of November 1774, to the prorogation the 6th day of June 1777. With notes by the editor..., The
speeches of John Wilkes, one of the Knights of the Shire for the Coun*, The
speeches of Mr. Wilkes in the House of commons ..., The
supplement to the Miscellaneous works of Edward Gibbon, Esq, A
Three interesting tracts. By John Wilkes, Esq; Viz. I. Observations on the papers relative to the rupture with Spain. II. A letter to the electors of Aylesbury. III. A letter to his grace the Duke of Grafton
three trials of William Hone, for publishing three parodies, viz the late John Wilkes's Catechism, The political litany, and The sinecurist's creed, on three ex-officio informations, three successive days, December 18, 19, & 20, 1817 ...., The
To a lady, who sung in too low a tone
To the gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders, of the county of Middlesex. 1768-03-29
To the worthy inhabitants of the Ward of Farringdon Without Gentlemen, freemen, and fellow-citizens, I am truly grateful to you for the honour ... in being elected alderman.
To the worthy liverymen of the city of London. Gentlemen and fellow citizens, in deference to the opinion of some very respectable friends, I presume to offer myself a candidate for my native city of London, at the ensuing general election.
Urwal af några mäst märkwärdiga bref, til lorderne Grafton och Hallifax, med flera, ifrån den rycktbare Wilkes i England. Öfwersättning. Stockholm, tryckt uti kongl. finska boktryckeriet, hos Johan Arvid Carlbohm, 1770.
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